Peaceful at Heart

My siblings and I missed our mom and how she cared for us, and my dad missed being the bread winner. ... However difficult this time period was for us, I realized that it was equally difficult for my mother who had to work all day and ...

Author: Don Neufeld

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532644771

Category: Religion

Page: 260

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While there are plenty of books by men, for men, on the topic of “Christian masculinity,” these books generally fail to address men’s propensities for violence and the traditional inequity between men and women, often endorsing inequity and sanctioning aggressive behavior as an appropriate “manly” response to conflict. Peaceful at Heart cuts through this conversation by offering a uniquely Anabaptist Christian perspective on masculinity. The vision of masculinity presented in this book is more peaceful, just, caring, life-giving for men, and more sensitive to women and children than both traditional images of masculinity and the hypermasculine images promoted by contemporary popular culture and wider evangelical Christianity. Peaceful at Heart addresses men and masculinity using Anabaptist theological themes of discipleship, community, and peace. As a collaborative project by men, for men, this book demonstrates through personal narratives, theological reflection, and practical guidance the importance of collective discernment, accountability, and mutual encouragement regarding how to live as a peaceful man in a violent world.
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We re Parents the New Dad Book for Baby s First Year

Desperate to get them to sleep? Adrian Kulp (a four-time dad himself) offers fast, fun, and easy-to-digest advice that other new dad books don't, making it simple for you to step up and do your part as a brand-new dad.

Author: Adrian Kulp

Publisher: Rockridge Press

ISBN: 1641524154



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A new dad's guide, from birth day to birthday. The pregnancy's over and the baby's here...what's a dad supposed to do? Put your other new dad books away--We're Parents! is going to help you be the best dad (and partner) you can be. Wondering how to burp your newborn? Not sure how to get them to try solids? Desperate to get them to sleep? Adrian Kulp (a four-time dad himself) offers fast, fun, and easy-to-digest advice that other new dad books don't, making it simple for you to step up and do your part as a brand-new dad. Go beyond most new dad books: Supportive and helpful--Get the scoop on what it's like to be a father from someone who's been there and knows exactly what you need to hear. Quick advice--Key childcare tips are broken into short, convenient guides--unlike other new dad books, there's no reading an entire textbook just to change a diaper. The big moments--Track your baby's development at a glance with charts that lay out the most important milestones in one place. Who needs other new dad books when you have the expert guidance of We're Parents! at hand?
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Dragon New Dad s Daily Life

Holy Father was not easy to get on, but he managed to get on... Hehe, what's more, Holy Father is of the same race! The night here was still very cold, but after drinking, the devilish Human Clan felt warm all over their body.

Author: Chu WenJiangHu

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781649358233

Category: Fiction


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He was just a top student in the veterinary medicine department from the Agricultural University. Before he could even realize his dream, on a stormy night, he was' summoned 'to another world by a certain Dragon King. From then on, the cute little dragon and the sick magical beasts all flocked to him ...
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Parental Death

With my dad, we also were living in a rental home, and although the landlord agreed to let us stay, the trauma of ... It was not easy finding us a place to live because it was my first time on my own, so I had no rental history and not ...

Author: Michelle Shreeve

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442270886

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 236

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According to a recent U.S. census, approximately 2.5 million children under the age of eighteen have experienced the death of a parent. Losing a parent at such a young age can have devastating consequences. Beyond the grief children and young adults experience, they can be at risk for many negative outcomes, including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress symptoms, as well as diminished self-esteem. Their academic success and relationships with others can also be adversely affected. For these young adults, help is not always easy to find. In Parental Death: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Michelle Shreeve offers a variety of ways in which young people can cope with this tough experience. In addition to outlining the universal difficulties of losing a parent, the author also points out the unique dynamics of specific losses--sons who lose fathers, daughters who lose mothers, sons who lose mothers, and daughters who lose fathers—and what those losses can mean for their future development. This book also identifies how the challenges of life without a parent can affect a young adult at different stages. Featuring real stories and quotes from teens about their experiences, this book shows young adults a variety of views about the death of a parent, and provides coping strategies that young people can call upon to help them through this difficulty. Parental Death: The Ultimate Teen Guide serves as a valuable resource for all teens, whether they are dealing with tragedy personally or are looking for ways to console friends or siblings.
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Memoirs of a Navy Brat

We would attend school, experience farm life, share religion of a different denomination, and miss our dad and our mother. It was a difficult time for us. Everything was new and confusing. We missed our mother, as we had never been ...

Author: Mary M. Speth

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781647023058

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 44

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Memoirs of a Navy Brat By: Mary M. Speth For Mary M. Speth, putting her words into print, describing her life as a child, was necessary. With each written chapter of her life, she sees an opportunity to reach out to another individual with similar experiences, whether good or bad. Memoirs of a Navy Brat will inspire them to take charge of their own life. Memories do not define who you are or want to be. You can achieve your goals with personal strength in all your endeavors.
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A Sweet September Christmas

“You guys must understand, it's not easy, the way it seems from the outside, looking in.” “I and Susan have been silent mostly doing the snowstorm, doing the months,” Rob said. “I get it, you both are new to the whole newlywed's life.

Author: Jonte Aycox

Publisher: Jon’te Aycox


Category: Fiction

Page: 83

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In Mississippi, that 1997 was a very special time for Susan and Rob. Rob left New York for good in 1996 to move back home to Mississippi with Susan, after their long-distance relationship. Rob was visiting back and forth from New York to Mississippi because of his career as a lawyer and his relationship with Susan. Rob finally sold his home in New York and then he moved back to Mississippi to live with Susan for good. Later that year, Susan decided to put her home on sale, then she and Rob decided to build their new dream home together. That year in September of 1997, they got married in a beautiful small traditional ceremony, In an old beautiful church, full of close friends and family. Susan became pregnant earlier that same year. December is Susan's due month. Susan’s twin babies are almost ready to arrive in the world. Susan and Rob share the same favorite holidays. Christmas is their all-time favorite of the year. Enjoy reading this Christmas story, going into the lives of this beautiful couple.
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To Be a Man Is Not Easy

My wifes mum is from Ghana and her dad is from America. The first time I came with my wife, 4 years ago, the experience was bittersweet. First of all I was of course so happy to meet my mother and the family ...

Author: Ineke Bosman

Publisher: Rozenberg Publishers

ISBN: 9789051708509

Category: Social Science

Page: 110

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In 1992 Ineke Bosman founded the PCC-Hand in Hand Community with three other Ghanaians. This is an inter-religious community that gives shelter and rehabilitation to abandoned and mentally handicapped children in Ghana. "I was moved by the plight of the mentally handicapped children who were abandoned and had nowhere to stay, literally nowhere. By 1992 I started to take some in my home and later this grew into the community as it is now, in the year 2006: a large and beautiful village in Nkoranza where 41 mentally handicapped children find a home and where 15 other youngsters find a new life by learning skills in the sheltered workshop."" In the past few years Ineke Bosman has written down stories of Ghanaian emigrants. Looking for a way out of poverty, Libye, Europe, calls to them. Some are stories of success, but there are also stories of failures.
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Catholic Street Evangelization

The anger at my father, at the rival gang, and even at my brother who, like my father and my mother, had abandoned me. He had not only ... The first time returning to confession was difficult, but liberating. After that huge step, ...

Author: Steve Dawson

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 9781681496962

Category: Religion

Page: 184

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This book begins with the inspiring story of Steve Dawson-his dramatic conversion to Catholicism as a young man and his founding of St. Paul Street Evangelization, an international apostolate that has grown to hundreds of teams in seven countries in just a few years. Also included are other moving stories of conversion and witness. The authors are ordinary Catholics who have come to love Christ so much that they now talk about Him with total strangers in public places-street corners, parks, and shopping areas. They aren't theologians, nor are they highly trained apologists with Ambrosian rhetorical skills or Dale Carnegie slickness, yet their simple missionary efforts have yielded amazing results. The book's style is readable, accessible, and conversational. It illustrates the missionary calling of all baptized Christians, including Catholics. It reveals the joy and fulfillment that come to those who humbly yet boldly share the good news of God's mercy with others.
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The Life of A Single Parent Brian

I don't think my mum will either), the first time my mum served my daughter carrots. ... At first the council dragged their feet and proved very difficult but my dad being my dad, he never let up and by February we were offered a two ...

Author: Brian Rowlands

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452075020

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 303

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What happens when after ten years of what you thought was a happy and normal family life your wife suddenly turns your world upside down and leaves, leaving you, heartbroken and in shock and with two expectant young children to care for and raise? First you hit the bottle, get seriously drunk and hit a downward spiral in free fall, heading for certain disaster. Then, once you've hit rock bottom, you take stock of the situation, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and begin the long and difficult climb out of the abyss, putting life together again piece by arduous piece. This is what happened to Brian Rowlands and this is his true story. Beginning with the end of his marriage, this book charts his and his children's journey along the long and very rocky road they encountered as they struggled to re-build their shattered lives and put some kind of stability and substance back in place. Filled with many highs and lows and told in an honest and open manner this book charts the last ten years in this single parent family's remarkable life. From heartbreak to happiness, through disastrous relationships, difficult medical problems and eleven different homes in five years, their story will entertain, enthrall and shock. Drawing the reader in, once started it is a book that the reader will want to go on reading, page after page, leaving you begging for more and wanting to know just what happens next.
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Usually dad could keep his lives separate. ... When I would bring people over to the house for the first time, Dad would go into his George 'the Animal' Steele routine and chase them. ... It was not easy making new friends at first.

Author: George "The Animal" Steele

Publisher: Triumph Books

ISBN: 9781623682088

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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A stand-out character in an entertainment industry where persona is everything, George "The Animal" Steele shares how he balanced his real life as Jim Myers, a highly respected high school teacher and coach, with the green tongued, hairy backed, turnbuckle eating wrestling icon he was in the ring. The memoir delves into the golden era of wrestling in the 1970s and 1980s and his entry into the World Wrestling Federation where he earned a spot in professional wrestling history despite only speaking in animal-like grunts. In reality, the educated man that overcame his struggles with dyslexia and Crohn's Disease was a father and an inspiration to many of his students and players, and the dichotomous personalities that marked this much-loved man's life are explored in his own words. The book is filled with nostalgic and humorous anecdotes about the whirlwind life of wrestling alongside such notables as Hulk Hogan and Bruno Sammartino, both in and out of the ring.
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