Hughes HK 1 H 4 Flying Boat Manual

Many questioned the practicality of the aircraft, and after the war ended the project was roundly criticized as a boondoggle. Howard Hughes decided to prove the plane could fly.

Author: Hughes Tool Company

Publisher: Periscope Film LLC

ISBN: 193532778X

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The legendary Hercules flying boat was designed and built by the Hughes Aircraft Company. Intended to defeat the German U-boat threat, the plane was intended to be a super transport that could ferry 750 troops from the USA to Europe, and serve as an aerial ambulance on the return flight. Owing to wartime restrictions on the use of aluminum, the prototype Hercules was built using laminated birch wood. Although company CEO Howard Hughes hated it, the name "Spruce Goose" was coined for the plane and it stuck. The HK-1 (later designated H-4) would be the largest flying boat ever built, and one of history's largest and most expensive planes. Many questioned the practicality of the aircraft, and after the war ended the project was roundly criticized as a boondoggle. Howard Hughes decided to prove the plane could fly. On November 2, 1947 he and a crew of 21 conducted a series of taxi tests with the plane. On the last test, the plane became airborne for a brief time and flew just under two miles at an altitude of roughly 70 feet. It would never fly again, but Hughes had silenced his critics. This Hughes Flying Boat Manual was originally prepared for the U.S. Government's War Department by the Hughes Tool Co., and made available through the Freedom of Information Act. It provides an overview of this massive plane's design and operation for the pilot and flight crew, and puts you right in the cockpit of one of history's great planes. Please note: because this document originated from an archival copy, legibility can vary and some images may be substandard.
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Howard Hughes and the Spruce Goose

The book goes on to explore the political issues that sprung up as a result of Hughes' endeavors, looking into the Senate War Investigations Committee's findings which explored the extent to which government funds had been utilized in the ...

Author: Graham M Simons

Publisher: Pen and Sword Aviation

ISBN: 1399014412


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Howard Hughes' life ambition was to make a significant contribution to the field of aviation development. But the monumental folly of his endeavors on the HK-I Hercules meant that he came to be known and remembered to a great extent for all the wrong reasons. The 'Spruce Goose' (a name Hughes detested) became a product of his wild fixation on perfection and scale. Once completed, it was the largest flying machine ever built. Its wingspan of 320 feet remains the largest in history. Yet it only completed one flight; flying for a mile on its maiden voyage above Long Beach Harbor, before being consigned to the history books as a failure. Experienced author Graham M. Simons turns his attention to the production process that saw this colossus take shape. In words and images, all aspects of this process are illustrated. We have shots taken during the initial design period, images of the craft under construction, and photographs taken at the test flights. In addition, Simons has been gifted access to the highly prized and rarely seen aircraft manual produced for the aircraft, content from which has been extracted and used to supplement the narrative. The book goes on to explore the political issues that sprung up as a result of Hughes' endeavors, looking into the Senate War Investigations Committee's findings which explored the extent to which government funds had been utilized in the development and construction of the flying boat, adding a whole new layer of controversy to the proceedings.
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R 4360

... that the two prototype aircraft were constructed Hughes HFB-1, H-4, HK-1 Hercules “Spruce Goose” It must have. from sketches such as this. (Courtesy of Pratt & Whitney) extinguishing system was employed. (Hughes Flying Boat Manual.

Author: Graham White

Publisher: Specialty Press

ISBN: 9781580071734

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Leaving no stone unturned, this book provides a detailed account of the inner workings of the R-4360. Also covered is the engineäó»s development history, variations, and its military, commercial, and racing applications.
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Until recently Howard Hughes's " Spruce Goose , " more correctly known as the " Hughes Flying Boat , H - 4 , HK - 1 , " was also on display near the ... Insanity Epidemic " Episode # 6.14 Production # 44901 CHAPTER 12 Episode Guide 245.

Author: Richard Yokley

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

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The hit television show that helped revolutionize emergency medical care in the streets is still a favorite with fans all over the world. When the show premiered in 1972 fire department paramedic services were being piloted in just a handful of cities. By 1977 over 50% of the US population was within 10 minutes of a paramedic unit. The paramedics of Fire Station 51 showed viewers critical techniques such as CPR that saved lives both on screen and off. Emergency! Behind the Scene contains real life tales from the production crew - from medical and fire technical advisors, cast members and writer, to paramedics and fire fighters. Learn more about Johnny Gage, Roy DeSoto, Dixie McCall and the rest of the Station 51 Rampart General Hospital staff. If you are a fire fighter, paramedic or simply a fan you will enjoy this in depth look behind the scenes.
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Flight International

476 Knowler , H. , R.A.S. lecture at Brough , 549 Knox , G. ( photo . ) ... 332 1 , as supplied to Iraq ( photo . ) ... aircraft , The ( Weyl ) , 298 Home Fleet manoeuvres , 422 summer cruise , 630 Hong Kong aircraft debate in House ...



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Hughes The Private Diaries Memons and Letters

move of Hercules (HK-1) flying cargo ship, 155 "mystery train," 281 Nicaragua departure, HRH, 352 Pan American Mines Ltd. fiasco, ... 16 dinner, service of, 233 dissatisfaction with Nixon, 323 driver instructions for starlet passengers, ...

Author: Richard Hack

Publisher: Phoenix Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781597775496

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Big Wings

... for the Hughes flying-boat; bottom right: The fuselage of the HK-l under way from Culver City to the Long Beach facility where final assembly would take place in 1947. __ F...“ ..| _.-... spa. in. ma a..." _4 h... INSTRUCTIONS FOR ...

Author: Philip Kaplan

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781844151783

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In the history of aviation there have been many attempts to produce aircraft of extraordinary proportions to expand the limits of technology and create new performance standards. With few exceptions, the early attempts did not become the successes envisaged until post-World War II when such aircraft as the Boeing B-52 long-range heavy bomber and the Boeing 747 'Jumbo Jet' airliner changed the face of aviation in both the military and civil roles. Big Wings is a well-researched, highly informative and sometimes nostalgic look at the sixteen most significant giants of the air. Each chosen aircraft is introduced and its raison d'?tre explained, then follows an in-depth review of the successful and failed technical aspects of the design, its operational history, first-hand accounts from those that had flown the aircraft and finally some startling facts and statistics. The aircraft selected are as follows: Military - Douglas B-19, Boeing B-29, Consolidated B-36, Northrop B-49 and Boeing B-52, Airliners - Bristol Brabazon, Boeing 747 and Airbus A380, Heavy Lifters - Messerschmitt Me323, Consolidated XC-99, Lockheed C5 and Antonov AN-225, Flying Boats - Dornier Do-X, Martin JRM Mars, Hughes HK-1 and Saunders Roe Princess.
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Wings of Wood Wings of Metal

Ford Motor Company , 103 , 107–8 , 110 , 132 , 152 ; aircraft division , 112–13 ; 4 - AT , 110 , 111 ; 5 - AT , 110–11 ... purchase of Duramold process , 187 Hughes , Thomas P. , 57 Hughes Aircraft Company , 190 , HK - 1 / H - 4 Gadamer ...

Author: Eric Schatzberg


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Schatzberg shows that American aeronautical engineers and airplane designers were swayed by the symbolism of airplane materials, a symbolism that linked metal with technological progress and wood with preindustrial craft traditions. This symbolism encouraged the aeronautical community to focus research and development on metal airplanes at the expense of promising projects involving wood - despite the fact that other countries continued to produce highly successful aircraft with wood through the end of World War II. According to Schatzberg, technical personnel in the American military played the key role in this process. They had little evidence for metal's superiority but used their dominant influence to press the case that metal was the wave of the future and that airplanes would inevitably follow ships and abandon wood.
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Kitty Hawk to NASA

Hughes , in collaboration with industrialist Henry Kaiser , built the Spruce Goose during World War II to fulfill a government contract for a troop - carrying flying boat . The war ended before completion of the plane and the contract ...

Author: Michael Morlan

Publisher: Bon a Tirer Pub

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Describes public, private, and military museums with aerospace collections and lists directions, prices, hours, and aircraft on display
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