Images of the San Juans

These photographs were taken from the extensive collection of Ruth and Marvin Gregory, a couple whose love for the San Juan Mountains is evident.

Author: P. David Smith

Publisher: Western Reflections Publishing Company

ISBN: 1890437123

Category: History

Page: 288

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Over 250 rare historical photographs from the private collection of Ruth and Marvin Gregory with illuminating and historical narratives are included in this well-researched look at the history of the San Juan area Step back in time and see how the prospectors, miners, merchants, investors, and families settled the mining towns in the gold and silver-rich San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. Venture into the mines with prospectors, ride the railroads along their painfully carved out railbeds, and share the catastrophes and celebrations of towns as the settlements are laid out, swept away by snowy avalanches or changing economies, then revived and begun again. Here is a true story of the awe-inspiring San Juan Mountains and its hardy people which you don't want to miss
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Moon San Juan Islands

San Francisco: Arcadia Publishing,, 2006. Part of the Images of America series, this interesting history book is filled with historical photos from Orcas. Peacock, Christopher M. Rosario Yesterdays: A Pictorial ...

Author: Don Pitcher

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781612380575

Category: Travel

Page: 340

View: 192

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Writer and photographer Don Pitcher introduces travelers to the best of the San Juan Islands, from their luxurious inns and upscale restaurants to their evergreen forests and rocky shorelines. Don is the essential tour guide to this popular getaway destination, providing itineraries such as Romantic San Juans, Camping with the Kids, and Exploring the Outer Islands. Complete with details on activities including whale-watching, kayaking, sailing, hiking, and diving, Moon San Juan Islands gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience.
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San Juan Island National Historical Park General Management Plan

The exhibits are viewable on San Juan Island at park visitor contact stations and at the Burke Welcome Center . ... Staff and volunteers at the park have been producing digital images for each object in the archaeological study ...



ISBN: NWU:35556034517458



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Thought and Poetic Structure in San Juan de la Cruz s Symbol of Night

His violations of San Juan's explicit thought with regard to the total annihilation of consciousness and the ... This assertion is based on Baruzi's understanding that the images that lead us to sanjuanist Night cannot be so simple as ...

Author: N. Grace Aaron

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 0820470953

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 263

View: 424

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Thought and Poetic Structure in San Juan de la Cruz's Symbol of Night is a comprehensive appraisal of the traditional critical perspectives of mysticism: philosophical, theological, literary, and psychological. Examining the a priori limitations of these approaches, the book presents an original definition of the symbol as an integral whole of experience and expression, and concludes that night is the form - the organizing principle - of spiritual life.
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A Colorado History 10th Edition

For the San Juan area generally, see P. David Smith, The San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado: Calderas, Mastodons, Conquistadors, and Gold (Lake City, 2013) and Images of the San Juans: Historical Selections from the Ruth and ...

Author: Maxine Benson

Publisher: Graphic Arts Books

ISBN: 9780871083234

Category: History

Page: 512

View: 843

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Experience Colorado with this new, enlarged edition of A COLORADO HISTORY. For fifty years, the authors of this preeminent resource have led readers on an extraordinary exploration of how the state has changed—and how it has stayed the same. From the arrival of Paleo-Indians in the Mesa Verde region to the fast pace of the twenty-first century, A COLORADO HISTORY covers the political, economic, cultural, and environmental issues, along with the fascinating events and characters, that have shaped this dynamic state. In print for fifty years, this distinctive examination of the Centennial State is a must-read for history buffs, students, researchers—or anyone—interested in the remarkable place called Colorado.
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Cruising Off the Beaten Path

He plays a baby Grand Piano and the pipe organ, and projects historical views of Rosario and Seattle at the turn of the century, and images of the San Juans today, all while providing historical overview and anecdotes. San Juan Islands ...

Author: Betsey Shapiro

Publisher: Queen's Hostess

ISBN: 9780972470544

Category: Cruise lines

Page: 291

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River and small-ship cruises have become enormously popular recently. As an alternative to sailing on the big cruise ships, travel ¿off the beaten path,¿ on smaller, more personal voyages and enjoy an authentic experience. In this guide, you¿ll find: -Detailed destination information for small ship cruises worldwide.-Sample day-by-day itineraries. -Descriptions of different types of small ship cruises ¿ from riverboats to sailing ships, yachts and more. -A comprehensive listing of small ship cruise lines, that caters to the North American market. -A detailed listing of small ships. -Special-interest cruises, from gardening to Christmas Shopping.-Advice on how to plan your trip, including the best seasons to travel, how to find a good travel agent that specializes in small ship cruises, and contact information and websites. This guidebook was written by a cruise industry insider ¿ for many years BETSEY SHAPIRO has been a travel agent, worked for small cruise lines, and works at the port in San Francisco. In this book, she and her colleagues share insider¿s knowledge about the cruise lines, destinations and best way to get the most out of your small ship vacation. ¿Every cruise loving traveler will enjoy reading it and it will definitely inspire their next cruise destinations for years!¿
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San Juan Islands Impressions

The San Juans boast a fascinating and eclectic group of wild creatures that have adapted to the unique environment . ... Enjoy the stunning images in this book . May they inspire you to explore and learn about the San Juan Islands — and ...


Publisher: Farcountry Press

ISBN: 1560373822

Category: Photography

Page: 80

View: 341

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The San Juan Islands of Washington state make up some of the country's most breath-taking scenery. Carved by glaciers of long ago, the islands consist of a rugged beachfront, thousand-foot deep channels, plentiful wildlife, and charming communities. In 85 color photographs, Charles Gurche creates a tribute to the islands that is picture perfect.
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Four Creations

12 But when they removed the image of Our Lord San Juan , they put an old image in Our Lord San Juan's place . They removed all of the true images of the saints . They hid them in the peoples homes . 13 As for the old , worn - out ...

Author: Gary H. Gossen

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 0806133317

Category: Social Science

Page: 1134

View: 554

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Four Creations is a collection of seventy-four stories told to Gary H. Gossen by Tzotzil Maya storytellers in San Juan Chamula, Mexico. Spanning four cycles of creations, destructions, and restorations from the dawn of cosmic order to the present era, this epic history reveals a distinctly Maya vision of the universe, grand in scope yet leavened with local humor, irony, and the Tzotzil narrators’ own critical commentaries. Four Creations includes mythic accounts of modern history, such as the Wars of Independence, the Mexican Revolution, and the current Protestant evangelical movement. Given in both transcribed Tzotzil and English translations, the texts are enlivened by more than one hundred Maya Indian drawings and by Gossen’s extensive ethnographic and historical notes based on his conversations with the narrators and more than thirty-five years of study. Miguel León-Portílla’s Foreword situates Four Creations within the broader context of Mesoamerican culture and traditions, while the Afterword by Jan Rus relates this work to recent events in modern-day Chamula.
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Juan Goytisolo

López - Baralt's argument arises out of the illogicality of San Juan's use of language and his reluctance to pin down images to a single or particular meaning . ' San Juan ' , she writes , ' tiene que desconceptualizar el lenguaje y ...

Author: Alison Ribeiro de Menezes

Publisher: Tamesis Books

ISBN: 1855661098

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 205

View: 601

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This book assesses Goytisolo's contribution to cultural debates in Spain since the sixties and revises the prevailing critical interpretation of his fiction, arguing that his works represent an ethical engagement with postmodernist theory rather than an illustration of it.
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The Eastern San Juan Mountains

An understanding of the geologic evolution of the San Juan Mountains comes from many studies done over the past 125 years. Field studies of rocks exposed in the region are supported by satellite images, geophysical probes of the deep ...

Author: Mark Rawitsch

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9781457111532

Category: History

Page: 375

View: 479

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A companion to The Western San Juan Mountains (originally published in 1996), The Eastern San Juan Mountains details the physical environment, biological communities, human history, and points of interest in this rich and diverse mountain system. A natural division between the eastern and western slopes of the San Juans is the north-south line that runs approximately through Lake City, south of the crossing of the Piedra River by US Highway 160. In this super guidebook, twenty-seven contributors--all experts in their fields--artfully bring the geology, hydrology, animal and plant life, human histories, and travel routes of these eastern slopes to life. Designed to inform researchers, educators, and students about the region's complex systems, The Eastern San Juan Mountains also serves as an informative guidebook to accompany visitors along their travels on the Silver Thread National Scenic Byway, which stretches between South Fork and Lake City. The Eastern San Juan Mountains deserves a place next to The Western San Juan Mountains on the bookshelf of every naturalist, researcher, resident, educator, student, and tourist seeking a greater understanding of this marvelous place and its history.
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Asian American Curricular Epistemicide

Hurh and Kim concluded that “ethnic stereotypes, whether they are positive or negative, are an incorrect or insufficient picture of reality” (p. 533). San Juan's (1991) work examined the history of Asian-Americans in U.S. political and ...

Author: Nicholas D. Hartlep

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789463006392

Category: Education

Page: 100

View: 401

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In this important book, Nicholas Hartlep and Daniel Scott’s detailed analyses on both visual and historical representations of Asian Americans in textbooks and teacher manuals used in our elementary and secondary schools poignantly tell us that generations of children are growing up being fed this single story about Asian Americans. As Hartlep and Scott write. Asian Americans have once again been constructed as the “good minority” that can succeed on their own and be used as a political instrument to shame the Blacks for their underachievement and their fight for equality. Over and over again, the media has been telling “a single story” about Asian Americans to the public for the past fifty years. The consequence of this fabricated story is that it “discourages others—even Asian-Americans themselves—from believing in the validity of their struggles” (Linshi, 2014, p. 1).
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Wild Plants of the San Juan Islands 2nd Ed

... Douglas ' maple adds a rare radiance to certain rocky slopes and wooded valleys in the San Juans . ... Supplementing these images are the glossy leaves , which shine with health on sunny days in mid - winter and summer alike .


Publisher: The Mountaineers Books

ISBN: 1594854726



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Greg Atkinson s In Season

I couldalsosee most ofthe port of Friday Harbor, anda long section of San Juan Channel, which flows between San Juan and the other islands of our little archipelago. ... All over the San Juan Islands, equally impressive views abound.

Author: Greg Atkinson

Publisher: Sasquatch Books

ISBN: 9781570619175

Category: Cooking

Page: 256

View: 389

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Before revitalizing the menu at Canlis restaurant, Seattle chef Greg Atkinson learned an appreciation for local ingredients and gratifying meals on lovely San Juan Island, WA. In this reissued book of essays and recipes, Greg describes his appreciation the passage of the seasons, the joys of young family life, and, of course, local food. Atkinson is a gifted and passionate writer, observant of all the senses and emotions when it comes to great meals—whether a holiday spread or a picnic on the beach. Share one truly delicious year with chef Greg Atkinson.
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The Pig War

SAN JUAN ISLAND , WASHINGTON an Juan Island is well known for its splendid vistas , saltwater shore , quiet woodlands ... Historian Mike Vouri has selected nearly 200 historical images to illustrate this final boundary clash between two ...

Author: Mike Vouri

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 0738558400

Category: History

Page: 127

View: 323

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Historian Mike Vouri has selected nearly 200 historical images to illustrate the history of the Pig War on San Juan Island in Washington state. Each image has a descriptive caption.
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San Juan Islands Cruise Guide

This edition of San Juan Islands Cruise Guide is a larger size (8x10) and bigger (25 more pages) than our full color edition.

Author: J. R. Cummins

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1495384381

Category: Travel

Page: 146

View: 638

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This edition of San Juan Islands Cruise Guide is a larger size (8x10) and bigger (25 more pages) than our full color edition. We have added sections on planning, packing, dinghies, anchoring etiquette, and other cruising essentials. If you are planning to visit the San Juan's by boat and are wondering where to go, what to expect, and how to get there, this guide is written for you. Written by a boater, and for boaters that are planning to visit the San Juan's and surrounding area. All the parks, resorts, marinas, cities and launching ramps are included with reviews and suggestions to help fellow boaters explore, cruise and boat camp. Look for the kindle version and the full color print version The area from Bellingham to Deception Pass, La Conner to Butchart Gardens and Victoria to Friday Harbor is included. Favorite hikes and strolls accessible only by boat are covered, bicycling and kayaking suggestions too. Some parks and destinations are outstanding, while others are not, this guide will arm you with useful knowledge earned by the authors decades of exploring, gunk holing and hiking the area. The somewhat tongue and check articles display an honest assessment of destinations for your benefit. It is clear throughout this guide that the author wants to help you enjoy cruising the area and has compiled what every Skipper and Admiral wants to know. Notably, “Which parks have docks and bathrooms, and where to buy food, fuel, and ice." Plus all the launching ramps and marinas to help get you on the water. This is the special expanded black and white edition with over 25% more pages that includes boating, camping, and cruising essentials for your next best vacation. Imagine yourself discovering unique exciting places accessible only in your boat.
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Cruising World

... Washington's scenic San Juans Images Of ltalia CruisingAbroad by William Storandt Sailors who island-hop down ltaly's west coast will discover piquant sailing between picturepostcard harbor towns The Floating Workshop Step-by-Step ...





Page: 1479

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Colorado Images of the Alpine Landscape

The San Juan Mountains occupy most of the southwestern quadrant of Colorado's mountainous region . It is a vast area containing many smaller ranges of mountains such as the Sneffels Range north of Telluride and the San Miguel Mountains ...

Author: John Fielder

Publisher: Westcliffe Pub

ISBN: 0942394100

Category: Science

Page: 192

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21 Thanks to Carvalho's efforts, the 1853–54 outing would later be recalled as among the first photographically ... on his vanished daguerreotypes— scoured the San Juans, eventually located the vistas depicted in the original images, ...

Author: Tom Chaffin

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806146089

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 612

View: 520

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John C. Frémont’s expeditions between 1838 and 1854 captured the public’s imagination, inspired Americans to accept their nation’s destiny as a vast continental empire, and earned him his enduring sobriquet, “The Pathfinder.” This biography demonstrates Frémont’s vital importance to the history of American empire, and his role in shattering long-held myths about the ecology and habitability of the American West.
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River Flowing from the Sunrise

Hillerman and L'Amour followed the theme of many tourist writers in emphasizing the value of the San Juan's rugged ... Goodman's images, as much as Albert R. Lyman's words, helped fashion the mythos of settling the San Juan frontier, ...

Author: James M. Aton

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9781457180804

Category: Nature

Page: 232

View: 540

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The authors recount twelve millennia of history along the lower San Juan River, much of it the story of mostly unsuccessful human attempts to make a living from the river's arid and fickle environment. From the Anasazi to government dam builders, from Navajo to Mormon herders and farmers, from scientific explorers to busted miners, the San Juan has attracted more attention and fueled more hopes than such a remote, unpromising, and muddy stream would seem to merit.
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The City of Pyramids

Searching for the Golden Alchemy José Manuel Rizzo. PART TWO IMAGES AT THE THRESHOLD OF REALITY THE RETURN OF THE MAN LIVING IN LITTLE SAN JUAN'S Part Two: Images at The Threshold of Reality.

Author: José Manuel Rizzo

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982239596

Category: Fiction

Page: 150

View: 466

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Jazmin is a girl from Little San Juan who is on a mission to find her missing Grandfather. She embarks on a journey to The City of Pyramids in hope of finding The man who will Change the World and the missing Password to get to The City of Pyramids. Along the way she encounters obstacles that make her grow personally and spiritually. Inviting the reader to join her on this marvelous adventure.
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