Innocent when You Dream

Tom Waits in his own words: a collection of three decades' worth of interviews with Tom Waits

Author: Tom Waits

Publisher: Gollancz

ISBN: 0752881264

Category: Rock musicians

Page: 394

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Tom Waits in his own words: a collection of three decades' worth of interviews with Tom Waits 'I've never met anyone who made it with a chick because they owned a Tom Waits album. I've got all three, and it's never helped me,' Tom Waits. Born, seemingly, in the back of a taxi cab outside a hospital in California, in December 1949, the young Tom Waits graduated through the jobs of janitor, dishwasher and cook to the position of doorman at a small L.A. club. Existing on a diet of whiskey, cigarettes and beat writing, he now added folk and jazz to his formative influences. In 1969, Captain Beefheart manager Herb Cohen discovered him - and five years later he released his first album, Closing Time, a record soaked in equal parts bourbon and melancholy. His drunken bohemian persona kicked in after this ('The Piano Has Been Drinking, Not Me'), and his familiar hoary rasp ('a voice that could guide ships through dense fog'), tales of losers, outsiders, hobos, dingy bar-room joints and seedy diners became the stuff of cult legend, covered by the likes of the Eagles, championed by Elton John, and instantly recognisable from a thirty-year career that has seeped through music (over 20 albums), theatre and film. Waits has never written an autobiography, has notoriously played fast and loose with the truth, but this collection of interviews is practically Tom Waits in his own words. Witty, enigmatic and currently fired up about the state of America (his latest album 'Real Gone' has been his most successful yet), Innocent When You Dream is a must-have for any Waits fan.
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Wild Years

Innocent When You Dream” Nancy Harrow On the album Street of Dreams (
Gazelle 2005) (1995) “Innocent When You Dream” Jill Hennessy On the various
artists album Crossing Jordan: Original Soundtrack (DMZ 87089) (2003) “
Innocent ...

Author: Jay S Jacobs

Publisher: ECW Press

ISBN: 9781554902613

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 276

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Legend. Bum. Genius. Con Man. Devoted husband and father. Myth. Storyteller. Inspiration. Drunk. Visionary. Tom Waits is all of these things. Waits is the lifeline between the great Beat poets and today's rock & roll heroes. He's old enough to be your dad and cool enough to be your hero. One of the few truly original musicians recording today, he's also the rare singer who can actually act, and he has put together a respectable body of work in movies. Wild Years: The Music and Myth of Tom Waits retraces the long road that Waits has traveled and explores the music that made him a legend. Jay S. Jacobs looks at the towering myth that Waits has created for himself. Jay S. Jacobs follows the fate of one of America's pre-eminent artists, a very private man whose career embodies a quirky array of fulfillment and loss, beauty and strangeness. This revised and updated edition includes a new chapter, with insight on Waits' career in the 21st century thus far, as well as the most complete discography available in print. Tom's Wild Years ' a poignant, revealing celebration of the man and all his myths.
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Tom Waits Swordfishtrombones

But I want that stage version of “Innocent When You Dream” instead of the ones
included on the album. So we've cut “Straight to the Top (Vegas)” and “I'll Take
New York” from Franks Wild Years and put them into Big Time. We'll keep the ...

Author: David Smay

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781441116789

Category: Music

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Two entwined narratives run through the creation of Swordfishtrombones and form the backbone of this book. As the 1970s ended, Waits felt increasingly constrained and trapped by his persona and career. Bitter and desperately unhappy, he moved to New York in 1979 to change his life. It wasn't working. But at his low point, he got the phone call that changed everything: Francis Ford Coppola tapped Tom to write the score for One From the Heart. Waits moved back to Los Angeles to work at Zoetrope's Hollywood studio for the next 18 months. He cleaned up, disciplined himself as a songwriter and musician, collaborated closely with Coppola, and met a script analyst named Kathleen Brennan - his "only true love". They married within 2 months at the Always and Forever Yours Wedding Chapel at 2am. Swordfishtrombones was the first thing Waits recorded after his marriage, and it was at Kathleen's urging that he made a record that conceded exactly nothing to his record label, or the critics, or his fans. There aren't many love stories where the happy ending sounds like a paint can tumbling in an empty cement mixer. Kathleen Brennan was sorely disappointed by Tom's record collection. She forced him out of his comfortable jazzbo pocket to take in foreign film scores, German theatre, and Asian percussion. These two stories of a man creating that elusive American second act, and also finding the perfect collaborator in his wife give this book a natural forward drive.
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An Unfamiliar America

The second coda, “Innocent When You Dream (78),” was a different matter. A
reprise of a song already appearing on Franks Wild Years in a so-called “
barroom” version that is much better known, the “78” version uncannily
reproduced the ...

Author: Ari Helo

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000218312

Category: History

Page: 264

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This collection focuses on conceptions of the unfamiliar from the viewpoint of mainstream American history: aliens, immigrants, ethnic groups, and previously unencountered ideas and ideologies in Trumpian America. The book suggests bringing historical thinking back to the center of American Studies, given that it has been recently challenged by the influential memory studies boom. As much as identity-building appears to be the central concern for much of the current practice in American history writing, it is worth keeping in mind that historical truth may not always directly contribute to one's identity-building. The researcher’s constant quest for truth does not equate to already possessing it. History changes all the time, because it consists of our constant reinterpretation of the past. It is only the past that does not change. This collection aims at keeping these two apart, while scrutinizing a variety of contested topics in American history, from xenophobic attitudes toward eighteenth-century university professors, Apache masculinity, Ku Klux Klan, Tom Waits's lyrics, and the politics of the Trump era.
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The Journals of Spalding Gray

JULY 1, 199; I had some hope while watching [ Wayne Wangsl SMOKE that the
ski monolog would be my next heartfelt and transcendent event. Heartfelt! As in “I
gave her a locket and then I broke her heart. You're innocent when you dream.

Author: Spalding Gray

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307700520

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 368

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Riveting, funny, heartbreaking, at once raw and lyrical: these journals reveal the complexity of the actor/writer who invented the autobiographical monologue and perfected the form in such celebrated works as Swimming to Cambodia. Here is the first intimate portrait we have of the man behind the charismatic performer who ended his life in 2004: evolving artist, conflicted celebrity, a man struggling for years with depression before finally succumbing to its most desperate impulse. Begun when he was twenty-five, the journals give us Gray’s reflections on his childhood; his craving for success; the downtown New York arts scene of the 1970s; his love affairs, marriages and fatherhood; his travels in Europe and Asia; and throughout, his passion for the theater, where he worked to balance his compulsion to tell all with his terror of having his deepest secrets exposed. Culled from more than five thousand pages and including interviews with friends, colleagues, lovers, and family, The Journals of Spalding Gray gives us a haunting portrait of a creative genius who we thought had told us everything about himself—until now. From the Hardcover edition.
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Adaptation Theory and Criticism

This use of black-and-white also typifies the realistic photographs of Auggie (
though the short story says they are in color) ... This ironizing of innocence is also
apparent in the penultimate song of the film, “You're innocent when you dream,” ...

Author: Gordon E. Slethaug

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781623562014

Category: Art

Page: 288

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Traditional critics of film adaptation generally assumed a) that the written text is better than the film adaptation because the plot is more intricate and the language richer when pictorial images do not intrude; b) that films are better when particularly faithful to the original; c) that authors do not make good script writers and should not sully their imagination by writing film scripts; d) and often that American films lack the complexity of authored texts because they are sourced out of Hollywood. The 'faithfulness' view has by and large disappeared, and intertextuality is now a generally received notion, but the field still lacks studies with a postmodern methodology and lens.Exploring Hollywood feature films as well as small studio productions, Adaptation Theory and Criticism explores the intertextuality of a dozen films through a series of case studies introduced through discussions of postmodern methodology and practice. Providing the reader with informative background on theories of film adaptation as well as carefully articulated postmodern methodology and issues, Gordon Slethaug includes several case studies of major Hollywood productions and small studio films, some of which have been discussed before (Age of Innocence, Gangs of New York, and Do the Right Thing) and some that have received lesser consideration (Six Degrees of Separation, Smoke, Smoke Signals, Broken Flowers, and various Snow White narratives including Enchanted, Mirror Mirror, and Snow White and the Huntsman). Useful for both film and literary studies students, Adaptation Theory and Criticism cogently combines the existing scholarship and uses previous theories to engage readers to think about the current state of American literature and film.
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Poets on Paintings

Innocent When You Dream” Stan Rice, You're Innocent When You Dream Source
: Alan Catlin, Self-Portrait oftheArtistAfraid ofHis Self-Portrait (Greensboro, NC:
March Street Press, 2008), 1 Catlin, Alan, Self-Portraits with Self-Portraits by ...

Author: Robert D. Denham

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786456581

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 341

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Ekphrasis, the description of pictorial art in words, is the subject of this bibliography. More specifically, some 2500 poems on paintings are catalogued, by type of publication in which they appear and by poet. Also included are 2000 entries on the secondary literature of ekphrasis, including works on sculpture, music, photography, film, and mixed media.
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Caught in a Daydream of Impulse and Disillusion

Timothy Gaewsky .ll'll'lmlu ' _ You're Innocent When You Dream, 2011, site-
specific installation,poly-fil, foam, plastic balls, candy, toys, painting, dimensions
variable ;\*.2 You're Innocent When You Dream, 2011, site-specific installation,po
|y-fi| ...

Author: Timothy Gaewsky


ISBN: 9781105193781

Category: Installations (Art)


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Omega Minor

In her right hand she carries a sword as naked as her body, its point is driven into
the ground at her slender toes. Blood glistens on the blade. The fingers of her left
... Are you truly innocent when you dream? In this, the last night of innocence, ...

Author: Paul Verhaeghen

Publisher: Dalkey Archive Press

ISBN: 9781564784773

Category: Fiction

Page: 691

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Welcome to Omega Minor, where nothing is ever what it seems and nothing every ends."--BOOK JACKET.
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The Power of Memory in Democratic Politics

The naming of the “fact” is itself a narrative of power disguised as “innocence.” —
Michel-Rolph Trouillot It's memories that I'm stealing, but you're innocent when
you dream. —Tom Waits It is the innocence which constitutes the crime. —James

Author: P. J. Brendese

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer

ISBN: 9781580464239

Category: Political Science

Page: 234

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Offers an examination of ancient, modern, and contemporary political theories and practices in order to develop a more expansive way of conceptualizing memory, how political power influences the presence of the past, and memory's ongoing impact on democratic horizons.
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Vox Lycei 1998 1999

Toshio Saeki Something Evil's Watching Over You, so When in doubt, Transform
and Roll Out. Thanks to all from the Moujonjons, ... Michael Sauve It's memories
that I'm stealing, but you're innocent when you dream. - T.W. Julie Hakim: “Mrs.

Author: Lisgar Collegiate Institute

Publisher: Lisgar Alumni Association




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Box of Mustaches

Introduction When I tell people about growing up with a dangerously crazy
mother, they always ask how I survived it. ... and maybe a few more clues as to
how my twin and I managed to 1 “You're Innocent When You Dream ” Five shots

Author: Stan Evans

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595289424

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 176

View: 781

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Box of Mustaches is the powerful, true story of identical twin brothers and how they coped with their mother's descent into madness. At first, Stanley and Jimmy Evans thought their mother was normal, but they soon discovered that her twisted views and mood swings were a result of her schizophrenia. And the mental illness was making her more dangerous by the moment. Their journey took them from orphanages to the television studio of a televangelist to a front-yard shooting that would liberate them from their nightmare. The fabled Box of Mustaches they pined for was really a fake facial hair kit advertised in comic books, but also their metaphor for the absurdity of adult life thrust upon them at a young age. Interlaced with shocking drama and dark humor, Box of Mustaches is an absorbing tale of survival. It is also a satirical look at the cynical, sex-charged, American culture of the '70s.
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Art Law

The soundtrack replicated Tom Waits ' song “ Innocent When You Dream , ” and
featured a Tom Waits ' vocal impersonation . At the time of making the
commercial Tandem Campany Guasch had sought permission to use Waits '
original ...

Author: Leonard D. DuBoff

Publisher: Aspen Publishers

ISBN: STANFORD:36105134516595

Category: Law

Page: 675

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Art Law: Cases and Materials, now in a newly revised edition, offers a timely and panoramic view of this entire field of law. Designed as a primary text for courses on Law and the Visual Arts, Cultural Property Law, or Cultural Heritage Law, the three-part framework of this highly readable casebook explores Artists' Rights, Art Markets, and the International Preservation of Art and Cultural Property. With remarkable scope and currency, Art Law: Cases and Materials features: comprehensive and balanced topical coverage that includes IP, cultural property, the First Amendment, art markets, and museum law an in-depth look at the transactions and relationships between artists and galleries, dealers, and clients thoughtful discussion of the preservation of art and cultural property in peacetime and wartime Expanded and updated, the Revised Edition presents up-to-date case excerpts and notes new coverage of Native American and Indigenous Peoples' Art and the Right of Publicity in two dedicated chapters additional coverage of copyright, moral rights and VARA (Visual Artists Rights Act), First Amendment, and international protection of art and cultural property in peacetime and wartime With comprehensive coverage of each topic typically offered in art law courses today, and with practice-oriented problems for discussion in each chapter, Art Law: Cases and Materials provides each reader with the knowledge and insight to handle the issues that arise in the complex but exciting and dynamic field of law and the visual arts.
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Barefoot Years

When a piece of writing is read by another person, they become that second I, the
one who listens to the voice of the first. ... And that song, the one I quote lyrics
from, Innocent When You Dream, appears twice, in different versions, on that ...

Author: Martin Edmond

Publisher: Bridget Williams Books

ISBN: 9781927277676

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 100

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The myriad of the living in all of their many forms, defunct, mutant, revenant or otherwise; traversing memory’s infinite field. Martin Edmond’s Barefoot Years is a memoir in which the author attempts to re-inhabit the lost domain of childhood. It is evocative and poignant, detailed yet fragmentary, full of half-forgotten things: what may be recovered also reveals that which is gone forever. These remembered beginnings, both familiar and strange, take us back to when a world was being made. This BWB Text forms the first part of a full memoir by Martin Edmond to be published by Bridget Williams Books in 2015.
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The Stratford Shakspere Midsummer night s dream Merchant of Venice As you like it Taming of the shrew All s well that ends well Twelfth night A winter s tale

A daughter ; and a goodly babe , Lusty , and like to live : the queen receives
Much comfort in ' t : says , “ My poor prisoner , I am innocent as you . ” PAUL . I
dare be sworn :These dangerous unsafe lunes i ' the king ! beshrew them ! He
must be ...

Author: William Shakespeare


ISBN: UOM:39015063736873



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Wendell Castle

eleven : DREAMS 63 " You ' re innocent when you dream . " In 1997 Castle used
this poetic phrase as the title for a desk ( fig . 15 ) , actually incising the words in
script across its elegantly extended surface . He was so pleased with the concept

Author: Wendell Castle


ISBN: UCSD:31822036314763

Category: Time in art

Page: 76

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Midsummer night s dream Love s labour s lost Merchant of Venice As you like it All s well that ends well Taming of the shrew

They are as innocent as grace itself . ... So was 1 , when your highness took his
dukedain ; So was I , when your highness banish'd him : Treason is not inherited ,
my lord ; Or , if we did derive it from our friends , What's that to me ? my father ...

Author: William Shakespeare


ISBN: PRNC:32101064071457

Category: Miniature books

Page: 35

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Love s labour s lost Midsummer night s dream Merchant of Venice As you like it Taming of the shrew All s well that ends well

If that I do not dream , or be not frantic ( As I do trust I am not ) , then , dear uncle ,
Never so much as in a thought unborn Did I offend your highness . Duke F. Thus
do all traitors : If their purgation did consist in words , They are as innocent as ...

Author: William Shakespeare


ISBN: UOM:39015081461009



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Midsummer night s dream Merchant of Venice As you like it Taming of the shrew All s well that ends well Twelfth night

jests out of service , let us talk in good earnest : is it possible , on such a sudden ,
you should fall into so strong a liking with ... Duke F. Thus do all traitors : If their
purgation did consist in words , They are as innocent as grace itself : Let it suffice

Author: William Shakespeare


ISBN: UOM:39015081459490



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Midsummer night s dream Merchant of Venice As you like it Taming of the shrew All s well that ends well Twelfth night or What you will

41 jests out of service , let us talk in good earnest : is it possible , on such a
sudden , you should fall into so strong a liking ... Duke F. Thus do all traitors : If
their purgation did consist in words , They are as innocent as grace itself : Let it
suffice ...

Author: William Shakespeare


ISBN: NYPL:33433074892187



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