The Electric Vehicle Conversion Handbook HP1568

... RACING & CHASSIS Advanced Race Car Chassis Technology: 978-1-55788-
562-3/HP562 Chassis Engineering: ... 978-1-55788-406-0 /HP1406 How to Make
Your Car Handle: 978-1-91265-646-5/HP46 How to Build a Winning Drag Race ...

Author: Mark Warner

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101515792

Category: Transportation

Page: 176

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A guide on how to convert any gas- or diesel-powered vehicle to electric power. Includes ownership advantages, basic EV operation, subsystems, components, basic EV operation, project vehicles, and conversion kits.
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Building the Chevy LS Engine HP1559

... Car Chassis Technology: 978-1-55788-562-3/HP562 Chassis Engineering:
978-1-55788-055-0/HP1055 4Wheel ... 978-1-55788-406- 0/HP1406 How to
Make Your Car Handle: 978-1-91265-646-5/HP46 How to Build a Winning Drag
Race ...

Author: Mike Mavrigian

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101445570

Category: Transportation

Page: 208

View: 370

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This is an engine rebuilding and modification guide that includes sections on history, engine specs, disassembly, cylinder block and bottom end reconditioning, cylinder heads and valvetrain reconditioning, balancing, step-by-step engine reassembly, torque values, and OEM part numbers for the popular Chevy LS series of engines.
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Performance Fuel Injection Systems HP1557

Covers Components, Se nsors, Fuel and Ignition Requirements, Tuning the Stock
ECU, Piggyback and Stan Matt Cramer ... 978-1-55788-406-0/HP1406 HOW to
Make Your Car Handle: 978-1-91.265-646-5/HP46 How to Build a Winning Drag

Author: Matt Cramer

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101189088

Category: Transportation

Page: 160

View: 823

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A practical guide to modifying and tuning modern electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems, including engine control units (ECUs). The book starts out with plenty of foundational topics on wiring, fuel systems, sensors, different types of ignition systems, and other topics to help ensure the reader understands how EFI Systems work. Next the book builds on that foundation, helping the reader to understand the different options available: Re-tuning factory ECUs, add on piggyback computers, or all out standalone engine management systems. Next Matt and Jerry help the reader to understand how to configure a Standalone EMS, get the engine started, prep for tuning, and tune the engine for maximum power and drivability. Also covered is advice on tuning other functions-- acceleration enrichments, closed loop fuel correction, and more. Finally, the book ends with a number of case studies highlighting different vehicles and the EMS solutions that were chosen for each, helping to bring it all together with a heavy emphasis on how you can practically approach your projects and make them successful!
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Classic Mustang HP1556

Restoration, Repair & Upgrades Editors of Mustang Monthly Magazine ... to Make
Your Car Handle: 978-1-91.265-646-5/HP46 How to Builda Winning Drag Race
Chassis&Suspension: The Race Car Chassis: 978-1-55788-540-1/HP1540 The ...

Author: Editors of Mustang Monthly Magazine

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101478691

Category: Transportation

Page: 224

View: 591

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This is a compilation of more than 50 restoration and maintenance projects for Mustangs built from 1964 through 1973, the most popular collectible Mustangs. Includes how-to projects on engine and drivetrain, electrical, body-work, interior, chassis and suspension.
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Rebuild Powetune Carter Edelbrock Carburetors HP1555

... Camino handbook: 978-1-55788-428-2/hp1428 Chevylsillsö Performance: 978
-1-55788-407-7/HP1407 The Classic ... Track Chassis&Suspension: 978-1-
55788-511-1/HP1511 how to Make Your car handle: 978-1-9.1265-646-5/HP46
How ...

Author: Larry Shepard

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101171387

Category: Transportation

Page: 176

View: 886

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A step-by-step guide to rebuilding, modifying and tuning the Carter/Edelbrock carburetors. Carter history and model overview; an overview of carb parts and how they work;' car selection; rebuilding carbs; installation and hardware; performance and adjustments; general tuning and troubleshooting; emission, fuel economy and fuel supply; racing and special applications.
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Traffic Safety

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ISBN: STANFORD:36105129711474

Category: Accidents


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