A Test of Faith

Religion,” in Law, State and Religion in the New Europe: Debate and Dilemmas (C. Ungureanu and L. Zucca, eds, ... The Others in Europe (S. Bonjour, A. Rea and D. Jacobs, eds, Editions de l'Université de Bruxelles 2011), 91 and 107–108.

Author: Marie-Claire Foblets

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317186366

Category: Law

Page: 382

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Issues of religious diversity in the workplace have become very topical and have been raised before domestic courts and the European Court of Human Rights. Examining the controversial and constantly evolving position of religion in the workplace, this collection brings together chapters by legal and social science scholars and provides a wealth of information on legal responses across Europe, Turkey and the United States to conflicts between professional and religious obligations involving employees and employers. The contributors examine how case law from the European Court of Human Rights, domestic experiences and comparative analyses can indicate trends and reveal established and innovative approaches. This multi-perspective volume will be relevant for legal practitioners, researchers, academics and policy-makers interested in human rights law, discrimination law, labour law and the intersection of law and religion.
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Motherhood Religion and Society in Medieval Europe 400 1400

1300, England was the most richly endowed area in medieval Europe in terms of the number of Latin texts ... as well as the various vernaculars), can be found in Monica H. Green, 'Medieval Gynecological Texts: a Handlist', in Green (ed.) ...

Author: Lesley Smith

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317093978

Category: History

Page: 392

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Who can concentrate on thoughts of Scripture or philosophy and be able to endure babies crying ... ? Will he put up with the constant muddle and squalor which small children bring into the home? The wealthy can do so ... but philosophers lead a very different life ... So, according to Peter Abelard, did his wife Heloise state in characteristically stark terms the antithetical demands of family and scholarship. Heloise was not alone in making this assumption. Sources from Jerome onward never cease to remind us that the life of the mind stands at odds with life in the family. For all that we have moved in the past two generations beyond kings and battles, fiefs and barons, motherhood has remained a blind spot for medieval historians. Whatever the reasons, the result is that the historiography of the medieval period is largely motherless. The aim of this book is to insist that this picture is intolerably one-dimensional, and to begin to change it. The volume is focussed on the paradox of motherhood in the European Middle Ages: to be a mother is at once to hold great power, and by the same token to be acutely vulnerable. The essays look to analyse the powers and the dangers of motherhood within the warp and weft of social history, beginning with the premise that religious discourse or practice served as a medium in which mothers (and others) could assess their situation, defend claims, and make accusations. Within this frame, three main themes emerge: survival, agency, and institutionalization. The volume spans the length and breadth of the Middle Ages, from late Roman North Africa through ninth-century Byzantium to late medieval Somerset, drawing in a range of types of historian, including textual scholars, literary critics, students of religion and economic historians. The unity of the volume arises from the very diversity of approaches within it, all addressed to the central topic.
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Analyses and Perspectives on a Complex Interplay

Orthodox Christianity in 21st Century Greece: The Role of Religion in Culture, Ethnicity and Politics. Farnham: Ashgate Anastassiadis ... Berlin [u.a.]: de Gruyter, S. 4573. ... Lit, S. 7-27. Hashmi, Sohail H.: Islamic Political Ethics.

Author: Rupert Strachwitz

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110645880

Category: Political Science

Page: 406

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The seemingly vitalizing impact of religiosity on civil society is a research topic that has been extensively looked into, not only in the USA, but increasingly also in a European context. What is missing is an evaluation of the role of institutionalized religious communities, and of circumstances that facilitate or impede their status as civil society organisations. This anthology in two volumes aims at closing this gap by providing case studies regarding political, legal and historical aspects in various European countries. Vol. I provides an introduction and looks at cases in Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as chapters on legal issues and data, and comprehensive bibliography.
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Is God Back

Västrik, E.-H. (2015), 'In search of genuine religion: the contemporary Estonian Maausulised movement and nationalist discourse', in K. Rountree (ed.), Contemporary Pagan and Native Faith Movements in Europe: Colonialist and Nationalist ...

Author: Titus Hjelm

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472521859

Category: Social Science

Page: 296

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Is God Back? Reconsidering the New Visibility of Religion examines the shifting boundary between religion and the public sphere in Europe and the Middle East. Asking what the 'new visibility of religion' means and challenging simplistic notions of living in a 'post-secular' age, the chapters explore how religion is contested and renegotiated in the public sphere – or rather, in different publics – and the effects of these struggles on society, state and religion itself. Whereas religion arguably never went away in the USA, the re-emergence of public religion is a European phenomenon. Is God Back? provides timely case studies from Europe, as well as extending to the Middle East, where fledgling democracies are struggling to create models of governance that stem from the European secular model, but which need to be able to accommodate a much more public form of religiosity. Discussions include the new visibility of neo-Pagan and Native Faith groups in Europe, Evangelical Christians and Church teaching on sexuality in the UK, and Islamic social Movements in the Arab world. Drawing from empirical and theoretical research on religion and national identity, religion and media, church-state relationships, and religion and welfare, Is God Back? is a rich source for students and scholars interested in the changing face of public religion in the modern world, including those studying the sociology of religion, social policy, and theology.
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America in European Consciousness 1493 1750

Prescheurs , de la Congrégation de S. Louis , Missionnaire Apostolique dans les Antilles ( 1667 ) , 12-13 ... See the latest overview in Charles H. Lippy , " Christianity Comes to British America , " in Lippy , Choquette , and Poole ...

Author: Karen Ordahl Kupperman

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 0807845108

Category: History

Page: 428

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For review see: Stephen J. Homick, in The Hispanic Historical Review (HAHR), vol. 77, no. 1 (February 1997); p. 78-80.
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Former Muslims in Europe

In S. Vellenga, S. Harchaoui, H. El Madkouri, & B. Sijses (Eds.), Mist in de polder: Zit op ontwikkelingen omtrent de islam in Nederland ... Secular religion: A discourse-historical approach to religion in contemporary Western Europe.

Author: Maria Vliek

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000409130

Category: Religion

Page: 218

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Within contemporary Western European academic, media, and socio-political spheres, Muslims are predominantly seen through the lens of increased religiosity. This religiosity is often seen as problematic, especially in the context of securitised discourses of Islamist terrorism. Yet, there are clear indications that a growing number of people who grew up in Muslim families no longer subscribe to Islam or call themselves religious at all. Drawing on fieldwork in the UK and the Netherlands, this study examines the experiences of people moving out of Islam. It rigorously questions the antagonistic nature of the debate between ‘the religious’ and ‘the secular’, or who is in and who is out, and argues for recognition of the ambiguity that most of us live in. Revealing many complex forms of moving out, this study adds much-needed nuance to understandings of secularity and Muslim identities in Europe.
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Art and Religion in Eighteenth Century Europe

18 Crisply discussed by G. Cholvy, 'Les peuples de France entre religion et révolution (1760–1830)', inReligion et Révolution, ed. ... He argues that Luther is negative at first, neutral by 1522, then positive by 1525 at the latest.

Author: Nigel Aston

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 9781861898456

Category: Art

Page: 320

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Eighteenth-century Europe witnessed monumental upheavals in both the Catholic and Protestant faiths and the repercussions rippled down to the churches’ religious art forms. Nigel Aston now chronicles here the intertwining of cultural and institutional turmoil during this pivotal century. The sustained popularity of religious art in the face of competition from increasingly prevalent secular artworks lies at the heart of this study. Religious art staked out new spaces of display in state institutions, palaces, and private collections, the book shows, as well as taking advantage of patronage from monarchs such as Louis XIV and George III, who funded religious art in an effort to enhance their monarchial prestige. Aston also explores the motivations and exhibition practices of private collectors and analyzes changing Catholic and Protestant attitudes toward art. The book also examines purchases made by corporate patrons such as charity hospitals and religious confraternities and considers what this reveals about the changing religiosity of the era as well. An in-depth historical study, Art and Religion in Eighteenth-Century Europe will be essential for art history and religious studies scholars alike.
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Finding List of Books in the Los Angeles Public Library January 1891

215 : 24 in Popular Science . 504 : 12 Zerffi , G. G. , and others . Etching : Haden , S .... 767 : L 41 - and Disease . Sutton , J. B .. 616 : 6 -and Etchers . Hamerton , P. G .... 767 : R2 - and Religion . Beecher , H. W ..

Author: Los Angeles Public Library


ISBN: SRLF:AX0001916501

Category: Library catalogs

Page: 177

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Interculturalism at the crossroads

Strasbourg, France, Council of Europe. Berend, I. 2016. The History of European Integration. London, Routledge. Bergan, S, Harkavy, I. and van't Land, H. eds. 2013. Reimagining Democratic Societies: a New Era of Personal and Social ...

Author: Mansouri, Fethi

Publisher: UNESCO Publishing

ISBN: 9789231002182


Page: 330

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National Censuses and Vital Statistics in Europe 1918 1939

Kristiania , H. Aschehoug & co . , 1922–1925 . ... An alphabetical list of places is also included . II . Trossamfund . ( Hjemmehørende folkemengde . ) - Population de droit classée par culte . ( Religion . De jure population . ] 1922.

Author: Library of Congress. Census Library Project


ISBN: UCAL:B3929948

Category: Census

Page: 215

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