Early 21st Century Power Struggles of Chinese Languages Teaching in US Higher Education

The possible exception was perhaps American missionaries or politicians who would have had or did have Chinese connections. Prestigious American universities started offering Chinese-language teaching regardless of mainstream American ...

Author: Ya-chen Chen

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527519039

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 305

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This book exclusively focuses on visible and under-the-table power struggles with regards to aspects of communities, connections, cultures, and communication related to Chinese language teaching in US higher education in the past two decades. As long as there are diverse communities in a society, conflicts between different groups of people become inevitable, and these lead, in turn, to power struggles. Once there are conflicts or power struggles among various communities, problematic subtleties about connections to different communities, as well as comparisons and contrasts of social varieties and cultural legacies, indubitably ensue.
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Chinese Educational Migration and Student Teacher Mobilities

In the United States, by the end of 2014, there were 100 Confucius Institutes (CI) hosted at universities, which has created a much greater demand for Chinese teachers to be sent to the United States from China.

Author: Fred Dervin

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9781137492920

Category: Education

Page: 248

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China has awakened but is international education ready? Chinese students, teachers and staff are now familiar faces in universities around the world and this original volume examines their multifaceted experiences in Australia, Denmark, France, Japan, the UK and the US. The authors propose case studies that will appeal to an international audience interested in one of the most mobile populations in global Higher Education. By doing so they question some of the assumptions and misleading facts about Chinese students, teachers and staff abroad. This volume will serve both as a solid introduction and as a thorough review for more knowledgeable readers.
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How Chinese Teach Mathematics and Improve Teaching

... U.S.A. Yeping Li TexasA&M University, U.S.A. Xiaobao Li Widener University, U.S.A. Juan Gu Bureau ofEducation and Physical Education, Nantong City, China Chinese elementary teachers were found to possess a profound understanding of ...

Author: Yeping Li

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136273551

Category: Education

Page: 272

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How Chinese Teach Mathematics and Improve Teaching builds upon existing studies to examine mathematics classroom instruction in China. It combines contributions from Chinese scholars with commentary from key Western scholars to offer multiple perspectives in viewing and learning about some important and distinctive features of mathematics classroom instruction. Viewing classroom instruction as part of teachers’ instructional practices, this book goes beyond teachers’ in-classroom instructional practice by also examining Chinese teachers’ approaches and practices in developing and improving teaching. Through this unique approach, How Chinese Teach Mathematics and Improve Teaching expands and unpacks the otherwise fragmented knowledge about Chinese practices in developing and carrying out mathematics classroom instruction. This book is indispensible reading for those interested in Chinese practices in mathematics teaching, and is a key book for teacher educators, school administrators and policy makers in expanding ways of supporting and helping mathematics teachers in instructional development and improvement.
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The Lived Experience of Chinese International Students in the U S

simplistic composition topics such as “My Favorite Teacher” or “My Birthday.” The teacher also required them to make public speeches frequently; a benefit Qing appreciated most when she needed to do so in the United States.

Author: Yalun Zhou

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811594496

Category: Education

Page: 211

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This book marks a departure from traditional assumptions concerning the deficiencies of Chinese international students in terms of learning and adapting. It employs phenomenological narrative inquiry and a small culture approach to investigate the evolved, fluid experience of pursuing a graduate degree in the U.S. at Blue Fountain University (a pseudonym for a mid-western university). Adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, this book addresses two fundamental questions: What study abroad is and what study abroad counts? The sociocultural dimensions that shape the cross-border degree seeking endeavors inform stakeholders what works for Chinese international students’ successful pursuits as EFL learners and ESL users and what could be improved. This book shares thoughts on the implications and impact of educational contexts to stakeholders at normal and dynamic contexts interrupted by global pandemic outbreak. It contributes to the understanding of the internationalization of the host institute and the EFL education reform efforts (policy making, teacher education, and classroom practice) in China (and in Asia at large).
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How Chinese Teach Mathematics

Overall, 55 lessons were observed and recorded in the classrooms of 16 expert teachers and 16 novice teachers who ... Li and Ni's study reminds us that one should not forget that, within Chinese classrooms, there also exist differences.

Author: Lianghuo Fan

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814415828

Category: Mathematics

Page: 756

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This unique book represents another concerted research effort concerning Chinese mathematics education, with contributions from the world's leading scholars and most active researchers. The book presents the latest original research work with a particular focus on the "teaching" side of Chinese mathematics education to a wide international audience. There are mainly three sections in the book. The first section introduces readers to a historical and contemporary perspective, respectively, on traditional mathematical teaching in ancient China and on how modern Chinese mathematics teachers teach and pursue their pre-service training and in-service professional development. The second section presents studies investigating a wide range of issues at both the macro- and micro-levels on how Chinese mathematics teachers teach mathematics. The third section focuses on Chinese mathematics teachers, investigating issues about their knowledge, belief, teacher training and professional development. Like its predecessor, "How Chinese Learn Mathematics: Perspectives from Insiders," this book is a must for educational researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers who are interested in knowing more about mathematics teaching, teachers, teacher education and professional development concerning Chinese teachers and learners.Contents: Focusing on Chinese Mathematics Teaching, Teachers and Teacher Education: An Introduction"Historical and Contemporary Perspectives: "The Wisdom of Traditional Mathematical Teaching in China "(DAI Qin and CHEUNG Ka Luen)" How Chinese Teachers Teach Mathematics and Pursue Professional Development: Perspectives from ContemporaryInternational Research "(FAN Lianghuo, MIAO Zhenzhen and MOK Ah Chee Ida)" "Understanding the Chinese Ways of Teaching Mathematics: " Mathematics Teaching in a Chinese Classroom: A Hybrid-Model Analysis of Opportunities for Students' Learning "(HUANG Rongjin, MILLER L Diane and TZUR Ron)"Achieving Coherence in the Mathematics Classroom: Toward a Framework for Examining Instructional Coherence "(WANG Tao, CAI Jinfa and HWANG Stephen)" Elementary School Teachers' Instruction in Measurement: Cases of Classroom Teaching of Spatial Measurement in Taiwan "(HUANG Hsin-Mei E)" Pedagogical and Curriculum Potentials of Homework: A Case Study about Geometric Proofs in Shanghai "(FANG Yanping)" Teaching Calculation of Time Intervals: Comparing Mathematics Competence of Students in Macau, Hong Kong and the Netherlands "(LI Titus Siu Pang)" Teaching Number Sense via Interactive Multimedia in a Primary School in Taiwan "(YANG Der-Ching, CHEN Pei-Chieh, TSAI Yi Fang and HSIEH Tien-Yu)"Teaching Geometrical Theorems in Grade 8 Using the "Shen Tou" Method: A Case Study in Shanghai "(DING Liping, JONES Keith and ZHANG Dianzhou)" Implementation of Objectives Based on the Curriculum Standards: A Case of Teaching Using Letter to Represent Number at a Chinese Primary School in Chinese Mainland "(HUANG Xingfeng, YANG Jinglei and LI Shiqi)" Chinese Project-based Classroom Practices: Promoting Students' Engagement in Mathematical Activities "(XU Binyan and ZHU Guangtian)"A Large-Scale Video Survey on Taiwanese Fourth-Grade Classrooms of Mathematical Teaching Behaviors "(LEE Yuan-Shun and LIN Fou-Lai)" Features of Exemplary Lessons under the Curriculum Reform in Chinese Mainland: A Study of Thirteen Elementary Mathematics Lessons "(MA Yunpeng and ZHAO Dongchen)" Qingpu Mathematics Teaching Reform and Its Impact on Student Learning "(GU Lingyuan, YANG Yudong and HE Zhenzhen)""Chinese Mathematics Teachers, Teacher Educati
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The Effectiveness of Mathematics Teaching in Primary Schools

Lessons from England and China Zhenzhen Miao, David Reynolds ... Through task-based interviews, Ma (1999) compared American and Chinese maths teachers' understanding of basic subject matter and pedagogical content knowledge and found ...

Author: Zhenzhen Miao

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317191070

Category: Education

Page: 180

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The Effectiveness of Mathematics Teaching in Primary Schools: Lessons from England and China provides a unique insight into the mathematics classrooms of these two countries and arrives at a time when the world is eager to know how Chinese learners consistently excel at learning mathematics and other core subjects. Showcasing the kinds of teaching methods that work within and across countries, this book presents a rich collection of views, including those from teachers, their native colleagues, their foreign colleagues and the researcher, regarding the quality of mathematics teaching today. Interweaving scientific results about teaching and learning evaluations with multiple perspectives of various roles in and out of the classroom, Miao and Reynolds offer insights into how and why different approaches of teaching have led to different learning outcomes in mathematics internationally. Building on rigid and robust analyses of the most up-to-date data in England and China, the book indicates that it is through changing teaching rather than changing teachers that mathematics learning can be improved, because it is what teachers do in the classroom that really makes a big difference. Containing four decades of wisdom from the field of teaching effectiveness research, this book is essential reading for all who want to improve the quality of mathematics teaching worldwide. This book is particularly relevant for educational researchers, postgraduate students and teachers, as well as school leaders, policymakers and parents.
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Intercultural Communication

Of course, to the extent that teacher immediacy is a function of communication, it must be considered a cross-cultural phenomenon.79 Consider the following description of a typical Chinese classroom, provided by Yuqin Zhao from the ...

Author: James W. Neuliep

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781544348735

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 520

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Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach introduces students to the fundamental topics, theories, concepts, and themes of intercultural communication. Best-selling author James W. Neuliep presents a clear model for examining communication within a variety of contexts, including cultural, microcultural, environmental, sociorelational, and perceptual. Each chapter focuses on one context and explores the combination of factors within that context, including setting, situation, and circumstances. The updated Eighth Edition reflects the most recent research in the field and further incorporates the role of modern technology and its impact on intercultural communication.
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Teaching and Research in Contemporary Higher Education

Across three different systems of the USA, Japan, and China, as shown in Table 4.3, a much larger proportion of the US ... Over half of both the US and Chinese academics stated that all these aspects are emphasized in their teaching ...

Author: Jung Cheol Shin

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789400768307

Category: Education

Page: 410

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This book discusses how teaching and research have been weighted differently in academia in 18 countries and one region, Hong Kong SAR, based on an international comparative study entitled the Changing Academic Profession (CAP). It addresses these issues using empirical evidence, the CAP data. Specifically, the focus is on how teaching and research are defined in each higher education system, how teaching and research are preferred and conducted by academics, and how academics are rewarded by their institution. Since the establishment of Berlin University in 1810, there has been controversy on teaching and research as the primary functions of universities and academics. The controversy increased when Johns Hopkins University was established in 1876 with only graduate programs, and more recently with the release of the Carnegie Foundation report Scholarship Reconsidered by Ernest L. Boyer in 1990. Since the publication of Scholarship Reconsidered in 1990, higher education scholars and policymakers began to pay attention to the details of teaching and research activities, a kind of ‘black box’ because only individual academics know how they conduct teaching and research in their own contexts.
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The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal

There is a constant and increasing demand for teachers in mission schools and in private families to teach mathematics and English , and the day is not distant when the government will be applying to us for teachers for the schools that ...



ISBN: CORNELL:31924079412734

Category: Christianity


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Handbook of Educational Psychology

Six more confounded division by with multiplication by .Only one of the U.S. teachers generated astorythat corresponded correctly to the given division. In contrast, 90 percent ofthe Chineseteachers generated appropriate ...

Author: Patricia A. Alexander

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135283513

Category: Education

Page: 1078

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Sponsored by Division 15 of APA, the second edition of this groundbreaking book has been expanded to 41 chapters that provide unparalleled coverage of this far-ranging field. Internationally recognized scholars contribute up-to-date reviews and critical syntheses of the following areas: foundations and the future of educational psychology, learners’ development, individual differences, cognition, motivation, content area teaching, socio-cultural perspectives on teaching and learning, teachers and teaching, instructional design, teacher assessment, and modern perspectives on research methodologies, data, and data analysis. New chapters cover topics such as adult development, self-regulation, changes in knowledge and beliefs, and writing. Expanded treatment has been given to cognition, motivation, and new methodologies for gathering and analyzing data. The Handbook of Educational Psychology, Second Edition provides an indispensable reference volume for scholars, teacher educators, in-service practitioners, policy makers and the academic libraries serving these audiences. It is also appropriate for graduate level courses devoted to the study of educational psychology.
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