Harvard Studies in Classical Philology

This volume of fourteen articles includes "The Bee Maidens of the Homeric Hymn to Hermes," by Susan Scheinberg; "Eleatic Conventionalism and Philolaus on the Conditions of Thought," by Martha Craven Nussbaum; "The Basis of Stoic Ethics," by ...

Author: Albert Heinrichs

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674379306

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 409

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This volume of fourteen articles includes "The Bee Maidens of the Homeric Hymn to Hermes," by Susan Scheinberg; "Eleatic Conventionalism and Philolaus on the Conditions of Thought," by Martha Craven Nussbaum; "The Basis of Stoic Ethics," by Nicholas P. White; "New Comedy, Callimachus, and Roman Poetry," by Richard F. Thomas; "On Cicero's Speeches," by D. R. Shackleton Bailey; and "Ummidius Quadratus, Capax Imperii," by Ronald Syme.
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The Shadow of Vesuvius A Life of Pliny

112 CE', entry in Oxford Classical Dictionary, http://classics.oxfordre.com, ... 201–36 ______ 'Ummidius Quadratus, Capax Imperii', Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Vol. 83, 1979, pp. 287–310 ______ 'The Travels of Suetonius ...

Author: Daisy Dunn

Publisher: Liveright Publishing

ISBN: 9781631496400

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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“A wonderfully rich, witty, insightful, and wide-ranging portrait of the two Plinys and their world.”—Sarah Bakewell, author of How to Live When Pliny the Elder perished at Stabiae during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, he left behind an enormous compendium of knowledge, his thirty-seven-volume Natural History, and a teenaged nephew who revered him as a father. Grieving his loss, Pliny the Younger inherited the Elder’s notebooks—filled with pearls of wisdom—and his legacy. At its heart, The Shadow of Vesuvius is a literary biography of the younger man, who would grow up to become a lawyer, senator, poet, collector of villas, and chronicler of the Roman Empire from the dire days of terror under Emperor Domitian to the gentler times of Emperor Trajan. A biography that will appeal to lovers of Mary Beard books, it is also a moving narrative about the profound influence of a father figure on his adopted son. Interweaving the younger Pliny’s Letters with extracts from the Elder’s Natural History, Daisy Dunn paints a vivid, compellingly readable portrait of two of antiquity’s greatest minds.
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Proceedings American Philosophical Society vol 83 1940

Little , Harvard Studies in Classical Philology , XLIX , 1938 , pp . 218 ff . 55 Paus . , 1 , 21 , 1 ; Dio Prus . , XXXI , 116 ; Delbrueck , op . cit . , p . xxxv ; Studniczka , loc . cit . , p . 4 ; Löwy , Inschr . gr .


Publisher: American Philosophical Society

ISBN: 1422372235



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Harvard Studies in Classical Philology

Harvard University. HARVARD STUDIES IN CLASSICAL PHILOLOGY VOLUME 83 TVEIRO TAS Harvard University Press Cambridge , Massachusetts and London , England 1979 805 H35 V.83 Ou5 274 496 COPYRIGHT © 1979 BY.

Author: Harvard University


ISBN: UOM:39015043287682

Category: Classical philology


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The Sublime in Antiquity

Abo. Thomas, R. F. (1979) “New Comedy, Callimachus, and Roman Poetry,” Harvard Studies in Classical Philology vol. 83: 179–206. Thornton, A. (1984) Homer's Iliad: Its Composition and the Motif of Supplication. Hypomnemata, vol. 81.

Author: James I. Porter

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781316368367

Category: History


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Current understandings of the sublime are focused by a single word ('sublimity') and by a single author ('Longinus'). The sublime is not a word: it is a concept and an experience, or rather a whole range of ideas, meanings and experiences that are embedded in conceptual and experiential patterns. Once we train our sights on these patterns a radically different prospect on the sublime in antiquity comes to light, one that touches everything from its range of expressions to its dates of emergence, evolution, role in the cultures of antiquity as a whole, and later reception. This book is the first to outline an alternative account of the sublime in Greek and Roman poetry, philosophy, and the sciences, in addition to rhetoric and literary criticism. It offers new readings of Longinus without privileging him, but instead situates him within a much larger context of reflection on the sublime in antiquity.
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The Art of Ancient Music

43. Scott McGill, “The Plagiarized Virgil in Donatus Servius, and the 'Anthologia Latina,'” Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Vol. 107 (2013), pp. 365–83, pg. 365. 44. Aelius Donatus, The Life of Vergil, 31–32. 45.

Author: David Walter Leinweber

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781793625205

Category: Music

Page: 194

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From the very beginning, music has helped us create our world – everything from language, to technology, to philosophy and religion. The Art of Ancient Music discusses the important role music has played in shaping human development. While emphasizing shared human themes, the text has a special focus on the rise of Western music in the ancient Near East, the Bible, and the Classical worlds. A final chapter provides a discussion of the way music helped bridge the gap between the ancient world and the Middle Ages, especially in the guise of Church music.
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Kitchen Witchery

Harvard Studies in Classical Philology. Vol. 83. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1979. Hensperger, Beth. Bread for All Seasons: Delicious and Distinctive Recipes for Year-Round Baking. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books, 1995.

Author: Laurel Woodward

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738768045

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 360

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Transform Your Cooking into a Magickal Act of Healing, Manifesting, and Creating Featuring a wide variety of recipes, correspondences, and techniques, this practical guide elevates the way you cook and prepare meals. Laurel Woodward shares the magick of everyday things, revealing how each task can become a ritual of creation. Organized by food type, this book teaches the magickal ins and outs of: • Wheats and Flours • Beans and Lentils • Nuts and Seeds Oils and Vinegars • Sweets • Spices and Herbs • Vegetables • Fruits Dairy and Eggs • Drinks • Gluten-Free Meals Kitchen Witchery also provides recipes for the seasons and holidays, oil and seasoning blends, and clever ways to turn your pantry items into magickal tools. From homemade hummus to herbal teas and so much more, this book nourishes your practice and shows you the bountiful magick right in your kitchen.
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Religions of Late Antiquity in Practice

Bianchi, Ugo, 1983. ... Harvard Studies in Classical Philology 83: 339–67. 1981. ... Vol. 2, Sethian Gnosticism, ed. Bentley Layton, 724–33. Leiden: E.J. Brill. 1986. “The Timing of Supernatural Events in the Cologne Mani Codex.

Author: Richard Valantasis

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691188164

Category: Religion

Page: 511

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This is an unprecedented collection of nearly seventy Late Antique primary religious texts. These texts--all in new English translation and many appearing in English for the first time--represent every major religious current from the late first century until the rise of Islam. Produced through the efforts of thirty-six leading scholars in the field, they constitute a comprehensive view of religious practice in Late Antiquity. Religious life and performance during this period comprised diverse, often unusual practices. Philosophical ascent, magic, legal pronouncement, hymnography, dietary and sexual restriction, and rhetoric were all part of this deeply fascinating world. Religious and political identity often intertwined, as reflected in the Roman persecution of Christians. And a fluid boundary between religion and superstition was contested in daily life. Many practices, including ascetic training, crossed religious boundaries. Others, such as "incubation" at specific temples and certain divination rites, were distinctive practices of individual groups and orders. Intrinsically interesting, the practice of religion in the Late Antique also edifies modern-day religious life. As this volume shows, the origins of the contemporary Western religious terrain can be gleaned in this period. Rabbinic Judaism flourished and spread. Christianity developed still-important theological categories and structures. And even movements that did not survive intact--such as Neoplatonism and the once-powerful Manichaean churches--continue to influence religion today. This rich sourcebook includes discussions of asceticism, religious organization, ritual, martyrdom, religion's social implications, law, and theology. Its unique emphasis on practice and its inclusion of texts translated from lesser-known languages advance the study of religious history in several directions. A strong interdisciplinary orientation will reward scholars and students of religion, theology, gender studies, classical literatures, and history. Each text is accompanied by an introduction and a bibliography for further reading and research, making the book appropriate for use in any university or seminary classroom.
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A Chronology of Ancient Greece

Andrewes, A, 'The opposition to Pericles' in Journal of Hellenic Studies, vol 98 (1978) pp. 1–8. Badian, E, 'The peace of Callias' in ... 'Thucydides and Pericles' in Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, vol 62 (1957) pp. 79 ff.

Author: Timothy Venning

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781473879232

Category: History

Page: 320

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This book offers a coherent narrative of the politico-military history of ancient Greece. It commences with the necessarily approximate course of events in Bronze and early Iron Age, as estimated by the most reliable scholarship plus the legendary accounts of this period. From the Persian Wars onwards, a year-by-year chronology is constructed from the ancient historical sources. Where possible a day-by-day narrative is given. The geographical scope expands as the horizons of the Greek world and colonization expanded with reference to developments in politico-military events in the Middle Eastern (and later Italian) states that came into contact with Greek culture. From the expansion of the Greek world across the region under Alexander, the development of all the relevant Greek/Macedonian states is covered. The text is divided into events per geographical area for each date, cross-referencing where needed. Detailed accounts are provided for battles and political crises where the sources allow this, and where not much is known for certain the different opinions of historians are referenced en route. The result is a coherent, accessible and accurate reference to what happened and when.
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Harvard Studies in Classical Philology

This volume of nineteen essays includes "Oxyrhynchus and Rome," by Eric G. Turner; "The Frequency and Structuring of Traditional Formulas in Hesiod's Theogony," by William W. Minton; "Thucydides' Ethics as Reflected in the Description of ...

Author: Harvard University. Department of the Classics


ISBN: UOM:39015005549426

Category: Classical philology

Page: 388

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This volume of nineteen essays includes "Oxyrhynchus and Rome," by Eric G. Turner; "The Frequency and Structuring of Traditional Formulas in Hesiod's Theogony," by William W. Minton; "Thucydides' Ethics as Reflected in the Description of Stasis (3.82-83)," by Lowell Edmunds; "Plato and Talk of a World in Flux: Timaeus 49a6-50b5," by Donald J. Zeyl; "Amor and Cupid," by Antonie Wlosok; "The Culex and Moretum as Post-Augustan Literary Parodies," by David O. Ross, Jr.; and "Constans and Gratian in Rome," by T. D. Barnes.
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