Home from the Hill

In 1957 Humphrey's debut novel, Home from the Hill, rocketed him into modern conversation and defined him as an author. Previously regarded as a Western writer due to his Texan roots and their resonance in his work, Humphrey now became ...

Author: William Humphrey

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504006248

Category: Fiction

Page: 311

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National Book Award Finalist: The mesmerizing saga of a Texas family torn apart by passion and pride. Twelve years after Hannah Hunnicutt was committed to a Dallas asylum, her body is brought home to northeast Texas to be buried alongside those of her husband and son. Etched on all three gravestones is the same date of death: May 28, 1939. Home from the Hill is the story of that tragic day and the dramatic events leading up to it. The biggest landowner in the county, Captain Wade Hunnicutt was a charismatic war hero whose legendary hunting skills extended to the wives of his friends and neighbors. Humiliated by her husband’s philandering, Hannah grew to despise Captain Wade but was too proud to ask for a divorce; instead, she devoted herself to her only child. Torn between his mother’s adoration and an overwhelming need to win his father’s approval, Theron tried to become his own man. And he might have succeeded if he hadn’t fallen in love with the beautiful and innocent Libby Halstead. William Humphrey’s dazzling debut novel, the inspiration for a major motion picture starring Robert Mitchum, is a masterpiece of twentieth-century American literature, as intense and thrilling as the Hunnicutts themselves. This ebook features an illustrated biography of William Humphrey including rare photos form the author’s estate.
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Home from the Hill

Three Gentlemen Adventurers Peter Murray. Home from the Hill Three Gentlemen Adventurers Peter Murray Home from the Hill This one BY69 - XGE -. Front Cover.

Author: Peter Murray

Publisher: TouchWood Editions

ISBN: 0920663303

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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Home from the Hill is an entertaining portrayal of three remarkable men.
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Home from the Hill

Since it was a station drone, he could send it on it's way as soon as he closed the order and sent the bill. ... I'll send it on over to Salt, and you can tell him welcome back from me.” “He's not here, Gurley.

Author: Jolie Mason

Publisher: Jolie Mason


Category: Fiction

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Sometimes Love Finds You. War changes things. Captain Luca Brine has the Carry Bell, and an infuriating first mate to go with it. Luca finds herself doing some particularly colorful runs for the Carnes Syndicate these days, beginning with a little weapons smuggling. It's not the smuggling that's dangerous, however, it's the thugs following her that catch her first mate's attention. You can't teach an old spy new tricks... Emery Charles trained for years to do the Empire's dirty work, and he did it without flinching. His refusal to bring in the newest captain of the Carry Bell earns him a bounty on his head and a swarm of operatives out to do the job he's refused. Or can you? With war closing in on the galaxy, they have to find a way out of this rat's maze of spies, war and biological weapons alive. Falling in love is bound to complicate everything, but he's not sure he has another option.
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Home from the Hill

own first home and were off to the Duke of Veragua ' s house to join the little party of voluntary exiles . ... From a low hill above Santa Lucia it was possible to get a much better idea of what was happening .

Author: Andrew John Murray

Publisher: Hamish Hamilton

ISBN: UOM:39015035098980


Page: 242

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Wakeful Anguish

horse dung under the Confederate soldier in the square and back roads leading where the wild game run . ... Lee declared that Home from the Hill was the best novel ever written by a Texan , and with his subsequent novel , The Ordways ...

Author: Ashby Bland Crowder

Publisher: LSU Press

ISBN: 0807128872

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 403

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In this deeply felt biography, Ashby Bland Crowder treats in near definitive fashion one of southern literature's unjustly neglected masters. In superb novels like Home from the Hill, The Ordways, and Proud Flesh as well as in the brilliant story collections The Last Husband and A Time and a Place, William Humphrey (1924--1997) created an imaginary East Texas Red River County, conjuring the speech and life rhythms of his native territory with artistic genius. Crowder's lyrical blending of biographical fact and incisive analysis corrects a mistaken view that Humphrey was among those writers mired in the pious cult of southern delusionary remembrance. From early short fiction set in a New York commuter village through late works of the Northeast, such as Hostages to Fortune and September Song, Humphrey allowed himself a psychic distance from the South that fueled an unsparing critique of its myths -- exemplified by the fierce deconstruction of Texas heroes found in his last novel, No Resting Place. In a poignant discussion of Humphrey's memoir, Farther Off from Heaven, Crowder demonstrates that the tragic death of his father led to Humphrey's overriding fictional themes of pain and inconsolable loss. Indeed, Crowder asserts that Humphrey failed to achieve literary renown in part because he evokes emotional experiences beyond what most people can endure. Humphrey's fiction derives its power from refusing to indulge in the false consolations of vanished people and history, from showing that living in the southern past is not living at all. Wakeful Anguish is among the first books about William Humphrey and will be greeted as one of the finest. Marshalling unpublished archival letters, interviews with persons who knew Humphrey at different stages in his life, and private correspondence and conversations between Humphrey and himself, Crowder achieves something rare in literary biography: a portrait that reveals both the sustained suffering in an author's life and work and his exultation in the triumph of his art.
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The View from the Hill

And when, at the end of the week, I would speed home, the tangled thoughts of work would gradually drifting from my mind and I would dash impatiently – the hunter home from the hill - to greet her and cling to her, my love and my reason ...

Author: Chris Hiscox

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781847991720

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

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Tom Hopwood has reached a bad place in his life; his marriage and his home life have turned sour, his job has become tedious, stressful and unfulfilling: a change is long overdue. One day a sinister phone call sparks off a frantic chase in pursuit of mysterious and dangerous documents from his past. The mystery deepens and he is rapidly precipitated into a life or death struggle that will change his life forever a " if he and his new love survive. A fast-paced thriller: action moves rapidly between a remote English hill town, the heat of East Africa and an exotic Mediterranean island where romance blossoms amid terror and mortal danger.
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New Documentary

subsequently explaining , after Halliwell has interjected that she would stop herself being shown in too much of a bad light ' , that any film is a negotiation between filmmaker and subject . Since Home from the Hill , her first full ...

Author: Stella Bruzzi

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415182956

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 199

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Bruzzi relates contemporary cinema to the documentary tradition, exploring questions of authorship, spectatorship and 'truth' in the context of issues of race, gender and performance.
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Eleanor Parker

“'Home from the Hill': Conflict Key to Exciting Film." Fort Lauderdale News, March 18, 1960 Kelly, Herb. '"Home from the Hill' Powerful." The Miami News, March 18. 1960 Lesner, Sam. "'Home from the Hill': A Tale of Texas Neurotics.

Author: Doug McClelland

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780810848368

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 272

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This is the first book on enduring Hollywood star Eleanor Parker, long underrated despite three best actress Academy Award nominations (Caged, 1950; Detective Story, 1951; Interrupted Melody, 1955). Parker was a beauty as well as a versatile actress, and her achievements approach those of more publicized colleagues Bette Davis and Katharine Hepburn. With Parker's blessing and her son Paul Clemens' cooperation, Doug McClelland has written one of the most thorough examinations of a film star's career. The book is valuable to librarians, academies, and film enthusiasts for its extensive documentation and analyses of all of Parker's work, for the bibliographies of her coverage in books and periodicals, for the portrait of a glamorous, creative era in filmmaking, and for the insights into the careers of Eleanor Parker's associates, many among the most heavily researched motion picture artists of cinema's "Golden Age." The book contains a forward by noted screenwriter William Ludwig, who won an Academy Award for Parker's Interrupted Melody, and afterword by Marjorie Lawrence, the opera singer whom Parker portrayed in Interrupted Melody, and photos of Eleanor Parker that show her in many of her "thousand faces."
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The Sleepwalkers Below the Hill

Lew pried the bottle of V.O. away from Tom and broke it on a rock. Tom already had drunk half of it and he pleaded for more. ... Grave grog for the hunter, home from the hill.” “That bottle wasn't for you.” “Then who was it for?

Author: Arelo Sederberg

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595169672

Category: Fiction

Page: 232

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The Sleepwalkers Below the Hill is a modern novel of couples rather trapped in a Southern California housing tract and their illusive struggle for fulfillment and happiness. It concentrates on an ex-baseball player whose life is unraveling and can think only of better times in the past as he wanders lost and inconspicuous in the rush of people and events. He cannot understand his children or the aspirations of his beautiful wife who makes him the envy of the neighborhood. This couple is foiled against another who lives rather bohemian style in an isolated house in the foothills.
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She read an inscription: Home is the hunter, home from the hill, and the sailor home from the sea. What a thing to put on a grave. As if to say that being dead was home. Home, for Dicey, was their house in Provincetown, where the wind ...

Author: Cynthia Voigt

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439132074

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 400

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The iconic start to the timeless, Newbery-winning series from Cynthia Voigt. “It’s still true.” That’s the first thing James Tillerman says to his older sister, Dicey, every morning. It’s still true that their mother has abandoned the four Tillermans in a mall parking lot somewhere in the middle of Connecticut. It’s still true that they have to find their own way to Great-aunt Cilla’s house in Bridgeport. It’s still true that they need to spend as little as possible on food and seek shelter anywhere that is out of view of the authorities. It’s still true that the only way they can hope to all stay together is to just keep moving forward. Deep down, Dicey hopes they can find someone to trust, someone who will take them in and love them. But she’s afraid it’s just too much to hope for....
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The Globalization of Merchant Banking before 1850

Murray, Home from the Hill, p. 26; Jones, International Business, p. 37. It is worth noting that Andrew Murray, the author of Frederick Huth's biography, was Frederick's great-great grandson. Hamburg developed close links with Corunna ...

Author: Manuel Llorca-Jaa

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351543941

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 168

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London merchant bankers emerged during the 1820s in the wake of financial turmoil caused by the wars of American Independence, the Napoleonic campaigns and the Anglo-American war of 1812. Though the majority of merchant bankers remained cautious in their affairs, Huth & Co established an impressive global network of trade and lending, dealing with over 6,000 correspondents in more than seventy countries. Based on archival research, this comparative study provides a new chronology of early nineteenth-century commercial and financial expansion.Huth & Co. were truly market-makers and key intermediaries of commodities and capital flows in the international economy. This is an important example of a firm shaping globalisation well before the transport and communication revolution of the last quarter of the nineteenth century. But rather than a case study, this is a comparative study concerned with the commercial and financial activities of the leading merchant-bankers of the periodThis book will be of great interest to business and economic historians interested in the nature of the early decades of the first globalization.
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Hidden History of East Texas

“Home is the sailor, home from sea, And the hunter home from the hill.” This is the defining poetic line by Robert Louis Stevenson that opens the 1960 classic Texas movie Home from the Hill. The book of the same name was written two ...

Author: Tex Midkiff

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781439670651

Category: History

Page: 128

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The heritage of East Texas partakes in the same degree of unexpected turns and hidden depths as its backroads and bayous. One line of inquiry meanders into another. Start out searching for La Salle's grave and end up chasing Spanish gold in Upshur County. From Sam Houston's Bible to the Longview nightclub that hosted both Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, one tale follows another and introduces a cast of characters that includes Candace and Peter Ellis Bean, Old Rip, Jack Lummus and Vernon Wayne Howell. Part the Pine Curtain with Tex Midkiff for a history as heated as the La Grange Chicken Ranch's parlor and irresistible as a batch of Golden sweet potatoes.
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Vincente Minnelli

which Home from the Hill articulates the issues of what it means to be “ a man , ” both within the world of the film and within the literary / cultural tradition from which the film so clearly emerges : Melville and Twain , Hawthorne ...

Author: Jean-Loup Bourget

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 0814333079

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 458

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A comprehensive scholarly examination of Vincente Minnelli, one of American cinema's central filmmakers.
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A Hundred Or More Hidden Things

It appeared that anything MGM threw at Vincente, from musicals to melodramas, turned to gold—though the owner of the Academy's 3lst Best ... I don't think I could do a Western, though lots of people think Home from the Hill is one.

Author: Mark Griffin

Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com

ISBN: 9781459600065


Page: 640

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He was the acclaimed director of such cinematic classics as Meet Me in St. Louis, An American in Paris, and Gigi, and equally well known for his tumultuous marriage to the legendary Judy Garland. But to say that Vincente Minnelli's conflicted personal life informed his films would be an understatement. As Mark Griffin persuasively demonstrates in this definitive biography of the Academy Award winning director, Minnelli was not only building a remarkable Hollywood legacy, but also creating an intriguing autobiography in code. Drawing on more than 100 interviews with such icons as Kirk Douglas, Angela Lansbury, Lauren Bacall, Tony Curtis, and George Hamilton, Griffin turns the spotlight on the enigmatic ''elegant director, '' revealing long-kept secrets at the heart of Minnelli's genius.
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Developing Endurance

At the hill, the athlete performs a set of 12 × 2 minutes, running at anaerobic intensity up the hill. The rest interval is the time it takes to walk down the hill. To cool down, the athlete runs home from the hill, descending in ...

Author: NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781492582304

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 312

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Runners, cyclists, swimmers, rowers, triathletes, and ultradistance athletes must sustain performance at a high level to come out on top. Developing Endurance shows how to achieve optimal stamina to race your best through science-based aerobic, anaerobic, and resistance training. Written by 11 top experts in the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the top sport conditioning organization in the world, this guide provides both the background information and the exercises, drills, workouts, and programs for ultimate results. Athletes and coaches will appreciate the assessment tools, analyses, and instruction to define specific needs and establish effective training goals. Armed with these tools and information, you can create the ideal personalized training program for your sport and avoid lengthy plateaus while taking performance to the highest level.
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The Intervals of Cinema

To earn the glory of being 'the most horrible', she targets the house of the terrible Braukoff whom none of her ... In it there are fathers who are invariably too much or not enough – sometimes both at once (Home from the Hill); a ...

Author: Jacques Rancière

Publisher: Verso Books

ISBN: 9781781686935

Category: Art

Page: 144

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An essential analysis of cinema from one of the great figures of French philosophy. Cinema, like language, can be said to exist as a system of differences. In his latest book, acclaimed philosopher Jacques Rancière looks at cinematic art in comparison to its corollary forms in literature and theatre. From literature, he argues, cinema takes its narrative conventions, while at the same time effacing literature’s images and philosophy; and film rejects theatre, while also fulfilling theatre’s dream. Built on these contradictions, the cinema is the real, material space in which one is moved by the spectacle of shadows. Thus, for Rancière, film is the perpetually disappointed dream of a language of images.
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M tis in Canada

D. McLean, Home from the Hill: The Métis in Western Canada (Regina: Gabriel Dumont Institute, 1987), 138. 33. Payment, The Free People Otipemisiwak, 267–68. 34. McLean, Home from the Hill, 146–48; Payment, The Free People Otipemisiwak, ...

Author: Christopher Adams

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 9780888647184

Category: History

Page: 560

View: 717

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These twelve essays constitute a groundbreaking volume of new work prepared by leading scholars in the fields of history, anthropology, constitutional law, political science, and sociology, who identify the many facets of what it means to be Métis in Canada today. After the Powley decision in 2003, Métis peoples were no longer conceptually limited to the historical boundaries of the fur trade in Canada. Key ideas explored in this collection include identity, rights, and issues of governance, politics, and economics. The book will be of great interest to scholars in political science and Indigenous studies, the legal community, public administrators, government policy advisors, and people seeking to better understand the Métis past and present. Contributors: Christopher Adams, Gloria Jane Bell, Glen Campbell, Gregg Dahl, Janique Dubois, Tom Flanagan, Liam J. Haggarty, Laura-Lee Kearns, Darren O'Toole, Jeremy Patzer, Ian Peach, Siomonn P. Pulla, Kelly L. Saunders.
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The Movie Lover s Tour of Texas

REEL-LIFE AND REAL-LIFE TOURS Feature Presentations: Piney Woods in a Starring Role Homejrom the Hill (1960) Robert Mitchum, Eleanor Parker, George Hamilton, and George Peppard Directed by Vincente Minnelli Reel-Life Tour Home from the ...

Author: Veva Vonler

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781589792425

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 235

View: 783

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Texas movies are as vast as the Lone Star State. Fans tour Texas via movies that explore the state region by region. They can hit the movie trail via automobile using suggested itineraries, maps, and lists of unique shooting locations, all spiced with anecdotes and occasional gossip about behind-the-scenes action.
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True West Virginia Ghost Stories

This old house was originally a church, and there are at least 3 graves somewhere on the property which are ... One night when my grandfather was walking up the hill coming home from the store, he saw a woman in white whose feet did not ...

Author: Jonathan Moore

Publisher: West Virginia Ghosts

ISBN: 9781466342118

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 304

View: 996

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“True West Virginia Ghost Stories” is a collection of over 400 hair raising stories, all true, that have been passed down for many generations in the mountain state. Over the past twelve years these stories have been archived by 'West Virginia Ghosts' and for the first time are being offered in anthology, full book form. The stories, written by different individuals, cover the entire spectrum of paranormal phenomena; ghosts, UFO's, Bigfoot, strange animals and creatures, and many more. There are many unexplained events cataloged throughout the work. If you love the paranormal and are fond of the mountain state or Appalachia in general, take a trip down these haunted country roads with “True West Virginia Ghost Stories!”
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