Growing Older and Wiser

A 20 - year - old college student , afflicted with a viral pneumonia , feels sick , is coughing , has a fever and chills , wants ... None of these changes implies that one is ill ; rather , they mean that some 108 • Growing Older and Wiser.

Author: Nathan Billig

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0669276790

Category: Psychology

Page: 230

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Identifies three elements, or "lifelines," for successful aging and coping: our view of aging, our storehouse of relationships and experiences, and our inherent personality characteristics.
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I Love Growing Older But I ll Never Grow Old

Discussion Guide for I Love Growing Older, But I'll Never Grow Old by J. Ellsworth Kalas Chapter 1 I Love Growing Older, But . . . Snapshot Summary This chapter introduces us to this book about the joys and challenges to the process of ...

Author: J. Ellsworth Kalas

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 9781426755927

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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Growing older is a process. Growing old is a conclusion. If you're growing older you see some hope because you have perspective and you keep learning. If you've grown old, you may cynically think that times have never been as bad as they are now, and that they can only get worse. This book is about learning how to "make peace with where you are right now." It's about learning from the past and then moving past it. It's about growing--personally, spiritually, and in our relationships with God and with others. If we think properly about growing older we'll never have to grow old.
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Growing Older on a Treadmill Confessions of Nerdom Beliefs and Stagnation

I grow older, but I'm in the same state of circumstances as I was when I was just a child. If in the future when you read this book and you see or know somewhere that this author is married and has a house, with happiness abounding, ...

Author: Greg Belle


ISBN: 9781483463452

Category: Humor

Page: 194

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Greg Belle believes that the ultimate purpose of life is to live, learn, love, work, and above all, teach. With that purpose in mind, Greg combines personal experiences with satirical commentary on the social and political issues that surround us in America and across the globe in an attempt to better the world, one reflection at a time. Greg, who one day hopes he can jump off his own treadmill and step outside his comfort zone, believes we are designed not to inflict pain, but instead to help each other and, in the process, preserve humanity. While offering his take on a wide range of topics, Greg provides a poignant glimpse into his own challenging journey through life with the intent of helping anyone who might be "stuck" and uncertain of which way to head next. Growing Older on a Treadmill shares reflections and anecdotes that encourage others to live, learn, love, work and teach, no matter what their obstacles.
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Growing Older in World Cities

As the older population in Tokyo continues to grow, these topics will no doubt continue to preoccupy policy makers in the future. Notes 1. Japan has three types of long-term care facilities: long-term care hospitals (LTCH), ...

Author: Victor Rodwin


ISBN: UCSC:32106018530995

Category: Medical

Page: 424

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Population aging often provokes fears of impending social security deficits, uncontrollable medical expenditures, and transformations in living arrangements, but public policy could also stimulate social innovations. These issues are typically studied at the national level; yet they must be resolved where most people live--in diverse neighborhoods in cities. New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo are the four largest cities among the wealthiest, most developed nations of the world. The essays commissioned for this volume compare what it is like to grow older in these cities with respect to health care, quality of life, housing, and long-term care. The contributors look beyond aggregate national data to highlight the importance of how local authorities implement policies.
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The Doctors Guide to Growing Older

95 THE DOCTORS GUIDE TO GROWING OLDER BY SANDOR A . FRIEDMAN , M . D . , FRANCIS U . STEINHEBER , M . D . , AND ABRAHAM H . LASS Drawing on the knowledge and experience of two medical experts on aging , this complete , up - to - date ...

Author: Sandor A. Friedman

Publisher: Plume Books

ISBN: UOM:39015001398232

Category: Aging

Page: 356

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Growing Old The Spiritual Dimensions of Ageing

Try to imagine the feeling with which people awaited growing older in the pastÐa feeling very different from the one prevalent today. It is markedly different from our modern outlook to have a sense of expectancy about increasing age, ...

Author: Rudolf Steiner

Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press

ISBN: 9781855845626

Category: Psychology

Page: 240

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When are we actually "old"? What really happens as we age? How can we cope with old age in the best way? Growing old is an art, and aging in the best way requires spiritual understanding. In this enlightening anthology (compiled by a director of elder care homes), comprehensive cosmological perspectives alternate with detailed observations of aging. Rudolf Steiner views aging in the context of the earthly and spiritual evolution, which encompasses all forms of existence. This book therefore begins with the essential developmental significance of aging and ends by considering human beings as joint creators in cosmic processes and having the capacity to become increasingly conscious of all that this implies. These key texts by Rudolf Steiner show how spiritual knowledge can expand current studies of old age, the aging process, and problems that older people encounter. Issues concerning today's "aging population" can be seen in a broader context that recognizes the fruits of old age. One example of this is the productive relationship between childhood and old age--a theme throughout this volume. By growing old consciously, we can view aging not just as a period of physical decline but, more important, as a time for actively participating in shaping life. We can begin to find greater meaning in the process of growing old. Chapters include: - The Core Messages of Aging - Fundamental Principles of Gerontology - Aging as a Developmental Process - Aging: The Risks and Opportunities - The Art of Growing Old - Old Age and Death - Growing Old: A Challenge for Education - Cosmological Dimensions of Aging
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Growing Old

Try resisting some aspect of this new and changing experience of growing older like, for example, a new limitation. How does this limitation feel? How does your behavior change with.

Author: Diane D. Livingston Ph.D.

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982252854

Category: Self-Help

Page: 126

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Why do I worry about growing old? Am I the only one who feels invisible? What are the perks and pleasures of old age? How should I spend my last years, months, days as I grow old? Do other Elders experience discrimination because they are old? Can I really embrace a meaningful life during the waning years of my journey? Growing Old: What It’s All About offers an insider’s look at what aging—the good and the bad—is really like. The author shares her own story, research, and insights as well as the thoughts and feelings of 125 other Elders.
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Growing Old in America

With the growing number of elderly and their increasing education and financial resources, voting participation is expected to increase. Older Americans are projected to become an even more powerful voting group as the aging population ...



ISBN: PSU:000054618114

Category: Older people


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Growing Old But Staying Young

It is often suggested that as we grow older we lose our wits. We lose the ability to process information quickly. These may be the natural effects of aging, but often experience is thrown out the window. While it may be true that the ...

Author: Jerome Pollack


ISBN: 9781257095032


Page: 94

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Growing Old But Staying Young by Jerome Pollack
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On Growing Older

A leg was then removed from the old cockroach who, contrary to the limitations of his age, proceeded to grow back the lost limb. This experiment offers a significant message about a living cell in an aging organism.

Author: President's Council on Aging (U.S.)


ISBN: UOM:39015000285224

Category: Aging

Page: 166

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