Industrial and Specialty Papers Volume 1 Technology

Contents - 1. Introduction - R. H. Mosher - Early History of Specialty Papers - Modern Developments - New Techniques - Synthetic Materials - State of the Industry - 2.

Author: Robert R. Mosher

Publisher: Chemical Publishing Company

ISBN: 0820601667

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 344

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Contents - 1. Introduction - R. H. Mosher - Early History of Specialty Papers - Modern Developments - New Techniques - Synthetic Materials - State of the Industry - 2. Theory of High Polymers and Their Application to the Paper-Converting Industry - R. T. Nazarro - Polymerization - Molecular Weights - Synthetic Resins - 3. Rheology of Paper Coatings and Instruments for the Measurement of Their Flow Properties - P. E. Pierce - Introduction - Flow Curves - Thixotropy - Effect of Temperature and Concentration on Viscosity - Determination of Rheological Behavior - Rotational Viscometers - Capillary Viscometers - Efflux Viscometers - Falling Ball and Rising Bubble Viscometers - 4. Water-Base Coatings - T. W. Busch - History - Unit Processes - The Object of Coating - Coating Technology - Base Paper - Coating Ingredients - Coating Preparation - Coating Methods - Drying Coated Papers - Calendering - Applications of Printing Paper - Special Functional Papers - 5. Solvent Coatings and Solvent Recovery Systems - M. C. Beren History - Comparison with Aqueous Coatings - Purpose of Coatings - Types of Solvent-Coated Paper - Uses of Coated Papers - Ingredients of Solvent Coating Solutions - Plasticizers - Solvents - Latent Solvents and Diluents - Formulation - Base Paper - Common Coating Troubles - General Economics of Solvent Coatings - Solvent Recovery - Drying - Mixing - Grinding and Filtration - Coating Methods and Machines - Manufacturing Hazards - 6. Hot-Melt Coatings - B. C. Miller and P. H. Yoder - Introduction - Hot-Melt Formulations - Coating Equipment - Heating Equipment - Coating Base Papers - Applications - 7. Paste Dispersion Coatings - W. D. Hedges - Versatility - Organosols - Plastisols - Processing Techniques - Vinyl Dispersion Paste Coatings - Latices - Technology of Paste Dispersions - Rheology - Manufacture of Paste Dispersions - Equipment - Mechanism of Film Formation - Applications of Various Dispersion Coatings - Uses of Vinyl Dispersion Coatings - Index
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Pulp and Paper Industry

Water treatment chemicals used in the paper industry are not included in the specialty paper chemicals category. North America and Europe are the major regional markets for specialty pulp and chemicals in terms of consumption because of ...

Author: Pratima Bajpai

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780128034255

Category: Science

Page: 334

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Pulp and Paper Industry: Chemicals features in-depth and thorough coverage of Chemical additives in the Pulp and Paper Industry. It discusses use of Enzymes "Green Chemicals" that can improve operations in pulp and paper, describes Chemicals demanded by the end user and many key and niche players such as Akzo Nobel NV, Eka Chemicals AB, Ashland, Inc., BASF, Buckman Laboratories International, Inc., Clariant, Cytec Industries, Inc., Enzymatic Deinking Technologies, LLC, ERCO Worldwide, FMC Corporation, Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC, Imerys SA, Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Inc., Novozymes, Kemira Chemicals, Nalco Holding Company, Omya AG, Solvay AG, and Solvay Chemicals, Inc.. Paper and pulp processing and additive chemicals are an integral part of the total papermaking process from pulp slurry, through sheet formation, to effluent disposal. Environmental concerns, increased use of recycled waste paper as a replacement for virgin pulp, changes in bleaching and pulping processes, increased efficiency requirements for the papermaking process, limits on effluent discharge as well as international competitiveness have greatly impacted the paper and pulp chemical additive market. This book features in-depth and thorough coverage of Chemical additives in Pulp and Paper Industry. Detailed and up-to-date coverage of Chemicals in Pulp and Paper Industry Authoritative, thorough, and comprehensive content on a wide variety of Enzymes "Green Chemicals" Comprehensive list of Paper and Pulp Related Chemicals Comprehensive list of all Pulp and paper Suppliers Comprehensive Indexing
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Nanocellulose Synthesis Structure Properties And Applications

As a proper noun, specialty paper first appeared in the book Industrial and Specialty Papers, which was edited by R. H. Mosher in 1969.[1] According to the book, the paper that has special properties and is suitable for special use is ...

Author: Guang Yang

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9781786349484

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 568

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Nanocellulose, a unique and promising natural material extracted from native cellulose, has received immense interest for its broad spectrum of applications owing to its remarkable physical properties, special surface chemistry, and excellent biological properties (biocompatibility, biodegradability and low toxicity). In attempts to meet the requirements of humanity's well-being, biomaterials scientists taking advantage of the structure and properties of nanocellulose aim to develop new and formerly non-existing materials with novel and multifunctional properties.This book highlights the importance of nanocellulose and reviews its synthesis, types, structure and properties. Further, it discusses various biofabrication approaches and applications of nanocellulose-based biomaterials in various fields such as the environment, biomedicine, optoelectronics, pharmaceutics, paper, renewable energy and the food industry. Devised to have a broad appeal, this book will be useful to beginners, who will appreciate its comprehensive approach, as well as active researchers, who will find the focus on recent advancements highly valuable.
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