Every Changing Shape

Mystical Experience and the Making of Poems Jennings Elizabeth. ELIZABETH JENNINGS EVERY CHANGING SHAPE MYS ||CA| EXPERIENCE AND || || MAKING OF POEMS EVERY CHANGING SHAPE Elizabeth Jennings 'And Imustborrow every changing shape.

Author: Jennings Elizabeth

Publisher: Carcanet

ISBN: 9781847775900

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 240

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Every Changing Shape, published in 1961 and now in paperback for the first time, considers from a Christian poet's perspective how religious or mystical experience informs the imagination. Elizabeth Jennings wrote the book early in her career; it continues to provide crucial readings of her chosen authors and clues to her own poetry. She avoids terms like 'inspiration', 'ecstasy', sticking to particulars - words, meanings - rather than ideology or theory. A collection of studies of writers and mystics past and present, it brings literary judgment to bear on a subject neglected in a secular age. Though her first concern is poetry, she draws on prose writers to effect her penetrating explorations.
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T S Eliot The Poems

And I must borrow every changing shape / to find expression ' , says the narrator in ' Portrait of a Lady ' , and this is Eliot's own procedure , in changing ways , throughout his career . Eliot did not formulate an idea of the mask at ...

Author: Martin Scofield

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521317614

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 264

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Introduces the poetry of T.S. Eliot, examines his major works, and discusses his style, symbolism, and themes
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The Shape of Change

People involved in and affected by the change The associated activities The object of the change Figure 0.2 The scope of the business change manager Every change is different It is vital for business change managers to understand there ...

Author: Nicola Busby

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781315455440

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 136

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No organisations, change initiative or stakeholder is ever the same. The way business change management is shaped to work with and get the best out of every different change situation makes a vital contribution to the success of the change. The Shape of Change is the first business change management book to focus solely on the practical challenges of how to plan, implement and embed successful business change initiatives in a wide range of organisations from the business change manager’s point of view. It focuses on shaping every different change approach to take into consideration each individual situation including organisational culture, the type and impact of change the initiative, the attitudes and concerns of stakeholders and the potential for resistance within the organisation. Using a series of example change initiatives in private, public and non-profit sectors, it describes the change management journey, highlighting key points where business change management interventions are essential, and exploring how it feels to undertake business change initiatives in a wide range of situations, from communicating the initial change idea to ensuring the change is embedded and working well in business as usual. Accessible and comprehensive, The Shape of Change is relevant to anyone working in or planning organisational change.
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The Changing Shape of Art Therapy

The theory of dialectics posits that everything only exists in terms of its opposite, so that, for instance, we cannot know altruism ... preserve and negate the other; each stands in a dynamic, ever-changing relationship to the other.

Author: Andrea Gilroy

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 0857005812

Category: Psychology

Page: 208

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Including contributions from some of the leading art therapists in Britain, this important book addresses the key issues in the theory and practice of art therapy. The fundamental significance of the art in art therapy practice permeates the book, close attention being paid by several writers to the art-making process and the aesthetic responses of therapist and client. Other authors explore the tensions between art and therapy, images and speech, subjectivity and objectivity, arguing that the dynamic interplay between these elements is inherent to the practice of art therapy. The role of containment is another theme that is explored by contributors in a variety of ways to highlight the importance not only of the therapeutic containment of the client by the therapist, but also the containment of the therapist. The physical contexts of the session, within an art room and within the larger working environment, are identified as important arenas where conflict and tension is experienced and must be explored if art therapy is to continue to develop.
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The Changing Shape of Work

In short, if consumers are becoming more enterprising and 'quality conscious' – demanding differentiated goods and services, expressing everchanging needs and expectations – then work organizations must develop structures and processes ...

Author: Richard K. Brown

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781349256518

Category: Social Science

Page: 226

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The contributors provide critical accounts of the transformation of work and employment during the final quarter of the twentieth century. They draw on their own and others' current research to identify the origins and consequences of these developments and illustrate their impact on society, organizations, individuals and communities. Wide-ranging reviews of changes in labour markets and employment practices provide the context for detailed studies, including the 'feminization' of work, informal working, responses to unemployment, organizational culture, and Total Quality Management.
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The Changing Shape of Nursing Practice

It is against this ever-changing world that occupations vie to secure their standing. One of the ways in which they can do this is by claiming professional status. As we have seen, certain segments of the nursing body are currently ...

Author: Davina Allen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134605958

Category: Medical

Page: 224

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Bringing together sociological theories and nursing practice this text develops a dynamic conceptualisation of the nursing role which is rooted in the work setting. It looks at the factors which have shaped nursing work in the past and those which are likely to shape it in the future. Nurses' work is changing in two respects: the place nursing occupies in the health care division of labour and the routine shifting of work boundaries that nurses experience in their daily work. Drawing on her detailed observations of the reality of nursing work in a district general hospital, Davina Allen explores these linked themes, focussing on five key work boundaries: *nurse:doctor *nurse:manager *nurse:support worker *nurse:patient *nurse:nurse The text provides new insight into many of the tensions and dilemmas nurses routinely face and the processes and constraints through which their work is fashioned. It offers a new way of thinking about the nursing role which is particularly relevant at a time when the scope of nursing practice is expanding and when the integrated approach to health and social care is seen as the key to provision and improved services.
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The Changing Shape of Church History

If there is only one God , and if that God has come to us in Jesus Christ , somehow our faith must relate to everything else that God has been doing through the centuries , and still continues doing in various cultures and civilizations ...

Author: Justo L Gonz Lez

Publisher: Chalice Press

ISBN: 0827205740

Category: Church history

Page: 168

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New, different readings of church history are finally reflecting Christianity s deep roots in every culture worldwide. Gonz lez listens to voices from centers other than the North Atlantic to help us see a different perspective of church history -a global story that includes those previously marginalized -as he offers us a hopeful outlook for the future of world Christianity.
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The Changing Shape of English Nonconformity 1825 1925

Beginning with a form of apologetics to counter contemporary agnosticism, Simpson offered “the fact of Christ” as “a ... “each of us has his own point of view,” he noted, “and therefore every man and every age has his or its Christ.

Author: Dale A. Johnson

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780195121636

Category: Religion

Page: 248

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This book addresses several dimensions of the transformation of English Nonconformity over the course of an important century in its history. It begins with the question of education for ministry, considering the activities undertaken by four major evangelical traditions (Congregationalist, Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian) to establish theological colleges for this purpose, and then takes up the complex three-way relationship of ministry/churches/colleges that evolved from these activities. As author Dale Johnson illustrates, this evolution came to have significant implications for the Nonconformist engagement with its message and with the culture at large. These implications are investigated in chapters on the changing perception or understanding of ministry itself, religious authority, theological questions (such as the doctrines of God and the atonement), and religious identity. In Johnson's exploration of these issues, conversations about these topics are located primarily in addresses at denominational meetings, conferences that took up specific questions, and representative religious and theological publications of the day that participated in key debates or advocated contentious positions. While attending to some important denominational differences, The Changing Shape of English Nonconformity, 1825-1925 focuses on the representative discussion of these topics across the whole spectrum of evangelical Nonconformity rather than on specific denominational traditions. Johnson maintains that too many interpretations of nineteenth-century Nonconformity, especially those that deal with aspects of the theological discussion within these traditions, have tended to depict such developments as occasions of decline from earlier phases of evangelical vitality and appeal. This book instead argues that it is more appropriate to assess these Nonconformist developments as a collective, necessary, and deeply serious effort to come to terms with modernity and, further, to retain a responsible understanding of what it meant to be evangelical. It also shows these developments to be part of a larger schema through which Nonconformity assumed a more prominent place in the English culture of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
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The Changing Shape of Practice

Figure 7.16 A rendering of the pavilion in its setting. ... At its core, every technology SHoP develops or deploys – whether it is the code to drive a five-axis mill or the lights and bells of the office pinball machine – is no more ...

Author: Michael U. Hensel

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317504832

Category: Architecture

Page: 200

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Architectural practices worldwide have to deal with increasingly complex design requirements. How do practices acquire the ability to do so? The Changing Shape of Practice provides a handbook of examples for practices that wish to integrate more research into their work and a reference book for students that seek to prepare themselves for the changing shape of practice in architecture. It addresses the increasing integration of research undertaken in architectural practices of different sizes ranging from small to very large practices from the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. The book is organized according to the size of the practices which is significant in that it addresses the different structures and resourcing requirements that are enabled by specific practice sizes, as this determines and constrains the type, scope and modes of research available to a given practice. The practices covered include: Woods Bagot Perkins + Will White AECOM UN Studio Shop Architects PLP Architecture Kieran Timberlake 3XN ONL AZPML Thomas Herzog + Partners Herreros Arquitectos Spacescape OCEAN Design Research Association By taking stock of the current shape of practice, the book provides essential information for professional architects who are integrating research into their practice.
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