Western Australian Gold Deposits

Geochemical dispersion anomalies in transported overburden over the Mount Pleasant gold quartz vein system , Western Australia . In Second International Conference on Prospecting in Arid Terrain , Extended Abstracts Volume . Australas .

Author: D. I. Groves


ISBN: STANFORD:36105000437769

Category: Boddington Gold Mine

Page: 152

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Gold Prospecting in Western Australia

Interest in gold in W.A. increased following the 1849 California and 1850's Victorian rushes.

Author: Rob Kanen

Publisher: Minserve (Mineral Services)

ISBN: 0975672347

Category: Science

Page: 66

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Interest in gold in W.A. increased following the 1849 California and 1850's Victorian rushes. A rich find made by Arthur Bayley and William Ford during 1892, in Coolgardie, inspired a small rush. A large amount of gold (over 500 oz) was initially found on Bayley's Reward lease above a quartz reef. Within a month, 3000 oz had been found by 400 prospectors. Soon after, in June 1893, Patrick Hannan, Tom Flanagan and Daniel O'Shea discovered a rich deposit of gold at Mt. Charlotte, Kalgoorlie. This initiated a rush resulting in the discovery of the Kalgoorlie-Boulder "Golden Mile." From here, gold exploration spread throughout the state. The introduction of ground cancelling metal detectors to Australia in 1974 created renewed interest in prospecting that, together with the high price of gold, led to the prospecting boom of the late 1970's and early 80's. The largest nugget ever found in W.A. is the Golden Eagle by Larcombe at Larkinville in 1932. It weighed 1135 oz. Alluvial and reef gold occurs in the Yilgarn, Pilbara and Kimberley districts. Approximately 95% of the states gold production has come from the Yilgarn district, exceeding the Pilbara and Kimberley by far.
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Gold Deposits of Western Australia

The bulk of this recent production has come from Western Australia's gold deposits ( 56 tin 1986 ) . This datafile ( microfiche in front pocket ) has been produced from a database being developed in BMR on Australia's most important ...

Author: C. M. Mock


ISBN: 0644070862

Category: Geology

Page: 35

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Australian national bibliography

Prospecting - Environmental aspects - Western Australia - Ravensthorpe Range . I. Title . ... Prospector's approach to panning for gold : the geology , methods and application of alluvial gold prospecting / I.D. Lindley .


Publisher: National Library Australia


Category: Australia

Page: 316

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Archean Crustal Evolution

Controls on the eruption of mafic and ultramafic lavas, Ruth Well Ni-Cu prospect, West Pilbara. Econ. Geol., 76; 1719–1735. ... The nature of Archaean gold-bearing fluids as deduced from gold deposits of Western Australia. J. Geol. Soc.

Author: K.C. Condie

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080869106

Category: Science

Page: 527

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The integration of Tectonics/Geochemistry, up-to-date reviews by leading scientists as well as a broad topical coverage of the Archean, are some of the features of this particular volume. As geochronology has progressed in the last 20 years, the Archean has continued to attract interest. Advancements in the understanding of Archean crustal and mantle evolution have progressed rapidly since the first International Archean Symposium in Western Australia (1970). The landmark for the Archean was the NATO Advanced Study Institute at Leicester (1975). At this meeting the Archean truly "came of age". Investigators from many different disciplines focused their expertise on the early history of the earth. For the first time, the nature of the atmosphere, oceans, and life during the Archean was an important part of an Archean symposium. During the most recent Archean Symposium in Perth in 1990, there was a shift in interest from field and trace element data to the new rapidly evolving high-precision U/Pb geochronology of Archean rocks and to detailed structural studies of both low and high grade Archean terrains. The terrane concept so widely applied to the Phanerozoic was proposed for the Archean Yilgarn Province in Western Australia and is now widely accepted for the Archean (as evident by the articles in this book). Plate tectonics is now widely accepted as the principal process that controls the history of continents and oceans. There are, though, well substantiated differences between Archean and post-Archean rocks that indicate that Archean tectonic regimes must have differed in some respects from modern ones. The question of how and to what degree did Archean plate tectonics differ from modern plate tectonics is treated in many of the chapters of this book. Altogether, the editor has presented a selection of articles that provide a fascinating insight into the latest observations in this field.
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Lead Zinc and Silver Deposits of Western Australia

FRATER , K. M. , 1983 , Geology of the Golden Grove prospect , Western Australia A volcanogenic massive sulfide ... J. R. , and VEARNCOMBE , J. R. , 1992 , Sub - greenschist to granulite - hosted Archaean lode - gold deposits of the ...

Author: K. M. Ferguson


ISBN: UIUC:30112040550714

Category: Lead mines and mining

Page: 314

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The Aborigines of Western Australia

DIBRARY UNIVERSITY OF THE OF CALIFORNIA THE ABORIGINES OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA . ... AUTHOR OF “ Hints on Gold Prospecting , ” “ Western Australia and its Goldfields , " “ Recent Explorations in Australia , ” “ Pearls , their Origin and ...

Author: Albert Frederick Calvert


ISBN: UCAL:B3425686

Category: Western Australia

Page: 55

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Microcomputer Applications in Geology 2

INTRODUCTION: THE AUSTRALIAN GOLD EXPLORATION SCENARIO A rise in Australia's gold production from 18 tons in 1981 to an excess ... a geologic and geochemical database of Western Australia's significant gold deposits may lead to better ...

Author: J.T. Hanley

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9781483287324

Category: Science

Page: 303

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The development and utilization of microcomputers is widespread and rapid in all scientific disciplines, geology being no exception. Microcomputers are becoming ubiquitous and indispensable in research and teaching as well as in the commercial sector. The applications that are available to the geologic community today are increasingly dynamic and sophisticated, although to date software has been the limiting factor. This volume provides an excellent source of software and ideas on applications. Papers cover a wide range of subjects both in geology and computer science. The applications range from reconstructing fossil shells to reconstructing landscape terrains, covering topics such as expert systems, simulations, database construction and data analysis and display.
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Facies Models in Exploration and Development of Hydrocarbon and Ore Deposits

Depositional models for the sediment - hosted Cu - Zn - Pb deposits of N. Australia . In : Proc . ... The genesis and tectonic control on Archaean gold deposits of the Western Australian shield – a metamorphic replacement model .

Author: Arnold H. Bouma

Publisher: VSP

ISBN: 9067641340

Category: Science

Page: 254

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Exploration of natural resources is becoming more and more expensive. This means that more scientific approaches are needed using the best techniques available. However, no single technique can cover any of the objectives. Regional approaches, necessary to outline a prospective area, lack the detail required for exploration; detailed methods and techniques lack proper overview. A combination of both types of approaches and several techniques within are required to do optimal exploration. This book provides a number of examples (models) of different approaches and styles from different parts of the world, giving the reader not only new information but also a view of how different countries emphasize their exploration.
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