Freedom of Expression in the American Military

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Author: Cathy Lee Packer

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Much of the freedom of expression enjoyed by civilians in the United States, and guaranteed to them by the constitution, is illegal for American military personnel. Freedom of Expression in the American Military addresses the issues at the root of this First Amendment dichotomy. The author examines free expression for service members as a communications issue rather than simply an issue of military traditions and necessities. The book examines court decisions involving First Amendment rights, the literature on military communication, and models that illustrate how communication works. Then the author presents and critiques the communication model used by the military to curtail the First Amendment rights of soldiers. Among the subjects covered in this volume is an interesting comparison of the First Amendment rights of civilians and soldiers who protested U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Using such examples and analysis of both communication and First Amendment literature, the author concludes that the view of military as a separate society and the validity of the rationales used to curb military speech are only weakly supported. Thus, she concludes, no compelling proof of need exists for the degree of curtailment of expression existing in the military. The final chapter offers a revised model of military communication that allows greater freedom of expression without jeopardizing the military mission.
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Resources in Education

ED 301 203 Freedom of Speech Compulsory Licensing of Journalists : Protection or Restraint ? ... ED 298 548 Freedom of Expression in the American Military : A Communication Modeling Analysis . ED 298 558 Freedom of Expression in the ...



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Freedom of Speech

A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution Keith Werhan. competing claims of free expression and societal self - defense . As we saw in Chapter 1 , constitutional jurisprudence at the turn of the twentieth century afforded no ...

Author: Keith Werhan

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313319979

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Provides a contemporary approach to protecting the First Amendment by looking at the evolution of free speech thought.
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Media Power in Central America

The difference in many of these nations may relate to the role of the military. Neither Panama nor Costa Rica maintains a standing military force. As our examples show, the battle over free expression has therefore shifted to a new ...

Author: Rick Rockwell

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252092282

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Media Power in Central America is the first book in a generation to explore the media landscape in Central America. It captures the political and cultural interplay between the media and those in power in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, and Nicaragua. Highlighting the subtle strangulation of opposition media voices in the region, the authors show how the years since the guerrilla wars have not yielded the free media systems that some had expected. Country by country, the authors deal with the specific conditions of government-sponsored media repression, economic censorship, corruption, and consumer trends that shape the political landscape. Challenging the notion of the media as a democratizing force, Media Power in Central America shows how the media are used to block democratic reforms in the region and outlines the difficulties of playing watchdog to rulers who use the media as a tool of power.
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Communication Law in America

The O'Brien test demands that any such regulations “ further an important and substantial government interest , ” that the state's interest be “ unrelated to the suppression of free expression , ” and that “ the incidental restriction ...

Author: Paul Siegel

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Siegel's student-friendly approach, lively writing style, and extensive illustrations including case-specific photos and one-of-a-kind cartoons present communication law in a highly accessible way. He gives a clear overview of the American judiciary system and covers the key areas, including First Amendment principles, common laws, constitutional considerations, libel laws, privacy factors, copyright and trademark, advertising, protecting news sources, obscenity laws, broadcast regulations, the Internet, and more. This is an engaging text for courses in communication law and media law.
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Freedom of Speech and Information in Global Perspective

Balkin, J. M. (2004a): How rights change: Freedom of speech in the digital Era, 26 Sydney Law Rev. 5. Balkin, J. M. (2004b). ... What's new in globalisation: The American military predominance? In 2nd annual meeting of the Tampere club, ...

Author: Pekka Hallberg

Publisher: Springer

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This book offers a unique exploration of the current state of freedom of speech as a basic right available to everyone. The research focuses on the different development stages of the concept of freedom of speech and the use of modern indicators to depict the its treatment in different legal cultures, including the obligations under international treaties and the effects that the globalising and digitalising environment have had on it. The authors conduct a broad survey of freedom of speech around the world, from Europe over Russia and both Americas to Africa, Asia, and Australia. The aim of this survey is to identify safeguards of freedom of speech on both a national and an international level, violations and threat scenarios, and in particular challenges to freedom of speech in the digital era.
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