Humours of Golf

Author: William Heath Robinson
Publisher: eBook Partnership
ISBN: 1910226319
Category: Humor
Page: 50
View: 888
First published in 1923, 'Humours of Golf' by William Heath Robinson was created from the golfing illustrations he drew for 'The Bystander' magazine. In addition to these cartoons, Heath Robinson made a number of small line drawings on golfing subjects that were added at intervals through the book. There are several allusions to contemporary events, fashions and inventions in his illustrations that provide added interest today but, for many, it is Heath Robinson's quirky characterisation of 'a good walk spoiled' that will give the most pleasure.Heath Robinson didn't play golf himself but he was obviously a shrewd observer of the game and its players. Heath Robinson gently pokes fun at many aspects of golf and golfers in this book. We are all familiar with jibes about the clothes golfers wear, the challenges of maintaining a golf course when nature is determined to undermine (sometimes literally!) the greenkeeper's efforts, and the frustrations of a difficult lie, and there are illustrations on all these topics. However, as was his wont, Heath Robinson also provides lots of ideas for practical solutions and gadgets to help golfers overcome the many challenges they face on the course. Among many others, he proposes: the telescopic putter to save the legs; the golfer's safety hat; a patent putter with adjustment for levelling out worm casts; and plus fives and minus fours.Heath Robinson's 'Humours of Golf' gives so much to so many - entertainment, history and practical advice for enthusiastic golfers. As we have now made it available as an ebook you can read it on your ereader or smart phone while you are waiting to tee off. To golfers who are also married flat-dwellers with a garden and a car we offer our other ebook titles by Heath Robinson: How to Live in a Flat How to be a Perfect Husband How to Make a Garden Grow How to be a Motorist All our Heath Robinson titles include a Foreword by Geoffrey Beare, Trustee of the William Heath Robinson Trust, who is working to build a Heath Robinson museum in North London.

Mr. Punch's Golf Stories

Author: Various
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465520783
Page: N.A
View: 1244


Author: Horace Gordon Hutchinson
Publisher: N.A
Category: Golf
Page: 481
View: 1058

The Library of Golf, 1743-1966

A Bibliography of Golf Books, Indexed Alphabetically, Chronologically, & by Subject Matter
Author: Joseph S. F. Murdoch
Publisher: Detroit : Gale Research Company
Category: Golf
Page: 314
View: 6742

The Book of Golf Quotations

Author: Pat Sullivan
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448146984
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 352
View: 9893
The Book of Golf Quotations is simply the best collection of quoted wit and wisdom on the game of golf, the sport that has defined generations of politicians, footballers, celebrities and ordinary folk with plenty of spare time and a bewildering array of equipment and brightly-coloured clothing. And, of course, professional golfers. The range of quotes is as huge as a Tiger Woods tee shot, with quips from such diverse leading lights as Monty and Mad Mac, Wodehouse and Woosie, Churchill and Bobby Cruickshank, Bob Hope and Ben Hogan, George Bernard Shaw and Tom Shaw - and fully updated to include all the great quotes and comments of a new generation of golfing heroes from Seve to Sam Torrance, other famous people who play golf, and famous people who think golf courses should be abandoned and allowed to seed wild grasses and trees instead. With all the experience and gravitas of Jack Nicklaus, and as funny as a pair of Darren Clarke's trousers, The Book of Golf Quotations is the last word for every fan of frolics on the fairway, on the green or at the nineteenth hole. 'This game is great, and very strange.' Seve Ballesteros 'The best year of my life was when I was eleven. I got straight As, had two recesses a day, and the cutest girlfriend, and won 32 tournaments that year. Everything's been downhill since.' Tiger Woods 'At least he can't cheat on his score - because all you have to do is look back down the fairway and count the wounded.' Bob Hope 'There were three things in the world that he held in the smallest esteem - slugs, poets, and caddies with hiccups.' P G Wodehouse 'You can't birdie all 18 holes if you don't birdie the first three.' Nick Faldo

The Mind of Arthur James Balfour

Selections from His Non-political Writings, Speeches, and Addresses, 1879-1917, Including Special Sections on America and Germany
Author: Arthur James Balfour
Publisher: N.A
Page: 407
View: 7884
Arthur James Balfour was the prime minister of England from 1902-1905. This volume contains his non-political writings, speeches and addresses predating his time as prime minister and extends beyond his political life, which included a post as the Foreign Secretary.

Lyrics of the Links

Poetry, Sentiment and Humour of Golf
Author: Francis Bowler Keene
Publisher: N.A
Category: Golf
Page: 116
View: 1627

Routledge International Handbook of Golf Science

Author: Martin Toms
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317281047
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 520
View: 9243
Golf is one of the world’s major sports and consequently the focus of world-class scientific research. This landmark publication is the most comprehensive book ever published on the science of golf, covering every sub-discipline from physiology, biomechanics and psychology to strength and conditioning, youth development and equipment design. Showcasing original research from leading golf scientists across the globe, it examines the fundamental science underpinning the game and demonstrates how it can be applied in practice to improve and develop players. Each chapter provides a definitive account of the current state of knowledge in a particular area of golf science, addressing the limitations of existing research, presenting new areas for development and discussing the implications for coaches, players, scientists and the wider golfing public. Truly international in scope, the variety of topics explored include: biomechanics and equipment skill learning and technology performance development psychological techniques for success the golfing body. This is an essential reference for any student or researcher with an interest in the game, or any coach or professional looking to improve their knowledge.

The Mammoth Book of Irish Humour

Author: Aubrey Malone
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1780337981
Category: Humor
Page: 160
View: 3424
This bumper collection of Irish humour covers topics such as Absenteeism and Zoos and everything in between. It would be disappointing should such a large collection not include the best of famous Irish wits such as Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw, but the emphasis is very much on contemporary Irish humour from the likes of Tommy Tiernan, Dylan Moran, Ardal O'Hanlon and Dara O'Briain, to name just a few. Lunatic, iconoclastic and, as Spike Milligan might have put it, involving 'sideways thinking', this is Irish humour at its very best.

It Takes A Sense Of Humour

A twinless twin's journey of loss, love and triumph over hidden handicaps
Author: Patty O'Leary Emry
Publisher: FriesenPress
ISBN: 1460241614
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 224
View: 8197
On the day she was born in 1950 as one of two identical twins, Patty O'Leary Emry's formidable challenges were only just beginning. The exhilaration of welcoming new life quickly gave way to desperation as doctors discovered that Patty had multiple congenital difficulties. With underdeveloped digestive, urinary tract, and reproductive systems, the prognosis was grim. When the hospital staff declared that the baby would die within a few days, her steadfast parents refused to give up hope, and they firmly insisted that Patty be given a fighting chance-after all, she deserved every chance at life. After ground breaking operations, doctors were able to reconstruct the tiny infant's digestive organs. It was a miracle that this premature baby survived such procedures, and before long, Patty's tenacious spirit quickened and flourished. But tragedy struck the family again when, Patty's twin sister, Catherine, died only three months after being born. Despite the pain of becoming a "twinless twin" and in the face of daily difficulties that many could consider discouraging, Patty rallied and cultivated a robust and outrageous approach to life that has seen her through over twenty-two surgeries in her lifetime. You, the reader, can also lay hold of the transformative power of laughter and positivity in every circumstance. So whether you're sixteen or ninety-nine, throw off those shackles of self-doubt and despair, put on your dancing shoes, and do the funky chicken on the nearest tabletop-because It Takes a Sense of Humour!

Golf: Facts, Figures and Fun

Author: Ed Harris
Publisher: AAPPL
ISBN: 9781904332657
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 96
View: 4758
2005 Mastermind semi-finalist Ed Harris, a keen golfer and captain of his local Wimbledon club, has let his grey cells loose on this charming and erudite history of one of the world's favourite sports. He explores the origins, development, the rules, the clothes, the courses and the competitions as well as famous players, records, trivia and jokes.

Terrace Heroes

The Life and Times of the 1930s Professional Footballer
Author: Graham Kelly
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113576252X
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 186
View: 5933
The 1930s saw the birth of the football idol - prototype for today's powerful media sport stars. The players of the 1930s were the first generation of professionals, yet until recently the life and careers of footballers of this generation has been little studied. In 1930s Britain, football became increasingly commercialized, and the rise and development of both local and national media enabled players to become widely recognized outside of their immediate local context for the first time. Tracing the origins, playing careers and 'afterlives' of several First Division players of the era, Graham Kelly's revealing history explores the reality of living in Britain between the wars and draws interesting comparisons with lives of the modern football hero today.

Golf's Lighter Side

Selected from 100 Years of Golf Illustrated
Author: Chris Plumridge
Publisher: Lennard Pub.
ISBN: 9781852910594
Category: Golf
Page: 152
View: 1853

The English Golf Coast

Author: Philip Dowell
Publisher: Melrose Press
ISBN: 1905226438
Page: 296
View: 2438
Presents an account of one man's idiosyncratic journey to all 78 golf courses situated quite literally on the coast of England. This work is a narrative of 12-handicapper's travels and golfing adventures with friends and strangers. It provides golfers of all levels with an insight into golfing culture in England.

Golf It's a Funny Old Game

The Funniest Quotes about Golf
Author: M. Prefontaine
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781543284973
Page: 68
View: 9089
For us rabbits the game of golf is a constant battle between fantasy and reality. The great hopes and ambitions that accompany us on the first tee quickly evaporate by a combination of mother nature, gravity and the cruelest of luck. One of the charms of the Great Game is that we are constantly chasing what is, in theory, attainable but in reality highly elusive. It is a perpetual series of occasions for hope. David Feherty summed it up when he said; "Golf can best be defined as an endless series of tragedies obscured by the occasional miracle." It is astonishing how long the occasional miracle can remain in the memory to the total eclipse of all else. Golf is a game whose hook is baited with hope. This book is a compendium of quotes from players who have been similarly troubled by the journey from great hopes to cruel reality. I hope you enjoy their reflections.

Killer's Golf

Author: John Sherress
ISBN: 1326039253
Category: Fiction
Page: 167
View: 2964
European Tour Golf Professional Stuart Ryan has a life-changing experience when he misses the putt that would have secured his place on the Tour for another year. Soon Stuart is caught up as a suspect in a murder investigation where he finds love in the most unexpected of places. A cast iron alibi seems to have saved the day and got him off of the hook. However, fate decrees that he is going to be thrown into a web of murder and corruption. Death stalks him wherever he goes and he even begins to doubt his own sanity when a long forgotten dark secret returns to haunt him and forces him to wonder about his innocence. All of the action is set against the gentle back drop of the world of golf that is shaken to its roots by the series of mysterious deaths. The fast-moving action stretches from leafy Surrey in England to the world of corporate giants in New Jersey, America, and back again as it gathers pace, climaxing in a murderous conclusion.

On Golf

Author: Timothy O'Grady
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 140900239X
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 176
View: 8014
Weather, hazards, poor coordination, erratic biorhythms, hangovers, an unruly mind and statistical improbability - these are just a few of the obstacles to hitting a pure golf shot. Che Guevara, Alice Cooper, Dennis Hopper, and Tiger Woods have all struggled with the above to a greater or lesser degree. And, since being initiated as a child into the arcane mysteries of the game of golf, Timothy O'Grady too has carried in his mind an obsession with the sport, shrugging off its social unacceptability and embracing its history, its literature and his own private battle with the club. For O'Grady, the obsession has, at times, been all-consuming and On Golf is structured around a personal history - how his father played and taught him, how the game dominated his teenage years, and how father and son continued to talk manically about the game even as the older man lay fading away in the bed in which he would die. But O'Grady also discusses the rich literature of golf, from Tobias Smollett to P. G. Wodehouse, and tells us of the terrifying and glorious occasion when he got to play a round with Arnold Palmer. On Golf is the work of a great writer and a good golfer. Timothy O'Grady still dreams that he may one day become a truly fine player but in the meantime he has given us a book which beautifully describes his love affair with the game and goes to the root of the obsession that captivates so many.

Golf Against Cancer

A Month of Madness on the M25
Author: Trevor Sandford
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469174278
Category: Humor
Page: 201
View: 2620
Youd have to be mad to play golf every day for a month alongside the busiest motorway in Britain but thats what Trevor Sandford did in August 2011. When an ordinary club golfer took on the challenge for charity, every day brought on a new adventure. This book tells the tale of the Golf Against Cancer tour with all the blisters, the blog and the banter. Some of these stories you could not make up; this is genuine feel-good non-fiction. a brilliant and funny account of a fantastic achievement The Social Golfer

Great Golf Formats

Golf Betting Games, and More Hilarious Adult Golf Jokes and Stories
Author: Team at Golfwell
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781547227860
Page: 132
View: 4441
Why is this Golf Book different? It's a great gift for a weekend golfer, a source of new golf games to liven up a golf round, and it's the Third book in "Golfwell's Adult Golf Joke Book Series" for lots of fun and laughs. He'll love you for the enjoyment and good times this book brings. He won't have to ever think of ways to liven the routine of weekend golf. He won't have to sort through hundreds of golf game formats. These games aren't complicated and produce the most excitement and fun. This book has fun variations to add to golf games like "MeToos", or "Portuguese Caddy." BONUS: Also included are amazing celebrity golf stories and golf jokes scattered in the pages of this book. It's an entertaining read and puts the reader in a great mood. SECOND BONUS: A journal is also included at the end to keep track of which games were enjoyed the most and the scores for future reference. He can carry the book in his golf bag or have the Kindle version on his phone. REVIEWS: "Long jokes and there's no one-liners in it. Beyond 5 stars!" "I haven't laughed this hard for 20 years!" "This is one of the funniest joke book I've ever read. It's definitely is the funniest golf joke book I've ever read. It's in my top five joke books." "Great book and some of the jokes are appropriate for mixed company. Men and women laugh hard and loud." "One of the best joke books on the market today!" SCROLL UP and get this enjoyable book and he'll have great times and love you for the laughs it brings! Adults Only!