Hannibal Fogg and The Supreme Secret of Man

Edwardian polymath Hannibal Fogg was quite probably the most extraordinary man ever to have lived.

Author: Tahir Shah


ISBN: 1912383225

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Edwardian polymath Hannibal Fogg was quite probably the most extraordinary man ever to have lived. In a life shrouded in mystery and devoted to secrecy, Fogg left a treasure trail of clues and encoded riddles - to be found and deciphered after his disappearance and death...
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Oh Cook

Author: James May


ISBN: 1911663151


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TV tie-in cookbook for beginners from a much-loved author and presenter The cookbook that, finally, drives a blunt meat skewer through the burgeoning pseudo-intellectualism of foodie media, this is a foolproof manual packed with practical information and delicious recipes for even the most basic of home cooks. After years of shirking from his culinary duties, James is on a mission to educate himself about the world of food. In this TV tie-in, he seeks to unpack the mysteries of the industry from kitchen basics to haute cuisine, covering everything from poaching eggs to preparing the perfect Sunday roast. Gathering recipes and expert advice from celebrity chefs along the way, James discovers just what it takes to put together a cracking cookbook, from recipe testing to photography and everything in between.
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Shoe and Leather Reporter

Hannibal Hamlin is seventy-one years old, and the Washington correspondents
say that he still wears his old claw-hammer ... The shipowners and agents of
Mentreal are making vast preparations for competing with Boston and New York
for the cattle ... The Supreme Court of the United States, in a case at issue,
declares the ordinance to be unconstitutional, because it ... Ice will be very dear
this season. but it is understood that all the companies will give away a secret by
which ice can ...



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