Heaven s a Lie

He's lying atop the covers facedown, fully dressed. There's a prescription pill bottle on the nightstand. Travis picks it up, reads the label. Xanax. Cosmo self-medicating his stress. He sets the bottle back down, turns off the light, ...

Author: Wallace Stroby

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780316540612

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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When a young widow witnesses a fatal car accident outside a Jersey Shore motel, she's suddenly thrust into a nightmare of gang violence, guns, and money that she can't outrun in this action-packed novel by "one of the best writers in crime fiction" (Alison Gaylin).​ Joette Harper's life brings new meaning to the phrase "paycheck to paycheck." Struggling to afford her mother's sky-high medical bills and also keep the lights on in her trailer home, Joette needs a break. So, when she spies a bag full of money amongst the wreckage of a fiery car accident, she knows she can't just let it be. Inside is a bounty better than she could have dreamed—just shy of $300,000 in neatly stacked hundreds and fifties. Enough to pay off her debts, give her mother the care she deserves, and maybe even help out a few of her friends. But, of course, the missing briefcase didn't go unnoticed by its original owner, Travis Clay—a ruthless dealer who'll stop at nothing to get back what's his. Joette is way out of her depth, but can't seem to stop herself from participating in this cat-and-mouse chase. But can she beat Travis at his own game?
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At Heaven s Gate

You stop suddenly , surprised by the lie , appalled by it . You hadn't meant to tell the lie . You hadn't meant to tell any lie , and every word you'd said had been the truth , the God's truth , for nobody had made you come , nobody ...

Author: Robert Penn Warren

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 0811209334

Category: Fiction

Page: 391

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A proud and determined Southern girl struggles to escape her tyrannical father
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Glimpses of the Heaven that Lies about Us

In this case men see the veritable wings of the atoms playing in the heavens . ... the lines of atom wheels around and through it correspond * and lie exactly parallel with the lines of the mightier magnet — this terrestrial globe .

Author: T. Elford Poynting


ISBN: BL:A0023452538

Category: Christian life

Page: 432

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Heaven s Burning Dawn Angel Dawn book one

"So you walked out of heaven? Wouldn't that make you a fallen angel? And yet I can sense that you are still an angel. Your little story fails to add up. And here I thought that angels couldn't lie." "Angels can lie, even in heaven, ...

Author: Henry Cobb

Publisher: Henry J Cobb

ISBN: 9780615417196

Category: Fiction


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Reading between the lines of the Bible provides the background for this story of an angel without clue who searches for the hidden fallen.
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Heaven Slaughter Stars

Nangong Lie's arms were wrapped around the fireball. There seemed to be arcs of electricity flashing about it, and there was a strong energy contained within. It brought with it a powerful destructive aura, which was extremely ...

Author: Zhu Shen

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781648843068

Category: Fiction


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The protagonist was a lazy person, and he was determined to be a popinjay. The main character could only cry out in frustration, "When will my path as a popinjay be opened?" [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] But when he looked back, he laughed shamelessly, because he discovered that he could become a popinjay at any time, because his backer was "tall!" Faced with the "God's dimension" and "God's game" from another universe, the main character shouted, "I'm a kind playboy, how could I fight with you? Wouldn't that damage my prestige?" He then shouted, "Violet Feather!" [Close]
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Chambers s Cyclopaedia of English Literature

Whilst my soul , like quiet palmer , Travelleth towards the land of Heaven ; The Lie . ... From thence to Heaven's bribeless hall , Tell potentates , they live Where no corrupted voices brawl ; Acting by others ' action , No conscience ...



ISBN: BSB:BSB11333464


Page: 866

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Heavens on Earth

We need the experience of open heavens every moment of our life to do and enjoy more. Open heavens are only a strange ... If you believe a lie, you also live a lie for there is one truth, which is God, and one lie, which is the devil.

Author: Dr. Michael Orji

Publisher: Book Venture Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781945960659


Page: 284

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Fascinating, different, engaging, and inspirational! This book tears down the walls of man-made religion that keeps people away from God. It offers a refreshing perspective of personal relationship with a relational God, presently present and active in the lives of each one of us. The Reflection page is awesome because you can express your thoughts or feelings about message you read. This forty-day transformational prayer journey will set a path to the reawakening and renewal of your spiritual being. Buy the book and keep it in the family. You will be glad you did! — Ahunanya Anga, Law Professor, Houston, Texas
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Ti Do the Father Jesus Heaven S Gate Ufo Two Witnesses

Isa 14:13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I ... *05307 naphal a ancient root= to fall, lie, be cast down, fail, as in a violent death or to fall prostrate, ...

Author: Sawyer

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781524657611

Category: Fiction

Page: 912

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This book provides detailed evidence from everything Jesus prophesied, often broken down to the root definitions of terms from the Greek and Aramaic/Hebrew languages which manuscripts were written in, to show in context by numerous Bible records, how and why those called, Ti (Tee) and Do (Doe) were the new incarnations of the One referred to as the Father and before then, Jehovah and Elohim, with the One who was incarnate in the vehicle (body) named Jesus, and before then Elijah, Moses, Enoch and Adam, who with Their Crew of Student "Saints," were on earth again to fulfill the promised return of Their Kingdom during these "End Times," through Their task recorded as the "Two Witnesses" in the Book of Revelations, that was completed when they exited their incarnations in March of 1997 - seen in the world's news as Heaven's Gate. Ti and Do left extensive records of everything they came to awaken to know over their combined 25 years incarnate. As I spent 19 fully dedicated years with them I drew upon their records and my experience to describe many new translations of terms and new interpretations of most all Book of Revelations records. Finally, I studied world history and current events that can be shown to be valid reference points in many prophecies. This includes many unusual events NASA has photographed in outer space as Jesus prophesied; a cityscape of Lights on dwarf planet Ceres, earth-like qualities to dwarf planet Pluto, hexagon shaped top on Saturn, spire like towers on the Moon, complicated objects that resemble Star Trek's star-ship enterprise in the sun's corona, comets that are comprised of several to seven objects flying in V formation, or having companion objects with them and parts of UFO and Luciferian space alien reports, holograms like Fatima and Spirits. TI & DO The Father and "Jesus" Heaven's Gate UFO Two Witnesses, Who Returned Incarnate With Their "Saints," From 1972 to 1997 Prophesied in the Book of Revelations Termed by Christians as "The Second Coming" From The Physical "Evolutionary" Level Above Human The Kingdom of God in Heaven Whose Membership: "Wear" Physical Vehicles (Bodies), Grown on a Vine (That Human bodies are Designed to Resemble) To Work Within planet Sized Spacecrafts Like Pluto and Ceres That Serve as Laboratories for Their Earth Soul-Growing "Garden" Experiments That Incorporate the Negative Influence of The Luciferian "Space" Aliens, aka "The Fallen Angels" So Prospective New Members, Directed By Incarnate Older members May Overcome the Human "Evolutionary" Kingdom To Graduate Into the Next Level Kingdom In the Literal Heavens.
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Third Heaven s Throne

Lying was not something Emma took pleasure in, at least not when it came to people she cared about. However, when it came to the tug-of-war between lying to a friend and causing undue emotional stress, the lie won out.

Author: Devyn Kennedy

Publisher: Devyn Kennedy


Category: Fiction

Page: 642

View: 893

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God has gone missing, and not simply between the sheets of the mortal residents of Perido. With little recourse, the rival religious groups, the church of Iron and chapel of steam, do the unthinkable and hire a firm of necromancers to track their missing diety. Enter Emma Elric, apprentice to Lyceum, and new-hire to Abelworth, Cain, and Lyceum. Eager to impress her boss, Emma will do whatever it takes, including selling parts of what make her up. Goh Si-Woo and Caitlyn Alderberry had devoted themselves to Iaralie. As the first to notice their God's disappearance, their anxiety has them working together, despite how bad it looks, to save the one thing that's given their lives meaning. The deeper they dig, the more their world changes, and the more they are forced to reexamine their beliefs. Third Heaven's Throne is about belief, how the stories we're told shape the world, and what happens when powerful people control those stories. It is full of flesh and bones, misery, anxiety, terrible jokes, and queer love.
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The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like Unto

ome on, MS Jane Hall, I ain't going to tell you no lie! What I look like lying to you? How long you been knowing me? ... Do I lie to myself? Heavens, No! I'm not like they are! They have not rubbed off on me! You know that, God!

Author: Jane Hall

Publisher: Inspiring Voices

ISBN: 9781462402144

Category: Religion

Page: 178

View: 970

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With over 6 million people incarcerated or under legal supervision, corrections has become a larger and larger part of American life. Indeed, older prisons have become tourist attractions. Do you work in corrections or know someone who does? Do you try to work heartily unto the Lord, and to see each person as being created in the image of God? Let these snapshot meditations show: How a murderer can glorify his creator. Where God drops pearls. The power of a flower. How a life of lies can lead to eternal truth. Who reveals Jesus’ second commandment. How a kitten can be holy. The pain of the past and fear of the future. How a small obedience can be a great testimony. The power of perception. Where nobody knows your name. How locking down can lead to looking up. How anger evolves to adoration. How obedience breeds blessing. How God is the change agent. Who sees in the dark and hears in the clamor. What matters at the end. The impact of stories known by heart. How bad boys can bless. The pain of pride; the shame of sin.
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