The Scientific Sherlock Holmes

Cracking the Case with Science and Forensics
Author: James O'Brien
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199311579
Category: Science
Page: 200
View: 1884
One of the most popular and widely known characters in all of fiction, Sherlock Holmes has an enduring appeal based largely on his uncanny ability to make the most remarkable deductions from the most mundane facts. The very first words that Sherlock Holmes ever says to Dr. Watson are, "How are you? You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive." Watson responds, "How on earth did you know that?" And so a crime-solving legend is born. In The Scientific Sherlock Holmes, James O'Brien provides an in-depth look at Holmes's use of science in his investigations. Indeed, one reason for Holmes's appeal is his frequent use of the scientific method and the vast scientific knowledge which he drew upon to solve mysteries. For instance, in heart of the book, the author reveals that Holmes was a pioneer of forensic science, making use of fingerprinting well before Scotland Yard itself had adopted the method. One of the more appealing aspects of the book is how the author includes real-world background on topics such as handwriting analysis, describing how it was used to capture the New York Zodiac killer and to clinch the case against the Lindbergh baby kidnapper. Sherlock Holmes was knowledgeable about several sciences, most notably chemistry. Therefore the book takes a close look at Holmes the chemist and discusses, for example, chemical poisons such as carbon monoxide, chloroform, and Prussic acid (the historical name for hydrogen cyanide). The author also debunks Isaac Asimov's famous assertion that Holmes was a blundering chemist. In addition, the book discusses mathematics, physics, biology, astronomy, meteorology, and geology, always in the context of Holmes's exploits. Sherlock Holmes continues to fascinate millions of readers and movie goers alike. The Scientific Sherlock Holmes is a must-read for the legion of fans of this most beloved of all fictional detectives.

Popular Religion in Russia

'Double Belief' and the Making of an Academic Myth
Author: Stella Rock
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134369778
Category: Religion
Page: 248
View: 7640
This book dispels the widely-held view that paganism survived in Russia alongside Orthodox Christianity, demonstrating that 'double belief', dvoeverie, is in fact an academic myth. Scholars, citing the medieval origins of the term, have often portrayed Russian Christianity as uniquely muddied by paganism, with 'double-believing' Christians consciously or unconsciously preserving pagan traditions even into the twentieth century. This volume shows how the concept of dvoeverie arose with nineteenth-century scholars obsessed with the Russian 'folk' and was perpetuated as a propaganda tool in the Soviet period, colouring our perception of both popular faith in Russian and medieval Russian culture for over a century. It surveys the wide variety of uses of the term from the eleventh to the seventeenth century, and contrasts them to its use in modern historiography, concluding that our modern interpretation of dvoeverie would not have been recognized by medieval clerics, and that 'double-belief' is a modern academic construct. Furthermore, it offers a brief foray into medieval Orthodoxy via the mind of the believer, through the language and literature of the period.

Music in the Sky

The Life, Art, and Teachings of the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje
Author: Michele Martin
Publisher: Shambhala
ISBN: 9781559398497
Category: Religion
Page: 400
View: 4763
As the second millennium drew to a close, the Seventeenth Karmapa leapt from the roof of his monastery in Tibet. Evading his Chinese guards, the fourteen-year-old spiritual leader began a grueling, dangerous journey to India. The Karmapa's picture has appeared all over the world since then, yet his own words are hard to find. Now for the first time in print, Music in the Sky offers a series of the Karmapa's profound teachings an extensive selection of his poetry and a detailed and gripping account of his life and flight from his homeland. Readers will be captivated by this wonderfully accessible and profound book. Music in the Sky concludes with brief biographies of all sixteen previous Karmapas, specially composed for this collection by the highly respected Seventh Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche. Here the reader will discover the compelling histories of the first Tibetan masters to be recognized as reincarnate lamas. Music in the Sky presents a definitive portrait of the Seventeenth Karmapa, strengthened and illuminated by an authoritative depiction of his place in one of the world's most revered lines of spiritual teachers.

Babel's Dawn

A Natural History of the Origins of Speech
Author: Edmund Blair Bolles
Publisher: Counterpoint Press
ISBN: 1582438994
Category: History
Page: 224
View: 7727
Babel’s Dawn is a saga covering six million years. Like a walk through a natural history museum, Bolles demonstrates how members of the human lineage came to speak. Beginning with a scene of the last common ancestor ignoring a bird as it flies by, he guides us through generations, illuminating how it became possible for two Homo sapiens to not only acknowledge the songbird, but to also discuss the meaning of its song. Tracing the rise of voluntary vocalizations as well as the first word, phrases, and sentences, Bolles works against the common belief that the reason apes cannot speak is they are not smart enough. In this groundbreaking work, Bolles purposes that we now have substantial evidence that this age-old idea can no longer stand. With concrete portrayals of living individuals interwoven with evidence, data, and theory, Babel’s Dawn is a powerful account of a great scientific revolution

The Broken Universe

Author: Paul Melko
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN: 1429946601
Category: Fiction
Page: 384
View: 6642
Possessing technology that allows him to travel across alternate worlds, John Rayburn begins building a transdimensional commercial empire, led by him, his closest friends, and their doppelgängers from several different parallel universes. But not every version of every person is the same, and their agendas do not always coincide. Despite their benign intentions, the group's activities draw unwanted attention from other dimensional travelers who covet their technology and will kill anyone to control it, a threat that culminates in a nuclear standoff for dominance throughout the multiverse. Sequel to The Walls of the Universe At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Iroquois trail, or Foot-prints of the Six nations, in customs, traditions, and history

Author: W.M. Beauchamp
Publisher: Рипол Классик
ISBN: 5874780181
Category: History
Page: 154
View: 4234

A Walk On Part: The Fall of New Labour

The Fall of New Labour
Author: Chris Mullin,Michael Chaplin
Publisher: Oberon Books
ISBN: 1849432694
Category: Drama
Page: 104
View: 4539
Chris Mullin’s witty and irreverent take on contemporary politics adapted for the stage, reflecting three worlds during a time of crisis and change – the febrile political village of Westminster, the flash points of Africa which he toured as a minister, and the fragile community he served as an MP. ‘Fast paced and very funny... Blending gossip, insight and details of the frustrations of ministerial and backbench life alike... [an] exhilarating adaptation...I cannot recommend it too highly.’ 4* Michael Billington -Guardian ‘[an] absorbing evening...a bit of a must.’ 4* The Telegraph ‘Anyone with even a passing interest in how this country has been governed over the past 15 years is advised to walk on in. Mullin’s decency and ideological conviction — not to mention a wonderful sense of humour, directed at himself as well as his colleagues — guides our journey safely. It’s impossible not to feel politics is the poorer without Mullin.’ 4* Evening Standard

Footprints in My Rearview Mirror

Author: George Oiye
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1591607833
Category: Religion
Page: 272
View: 1693

Amid the Ashes and the Dust

Author: Clay Mitchell
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 1475988079
Category: Fiction
Page: 352
View: 7379
Deep in the piney woods of East Texas, a sprawling reservoir waits. Below its surface, something vile has been hidden for over forty years, but the tragic explosion of Space Shuttle Columbia ignites a chain of events that brings old secrets to the surface-for Tyler Morgan, in particular. Leaving his faith behind, Tyler left for the Texas coast years ago to escape the constant reminders of his tragic mistake, only to be drawn back by news of his mother's terminal illness. Things have not changed in East Texas. Tyler's friends and the surrounding inhabitants are still just as dysfunctional as they were when he left, and he soon finds himself thrust into an unwanted battle with the ruthless Radcliffe family. Following the death of his mother, Tyler must fight to protect his family's land, and to free the woman he has always loved, trapped in an abusive marriage. When events turn against him, Tyler-beaten and exhausted-finally surrenders his will. His rise from the valley begins when a letter from his dead mother gives him the courage to get back up. With his faith restored, Tyler accepts a diving assignment in the reservoir, intended to salvage pieces of Columbia. Aided by the gift of his afflicted brother, and with the help of his old friend, Deputy Karl Dupree, the mysteries of his past begin to unravel, and he discovers secrets in the water that, one by one, will free his heart and finally bring justice to his small part of the world.


Journeys from Past to Present
Author: Candice Goucher,Linda Walton
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134723547
Category: History
Page: 345
View: 1538
Using a thematic approach, this innovative textbook explores the history of the world, from its earliest prehistory to the present age of globalization.

Playing for the Ashes

Author: Elizabeth George
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 9780553905472
Category: Fiction
Page: 688
View: 1936
"The story begins with my father, actually, and the fact that I'm the one who's answerable for his death. It was not my first crime, as you will see, but it is the one my mother couldn't forgive." In her astonishing New York Times bestseller, acclaimed author Elizabeth George reveals the even darker truth behind this startling confession. Playing for the Ashes is a rich tale of passion, murder and love in which Inspector Thomas Lynley and Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers once again find themselves embroiled in a case where nothing--and no one--is really what it seems. Intense, suspenseful and brilliantly written, Playing for the Ashes will make readers "search out the sleuthing pair's first six adventures...a treasure," as Cosmopolitan predicted in their review. From the Paperback edition.

A mating in the wilds

Author: Ottwell Binns
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 146553184X
Page: 127
View: 9399

Footprints in time

a source book in the history of Ontario
Author: Raymond A. Reid
Publisher: J M Dent & Sons Ltd
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 141
View: 2019

The Footprints of Michael the Archangel

The Formation and Diffusion of a Saintly Cult, c. 300-c. 800
Author: J. Arnold
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137316551
Category: Social Science
Page: 274
View: 1565
Early Christians sought miracles from Michael the Archangel and this enigmatic ecumenical figure was the subject of hagiography, liturgical texts, and relics across Western Europe. Entering contemporary debates about angelology, this fascinating study explores the formation and diffusion of the cult of Saint Michael from c. 300-c.800.

Trauma in Contemporary Literature

Narrative and Representation
Author: Marita Nadal,Mónica Calvo
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134738102
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 260
View: 4731
Trauma in Contemporary Literature analyzes contemporary narrative texts in English in the light of trauma theory, including essays by scholars of different countries who approach trauma from a variety of perspectives. The book analyzes and applies the most relevant concepts and themes discussed in trauma theory, such as the relationship between individual and collective trauma, historical trauma, absence vs. loss, the roles of perpetrator and victim, dissociation, nachträglichkeit, transgenerational trauma, the process of acting out and working through, introjection and incorporation, mourning and melancholia, the phantom and the crypt, postmemory and multidirectional memory, shame and the affects, and the power of resilience to overcome trauma. Significantly, the essays not only focus on the phenomenon of trauma and its diverse manifestations but, above all, consider the elements that challenge the aporias of trauma, the traps of stasis and repetition, in order to reach beyond the confines of the traumatic condition and explore the possibilities of survival, healing and recovery.

Footprints in the Sand

Author: Sarah Challis
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0755376528
Category: Fiction
Page: 271
View: 4699
When Emily Kingsley arrives at the church, late and sad, for her Great Aunt Mary’s funeral, she has no idea that her life is about to change completely. Still grieving for her broken relationship with the vain, mean and unfaithful Ted, and trying to come to terms with the cracks which seem to be appearing in her parents’ marriage, she sobs her heart out in the church. At the wake afterwards, however, she and her cousin Clemmie are told that Mary has appointed them executors of part of her Will. They are to transport her ashes to Mali, in western Africa and her final resting place is to be Timadjlalen, in the Saharan desert. And so begins Emily and Clemmie’s adventure – a journey that will be the most important of their lives.


Author: Boitshoko Jeremia
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1481762230
Category: Self-Help
Page: 140
View: 4258
"Readers will be amazed and truly inspired by the incredible stories shared by real people experiences in Boitshoko's. "Footprints of the Almighty". This book unfolds powerful and true stories that will strengthen ones faith and core beliefs. It presents that a true spirit works miracles, not coincidences. You will learn and grow with the pages and their writers and you will come to know God's footprints are truly almighty." ---PATRICIA CRAINE MA/LMFT, PSYCHOTHERAPIST/AUTHOR PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA USA "Envision this setting while beginning your journey into Boitshoko Jeremia's second boko, Footprints of the Almighty. You'll be reading first hand, directly from the source, stories filled with bravery, vulnerability and hope. Use your mind to explore the communities that surround each adventure. Hear the voices behind each confession. Feel the emotions of every character. And soon you will become immersed in unbelievable adventures and entangled in a web of African culture. Each new story is filled with spiritual adventures, astonishing admissions, and extraordinary journeys. Many of them would sound much more like fiction. If they weren't true. As you devour this book you'll feel the urge to read paragraphs out loud to anyone who will listen. I read full chapters to the woman doing my pedicure. In fact, I was so enthralled with this book that I stayed sitting in my chair long after my pedicure was done, and eventually had to be asked to leave the salon." ---NAOMI K. BALDWIN, FOUNDER OF BUILDING BOTSWANA WWW.BUILDINGBOTSWANA.ORG

The Ashes of a Broken Life

Author: Roberta Kennedy
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 1478739509
Category: Fiction
Page: 405
View: 4192
When Flannery O’Connor Larkin, age thirty, returns to the Chicago area to spend time with her Granny Anne, who raised her, she also hopes to reconnect with her ex-fiancé. Derek is going through a messy divorce from his wife, Chloe—a vengeful, selfish, and abusive mother to their two children, Jack and Lucy. Derek never loved Chloe, but married her when she tricked him into believing she was pregnant with his child. Throughout their six-year marriage, Chloe has continued her affair with Derek’s brother, Sean, who is Jack’s biological father—and everyone knows that Derek has been caught in Chloe’s web of deception. When Derek and Flannery meet again, it’s clear their love for each other never waned. They are married only months after Derek’s divorce is finalized from Chloe, who is Flannery’s younger half-sister. But Chloe is furious and determined to tear them apart. And she will go to any lengths to satisfy her warped need for revenge…

The Serpent In The Garden

Author: Janet Gleeson
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448167566
Category: Fiction
Page: 416
View: 3114
Summer, 1765. The renowned portrait painter Joshua Pope is eager to escape London and his unhappy past and accepts a commission to paint a wedding portrait for Herbert Bentnick and his bride-to-be, Sabine Mercier. Joshua learns that the couple are avid horticulturalists. Bentnick's country house, Astley, in Richmond, is famous for its verdant gardens, designed by the master landscape artist Capability Brown. Sabine Mercier, who has lived most of her life in the Indies, is an expert in growing pineapples, the fruit of choice at the grandest dinner parties and an inspiration to artists and craftsmen. But soon after Sabine begins to cultivate pineapples in the vast conservatory at Astley, she discovers a body among her plants. Why, wonders Joshua Pope, is so little attention paid to this bizarre death? Why do Bentnick's children regard their future stepmother with suspicion and fear? And what connection does Sabine's daughter Violet have with the dead man? Outraged that any life can be valued so lightly, Joshua begins to investigate the death. But then Sabine's valuable emerald necklace disappears, and he is implicated. His need to discover what has happened at Astley suddenly becomes more pressing. Can Joshua solve the mystery before his reputation is ruined? And, more immediately, can he stay alive long enough to do so? Following her acclaimed début, THE GRENADILLO BOX, Janet Gleeson has written another compelling tale of murder and mystery set in an exquisitely and authentically rendered Georgian England.

Shadows in the Grass

Author: Beverley Harper
Publisher: Pan Australia
ISBN: 1742625517
Category: Fiction
Page: 752
View: 4483
Enraged screams filled his head. Deadly shapes bore down. Animal and man driven by one single thought. Kill or be killed. Neither wanted to die. Falsely accused of a terrible crime, impetuous young aristocrat Lord Dallas Acheson is forced to flee his native Scotland, leaving behind the only woman he has ever loved-Lady Lorna de Iongh. From that day onwards, he must learn to live a different life in a land where danger is an ever-present partner. Fate takes him to southern Africa and the emerging seaport of Durban, from where he sets off to trade and hunt, seeking his fortune in the little-travelled midlands of Natal and the wilds of Zululand. Tested to the limit, Dallas discovers more than he could have imagined. Married to a woman he doesn't love, he yearns to abandon the restraints of nineteenth-century society to be with Lorna. And when the Zulu war breaks out, he finds himself torn between old and new loyalties, required to be an enemy of the land that is now his true home.