Going Rogue At Hebrew School

How do you expect me to go another round?' 'Your shoes,' he says, and points to my shoes. Now I don't know what Tiny wants with my shoes, but if Tiny wants to play for my shoes, Tiny is going to play for my shoes. We play another round, ...

Author: Casey Breton

Publisher: Green Bean Books

ISBN: 9781784385422

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 320

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Ten-year-old Avery Green loves science. He loves football. He is crazy about Star Wars. But Hebrew school? No, thank you. Avery would rather have his arms sliced off with a lightsaber than sit through one more day of Hebrew School. He’s only asked about a million times why he has to go, but no one in his family has managed to convince him. And then one day, Rabbi Bob shows up. He is strange, but how strange? And strange how? Piecing together some unusual clues, Avery begins to suspect that this new rabbi might be a Jedi master. Armed with something more powerful than a lightsaber, he sets out to reveal the surprising truth. Going Rogue (at Hebrew School) is a hilarious tale about the deep passions of a 10-year-old boy, Judaism, family, big questions and the surprising journey one can have in pursuit of truth and understanding. A book for any child who questions the purpose of religious school and any parent who has run out of answers.
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The Lies of Sarah Palin

A national candidate's chief political cachet in the Information Age—and this goes for both parties—is to have a “good story ... Palin has added considerably to the myth in her own duplicitous memoir, Going Rogue, in which she presents ...

Author: Geoffrey Dunn

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1429929324

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 464

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In The Lies of Sarah Palin, Geoffrey Dunn provides the first full-scale and in-depth political biography of the controversial Republican vice-presidential candidate and former governor of Alaska. Based on more than two-hundred interviews---many of them with Republican colleagues and one-time political allies of Palin's---and more than forty-thousand pages of uncovered documents, Dunn chronicles Palin's troubling penchant for duplicity in grim detail, from her dysfunctional childhood in Wasilla through her contentious run for mayor and her failed governorship of Alaska. He also provides the shocking inside story of her betrayal of running mate John McCain during the 2008 presidential campaign and her self-serving resignation as governor in July of the following year. Dunn deftly places Palin in the American tradition of right-wing demagogues---from Huey Long to Joe McCarthy---and details her troubling obsession with Barack Obama as it fuels her own political ambitions and a potential run for the presidency in 2012. The Lies of Sarah Palin is a journalistic tour de force that vividly reveals the Queen of the Tea Party movement as a vengeful and manipulative empress without clothes. This is the definitive book on Sarah Palin.
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Campaigning for President in America 1788 2016

Going Rogue The term “going rogue” was originally used by the campaign staff of Republican presidential candidate John McCain to describe instances in which McCain's running mate, Alaska governor Sarah Palin, strayed from the campaign's ...

Author: Scott John Hammond

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440850790

Category: Political Science

Page: 954

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What does it take to get elected president of the United States—"leader of the free world"? This book gives readers insight into the major issues and events surrounding American presidential elections across more than two centuries, from the earliest years of the Republic through the campaigns of the 21st century. • Introduces readers to the how and why of every American presidential election in history through plain-English analyses written by national scholars of American politics • Presents a chronological account of presidential campaigns that showcases the key personalities, issues, and campaign themes as they emerged in American political history • Examines recent presidential elections of the 21st century in detail • Decodes confusing campaign jargon and political insider terminology, especially for the ever-changing campaigns of the 21st century
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Presidential Campaigns Slogans Issues and Platforms

Going Rogue The term “going rogue” was originally used by the campaign staff of Republican presidential candidate John McCain to describe instances in which McCain's running mate, Alaska governor Sarah Palin, strayed from the campaign's ...

Author: Robert North Roberts

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313380921

Category: Political Science

Page: 1241

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The book provides a comprehensive discussion of the major issues and events surrounding all American presidential elections, from the earliest years of the Republic through the campaign of 2008.
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The Daily Show and Rhetoric

The comedy produced by this technique is further intensified in the final sequence of the segment, where Oliver reads Going Rogue to a group of children in the bookstore, because, as he explains in voiceover, Palin's book was written ...

Author: Trischa Goodnow

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739150047

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 268

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The Daily Show and Rhetoric approaches the popular program from a scholarly, rhetorical perspective to uncover the rhetorical nature of the show. Using a variety of rhetorical methods, the book, taken as a whole, concludes that The Daily Show is more that just a show designed to make the audience laugh; it's designed to make the audience think.
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An Undevotional

Or, to put it another way, there's always someone who wants to go rogue. “Rogue” became in vogue (sorry, couldn't resist) after Sarah Palin published her book titled Going Rogue: An American Life (HarperCollins, 2009).

Author: Jimmy R. Watson

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532673603

Category: Religion

Page: 284

View: 377

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In the same spirit as his previous book, Big Jesus, Watson takes us on a journey through the Gospel of Luke with a touch of humor and a wheelbarrow full of insights and information. Watson believes nothing is more pretentiously self-pious than to write something and call it a "devotional" unless one has already been canonized as a saint. An Undevotional is not a spoon-fed offering of theological niceties, but rather a head-spinning array of possibilities into the mind and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth with contemporary applications. At times irreverent, at all times interesting, this book is un-indispensable for Jesus devotees and un-devotees alike.
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Operational Risk Modeling in Financial Services

Consider again the Rogue Trading scenario. The hazard is “Working with Traders”, which exposes the firm to Rogue Trading. Some potential causes of a trader going rogue are: • The trader wants to recover from past losses.

Author: Patrick Naim

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 9781119508502

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

View: 963

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Transform your approach to oprisk modelling with a proven, non-statistical methodology Operational Risk Modeling in Financial Services provides risk professionals with a forward-looking approach to risk modelling, based on structured management judgement over obsolete statistical methods. Proven over a decade’s use in significant banks and financial services firms in Europe and the US, the Exposure, Occurrence, Impact (XOI) method of operational risk modelling played an instrumental role in reshaping their oprisk modelling approaches; in this book, the expert team that developed this methodology offers practical, in-depth guidance on XOI use and applications for a variety of major risks. The Basel Committee has dismissed statistical approaches to risk modelling, leaving regulators and practitioners searching for the next generation of oprisk quantification. The XOI method is ideally suited to fulfil this need, as a calculated, coordinated, consistent approach designed to bridge the gap between risk quantification and risk management. This book details the XOI framework and provides essential guidance for practitioners looking to change the oprisk modelling paradigm. Survey the range of current practices in operational risk analysis and modelling Track recent regulatory trends including capital modelling, stress testing and more Understand the XOI oprisk modelling method, and transition away from statistical approaches Apply XOI to major operational risks, such as disasters, fraud, conduct, legal and cyber risk The financial services industry is in dire need of a new standard — a proven, transformational approach to operational risk that eliminates or mitigates the common issues with traditional approaches. Operational Risk Modeling in Financial Services provides practical, real-world guidance toward a more reliable methodology, shifting the conversation toward the future with a new kind of oprisk modelling.
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Sarah Palin

Going Rogue, p. 34. 27. Quoted in Johnson. Sarah, p. 36. 28. Palin. Going Rogue, p. 39. 29. Quoted in Johnson. Sarah, p. 34. 30. Quoted in Davey. “Little-Noticed College Student to Star Politician.” 31. Quoted in Johnson. Sarah, p. 35.

Author: Michael V. Uschan

Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781420506785

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 104

View: 576

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This volume traces the life of divisive political figure, Sarah Palin, and relates her childhood in rural Alaska, her interest in basketball and journalism as a teen and young adult, her devotion to her family and her faith, and her unusual entrance into politics. The focus is on Palin's role as a controversial figure as well as her ability to ignite conservative supporters through her charisma and fiery speeches. Topics covered include the 2008 vice-presidential campaign, Troopergate, the Tea Party Movement, and Palin's association with the 2011 Arizona shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords.
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The Back Page

And, of course, there's that puzzling phrase of Palin's, “Where—where do they go? ... Politicians and political commentators are always prone to hyperbole, but this notion of going rogue because you offered an opinion (even a lame one) ...

Author: Bill Ott

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 9780838909973

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 205

View: 735

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Offers readers anecdotes, stories, quizzes and a host of insights into what makes books what they are - those wonderful and magical sources of great thoughts. This book presents a compendium of the literal back pages of Booklist, a column that has been published in the magazine since 1991.
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Order of the Blade Boxed Set Books 1 4

Going rogue? All that shit? Elijah knew the history of the sheva. He'd seen thousands of Calydons go rogue after completing the bond. No Calydon had ever come back from going rogue because of his sheva. That was the Order's mission: to ...

Author: Stephanie Rowe

Publisher: Authenticity Playground, LLC

ISBN: 9781940968179

Category: Fiction


View: 591

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Hailed by J.R. Ward as a "paranormal star," New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Rowe rivets readers with her thrilling stories set in the dangerous, sensual world of the Calydon warrior, where lust rules, honor thrives, and death looms over all. No warrior is safe from his own darkness, or from the woman destined to love...and destroy...him. ★★★★★ "READ IT, READ IT, READ this series. I am a lover of intriguing sexy characters, and this series has it in spades." ~Southern Vixen (Five-star Amazon Review) DARKNESS AWAKENED: A reclusive immortal warrior and a sassy, irreverent witch team up in a steamy, dangerous romance. Can two fated enemies overcome dangerous attraction to save those they love? DARKNESS SEDUCED: Can a warrior condemned to an eternity without love find salvation in the courageous, sexy woman fated to destroy him? DARKNESS SURRENDERED: Six hundred years ago, Elijah Ross was tortured into insanity and thrust into a mental hell that no living creature has ever survived…except him. Now, that ancient evil is back, and it is far more deadly. Elijah's only chance is Ana Matthews, whose passionate fire thrust hope and light into his blackened heart and fragmented mind. FOREVER IN DARKNESS: Cursed to die for a choice his ancestor made, Ian Fitzgerald has spent six hundred years fighting the curse and trying to restore honor to his family's name. But his time to die has finally come, and his doom is in the guise of the one woman he cannot walk away from: his soul mate. Or is she really who she seems? BIO: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Rowe is the author of more than fifty novels, and she's a RITA® Award winner for Best Paranormal Romance, and a five-time nominee. As an award-winning author, Stephanie has been touching readers' hearts and keeping them spellbound for more than a decade with her dangerously sexy heroes who can be saved only by the one woman has won his heart. She writes contemporary romances, romantic suspense, cozy mysteries, and paranormal romances.
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