The Art of Growing Older

Since Arnold was still in his mid - forties when he wrote it , with almost two decades of productive life ahead of him , we can see it as further evidence that " growing old " is better thought of as " growing older .

Author: Wayne C. Booth

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226065499

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 344

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Culled chiefly from great literary works, this unusual compendium of prose and poetry excerpts highlights the physical and emotional aspects of aging. Although Booth ( The Rhetoric of Fiction ), age 71, includes such cheery banal verse as "I Haven't Lost My Marbles Yet" (Minnie Hodapp), he has tailored this collection to encompass the unpleasant truths about aging. William Butler Yeats's "Sailing to Byzantium" and excerpts from Simone de Beauvoir's The Coming of Age offer realistic assessments of the perils and possible consolations of aging. The thoughtful commentary with which Booth connects the selections reminds readers that physical decay and fear of death are conditions common to us all. This provocative collection braces rather than comforts.
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Growing Older in World Cities

Aging , Socioeconomic Status , and Neighborhood Differences in Tokyo Yukiko Kudo Introduction What is it like to grow old in Tokyo ? How different is it from growing old in New York , Paris , or London ? Is it different from growing old ...

Author: Victor G. Rodwin

Publisher: Vanderbilt University Press

ISBN: 0826514901

Category: Social Science

Page: 426

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Population aging often provokes fears of impending social security deficits, uncontrollable medical expenditures, and transformations in living arrangements, but public policy could also stimulate social innovations. These issues are typically studied at the national level; yet they must be resolved where most people live--in diverse neighborhoods in cities. New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo are the four largest cities among the wealthiest, most developed nations of the world. The essays commissioned for this volume compare what it is like to grow older in these cities with respect to health care, quality of life, housing, and long-term care. The contributors look beyond aggregate national data to highlight the importance of how local authorities implement policies.
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Growing Older and Wiser

Growing older and watching others who are close to us grow older challenges us to be flexible , to revise our expectations , and to make the most of our capabilities . Daughters and daughters - in - law , when they exist , bear the ...

Author: Nathan Billig

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0669276790

Category: Psychology

Page: 246

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Identifies three elements, or "lifelines," for successful aging and coping: our view of aging, our storehouse of relationships and experiences, and our inherent personality characteristics.
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I Love Growing Older But I ll Never Grow Old

Discussion Guide for I Love Growing Older, But I'll Never Grow Old by J. Ellsworth Kalas Chapter 1 I Love Growing Older, But . . . Snapshot Summary This chapter introduces us to this book about the joys and challenges to the process of ...

Author: J. Ellsworth Kalas

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 9781426770470

Category: Religion

Page: 68

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Growing older is a process. Growing old is a conclusion. If you’re growing older you see some hope because you have perspective and you keep learning. If you’ve grown old, you may cynically think that times have never been as bad as they are now, and that they can only get worse.” This book is about learning how to “make peace with where you are right now.” It’s about learning from the past and then moving past it. It’s about growing—personally, spiritually, and in our relationships with God and with others. If we think properly about growing older we’ll never have to grow old. A discussion guide is included.
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Growing Older In Europe

People more often feel lonely or downcast as they grow older. By contrast, older people less frequently feel out of sorts or restless than people aged under 55. Over 20 per cent of the over-75s suffer frequently or very frequently from ...

Author: Walker, Alan

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335215133

Category: Social Science

Page: 307

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This book provides a European dimension, examining and comparing the quality of life as experienced by older people in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. Detailed case studies by well-known European authors consider key quality of life indicators such as income, housing, employment, physical and mental health, and family and social support. Examples of good practice are provided from each region, and recommendations are made for future priorities. A comparative introduction by the editor draws out key similarities and differences between the countries studied, and sets the context for the case studies. This book is aimed at advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of social policy, social gerontology and sociology. It will also be of interest to academics and policy makers. Contributors: Monika Reichart; Manuela Weidekamp-Maicher;Giovanni Lamura; Annemarie Peters; Beitske Bouwman; Kees Knipscheer; Lars Andersson; Kristiina Martimo; Carol Walker; Alan Walker
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So We re Growing Older Stapled Booklet

A Prayer for Courage O God, guardian of my life, the older I grow the more frightened I become. I have friends who have been robbed, friends who have fallen and broken bones, friends who are anxious whenever they are alone at home.

Author: John E. Biegert

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781606082164

Category: Religion

Page: 13

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For times that call for contemplation or prayer, for times of difficulty or worry, for times of joy and happiness, for special occasions or special events, these booklets can help you find the rights words, the meaningful thought, the comforting reflection. For the cost of a greeting card, each Looking Up booklet provides 24 pages of insight, wisdom, meditation, direction, comfort, and prayer. Useful booklet for pastors and caregivers, or from friend to friend. Looking Up conveys caring in exceptional ways.
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A New Look at Growing Older

As the number of older people explodes , so do the opportunities offered for enrichment and growth . Fortunately for most , these changes coincide with the increase in time available to pursue them . If you have slowed down your ...

Author: Robert T. Lewis

Publisher: Wellness Institute, Inc.

ISBN: 1587410036

Category: Self-Help

Page: 200

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Growing Older Quality Of Life In Old Age

Finally, 13 per cent of those taking part in the research strongly disagreed with the statement 'this neighbourhood is a good place to grow old in'. To identify those older people with the most negative perceptions about their ...

Author: Hagan Hennessy, Catherine

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335215072

Category: Social Science

Page: 282

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This volume introduces the work of the Economic and Social Reseach Council (ESRC) funded Growing Older Programme (1999-2004) and provides a showcase for the other volumes in the series. It focuses on ways in which quality of life can be extended for older people and offers short research-based summaries of key findings on a variety of core topics with a major emphasis on the views of older people themselves. Many of the leading names in social gerontology in the United Kingdom have contributed their findings, providing the most up-to-date and broad-ranging information available on quality of life in old age. Topics discussed include: · Defining and measuring quality of life · Inequalities in quality of life · Technology and the built environment · Healthy and active ageing · Family and support networks · Participation and grandparenthood Growing Olderis suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students of social gerontology, sociology and social policy. It is of interest to professionals working with older people, including social workers, gerontology nurses and community support workers. There are also important findings for policy-makers. Contributors: Sara Arber; Madhavi Bajekal; David Blane; John Bond; Ann Bowling; Jabeer Butt; Lynda Clarke; Joanne Cook; Kate Davidson; Murna Downs; Zahava Gabriel; Ini Grewal; Catherine Hagan Hennessey; Caroline Holland; Gill Hubbard; Leonie Kellaher; Charlotte MacDonald; Tony Maltby; Jo Moriarty; Joan Murphy; James Nazroo; Sheila M. Peace; Chris Phillipson; Ceridwen Roberts; Sasha Scambler; Thomas Scharf; Allison Smith; Susan Tester; Christina Victor; Alan Walker; Lorna Warren.
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The Doctors Guide to Growing Older

95 THE DOCTORS GUIDE TO GROWING OLDER BY SANDOR A . FRIEDMAN , M . D . , FRANCIS U . STEINHEBER , M . D . , AND ABRAHAM H . LASS Drawing on the knowledge and experience of two medical experts on aging , this complete , up - to - date ...

Author: Sandor A. Friedman

Publisher: Plume Books

ISBN: UOM:39015001398232

Category: Aging

Page: 356

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Growing Old

Try to imagine the feeling with which people awaited growing older in the pastÐa feeling very different from the one prevalent today. It is markedly different from our modern outlook to have a sense of expectancy about increasing age, ...

Author: Rudolf Steiner

Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press

ISBN: 9781855845053

Category: Religion

Page: 240

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‘And that is one thing we need to relearn, that all of life brings its gifts – not only the first two or three decades.’ – Rudolf Steiner When are we actually old? What happens as we age? How will we cope with old age? Growing old is an art, and to grow old in the right way we need spiritual understanding. In this enlightening anthology – compiled by a director of care homes for the elderly – wide-ranging cosmological perspectives alternate with detailed observations of the phenomena of ageing. Rudolf Steiner sees ageing within the context of the earthly and spiritual evolution that encompasses all forms of existence. The book thus begins with the primary meaning that ageing has in developmental terms and ends with a consideration of the human being as co-creator in cosmic processes – and with our capacity to become increasingly conscious of the tasks this implies. These key texts by Rudolf Steiner show how spiritual knowledge can broaden the current debate on the study of old age, the process of ageing, and the particular problems faced by older people. Concerns about our ‘ageing population’ can be seen in a broader context that recognizes the fruits of old age. The productive relationship between childhood and old age – a running theme throughout this volume – is one example. If we grow old consciously, viewing ageing not only as a period of physical decline but as a time when we can actively participate in shaping life, then we can begin to find greater meaning in it. Chapters include: ‘The Core Messages of Ageing’; ‘Fundamental Principles of Gerontology’; ‘Ageing as a Developmental Process’; ‘Ageing: the Risks and Opportunities’; The Art of Growing Old’; ‘Old Age and Death’; ‘Growing Old – A Challenge for Education’; ‘The Cosmological Dimensions of Ageing’.
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