Evaluating Professional Development

Author: Thomas R. Guskey,Dennis Sparks
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 9780761975618
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 308
View: 5912
This is a practical guide to evaluating professional development programs at five increasing levels of sophistication: participants' reaction to professional development; how much participants learned; evaluating organizational support and change; how participants use their new knowledge and skills; and improvements in student learning.

Strategies for Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Professional Development

Author: Sue Beers
Publisher: ASCD
ISBN: 1416605282
Category: Educational leadership
Page: 266
View: 6332
Whether you're already an expert staff developer or you're taking on this role for the first time, here's a reliable toolbox that helps you plan, implement, and evaluate professional development, from stand-alone workshops to comprehensive systemwide programs. The binder guides you through the process of identifying the need for professional development, determining the components to include in your plan, and selecting the best tools to accomplish your goals. More than 90 tools are included in the binder to help you: Create a vision and definition of professional development for your learning community; Establish a common understanding of your professional development program's content and results; Solve time, logistics, and sequencing issues; Design and implement professional development tasks and activities that align to school and district goals; Measure your progress and reflect on individual and group improvement; Evaluate the impact of professional development and sharing your success; Because the needs of your school or district are unique, this is the ideal tool for developing a customized plan that leads to a successful and effective professional development program. - Publisher.

Assessing Impact

Evaluating Staff Development
Author: Joellen Killion
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1412953553
Category: Education
Page: 237
View: 418
Effective program evaluations can improve staff development programs and increase student achievement. Learn how to assess a program's evaluability, formulate evaluation questions, and collect and interpret data.

Handbook on Teacher Portfolios for Evaluation and Professional Development

Author: Pamela Tucker,James Stronge,Christopher Gareis
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317922492
Category: Education
Page: 192
View: 7970
This book and Compact Disk show school leaders how to develop teacher portfolios and put them into action. They will provide confidence and credibility as you engage in: - "high stakes" summative evaluations - initial hiring, tenure, and other key personnel decisions - fostering a school culture which encourages high levels of performance This book and CD provide a reliable and easy way for teachers to: - collect and analyze data about their effectiveness - monitor and improve their own performance - improve student learning Adopting the templates in this book and CD will enable you to define: - standards which describe actual duties and activities of teachers - behaviors which indicate the quality of teaching - "artifacts" which provide evidence of teaching and learning - scoring rubrics which assist in objective evaluation The Compact Disk, for Macintosh & Windows, contains easy-to-use templates of performance assessment rubrics, feedback forms, and other documents to help you organize & implement Teacher Portfolios in your school.

The Educator's Professional Growth Plan

A Process for Developing Staff and Improving Instruction
Author: Jodi Peine
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1412949319
Category: Education
Page: 231
View: 6140
Offers school leaders guidance for designing and implementing a sustainable professional growth process, demonstrates how participants can develop individual action plans, and helps redefine school improvement efforts.

Continuing Professional Development

A Practical Guide for Teachers and Schools
Author: Anna Craft
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134558155
Category: Education
Page: 272
View: 9729
The second edition of this popular text meets the continued and increasing demand of teachers to apply professional development techniques from other areas of work to their own profession.

The Professional Development of Teachers: Practice and Theory

Author: Philip Adey
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0306485184
Category: Education
Page: 207
View: 5740
Hopkins, Bruce Joyce, Michael Huberman, Matthew Miles, and Virginia Richardson. But we have chosen to present our own experience and empirical data first and then, in Part 3, to show how this experience and data relates to models which have been proposed by others. We will address here methodological issues concerned with collecting and interpreting evidence of relationships amongst the many individual and situational factors associated with PD, and re-visit the arguments about ‘process-product’ research on PD. In the light of our experience, we will interrogate models of PD which have been proposed by others and attempt to move forward our total understanding of the process of the professional development of teachers for educational change. In conclusion, we will look at some current national practice in professional development, concentrating on the recent English experience of introducing ‘strategies’ into schools but referring also, by way of contrast, to the situation in the United States. WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? Why has the professional development of teachers already exercised so many good minds for so long? And how can we justify adding another book to this field? The answer to both questions must lie in the continuing demand from society in general (at least as interpreted by politicians and newspaper editors) for improvements in the quality of education.

Leading and Managing Continuing Professional Development

Developing People, Developing Schools
Author: Professor Peter Earley,Ms Sara Bubb
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1848600550
Category: Education
Page: 224
View: 9105
This book gives an up to date picture of a rapidly changing field, enhances understanding of continuing professional development and its potential to bring about change and development to improve the quality of teaching and learning in schools.

International Handbook of Educational Evaluation

Part One: Perspectives / Part Two: Practice
Author: T. Kellaghan,D.L. Stufflebeam
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401003092
Category: Education
Page: 1060
View: 3209
Thomas Kellaghan Educational Research Centre, St. Patrick's College, Dublin, Ireland Daniel L. Stufflebeam The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University, Ml, USA Lori A. Wingate The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University, Ml, USA Educational evaluation encompasses a wide array of activities, including student assessment, measurement, testing, program evaluation, school personnel evalua tion, school accreditation, and curriculum evaluation. It occurs at all levels of education systems, from the individual student evaluations carried out by class room teachers, to evaluations of schools and districts, to district-wide program evaluations, to national assessments, to cross-national comparisons of student achievement. As in any area of scholarship and practice, the field is constantly evolving, as a result of advances in theory, methodology, and technology; increasing globalization; emerging needs and pressures; and cross-fertilization from other disciplines. The beginning of a new century would seem an appropriate time to provide a portrait of the current state of the theory and practice of educational evaluation across the globe. It is the purpose of this handbook to attempt to do this, to sketch the international landscape of educational evaluation - its conceptual izations, practice, methodology, and background, and the functions it serves. The book's 43 chapters, grouped in 10 sections, provide detailed accounts of major components of the educational evaluation enterprise. Together, they provide a panoramic view of an evolving field.

Leading & Managing Continuing Professional Development

Developing People, Developing Schools
Author: Sara Bubb,Peter Earley
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1849204942
Category: Education
Page: 208
View: 3652
Praise for the first edition: 'Peter Earley and Sara Bubb bring together, in a very accessible way, theoretical and practical aspects of CPD and suggest how leadership and management can be applied in this vital area of staff development. This book will help co-ordinators and school leaders to develop their most important resource - the people who work with the children' - Richard Stainton, Education Journal 'The most obvious target user for the book is the (not rare) person suddenly hoist with the staff development responsibility petard: but, thoughtfully used, most staffrooms will include several people who could benefit from thinking about its contents and putting some of the ideas into practice' - British Journal Educational Technology 'This book is a welcome and practical guide to the wealth of publications on Continuing Professional Development... [M]akes an excellent contribution to the current and widening debate on the nature of Continuing Professional Development. For School Leadership Teams it is an essential resource and reference for the managing of professional development and learning. It also serves as an excellent practical guide, and CPD coordinators reading this book will find themselves questioning and as a result developing their own practice. The book is written in accessible language using believable case studies to illustrate the wealth of research that has been carried out. The deeply embedded notion among some teachers that professional development consists of the one day course is challenged, and the reader is left in no doubt as to the range of opportunities that exist and need for them to be harnessed in order to ensure school improvement. The book is will surely act as a catalyst for the review and development of CPD in schools' - Stephen Merrill, Edge Hill College of Higher Education, British Journal In-Service Education 'A practical guide to all aspects of professional development which ought to be in the possession of every professional development coordinator in every primary and secondary school in the land - and their colleagues in leadership teams' - Tim Brighouse, TES Friday Magazine This new edition of a best-selling book provides an up to date overview of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), combined with a guide to best practice. Changes include: - expanded sections on the professional development of support staff and the wider school workforce (particularly important in the light of workforce remodelling) and the evaluation of CPD - more on making sure that professional development has an impact, and provides good value for money - the common core of skills and knowledge for the children's workforce, the new standards for qualified teacher status, induction, threshold, excellent teachers and advanced skills teachers as well as those for higher level teaching assistants. Drawing on the latest research, the contents include: - a clear explanation of CPD and latest developments; - practical tips on how to lead and manage CPD for a range of staff in schools - identifying training needs, designing and implementing programmes and evaluating their impact; - detailed guidance on CPD for staff at different stages of their careers. Written in a clear readable style it covers the latest standards and offers examples of current good practice. It is an essential professional reference for all those responsible for leading and managing professional learning in schools (headteachers, deputies, CPD and staff development coordinators) and Local Authorities (LAs). It will also prove invaluable to training providers and universities.

Evaluating Teaching

A Guide to Current Thinking and Best Practice
Author: James H. Stronge
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1452212147
Category: Education
Page: 328
View: 668
This invaluable resource demonstrates how to foster the development of highly qualified teachers through designing and implementing a solid teacher evaluation system.

Why Can't We Get It Right?

Designing High-Quality Professional Development for Standards-Based Schools
Author: Marsha Speck,Caroll Knipe
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1452212732
Category: Education
Page: 184
View: 8064
How can we use professional development to provide the best teaching and learning opportunities for all students? Teachers who know their content and strategies can open a virtual toolbox and take out what they need to help all students become successful. This revised and updated edition explains how educational leaders can design, deliver, and evaluate collaborative standards-based professional development, and contains: Essential questions about high-quality professional development Information on creating the culture for a learning community Conditions and processes for professional development Suggestions on designing your own model Tools for evaluating and rethinking professional development and learning Strategies for deepening a leader’s impact on a standards-based system

Succeeding With Struggling Students

A Planning Resource for Raising Achievement
Author: Marti Richardson
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1483360121
Category: Education
Page: 248
View: 931
This innovative resource presents program planning tools that can be customized for local school and district needs in planning effective interventions to benefit struggling students.

An Evaluation of the Need for Continuing Education and Professional Development for Certified Public Accountants

Author: Ray Vander Weele
Publisher: N.A
Category: Accountants
Page: 632
View: 1371

The Principal as Professional Development Leader

Author: Phyllis H. Lindstrom,Marsha Speck
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 148336271X
Category: Education
Page: 176
View: 8230
The authors provide principals with the tools needed to help teachers and staff enhance their skills and improve student learning.

Digital portefolio as a strategy for teachers' professional development

Author: N.A
Publisher: fenando albuquerque costa
ISBN: 9892003829
Page: N.A
View: 8798

Sports Coaching E-Book

Professionalisation and Practice
Author: John Lyle,Chris Cushion
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1455725226
Category: Medical
Page: 288
View: 8319
Sports Coaching: Professionalisation and Practice is a comprehensive evidence-based textbook of sports coaching theory and practice. The book is edited by leading academics in sports coaching studies and authored by a world-renowned team of experts in sports coaching research. It deals with all aspects of coaching behaviour and practice, including coaches’ decision making, coaching pedagogy, and the development of expertise. Each of the chapters provides an up-to-date position statement on coaching themes, and makes explicit reference to the professionalisation of coaching. Written in an accessible style, and identifying critical ideas and issues, the book will complement and challenge both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes, and will be an invaluable source of ideas for researchers and academics. Multicontributed chapters follow uniform structure to increase clarity and accessiblity of text 'Snapshots' of critical ideas and issues presented as models or diagrams to facilitate students' understanding Case examples and scenarios illustrate key concepts in each chapter Latest research and current literature summarised for each thematic topic.

Standards for Reading Professionals—Revised 2010

Author: International Reading Association
Publisher: International Reading Assoc.
ISBN: 0872077136
Category: Education
Page: 100
View: 3524
What should reading professionals know and be able to do? The fully updated and revised Standards 2010 identifies the performance criteria necessary to assess competence of reading educators and to design programs to foster this competence. Two new professional role categories are addressed: (1) the middle and high school content teacher and (2) the middle and high school reading classroom teacher. Also, with the addition of a new diversity standard, Standards 2010 addresses the urgent need for preparing reading professionals to teach today’s increasingly diverse student population. Standards 2010 also provides matrixes that list each role with the corresponding elements of each standard, to help you view a specific standard’s element and its description across all roles.

Professional Development Through Action Research in Educational Settings

Author: Christine O'Hanlon
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780750705080
Category: Education
Page: 213
View: 9330
Describes ways of using action research to improve teaching and learning

Achieving Your Vision of Professional Development

How to Assess Your Needs and Get what You Want
Author: David Collins
Publisher: N.A
Category: Education
Page: 175
View: 7814
"A how-to resource that reviews the stages of building an effective professional development system: developing a vision, creating assistance, and assessing and monitoring progress"--P. [4] of cover.