Ethics for A-Level

Author: Mark Dimmock,Andrew Fisher
Publisher: Open Book Publishers
ISBN: 1783743913
Category: Philosophy
Page: 262
View: 4888
What does pleasure have to do with morality? What role, if any, should intuition have in the formation of moral theory? If something is ‘simulated’, can it be immoral? This accessible and wide-ranging textbook explores these questions and many more. Key ideas in the fields of normative ethics, metaethics and applied ethics are explained rigorously and systematically, with a vivid writing style that enlivens the topics with energy and wit. Individual theories are discussed in detail in the first part of the book, before these positions are applied to a wide range of contemporary situations including business ethics, sexual ethics, and the acceptability of eating animals. A wealth of real-life examples, set out with depth and care, illuminate the complexities of different ethical approaches while conveying their modern-day relevance. This concise and highly engaging resource is tailored to the Ethics components of AQA Philosophy and OCR Religious Studies, with a clear and practical layout that includes end-of-chapter summaries, key terms, and common mistakes to avoid. It should also be of practical use for those teaching Philosophy as part of the International Baccalaureate. Ethics for A-Level is of particular value to students and teachers, but Fisher and Dimmock’s precise and scholarly approach will appeal to anyone seeking a rigorous and lively introduction to the challenging subject of ethics. Tailored to the Ethics components of AQA Philosophy and OCR Religious Studies.

AS/A2 philosophy of religion and religious ethics for OCR

study guide
Author: Robert A. Bowie
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 9780748780815
Category: Philosophy
Page: 136
View: 4210
AS/A2 Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics for OCR: Study Guide provides a comprehensive guide for exam preparation. It can be used with any senior Religious Studies text but is the perfect companion to the Philosophy of Religion for A Level and Religious Ethics for OCR. Designed specifically to promote examination success, it includes summaries of key topics, glossaries and helpful tips for answering questions.

OCR Religious Ethics for AS and A2

Author: Jill Oliphant
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1136992928
Category: Religion
Page: 320
View: 8368
Written by experienced teachers and A-level examiners, this textbook covers the key modules of the OCR Religious Studies syllabus.

Ethics for Behavior Analysts, 3rd Edition

Author: Jon Bailey,Mary Burch
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317363442
Category: Psychology
Page: 382
View: 5601
This fully-updated third edition of Jon Bailey and Mary Burch’s bestselling Ethics for Behavior Analysts is an invaluable guide to understanding and implementing the newly-revised Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) Professional and Ethical Compliance Code. Featured in this new edition are case studies drawn from the author’s real-world practice with hints to guide readers toward the ethical ‘solution’ and revised chapters, including how this new edition evolved alongside the revised Code and tips for succeeding in your first job as a certified behavior analyst. The complete, revised BACB Professional and Ethical Compliance Code is included as an appendix. This third edition improves upon what has become a go-to resource for behavior analysts in training and in practice.

Die offene Stadt. Eine Ethik des Bauens und Bewohnens

Author: Richard Sennett
Publisher: Hanser Berlin
ISBN: 3446261567
Category: Political Science
Page: 384
View: 5075
Im Jahr 2050 werden zwei Drittel aller Menschen in Städten leben – wie können Bewohner mit unterschiedlichen kulturellen und religiösen Hintergründen eine friedliche Koexistenz führen? Richard Sennett stellt die Frage nach der Beziehung zwischen urbanem Planen und konkretem Leben: Wie hat sie sich historisch gewandelt? Wie kann eine offene Stadt aussehen, die geprägt ist von Vielfalt und Veränderung – und in der Bewohner Fähigkeiten zum Umgang mit Unsicherheiten entwickeln? Richard Sennett zeigt, warum wir eine Urbanistik brauchen, die eine enge Zusammenarbeit von Planern und Bewohnern einschließt und voraussetzt – und dass eine Stadt voller Widersprüche urbanes Erleben nicht einengt, sondern bereichert.

Praktische Ethik

Author: Peter Singer
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783150189191
Category: Ethics
Page: 564
View: 4596

Religious Ethics for AS and A2

Author: Jill Oliphant
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0415366313
Category: Religion
Page: 314
View: 6324
Religious Ethics for AS and A2 is the definitive textbook for students of Advanced Subsidiary or Advanced Level courses, structured directly around the specification of the OCR. The book covers all the topics of the Religious Ethics component of the A-level specification in an enjoyable student-friendly fashion. This new edition updates the book for the 2008 specification and will include some minor changes, including a new section on business ethics. The structure is likely to be as follows: What is Ethics? AS Ethics A2 Ethics Each chapter includes: A list of key issues, to introduce students to the topic OCR Syllabus checklist Explanations of key terminology Exam practice questions Self-test review questions Helpful summaries Annotated further reading suggestions To maximise students' chances of exam success, the book includes a chapter dedicated to answering examination questions. The book comes complete with lively illustrations, a comprehensive glossary and full bibliography. The companion website can be found at:

Nikomachische Ethik

Author: Aristotle
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781484071892
Category: Philosophy
Page: 228
View: 3600
Aristoteles: Nikomachische Ethik Edition Holzinger. Taschenbuch Berliner Ausgabe, 2013 Vollständiger, durchgesehener Neusatz mit einer Biographie des Autors bearbeitet und eingerichtet von Michael Holzinger Die »Nikomachische Ethik« entstand vermutlich im letzten Lebensabschnitt von Aristoteles, also in den Jahren vor 322 vor Chr. Erstdruck in lateinischer Übersetzung: Straßburg (vor 10.4.1496). Erstdruck des griechischen Originals: Venedig 1498. Erste vollständige deutsche Übersetzung durch Daniel Jenisch, Danzig 1791. Der Text folgt der deutschen Übersetzung durch Adolf Lasson von 1909. Die Überschriften stammen vom Übersetzer. Textgrundlage ist die Ausgabe: Aristoteles: Nikomachische Ethik. Ins Deutsche übertragen von Adolf Lasson, Jena: Eugen Diederichs, 1909. Herausgeber der Reihe: Michael Holzinger Reihengestaltung: Viktor Harvion Umschlaggestaltung unter Verwendung des Bildes: Hayez, Francesco: Aristoteles Gesetzt aus Minion Pro, 10 pt

Legal and Healthcare Ethics for the Elderly

Author: George Patrick Smith
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9781560324539
Category: Law
Page: 207
View: 8547
Increasingly, legislators at the state and federal levels of government are forced to evaluate and act upon the unique problems presented by an aging American public. A domino effect has occurred, evoking concern in educational circles to deal with the varied, complex issues associated with the "new" gerontology. This expanded focus brings in not only mental and public health delivery issues, but reaches and impacts on the social sciences, ethics, law and medicine as well as public policy. In response to these matters, Legal and Healthcare Ethics for the Elderly provides a balanced analytical presentation of the complicated socio-legal, medico-ethical and political perspectives which interact with gerontology as a field of study. In a straightforward and unambiguous style, it covers information on access and financing healthcare, the ethics of rationing healthcare and the inevitable link to the quality of life, guardianship issues in a nursing home setting, informed consent, living wills and durable powers of attorney, elder abuse, and death with dignity. The economics of care giving is charted and directed by the sometimes harsh realities of the marketplace. Thus, the various philosophical and ethical dilemmas which confront the process of aging are examined here both from a micro- and from a macro-economic perspective. This book exemplifies that it is vitally important to be educated now, to be prepared for the future and thereby make informed decisions - for both ourselves and our loved ones.

Über die Grundlage der Moral

Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
Publisher: Felix Meiner Verlag
ISBN: 3787327835
Category: Philosophy
Page: 189
View: 7250
In seiner 1839 bei der Dänischen Societät der Wissenschaften eingereichten und 1841 erst mals in dem Band "Die beiden Grundprobleme der Ethik" veröffentlichten Preisschrift über die Grundlage der Moral legt Schopenhauer eine Reihe bemerkenswerter Ergänzungen zu seiner Ethik bzw. Metaphysik der Sitten vor. In keinem anderen seiner Werke setzt er sich so ausführlich mit Kants Ethik auseinander, die er einerseits als bedeutende Leistung würdigt, an derseits aber auch einer gründlichen und - in vielen Punkten - überzeugenden Kritik unter wirft. Ein zentraler Einwand lautet, daß der kategorische Imperativ letzten Endes einem kalkulierten Egoismus entspringe. Damit wäre er kein formales, sondern ein materiales Prinzip, und er würde nicht kategorisch, sondern allenfalls hypothetisch gelten. Darüber hinaus weist Schopenhauer die "imperative Form" der Kantischen Ethik als unangemessen zurück. Nach seiner Auffassung besteht die Aufgabe der Ethik keineswegs darin, Vorschriften aufzustellen, nach denen sich die Menschen zu richten hätten, sondern lediglich darin, deren Verhalten zu beschreiben und verständlich zu machen. Was seine eigene Konzeption der Ethik anbelangt, so läuft sie darauf hinaus, daß das Mitleid die Grundlage der Moral bildet. Schopenhauer charakterisiert es als ein Gefühl, in dem einem Menschen das Leiden des Anderen ebenso unmittelbar zugänglich ist wie das eigene und das ihn dazu motiviert, den Anderen zum letzten Zweck des Handelns zu machen. Vor diesem Hintergrund entwickelt Schopenhauer seine eigene Tugendlehre, in deren Mittelpunkt die Gerechtigkeit und die Menschenliebe stehen.

Religion and Ethics for OCR

The Complete Resource for the New as and A Level Specification
Author: Mark Coffey
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Page: 254
View: 7959

Engineering Ethics for a Globalized World

Author: Colleen Murphy,Paolo Gardoni,Hassan Bashir,Charles E. Harris, Jr.,Eyad Masad
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319182609
Category: Philosophy
Page: 282
View: 7138
This volume identifies, discusses and addresses the wide array of ethical issues that have emerged for engineers due to the rise of a global economy. To date, there has been no systematic treatment of the particular challenges globalization poses for engineering ethics standards and education. This volume concentrates on precisely this challenge. Scholars and practitioners from diverse national and professional backgrounds discuss the ethical issues emerging from the inherent symbiotic relationship between the engineering profession and globalization. Through their discussions a deeper and more complete understanding of the precise ways in which globalization impacts the formulation and justification of ethical standards in engineering as well as the curriculum and pedagogy of engineering ethics education emerges. The world today is witnessing an unprecedented demand for engineers and other science and technology professionals with advanced degrees due to both the off-shoring of western jobs and the rapid development of non-Western countries. The current flow of technology and professionals is from the West to the rest of the world. Professional practices followed by Western (or Western-trained) engineers are often based on presuppositions which can be in fundamental disagreement with the viewpoints of non-Westerners. A successful engineering solution cannot be simply technically sound, but also must account for cultural, social and religious constraints. For these reasons, existing Western standards cannot simply be exported to other countries. Divided into two parts, Part I of the volume provides an overview of particular dimensions of globalization and the criteria that an adequate engineering ethics framework must satisfy in a globalized world. Part II of the volume considers pedagogical challenges and aims in engineering ethics education that is global in character.

Business Ethics and Values

Individual, Corporate and International Perspectives
Author: Colin M. Fisher,Alan Lovell
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780273716167
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 616
View: 5934
Blending academic theory with real-world cases, the third edition of this book provides a self-contained course in business ethics. The book is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students with or without practical experience in the business world.

My Revision Notes: AQA A2 Religious Studies: Religion and Ethics and Philosophy of Religion

Author: Richard Gray,Peter Cole
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1444182420
Category: Religion
Page: 128
View: 7611
Unlock your full potential with this revision guide which provides both the key content you need to know and guidance on how to apply it for better grades My Revision Notes: AQA A2 Religious Studies: Religion and Ethics and Philosophy of Religion helps you to stay motivated and focused during your revision - and gives you the opportunity to practise and refine your skills to achieve the best grade in your exam. Breaks down all topics into short sections - easy to read and revise from Exam-style practice questions help confidence with the exam 'Issues arising' section specifically helps prepare for AQA AS RS AO2 questions Concise notes, clear layout and colourful features keep you engaged You can check your learning with the 'test yourself' questions and tick-box design

The Ethics of the Poet

Marina Tsvetaeva's Art in the Light of Conscience
Author: Ute Stock
Publisher: MHRA
ISBN: 1904350410
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 177
View: 7599
This study rehabilitates Tsvetaeva as a serious, innovative ethical thinker who developed an ethics for the poet that could dispense with universal value guarantees. For Tsvetaeva, ethical judgements had to be individual rather than universal, open to revision rather than permanent. Examining her ideational background, the study sheds new light on the pre-exile years, when Tsvetaeva suffered from a profound uncertainty about the moral nature and duty of the poet. It identifies the experience of exile as a catalyst for the development of her ethical thought that culminated in 'Iskusstvo pri svete sovesti'. Considering Tsvetaeva's application of her ethics in her life, this study reveals her emphasis on the personal to be the direct result of her ethical belief in individual judgements. Her conscious effort persistently to counteract dominant political ideologies similarly stems from her ethical suspicion of any kind of claim on universal truth. Finally the study assesses the significance of Tsvetaeva's suicide, revealing it to be the inevitable, terrifying consequence of her ethical self-definition, her commitment to individual freedom, and the pursuit of higher truths.

Pragmatist Ethics for a Technological Culture

Author: F.W. Jozef Keulartz,Michiel Korthals,M. Schermer,T.E. Swierstra
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401003017
Category: Philosophy
Page: 264
View: 450
Our technological culture has an extremely dynamic character: old ways of reproducing ourselves, managing nature and keeping animals are continually replaced by new ones; norms and values with respect to our bodies, food production, health care and environmental protection are regularly being put up for discussion. This constantly confronts us with new moral problems and dilemmas. In discussion with other approaches this book argues that pragmatism, with its strong emphasis on the interaction between technology and values, gives us both procedural help and stresses the importance of living and cooperating together in tackling these problems and dilemmas. The issues in this book include the interaction of technology and ethics, the status of pragmatism, the concept of practice, and discourse ethics and deliberative democracy. It has an interactive design, with original contributions alternating with critical comments. The book is of interest for students, scholars and policymakers in the fields of bioethics, animal ethics, environmental ethics, pragmatist philosophy and science and technology studies.

Torah in the Ethics of Paul

Author: Martin Meiser
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0567374130
Category: Religion
Page: 160
View: 8363
This volume presents European perspectives on the pivotal role of the Torah in the Ethics of Paul

Philosophy for A2

Ethics and Philosophy of Mind
Author: Michael Lacewing
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131756216X
Category: Philosophy
Page: 372
View: 3752
Philosophy for A2 is an engaging textbook for the new AQA A2 Philosophy syllabus. Structured closely around the AQA specification this textbook covers the two units, Ethics and Philosophy of Mind, in a comprehensive and student-friendly way. All of the anthology texts are explained and commented on and woven into the discussion of the syllabus. With chapters on ‘How to Do Philosophy’ and exam preparation this textbook provides students with the philosophical skills they need to succeed. Each chapter includes: explanation and commentary of the AQA anthology texts comprehension questions to test understanding discussion questions to generate evaluative argument 'going further' sections for advanced study cross-references to help students make connections bullet-point summaries of each topic. The companion website hosts a wealth of further resources, including PowerPoint slides, flashcards, further reading, weblinks and handouts, all structured to accompany the textbook. It can be found at

A Levinasian Ethics for Education's Commonplaces

Between Calling and Inspiration
Author: C. Joldersma
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137415495
Category: Education
Page: 126
View: 5739
Joldersma applies Levinas's ethics systematically to the commonplaces of education - teaching, learning, curriculum, and institutions - and elucidates the role of justice and responsibility and the meaning of calling and inspiration in education.