How to Do Everything Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Microsoft SharePoint 2013
Author: Stephen Cawood
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071809821
Category: Computers
Page: 304
View: 2708
Maximize Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Written by a former member of the SharePoint development team, How to Do Everything: Microsoft SharePoint 2013 shows you how to get the most out of the latest release of this dynamic business collaboration platform. You’ll learn to set up SharePoint sites and use document management, wikis, taxonomy, blogs, social features, and more to organize, manage, and share content. Real-world examples help you accomplish tasks quickly and easily. Basic information on SharePoint development and administration is also included in this practical guide. Work with sites, apps, lists, libraries, and items Upload documents, manage files with document libraries, and use document versioning and content approval features Collaborate via discussion boards, blogs, wikis, events, surveys, calendars, and newsfeeds Use social tagging, enable a folksonomy, and use enterprise keywords Create a taxonomy hierarchy using enterprise managed metadata Build publishing sites, personal sites, and websites Display data on pages using web and app parts Customize apps, lists, forms, and navigation Use SharePoint with client applications, including Microsoft Office, Outlook, InfoPath, SharePoint Designer, and third-party applications Learn the basics of SharePoint administration and development

Exam Prep for How to Do Everything Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Author: Just the Facts101
Publisher: Just the Facts101
ISBN: 9781538845578
Category: Education
Page: 522
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Your text simplified as the essential facts to prepare you for your exams. Over 2,000 higly probable test items.

SharePoint 2013 How-To

Author: Ishai Sagi
Publisher: Sams Publishing
ISBN: 0133432262
Category: Computers
Page: 384
View: 4035
SharePoint 2013 How-To Need fast, reliable, easy-to-implement solutions for SharePoint 2013? This book delivers exactly what you’re looking for: step-by-step help and guidance with the tasks that users, authors, content managers, and site managers perform most often. Fully updated to reflect SharePoint 2013’s latest improvements and fluid new design, it covers everything from lists and views to social networking, workflows, and security. The industry’s most focused SharePoint resource, SharePoint 2013 How-To provides all the answers you need—now! Ishai Sagi is a SharePoint developer and architect who provides solutions through his company, Extelligent Design, which is Canberra, Australia’s leading SharePoint consultancy. Sagi has worked with SharePoint since it was introduced in 2001. Honored four times by Microsoft as a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server MVP, he has trained many end users, administrators, and developers in using SharePoint or developing solutions for it. He leads Canberra’s SharePoint user group and has spoken at Microsoft conferences around the world. He hosts the popular blog Sharepoint Tips and Tricks (, and authored SharePoint 2010 How-To. Fast, Accurate, and Easy-to-Use! ¿ Quickly review essential SharePoint terminology and concepts ¿ Master SharePoint 2013’s revamped interface for Windows PCs, Surface, and smartphones ¿ Run SharePoint in the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 and SkyDrive ¿ Find, log on to, and navigate SharePoint sites ¿ Create, manage, and use list items, documents, and forms ¿ Alert yourself to new or changed content ¿ Use views to work with content more efficiently ¿ Leverage SharePoint 2013’s revamped search capabilities ¿ Organize content with lists, document libraries, and templates ¿ Use powerful social networking features, including tagging, NewsFeed updates, and microblogging ¿ Author and edit each type of SharePoint page ¿ Build flexible navigation hierarchies with Managed Metadata ¿ Systematically manage site security and content access ¿ Control permissions more effectively with the Permissions Page ¿ Create and track workflows, and integrate them with lists or libraries ¿ Customize a site’s appearance, settings, and behavior ¿ Create new Office 365 private and public site collections

Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2013

Author: GIRAUDY Pierre-Erol
Publisher: Lavoisier
ISBN: 2746295121
Page: 435
View: 3222
Depuis une décennie, Microsoft ne cesse d’améliorer sa plate-forme collaborative SharePoint® Server. Cet ouvrage permet de découvrir et de mieux appréhender les nouvelles technologies SharePoint® Server 2013, SharePoint® Foundation 2013 et Microsoft® Office® 2013. Cet outil de partage de l’information sans équivalent est couplé à des applications de gestion électronique de documents, d’informatique décisionnelle (BI), de moteurs de recherche (FAST), de réseaux sociaux ainsi qu’à My Site (RSE). Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2013 s’adresse aux responsables informatiques, aux DRH, aux DSI, aux chefs de produits ou à tout décideur souhaitant utiliser une solution de portail pour faciliter le travail collaboratif dans l’entreprise. Cet ouvrage présente, de manière didactique, comment piloter Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2013 en analysant les points suivants : l’architecture et les fonctions avancées, la migration, l’installation, la configuration et les services, la gouvernance et la gestion applicative, l’intégration de réseaux sociaux, My Site, la conservation, SharePoint Designer, PowerShell et des outils tiers.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Step by Step

Author: Olga M. Londer,Penelope Coventry
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 0735676534
Category: Computers
Page: 678
View: 4490
The smart way to learn Microsoft SharePoint 2013—one step at a time! Experience learning made easy—and quickly teach yourself how to boost team collaboration with SharePoint 2013. With Step by Step, you set the pace—building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them! Customize your team site’s layout, features, and apps Manage and share ideas, documents, and data Capture and organize content into lists and libraries Automate business processes with built-in workflows Use social features to communicate and collaborate Publish content using enhanced web content management

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Planning for Adoption and Governance

Planning for Adoption and Governance
Author: Geoff Evelyn
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 0735672385
Category: Computers
Page: 388
View: 9089
Deliver a successful SharePoint solution to your organization Take control of the complex requirements for delivering a SharePoint 2013 solution to your organization. Led by a SharePoint MVP specializing in SharePoint service delivery, you’ll learn proven methods to help you prepare for a smooth adoption and governance process throughout the enterprise. This guide is ideal for IT professionals, including service delivery managers, project and program managers, and business analysts. Discover how to: Align your SharePoint solution with organizational goals and business priorities Engage executive sponsors, stakeholders, and SharePoint champions Provide detailed plans and schedules for an effective, structured delivery Build a team with appropriate roles to match delivery requirements Prepare user adoption, training, and communication plans, with clear business rules and policies Plan ongoing platform governance, service releases, and solution maintenance Build effective customer service models and provide SharePoint support

A Practical Guide to SharePoint 2013

No fluff! Just practical exercises to enhance your SharePoint 2013 learning!
Author: Saifullah Shafiq
Publisher: Wali Systems Inc
ISBN: 0991520300
Category: Computers
Page: 378
View: 9975
This book is a complete practical guide. It’s full of useful tips and exercises to get users started in no time! It has no fluff, just practical exercises that will provide users the knowledge and know-how to implement SharePoint solutions easily and professionally. SharePoint has a steep learning curve. Without a book like this, it will probably take users months to learn SharePoint. This book will save users great deal of time because it contains ready-to-use solutions and expert advice from someone who is a subject matter expert. This book has everything that users need to equip themselves to work professionally on SharePoint projects. The author is a 7 times awardee of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. SharePoint is a huge product. Each component or feature deserves a separate book. Discussing all great features in detail in one book is not possible. Author has tried to include the necessary content that will help users get started straight away. For beginners, the main problem they face is to setup an environment for SharePoint deployment. This book shows how to prepare the environment and then install each piece of software one by one. The initial chapters of the book focus on SharePoint infrastructure and deployment and show how to install SharePoint 2013 on a clean machine. The intended audience of these chapters is people who are looking to become SharePoint 2013 administrators. Network administrators who want to learn SharePoint administration will gain lot of useful information from these chapters. Chapters in the later part of the book contain information on some of the popular features of SharePoint 2013. These chapters discuss creating web-enabled InfoPath forms, securing sites with SSL, setting up Extranets, etc. These chapters are for the power users and advanced users. The book guides users in a step-by-step format and explains everything needed to install the software. This includes preparing the machine for the installation. Each exercise in the book is accompanied by screenshots so that even if a user gets stuck during the exercise, he can refer to the screenshot to get a better understanding of the step he is stuck on. Clear and crisp screenshots make this book unique. Some of the topics discussed in the book are advanced but explained in a very simple way with the help of screenshots. This book is structured to build logically on the skills you learn as you progress through it. After the initial introduction and deployment chapters, the book moves into the more advanced part of the platform. Each chapter focuses on a new feature. If you are an advanced user, you can skip the initial chapters and go directly to the topic that you are interested in. Some of the topics discussed in the book are as following: SharePoint Deployments - Configure Active Directory, SQL Server, IIS Roles! SharePoint Cloud - Setup SharePoint in the cloud Office 365 Development – Create your first SharePoint app in the cloud SharePoint Modern Apps - Modern, state of the art applications using HTML5 and SharePoint 2013 Extranets Business Processes - Leverage Business Connectivity Services to build Line of Business applications Web Parts Development – Understand and learn to develop web parts Electronic Forms - Learn to program web-enabled electronic forms using InfoPath Public Websites - Design a branded public website using SharePoint Online/Office 365 SharePoint 2013 Search – Learn Search configuration, customization, Managed Metadata SharePoint 2013 Branding – Learn how to brand sites to look elegant, classy and professional

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Inside Out

Author: Darvish Shadravan,Penelope Coventry,Thomas Resing,Christina Wheeler
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 0735672229
Category: Computers
Page: 904
View: 6641
Conquer SharePoint 2013—from the inside out! You’re beyond the basics, so dive right into SharePoint 2013—and really put your business collaboration platform to work! This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting techniques, and workarounds. It’s all muscle and no fluff. Discover how the experts facilitate information sharing across the enterprise—and challenge yourself to new levels of mastery. Efficiently manage documents throughout the enterprise Build team sites and collaborate with Microsoft OneNote and SkyDrive Design workflows with SharePoint Designer and Microsoft Visio Produce e-forms using Microsoft InfoPath and Access Manage community sites using business social features Connect SharePoint to external data and business systems Create business intelligence dashboards and key performance indicators Customize and control Sharepoint enterprise search

Microsoft Excel 2013 Building Data Models with PowerPivot

Building Data Models with PowerPivot
Author: Alberto Ferrari,Marco Russo
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 0735676569
Category: Computers
Page: 500
View: 5149
Your guide to quickly turn data into results. Transform your skills, data, and business—and create your own BI solutions using software you already know and love: Microsoft Excel. Two business intelligence (BI) experts take you inside PowerPivot functionality for Excel 2013, with a focus on real world scenarios, problem-solving, and data modeling. You'll learn how to quickly turn mass quantities of data into meaningful information and on-the-job results—no programming required! Understand the differences between PowerPivot for Self Service BI and SQL Server Analysis Services for Corporate BI Extend your existing data-analysis skills to create your own BI solutions Quickly manipulate large data sets, often in millions of rows Perform simple-to-sophisticated calculations and what-if analysis Create complex reporting systems with data modeling and Data Analysis Expressions Share your results effortlessly across your organization using Microsoft SharePoint Authors’ note on using Microsoft Excel 2016: This book’s content was written against Excel 2013, but it is useful and valid for users of Excel 2016 too. Excel 2016 introduces several new DAX functions and an improved editor for DAX without changing any existing behavior. In other words, all of the concepts and examples explained in this book continue to work with Excel 2016.

Business Intelligence in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Author: Norm Warren,Mariano Neto,Stacia Misner,Ivan Sanders,Scott A. Helmers
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 0735675872
Category: Computers
Page: 406
View: 1579
Dive into the business intelligence features in SharePoint 2013—and use the right combination of tools to deliver compelling solutions. Take control of business intelligence (BI) with the tools offered by SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Led by a group of BI and SharePoint experts, you’ll get step-by-step instructions for understanding how to use these technologies best in specific BI scenarios—whether you’re a SharePoint administrator, SQL Server developer, or business analyst. Discover how to: Manage the entire BI lifecycle, from determining key performance indicators to building dashboards Use web-based Microsoft Excel services and publish workbooks on a SharePoint Server Mash up data from multiple sources and create Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) using PowerPivot Create data-driven diagrams that provide interactive processes and context with Microsoft Visio Services Use dashboards, scorecards, reports, and key performance indicators to monitor and analyze your business Use SharePoint to view BI reports side by side, no matter which tools were used to produced them

Outlook 2013 Absolute Beginner's Guide

Author: Diane Poremsky,Sherry Kinkoph Gunter
Publisher: Que Publishing
ISBN: 0133383113
Category: Computers
Page: 384
View: 508
Make the most of Outlook 2013–without becoming a technical expert! This book is the fastest way to learn Outlook and use it to efficiently manage all your contacts and communications! Even if you’ve never used Outlook before, you’ll learn how to do what you want, one incredibly clear and easy step at a time. Outlook has never, ever been this simple! Who knew how simple Outlook 2013 could be? This is the easiest, most practical beginner’s guide to using Microsoft’s incredibly powerful new Outlook 2013 program…simple, reliable instructions for doing everything you really want to do! Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn: • Regain control and automatically get rid of junk email • Make email more efficient • Create appointments, events, meeting invitations, and reminders • Publish and share your calendar • Manage contacts, Facebook friends, and LinkedIn connections with People Hub • Use Tasks and To-Do Lists more effectively • Sync Outlook data across multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets • Make the most of Outlook together with Exchange and SharePoint • Use Peeks to instantly find what you need without changing views • Track your life with Color Categories, Folders, and Outlook 2013’s improved Search • Run mail or email merges from within Outlook • Efficiently manage and protect your Outlook data files • And much more… Diane Poremsky has been recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional since 1999 for her knowledge and support of Microsoft Outlook. She founded Outlook Tips ( and operates The Outlook and Exchange Solutions Center ( Her weekly newsletter, Exchange Outlook Messaging, has 7,000+ subscribers, and her Outlook Daily Tips email reaches 5,000+ subscribers. Her books include Sams Teach Yourself Outlook 2003 in 24 Hours. Sherry Kinkoph Gunter has authored more than 50 computer books on a wide variety of topics, including Word 2013 Absolute Beginner’s Guide and several other books on Microsoft Office.

SharePoint 2013 For Dummies

Author: Ken Withee
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118645286
Category: Computers
Page: 384
View: 5965
The bestselling guide on running SharePoint, now updated tocover all the new features of SharePoint 2013 SharePoint Portal Server is an essential part of the enterpriseinfrastructure for many businesses. Building on the success ofprevious versions of SharePoint For Dummies, this newedition covers all the latest features of SharePoint 2013 andprovides you with an easy-to-understand resource for making themost of all that this version has to offer. You'll learn how to geta site up and running, branded, and populated with content,workflow, and management. In addition, this new edition includesessential need-to-know information for administrators, techsumers,and page admins who want to leverage the cloud-hosted featuresonline, either as a standalone product or in conjunction with anexisting SharePoint infrastructure. Walks you through getting a SharePoint site up and runningeffectively and efficiently Explains ongoing site management and offers plenty of advicefor administrators who want to leverage SharePoint and Office 365in various ways Shows how to use SharePoint to leverage data centers andcollaborate with both internal and external customers, includingpartners and clients SharePoint 2013 For Dummies is essential reading if youwant to make the most of this technology.

Developing Business Intelligence Apps for SharePoint

Combine the Power of SharePoint, LightSwitch, Power View, and SQL Server 2012
Author: David Feldman,Jason Himmelstein
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 1449324673
Category: Computers
Page: 592
View: 7742
Create dynamic business intelligence (BI) solutions for SharePoint faster and with more capabilities than previously possible. With this book, you’ll learn the entire process—from high-level concepts to development and deployment—for building data-rich BI applications with Visual Studio LightSwitch, SQL Server 2012, and a host of related Microsoft technologies. You’ll learn practical techniques and patterns necessary to use all of these technologies together as you build an example application through the course of the book, step by step. Discover how to solve real problems, using BI solutions that will evolve to meet future needs. Learn the fundamentals of SharePoint, LightSwitch, and SQL Server 2012 Get a solid grounding in BI application basics and database design principles Use LightSwitch to build a help desk app, including data model design and SharePoint data integration Build a tabular cube with Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BISM) Dive into the data visualization stack, including Excel and SQL Server Reporting Services Create reports with Excel Services, Report Builder, and PowerView Use tips and tricks for setting up your BI application development environment

Outlook 2013

Domine las funciones avanzadas
Author: Vv.aa
Publisher: Ediciones ENI
ISBN: 9782746086548
Page: 216
View: 3715

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Disaster Recovery Guide

Author: Peter Ward,Peter Abreu,Pavlo Andrushkiw,Pat Esposito,Jeff Gellman,Joel Plaut
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1849685118
Category: Computers
Page: 278
View: 4291
The style and approach of the book is an easytoread SharePoint admin guide. This is not a stepbystep instruction book, but rather a guide on how to implement and execute a disaster recovery plan to your SharePoint environment.This book is great for both SharePoint and SQL administrators new to the SharePoint 2013 architecture, and who are looking to get a good grounding in how to use implement a solid disaster recoveryrecovery plan. It's assumed that you have some experience in SharePoint and Windows Server and, as well be familiar with SQL.

Pro SharePoint Disaster Recovery and High Availability

Author: Stephen Cummins
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1430263296
Category: Computers
Page: 264
View: 8437
Few IT professionals take the time to learn what needs to be known to do disaster recovery well. Most labor under the pretense that good administration equals close to five-nines uptime. Most technical people do not see the value of planning for disasters until the unexpected has already happened, and the effects of a disaster involving a SharePoint farm—which today houses business information, line-of-business applications, sensitive information, extranets, and other highly important assets—can be staggering. Pro SharePoint Disaster Recovery and High Availability, Second Edition will take you through a step-by-step process to show how to build an awareness and reaction plan for the inevitable. With a focus on real-world experiences and war stories, author Stephen Cummins weaves an expert tale of woe response and offers you: Ways to see the warning signs of disaster, and ways to avoid it Ways to respond to a disaster while it is happening Perhaps most importantly, how to develop a plan to deal with disaster when it inevitably does happen

Project 2013 Absolute Beginner's Guide

Author: Brian Kennemer,Sonia Atchison
Publisher: Que Publishing
ISBN: 0133353648
Category: Computers
Page: 272
View: 525
Make the most of Project 2013—without becoming a technical expert! This book is the fastest way to take control of Project 2013, and use it to efficiently manage every phase of your project, from up-front planning through project completion and post-mortems. Even if you’ve never used Microsoft Project before, this book will show you how to do what you want, one incredibly clear and easy step at a time. Project 2013 has never, ever been this simple! Who knew how simple Project® 2013 could be? This is the easiest, most practical beginner’s guide to running real projects with Project 2013… simple, reliable instructions for doing everything you really want to do! Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn: • Master today’s best project management techniques • Use Project 2013 to solve many key project management problems • Master Project’s revamped interface, from Start screen to Backstage • Leverage Project 2013’s best new features in your day-to-day work • Get comfortable with the Project Window and its powerful views • Set up realistic project schedules and calendars • Add new tasks, dependencies, and resources • Create budgets, track costs, and quickly resolve cost overruns • Smoothly reflect changes in your project • Report on progress, from completed work to anticipated finish dates • Strengthen decision-making with dashboards, plans, and timelines • Streamline processes by integrating Project with SharePoint and Office • Securely share project data with team participants and stakeholders • Improve efficiency by customizing Project’s interface to your needs • Coherently manage complex project portfolios • Extend project management to smartphones, tablets, and the cloud Brian Kennemer, Microsoft MVP for Project and Project Server, has worked with Project since 1997. He served on the Microsoft Consulting Services Global Enterprise Project Management team for five years, and has helped several Microsoft Partners design and deploy Project Server-based systems. Sonia Atchison has worked with Microsoft Project since 1999. In 2006, she joined Microsoft’s writing team, producing extensive help content, videos, and content for and TechNet.

Access 2013 Bible

Author: Michael Alexander,Richard Kusleika
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118490355
Category: Computers
Page: 1296
View: 9558
A comprehensive reference to the updated and new features of Access 2013 As the world's most popular database management tool, Access enables you to organize, present, analyze, and share data as well as build powerful database solutions. However, databases can be complex. That's why you need the expert guidance in this comprehensive reference. Access 2013 Bible helps you gain a solid understanding of database purpose, construction, and application so that whether you're new to Access or looking to upgrade to the 2013 version, this well-rounded resource provides you with a thorough look at everything Access can do. Explains how to create tables, manipulate datasheets, and work with multiple tables Teaches you how to apply the seven-step design method to build databases that are tailored to your needs Covers building forms with wizards, creating bound and unbound forms, and adding data validation Shows you ways to automate query parameters, create functions and subroutines, and add programmed error routines Features a bonus website with content that contains all source code from the book as well as bonus shareware, freeware, trial, demo, and evaluation programs If you are looking for a comprehensive book on all things Access, look no further than Access 2013 Bible.

Aprendiendo principios de programación en 24 horas

Author: Greg M. Perry
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9789701703243
Category: Computer programming
Page: 492
View: 4958