Instant Cassandra Query Language

If you’re looking for something that helps you get started with CQL in record time and you hate the idea of learning a new language syntax, then this book is for you.

Author: Amresh Singh

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781783282722

Category: Computers

Page: 54

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Get to grips with a new technology, understand what it is and what it can do for you, and then get to work with the most important features and tasks. It’s an Instant Starter guide.Instant Cassandra Query Language is great for those who are working with Cassandra databases and who want to either learn CQL to check data from the console or build serious applications using CQL. If you’re looking for something that helps you get started with CQL in record time and you hate the idea of learning a new language syntax, then this book is for you.
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Cassandra Design Patterns

A brief and good book to start with is Instant Apache Cassandra for Developers
Starter, Packt Publishingby Vivek Mishra. ... tiedtoany specific Cassandra version;
however, some ofthe code examples refer toCassandra Query Language (CQL).

Author: Sanjay Sharma

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781783288816

Category: Computers

Page: 88

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This is a step-by-step guide to understanding and using Cassandra in the real world. The book starts with the origins and capabilities of Cassandra and then allows the reader to journey through various real world use cases where Cassandra can be used successfully. The book also deep dives into how to use Cassandra for these use cases and applying the right design patterns. If you are an architect or developer wanting to design real world applications using Cassandra, this book is ideal for you. It would be helpful to have a background in Cassandra or programming concepts, but the book is readable for general users who have experience in any programming language or are aware of RDBMS solutions.
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Real Time Analytics

Unfortunately, with an implementation similar to BigTable came a “query
language” also similar to BigTable. ... when Facebook, the original developers of
Cassandra, “abandoned” it in favor of HBase when implementing the Facebook
instant ...

Author: Byron Ellis

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118838020

Category: Computers

Page: 432

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Construct a robust end-to-end solution for analyzing andvisualizing streaming data Real-time analytics is the hottest topic in data analyticstoday. In Real-Time Analytics: Techniques to Analyze andVisualize Streaming Data, expert Byron Ellis teaches dataanalysts technologies to build an effective real-time analyticsplatform. This platform can then be used to make sense of theconstantly changing data that is beginning to outpace traditionalbatch-based analysis platforms. The author is among a very few leading experts in the field. Hehas a prestigious background in research, development, analytics,real-time visualization, and Big Data streaming and is uniquelyqualified to help you explore this revolutionary field. Moving froma description of the overall analytic architecture of real-timeanalytics to using specific tools to obtain targeted results,Real-Time Analytics leverages open source and moderncommercial tools to construct robust, efficient systems that canprovide real-time analysis in a cost-effective manner. The bookincludes: A deep discussion of streaming data systems andarchitectures Instructions for analyzing, storing, and delivering streamingdata Tips on aggregating data and working with sets Information on data warehousing options and techniques Real-Time Analytics includes in-depth case studies forwebsite analytics, Big Data, visualizing streaming and mobile data,and mining and visualizing operational data flows. The book's"recipe" layout lets readers quickly learn and implement differenttechniques. All of the code examples presented in the book, alongwith their related data sets, are available on the companionwebsite.
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Learn Cassandra in 24 Hours

Although Cassandra query language resembles with SQL language, their data
modelling methods are totally different. In Cassandra, a bad ... so data
duplication provides instant data availability and no single point of failure. Data
Modeling ...

Author: Alex Nordeen

Publisher: Guru99


Category: Computers

Page: 230

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This book is a step by step beginners guide to learning Cassandra. The book uses tons of charts, graphs, images and code to aid your Cassandra learning. The book gives a detailed introduction to Cassandra. It proceeds to give step-by-step instructions to installing Cassandra. Cassandra Architecture and Replication Factor Strategy is lucidly explained. Data Modelling, Keyspace CQL are also described in detail. The book will teach you enough to get started with Cassandra. Here is what is included Table Of Content Chapter 1: Introduction 1. Cassandra History 2. Nosql Cassandra Database 3. Nosql Cassandra Database Vs Relational databases 4. Apache Cassandra Features 5. Cassandra Use Cases Chapter 2: Download and Install 1. Prerequisite for Apache Cassandra Installation 2. How to Download and Install Cassandra Chapter 3: Architecture 1. Components of Cassandra 2. Data Replication 3. Write Operation 4. Read Operation Chapter 4: Data Model and Rules 1. Cassandra Data Model Rules 2. Model Your Data in Cassandra 3. Handling One to One Relationship 4. Handling one to many Relationship 5. Handling Many to Many Relationship Chapter 5: Cassandra CQL 1. Create, Alter & Drop Keyspace 2. Cassandra Table: Create, Alter, Drop & Truncate 3. Cassandra Query Language(CQL): Insert, Update, Delete, Read Data 4. Create & Drop INDEX 5. Data Types & Expiration 6. SET, LIST & MAP Chapter 6: Cassandra Cluster 1. Prerequisites for Cassandra Cluster 2. Enterprise Edition Installation 3. Starting Cassandra Node Chapter 7: DevCenter & OpsCenter Installation 1. DevCenter Installation 2. OpsCenter Installation Chapter 8: Security 1. What is Internal Authentication and Authorization 2. Configure Authentication and Authorization 3. Logging in 4. Create New User 5. Authorization 6. Configuring Firewall 7. Enabling JMX Authentication
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SAS Communications

... Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Indiana A VM / CMS SAS® Based DB Query
Application Employed as a Function of a Business DMS Michael L ... SAS / FSP®
Software and the Macro Language to Develop an Instant Information System
Robert T . Grant and Julie McCoy , General ... GTE Data Services Information
Systems at the Soil Conservation Service M . Cassandra Smith , USDA SCS

Author: SAS Institute


ISBN: UVA:X001307099

Category: SAS (Computer file)


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Leslie s

There was a rush—thcn a scramble, a sprawl-a spiteful scratching and spiiting—
and, the next instant, Mr. l'erkins had the ... in general-uttering, it may be
supposed, a Cassandra-like prophecy of ills to come, whereof this Summer sea
as yet gives us no warning hint. ... first inspection; and the latter query, at least,
has never, to me, been satisfactorily answered. ... as a landmark of awful ex
perlence-an experience indescribable and incommunlcabls by the words of any
mortal language.

Author: John Albert Sleicher


ISBN: PSU:000020241469



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