Innocent when You Dream

Tom Waits in his own words: a collection of three decades' worth of interviews with Tom Waits

Author: Tom Waits

Publisher: Gollancz

ISBN: 0752881264

Category: Rock musicians

Page: 394

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Tom Waits in his own words: a collection of three decades' worth of interviews with Tom Waits 'I've never met anyone who made it with a chick because they owned a Tom Waits album. I've got all three, and it's never helped me,' Tom Waits. Born, seemingly, in the back of a taxi cab outside a hospital in California, in December 1949, the young Tom Waits graduated through the jobs of janitor, dishwasher and cook to the position of doorman at a small L.A. club. Existing on a diet of whiskey, cigarettes and beat writing, he now added folk and jazz to his formative influences. In 1969, Captain Beefheart manager Herb Cohen discovered him - and five years later he released his first album, Closing Time, a record soaked in equal parts bourbon and melancholy. His drunken bohemian persona kicked in after this ('The Piano Has Been Drinking, Not Me'), and his familiar hoary rasp ('a voice that could guide ships through dense fog'), tales of losers, outsiders, hobos, dingy bar-room joints and seedy diners became the stuff of cult legend, covered by the likes of the Eagles, championed by Elton John, and instantly recognisable from a thirty-year career that has seeped through music (over 20 albums), theatre and film. Waits has never written an autobiography, has notoriously played fast and loose with the truth, but this collection of interviews is practically Tom Waits in his own words. Witty, enigmatic and currently fired up about the state of America (his latest album 'Real Gone' has been his most successful yet), Innocent When You Dream is a must-have for any Waits fan.
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I Dream in Irish

Having turned twelve last month , they were now the " older men of the group , "
or so they thought . They sat there unconcerned - looking , convincingly enough ,
innocent . " They ought to get this year's Acadamy Award , ” I thought .

Author: Oliver Robinson


ISBN: UCAL:B3727801


Page: 199

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Innocent Witnesses

I woke up sweating. My sheets and pillow were soaking wet, and I kept on
thinking as I woke: 'If only I could have massaged his heart, I could have saved
his life.' Then I snapped awake, realized that the whole thing was a dream, and I
felt ...

Author: Marilyn Yalom

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9781503614048

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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In a book that will touch hearts and minds, acclaimed cultural historian Marilyn Yalom presents firsthand accounts of six witnesses to war, each offering lasting memories of how childhood trauma transforms lives. The violence of war leaves indelible marks, and memories last a lifetime for those who experienced this trauma as children. Marilyn Yalom experienced World War II from afar, safely protected in her home in Washington, DC. But over the course of her life, she came to be close friends with many less lucky, who grew up under bombardment across Europe—in France, Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, England, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Holland. With Innocent Witnesses, Yalom collects the stories from these accomplished luminaries and brings us voices of a vanishing generation, the last to remember World War II. Memory is notoriously fickle: it forgets most of the past, holds on to bits and pieces, and colors the truth according to unconscious wishes. But in the circle of safety Marilyn Yalom created for her friends, childhood memories return in all their startling vividness. This powerful collage of testimonies offers us a greater understanding of what it is to be human, not just then but also today. With this book, her final and most personal work of cultural history, Yalom considers the lasting impact of such young experiences—and asks whether we will now force a new generation of children to spend their lives reconciling with such memories.
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The Boy s Yearly Book

Ladies fair , who'd lose their beauty ; Unto me you seem Scholars give their
sense , As if in the land of fancy , If they in their minds could treasure Oftentimes
you dream ; Your sweet innocence . For I've noticed such a wondering Look
about ...



ISBN: OXFORD:590109291

Category: Children's literature, English


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I Had the Strangest Dream

Fabric Dreams of fabric signify that you are decorating, enhancing, and making
your life as beautiful as you can with the ... and happily ever after represent great
or unrealistic expectations of love and life, and a childlike view which is innocent.

Author: Kelly Sullivan Walden

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780446557108

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 300

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It's a double-caf low-fat Frappuccino-kind of world, and all that bustle doesn't stop just because it's time for bed. While you sleep, your mind is busy going over everything you've experienced during the day. Now, with the only dream book that interprets both classic and new twenty-first century symbols - everything from speed dating and Botox to text messages and iPods - you can tap into your unconscious with the turn of a page. Discover the messages hidden in your dreams, your hopes, your fears, your unrealized strengths and potential. You'll learn how to recognize life-altering opportunities and become the person you've always dreamed of being.
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A Durable Fire

Or maimed by any service I do for a king — or a pope . INNOCENT That will ...
INNOCENT I ? STEPHAN You called me a God - inhabiting man . If so I must live
barely In ... mind and heart day - dream Of peace and order . My night - dreams
Are ...

Author: Patric Dickinson


ISBN: UCAL:B4097562

Category: Great Britain

Page: 91

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Great Pretenders

In Great Pretenders, a lively, provocative blend of memoir and music criticism, former Newsweek pop music critic Karen Schoemer tries to figure out what went so wrong, way back in the hazy past, for her parents' marriage and for the music ...

Author: Karen Schoemer

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743299015

Category: Music

Page: 256

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February 1964: The Beatles step onto the tarmac at JFK International Airport and turn the country on its head. It's the advent of rock and roll's uninterrupted reign, youthful rebellion, and overt teenage sex. It's also the deathblow for the pop music of another generation -- the songs of Pat Boone and Georgia Gibbs -- and all its perky, white-bread conformity. Not two years later, Karen Schoemer is born, and comes of age with rock and roll. While her parents might enjoy the new music, the cultural upheaval passes them by, and they cling to the promises made by the music they loved as teenagers, the sweet, innocent 1950s pop of Patti Page, Frankie Laine, and the like. But having courted and wed against a backdrop of ideals peddled by this music -- finding true love, living happily ever after -- Schoemer's parents, like so many people, are crushed by disappointment when love doesn't deliver what the songs promised. Fifties pop falls quickly off the charts; their marriage eventually falls apart. In Great Pretenders, a lively, provocative blend of memoir and music criticism, former Newsweek pop music critic Karen Schoemer tries to figure out what went so wrong, way back in the hazy past, for her parents' marriage and for the music of their youth. To find the answers, she embarks on a strange, lonely journey in search of some of the brightest stars of the 1950s. Schoemer's search started when, twenty years after her parents' divorce, the new Connie Francis box set appeared on her desk at Newsweek. Now a successful rock critic dispensing post-punk opinions to the hipoisie, she was about to toss aside this relic when she was struck by the cover image of Francis, which bore an uncanny resemblance to her own mother; on a whim, she played one of the CDs. For all their cloying, simplistic sentimentality, songs like "Where the Boys Are" had an undeniable power -- "the sound of every teenage girl in every bedroom on every lonely Saturday going back a thousand years." It was the music of her parents' long-lost adolescence, and much to her surprise, it moved her. Thus Schoemer, arbiter of Gen X cool, found herself falling into the saccharine thrall of 1950s pop music, that pariah of the rock establishment. Even as her colleagues tried to steer her away from the terminally uncool genre, she tracked down seven former pop idols of the late 1950s and early 1960s: Connie Francis, Fabian, Pat Boone, Patti Page, Tommy Sands, Georgia Gibbs, and Frankie Laine. As she became privy to their inner lives and immersed herself in their music, Schoemer revised her own notions about the fifties at the same time that she explored her family's vexed dynamic. The result is a wonderful romp through an unappreciated chapter in music history and, more important, through her own past. Full of humor, insight, and unflinching honesty, Great Pretenders bucks the received wisdom, explores the intersections of our private lives and pop culture, and broadens our understanding of a crucial moment in our history.
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When I Dream of You

Like you ? ” ' he questioned , catching her chin and running his thumb over her lip
. “ An innocent ? I think not . Is your passion real ... or calculated ? ” She pushed
his hand away , hurt by the suspicion in his voice . “ Let me know when you ...

Author: Laurie Paige

Publisher: Silhouette

ISBN: 0373244193

Category: Fiction

Page: 249

View: 472

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When I Dream Of You by Laurie Paige released on Aug 24, 2001 is available now for purchase.
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Jetpack Dreams

While exploring our collective fascination with flight, the tale takes readers from the first flimsy, shoulder-mounted wings to Bill Suitor's 1984 Olympic flight in front of billions of viewers around the world; from a gruesome jetpack ...

Author: Mac Montandon

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780786726745

Category: Science

Page: 304

View: 129

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Jetpack Dreams chronicles the colorful pop history and science of that most amazing and mysterious of machines: the jetpack. Fueled by a fascination and lifelong obsession with the power of flight, journalist Mac Montandon goes on a vastly entertaining search of the elusive invention. He examines the jetpack's inspiration from the first shoulder-mounted wings to Bill Suitor's 1984 Olympic flight, even uncovering a gruesome jetpack-related murder in Houston. From the earliest days of the 'pack to its enduring role in popular culture—with Buck Rogers, James Bond, Boba Fett—Montandon seeks to answer two simple questions: Where is the jetpack that was promised to him, and to all of us, years ago? And if it's out there, can he catch a ride?
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You say I am your daughter, and I suppose I must believe it—but the knowledge
brings me sorrow and shame. And I must ... I should have invented one for you
"I can do that for myself," said Innocent, quietly—"and so you are relieved from all
trouble on my score. May I ... "I begin to think it must have been all a bad dream!

Author: Marie Corelli

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783732294626

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

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The old by-road went rambling down into a dell of deep green shadow. It was a reprobate of a road,-a vagrant of the land,-having long ago wandered out of straight and even courses and taken to meandering aimlessly into many ruts and furrows under arching trees, which in wet weather poured their weight of dripping rain upon it and made it little more than a mud pool. Between straggling bushes of elder and hazel, blackberry and thorn, it made its solitary shambling way, so sunken into itself with long disuse that neither to the right nor to the left of it could anything be seen of the surrounding country. Hidden behind the intervening foliage on either hand were rich pastures and ploughed fields, but with these the old road had nothing in common.
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We have a dream , and must respond : Surely some revelation is at hand ; Surely
the Second Coming is at hand . ... It is for the gods alone to bring a revelation , it
is they alone who can usher in a day of innocence . Not we . We men , instead ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105008348828

Category: Theology


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The Death of a Dream

His steel blue eyes are impenetrable Ulysses, Says, "I might say. And I'm not
saying anything about innocence or guilt. But if I were innocent, I would have a
little more faith in the courts." Darrell shakes his head. "Yeah, but it was you guys,
the ...

Author: William Deitz

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781438914541

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 392

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He had a dream. He dreamt that he lived in a land where the people were free. They were free to live their lives and raise their families, in the light of their own god, without the interference or dictation from the king, the court, the state, or the church, the American dream.
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The Works of the British Dramatists

That should preserve your bosom suffer for In goodness , it becomes me not to
bring My sake , ' twere better I were dead . ... quoited me As the first knowledge
was from sin , and all Into the coach again upon my head Our dreams as
innocent .

Author: Sir John Scott Keltie


ISBN: UIUC:30112069184189

Category: English drama

Page: 509

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Josefina s Sin

Its Inquisitors could terrify even the innocent. And I was ... That I knew of. Yet I
shuddered. “So, you fear the Holy Office. Good. Its tentacles can reach even to
here.” “I am no heretic. And I am of ... “I read,”I acknowledged, “and I dream.” “Of
what ...

Author: Claudia H. Long

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451610680

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 121

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A thrilling and passionate debut about a sheltered landowner’s wife whose life is turned upside down when she visits the royal court in seventeenth-century Mexico. When Josefina accepts an invitation from the Marquessa to come stay and socialize with the intellectual and cultural elite in her royal court, she is overwhelmed by the Court’s complicated world. She finds herself having to fight off aggressive advances from the Marquessa’s husband, but is ultimately unable to stay true to her marriage vows when she becomes involved in a secret affair with the local bishop that leaves her pregnant. Amidst this drama, Josefina finds herself unexpectedly drawn to the intellectual nuns who study and write poetry at the risk of persecution by the Spanish Inquisition that is overtaking Mexico. One nun in particular, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, teaches Josefina about poetry, writing, critical thinking, the nature and consequences of love, and the threats of the Holy Office. She is Josefina’s mentor and lynchpin for her tumultuous passage from grounded wife and mother to woman of this treacherous, confusing, and ultimately physically and intellectually fulfilling world.
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Suck It Wonder Woman

This book also includes such handy treasures as a timeline of great moments in Geek history, a flip book, an unofficial FAQ section, and a nifty (read: smokin') foldout poster.

Author: Olivia Munn

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781429924825

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 288

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Suck It, Wonder Woman! brings Olivia Munn's unique humor, incredible wit, and lightning-fast costume changes to a world that needs more scrapbooking, sea monkeys, and for the love of God, a freakin' hoverboard! In this hilarious collection you'll find essays like "thought's About My First Agent's Girlfriend's Vagina," wherein Olivia skewers what it's like to live in Hollywood. In "Sex: What You Can Do to Help Yourself Have More of It," she frankly gets down to the business of getting it on, including advice on how to appropriately wrap it and bag it. In "What to Do When the Robots Invade (Yes, When!)," Olivia offers valuable information on . . . what to do when the robots invade! And just when you thought she couldn't get any more geeky, she can. This book also includes such handy treasures as a timeline of great moments in Geek history, a flip book, an unofficial FAQ section, and a nifty (read: smokin') foldout poster.
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Not That Innocent Notebook

This Notebook with 6 x 9 is especially made for you, your family and friends who find unicorns amazing.

Author: Kilian Beckham


ISBN: 1700259326


Page: 112

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This Notebook with 6 x 9 is especially made for you, your family and friends who find unicorns amazing. Perfect for unicorn themed lovers. This notebook will surely bring out the magical side of you. Unicorn Notebook, Planner, Journal, Diary, Planner, Gratitude, Writing, Travel, Goal, Bullet Notebook
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Innocent Fire

I told you , " he said firmly , “ I don ' t believe in seduction . ... Especially when you
tell me you ' re so damn innocent . ... paper from one of her notebooks and
scrawled down the details of the only dream she could recall from the previous
night .

Author: Brooke Hastings

Publisher: New York : Silhouette Books ; [Markham, Ont.] : Paperjacks

ISBN: 0671570269


Page: 190

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Honor the Dream

But the trouble with your job is , you have to presume guilt . I'm more fortunate . I
can presume innocence . ” “ Well , if it's any comfort , I think your client was
innocent . “ Even if she weren't - even if I didn't believe she was innocent - I'd
have ...

Author: Joyce Carlow

Publisher: Signet Book

ISBN: 0451171217

Category: Fiction

Page: 395

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