The Crimes of a President

New Revelations on Conspiracy & Cover-up in the Bush & Reagan Administrations
Author: Joel Bainerman
Publisher: SP Books
ISBN: 9781561711888
Category: History
Page: 324
View: 6861
Infers that George Bush's administration was involved with or had knowledge of various events, such as the Iran-Contra affair and the BCCI scandal, even though it has denied all

God's Plan To Save America

Author: L. Nelson "Mac" McAlexander
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1477299513
Category: Political Science
Page: 282
View: 4701
In a dream I had back in 1977 thousands of people were shouting out, in unison, an unusual name that I had never heard before. What I saw in that dream compelled me to try and find out if this name had any special meaning. That same day a language professor at the University of Maryland told me the only word he knew of that sounded like the one I heard in the dream was a Greek word. He said the word had three possible definitions; which changed when the accent over the -e- changed. Those definitions are very significant and I write about them in the chapter on Dreams and Visions. The definitions and an interpretation of the dream by a Rabbi three days after the dream led me to eventually believe that this unusual name could be the fulfillment of Revelations 2:17 and/or 3:12. In subsequent dreams I was writing a book titled -God's Plan to Save America-, and in one of those dreams a man was passing out white stones that had the name written on it that I heard in the dream. It is important to note that I learned of these Biblical Scriptures after I had these unusual dreams. Revelations 2:17. -Let the one who has an ear hear what the spirit says to the congregations: To him that conquers I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white pebble, and UPON THE PEBBLE A NEW NAME written which no one knows except the one receiving it.-

The Beast on the East River

The UN Threat to America's Sovereignty and Security
Author: Nathan Tabor
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1418551864
Category: Political Science
Page: 288
View: 1128
"Is the United Nations the benign force for good that so many proclaim? Or is there a darker agenda at work behind the scenes? Nathan Tabor reveals the sinister plan behind the glossy image of world cooperation painted by the UN and its defenders. The Beast on the East River includes original research into key policy areas, including population control, education, and the international criminal court. And it offers practical steps that concerned American citizens can take before it's too late. In his debut book, rising conservative voice Nathan Tabor offers a frightening exposé of the United Nations' global power grab and its ruthless attempt to control US education, law, gun ownership, taxation, and reproductive rights. "We are already very nearly at the point of no return," says Tabor, "and most Americans aren't even aware of the impending danger. This book is a call to immediate action?read its contents very carefully. What you will discover may surprise and anger you."

To Kill a Country

Author: Pamela J. Ray
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1420882236
Page: 600
View: 1551

Hong Kong's Chinese History Curriculum from 1945

Politics and Identity
Author: Flora L.F. Kan
Publisher: Hong Kong University Press
ISBN: 9622098363
Category: Education
Page: 190
View: 3370
Hong Kong's Chinese History Curriculum from 1945: Politics and Identity investigates the ways in which Chinese history has evolved as a subject in Hong Kong secondary schools since 1945, and the various social, political and economic factors that have shaped the curriculum, through an examination of a wide range of primary and secondary source materials and interviews. This book examines how the aims, content, teaching, learning and assessment of the Chinese history curriculum have evolved since 1945. It describes how Chinese history became an independent subject in secondary schools in Hong Kong despite the political sensitivity of the subject, how it consolidated its status during the colonial period, and how it has faced threats to its independence since the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997. An important element of the book is its in-depth analysis of the major socio-political and socio-economic forces that have been involved in the development of Chinese history. This book will be of interest to all who are interested in history education and curriculum development, and readers who are concerned with history education.

The New World Order

Part of Adventism?
Author: Allen Roesch
Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc.
ISBN: 9781572582767
Category: New Age movement
Page: 69
View: 7821
The New World Order--one of the climactic events in the Earth's end times. Correct? Not So! The New World Order--Part of Adventism? is where author Allen Roesch seeks to prove the invalidity of the New World Order doctrine. Divided into two parts, the author shows both sides of the New World Order issue. Part one shows how certain authors like Malachi Martin, Gary Kah, Don McAlvany, and Gary North live lives and hold beliefs contrary to those of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Part two studies the pages of the Spirit of Prophecy and the Bible to prove that the doctrine of the New World Order is not even mentioned in either one. If this doctrine is such a cornerstone of future history, wouldn't it be found in the inspired writings depicting the last days? God speaks through His church, and believing a doctrine that is not in harmony with the church or its writings is not safe. If God has any new light to communicate, he will let his chosen and beloved understand it without their going to have their minds enlightened by hearing those who are in darkness and error.--Early Writings 124. Part three--We as adventists should not be so caught up with the terminology The New World Order. Our Pioneers never even referred to it, so why should we?

Prophecy Flash!

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Bible
Page: N.A
View: 9701

Fundamentalism & Freemasonry

The Southern Baptist Investigation of the Fraternal Order
Author: Gary H. Leazer
Publisher: M Evans & Company
Category: Religion
Page: 253
View: 891
What is fundamentalist Christianity? How did fundamentalists become the religious right? Why is this religious group so politically powerful? Why have they targeted Masons for special attack when so many fundamentalists are themselves Masons? A popular definition of a fundamentalist is an evangelical who is mad about something or someone. They have also been described as militant evangelicals who insist on doctrinal uniformity and lead or support attacks against what they define as liberal theology, liberal social issues and certain elements of modern science. In fact, fundamentalism as a mindset can be traced to 1860-1890 Princeton Theological Seminary conservatives concerned about preserving the fundamental concerns of the Christian faith in the face of the religious, scientific, technical, social, and intellectual trends of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It was not until 1920 that Curtis Lee Laws, Baptist editor of the Watchman-Examiner, used the term fundamentalism for the first time. Leazer describes the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist convention (the largest Protestant denomination in the United States) in the face of every freedom for which Baptists have historically stood, and he examines its subsequent investigation of - and crusade against - Freemasonry. Freemasonry, fundamentalists claim, is based on universalism; it is a religion that denies the doctrines of Christianity; it uses suspicious signs and symbols; and it denies the deity of Christ. These and other issues are discussed and refuted in Fundamentalism & Freemasonry. Leazer argues that Freemasonry is like any other human organization. Members come with various faith commitments. Most Masons are Christians; many are members of other faiths. Masons accept men from different faiths as friends, fellow citizens, brothers, and individuals for whom God loves and cares.

Multicultural Business Ethics and Global Managerial Moral Reasoning

Author: Kamal Dean Parhizgar,Robert Parhizgar
Publisher: University Press of Amer
ISBN: 9780761834281
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 701
View: 3289
Multicultural Business Ethics and Global Managerial Moral Reasoning offers a comprehensive look at the separation of ethics, morality, and legality to give a greater understanding on the place of each in our global economy essential reading for today's multinational business professionals. This textbook and reference source on ethics and morality in multinational business, and an instructor's manual which overviews, chapter content, questions, and case studies used in the text.

International Journal of Educational Reform

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Educational change
Page: N.A
View: 6009

Vanity Fair

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Page: N.A
View: 1098

Les nouveaux rédempteurs

le fondamentalisme protestant aux Etats-Unis
Author: Mokhtar Ben Barka
Publisher: Editions de L'Atelier
Category: Fundamentalist churches
Page: 191
View: 2823
L'irruption des fondamentalismes religieux sur la scène médiatique et politique mondiale est l'un des phénomènes majeurs de ces dernières années. Les Etats-Unis n'échappent pas à la règle : l'entrée en scène des fondamentalismes protestants a bousculé le jeu politique en renforçant ses courants les plus conservateurs. Au-delà de ce constat, de larges secteurs de la société américaine sont touchés par un mouvement inquiétant dont on méconnaît souvent les racines et les buts. En présentant une synthèse historique et théologique de l'action de ce courant religieux, cet ouvrage distingue le fondamentalisme protestant de l'intégrisme catholique. Attachés à une lecture littérale de la Bible, les fondamentalistes refusent les théories de l'évolution de Darwin, s'appuient sur le mythe d'une Amérique " nouvelle terre promise , et dénoncent les méfaits de l'humanisme. Plutôt que de diaboliser ce courant religieux à coup d'anathèmes, ce livre concis et documenté prend le parti de l'explication afin de mieux saisir les ressorts d'un mouvement de fond qui concerne toutes les sociétés occidentales.

Régimen internacional del trabajo

la OIT en la política mundial
Author: Carlos Alberto Fernández Pardo
Publisher: Ad-Hoc
Category: Labor policy
Page: 414
View: 336

Мораль и Догма Древнего и Принятого Шотландского Устава Вольного Каменщичества

Author: Альберт Пайк
Publisher: Litres
ISBN: 5457008886
Category: Religion
Page: 711
View: 3840
Книга «Мораль и Догма Древнего и Принятого Шотландского Устава» – основополагающий труд по истории и философии масонства как посвятительного Ордена, носителя мировой эзотерической традиции. Альберт Пайк – один из наиболее авторитетных масонских ученых всех времен, и его труд стал итогом многолетней работы по преобразованию и совершенствованию системы Шотландского Устава в США, а также лег в основу всех последующих масонских исследований в рамках данного Устава. Структурно книга «Мораль и Догма» воспроизводит систему масонского посвящения, поскольку изначально представляла собой цикл лекций, с которыми более опытные вольные каменщики обращались к посвященным в очередную степень. «Мораль и Догма» представляет собой путеводитель по практически всем основным мировым эзотерическим учениям и обществам от Мистерий Осириса и Исиды до современных Пайку неотамплиеров. Книга «Мораль и Догма» впервые переведена на русский язык.

Гении и аутсайдеры: Почему одним все, а другим ничего?

Author: Малкольм Гладуэлл
Publisher: Litres
ISBN: 545721009X
Category: Psychology
Page: 2454
View: 9251
Гении и аутсайдеры: Почему одним все, а другим ничего?

UNESCO World Report: Investing in Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue

Author: UNESCO
Publisher: UNESCO
ISBN: 9234040775
Page: 402
View: 7300