Introduction to Intercollegiate Athletics

This book explores the complexities of intercollegiate athletics while explaining the organizational structures, key players, terms, and important issues relevant to the growing fields of recreational studies, sports management, and ...

Author: Eddie Comeaux

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421416625

Category: Education

Page: 400

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Intercollegiate athletics continue to bedevil American higher education. This book explores the complexities of intercollegiate athletics while explaining the organizational structures, key players, terms, and important issues relevant to the growing fields of recreational studies, sports management, and athletic administration.
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College Athletes Rights and Well Being

The book is arranged into 16 individual chapters that cover a range of topics on college athletes' rights and well-being.

Author: Eddie Comeaux

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421423852

Category: Education

Page: 232

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"College Athletes' Rights and Well-Being covers major policy issues in collegiate sports and seeks to address the issue of college athletics from the perspective of the athlete's well-being. It is written for those who seek to enhance their understanding of the intercollegiate athletics landscape. This textbook is intended for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, though scholars, teachers, practitioners, athletic administrators, and advocates of intercollegiate athletics will also find it essential. The book is arranged into 16 individual chapters that cover a range of topics on college athletes' rights and well-being. It is not exhaustive, but the editor believes that current concerns, challenges, and themes of relevance to higher education researchers and practitioners will certainly be well addressed" --
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College Sports Inc

​For several decades in America, athletic programs in colleges and universities received financial support and resources primarily from their respective schools and such sources as alumni and the National Collegiate Athletic Association ...

Author: Frank P. Jozsa Jr.

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461449690

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 119

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​For several decades in America, athletic programs in colleges and universities received financial support and resources primarily from their respective schools and such sources as alumni and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). More recently, however, college coaches assigned to athletic departments and the presidents and marketing or public relations officials of schools organize, initiate, and participate in fund-raising campaigns and thus obtain a portion of revenue for their sports programs from local, regional and national businesses, and from other private donors, groups, and organizations. Because of this inflow of assets and financial capital, intercollegiate athletic budgets and types of sports expanded and in turn, these programs became increasingly important, popular, and reputable as revenue and cost centers within American schools of higher education.​​
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Intercollegiate Athletics and the American University

This book is certainly part of that challenge, and is sure to influence this debate today and in the years to come. James J. Duderstadt is President Emeritus and University Professor of Science and Engineering, University of Michigan.

Author: James J. Duderstadt


ISBN: UOM:39015050303679

Category: Education

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A former Big Ten university president argues that the increased commercialization of college sports endangers our universities' primary goal
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Wooster Alumni Bulletin

We cannot discover that the introduction of intercollegiate athletics would
contribute any material , physical , financial or spiritual benefit to the institution ,
but to the contrary . Having the fullest confidence in the wisdom and ability of the
Faculty ...



ISBN: UOM:39015073225347



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Principles and Practice of Sport Management

CHAPTER 8 Intercollegiate Football Association , Intercollegiate Conference of
Faculty Representatives , Big Ten ... Rate ( APR ) Collegiate Sport Carol A. Barr
INTRODUCTION Intercollegiate athletics is a major segment of the sport industry

Author: Lisa Pike Masteralexis

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 0763726230

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 488

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Principles and Practice of Sport Management, Second Edition provides students with solid fundamental information on what they need to do to be successful in the sport industry. Updated and expanded, this best-selling text offers a unique blend of information on the foundations and principles on which sport management operates as well as how to apply those foundations and principles to the sport industry.
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Pay for Play

This book traces attempts at college athletics reform from 1855 through the early twenty-first century while analyzing the different roles played by students, faculty, conferences, university presidents, the NCAA, legislatures, and the ...

Author: Ronald Austin Smith

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252035876

Category: Education

Page: 344

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In an era when college football coaches frequently command higher salaries than university presidents, many call for reform to restore the balance between amateur athletics and the educational mission of schools. This book traces attempts at college athletics reform from 1855 through the early twenty-first century while analyzing the different roles played by students, faculty, conferences, university presidents, the NCAA, legislatures, and the Supreme Court.Pay for Play: A History of Big-Time College Athletic Reformalso tackles critically important questions about eligibility, compensation, recruiting, sponsorship, and rules enforcement. Discussing reasons for reform—to combat corruption, to level the playing field, and to make sports more accessible to minorities and women—Ronald A. Smith candidly explains why attempts at change have often failed. Of interest to historians, athletic reformers, college administrators, NCAA officials, and sports journalists, this thoughtful book considers the difficulty in balancing the principles of amateurism with the need to draw income from sporting events. Ronald A. Smith is professor emeritus of sports history at Penn State University and the author of several books, includingSports and Freedom: The Rise of Big-Time College AthleticsandPlay-by-Play: Radio, Television, and Big-Time College Sport.
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Principles and Practice of Sport Management

Assess the social and economic importance of modern intercollegiate athletics. 2.
Describe the historical development of ... Introduction Intercollegiate athletics is a
major segment of the sport. determining eligibility, promoting the welfare of ...

Author: Lisa Pike Masteralexis

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 9781449691967

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 610

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From the basic knowledge and skill sets of a sport manager to the current trends and issues in the sport management industry, the Fifth Edition of this best-selling text provides the foundation for students as they study and prepare for a variety of sport management careers. The authors, all well-known sport industry professionals, show students how to apply their new knowledge and skills to any segment in the sport industry from high school to the international arena. Principles and Practice of Sport Management, Fifth Edition continues to offer historical perspectives as well as thoughts about current and future industry issues and trends. It has, however, undergone substantial content updates in every chapter, including the inclusion of new developments or managerial approaches happening in the sport world, as well as the addition of new chapters on new media in sport and club management. - New full color design and art program - Contains practical advice on how virtual communitites and social networks can affect the job search process - Provides updated information on salaries in professional sports - Includes sections on evaluating coaches, programmatic goals, ethics, finances, and marketing as they relate to youth sports - Contains more in-depth coverage of disabilities in sports - New and updated content on the growing safety concerns related to concussions in youth sports through professional sports and within the NFL - New discussion of the ethical and legal implications of the Jerry Sandusky case - Current Issues section updated with new material on event security and the Boston Marathon bombings.
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Games Colleges Play

INTRODUCTION American Higher Education's “Peculiar Institution”
Intercollegiate athletics are American higher education's “peculiar institution.”
Their presence is pervasive, yet their proper balance with academics remains
puzzling. A visit to ...

Author: John R. Thelin

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421403915

Category: Education

Page: 272

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Games Colleges Play provides historical background that will inform current policy discussions about the proper place of intercollegiate athletics within the American university.
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Sport A Very Short Introduction

In 1971 the Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) was
founded to support women's athletics. At the time women athletes at top division
sport colleges received only 2 per cent of the athletics budget. In 1972, the
passage of ...

Author: Mike Cronin

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191512742

Category: History

Page: 144

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Sport is big business; international in nature and the focus of much media and cultural attention. In this Very Short Introduction, Mike Cronin charts the history of sport, from its traditional origins in folk football and cock fighting to its position as a global phenomenon today. Looking at a variety of sports from team games such as rugby, cricket, and football to games for individuals such as golf, tennis, and skiing, he considers how these first emerged and captivated the interest of ordinary people, and how sport has been transformed within our daily lives. Exploring the relationship between sport and class, gender, commerce, identity, and ethics, Cronin considers some of the central issues in sport today, including the high pay of professional footballers and the glamour of sports women, as well as fair play standards. Charting sport through the ages and around the world, this is a short guide to the history, development, and place of sport in contemporary global society. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.
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Understanding Rivalry and Its Influence on Sports Fans

INTRODUCTION Intercollegiate athletics and higher education have been linked
tightly together for a long time (Brand, 2006). While the role of intercollegiate
athletics in higher education has been criticized, such as serving as a band aid or

Author: Havard, Cody T.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522581260

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 307

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While rivalries are a key aspect of the sports world, they are not well understood. It is essential to study how rivalries influence fan behavior in order to predict and identify their effect on social interaction, consumer behavior, and the entertainment industry. Understanding Rivalry and Its Influence on Sports Fans is an essential reference source that discusses what causes and influences rivalry, as well as how it impacts sport fans. Featuring research on topics such as bracketed morality, competitive sports, and social identity, this book is ideally designed for academics, students, and researchers studying the rivalry phenomenon across such disciplines as psychology, sociology, political science, sport and entertainment, consumer behavior, and marketing.
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Hearing on Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972

Introduction . Intercollegiate athletics offer interested and able students
opportunities to experience the lessons of competition , develop physical and
leadership skills , be part of a team , and enjoy themselves . Good intercollegiate
athletics ...

Author: Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. House Committee on Economic and Educational Opportunities


ISBN: PSU:000053788993

Category: College sports

Page: 417

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The subcommittee met to discuss and hear testimony on Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, a law designed to prohibit sex discrimination in intercollegiate athletics at federally funded education programs or activities. Among issues addressed were the means by which universities demonstrate that they are in compliance with Title IX as well as the achievements and benefits of the legislation in the 23 years since it was passed. Witnesses who appeared in panels to testify included House Representatives Hastert and Collins and representatives of the Office of Civil Rights at the Department of Education. Also appearing were representatives of universities including the president of Brown University, Vartan Gregorian, and president of Eastern Illinois University, David L. Jorns. They were either troubled by the direction of Title IX enforcement or felt that current enforcement allows an appropriate level of flexibility in achieving compliance. Representatives of several organizations in the athletic community appeared including the National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators, the National Wrestling Coaches Association, Women's Sports Foundation, the College Football Association. These offered differing opinions on the impact of Title IX on their sports and athletes. Extensive additional material that was submitted for the record is included. (JB)
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Economics of College Sports

4 Motivating College Athletics Evan Osborne INTRODUCTION Intercollegiate
athletics is a substantial enterprise. The National Collegiate Athletic Association's
2001-2002 budget lists revenues of $345,815,000 and expenses of
$228,337,000 ...

Author: John Fizel

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0275980332

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 262

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The editors and their contributors address such issues as BLThe restructuring of the NCAA; BLThe role of athletics in the university objective function; BLAthletic revenue and Title IX compliance; BLFinancial implications of athletic endeavors; BLCartel rents for collegiate athletics; BLInstitutional changes and competitive balance in collegiate sports.
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Introduction to the Philosophy of Sport

Finally, intercollegiate athletics suffers from an academic-athletic split that fails to
treat coaches as educators and tends to treat sports and athletes as means to
financial ends—actions that can't help but have negative educational impacts.

Author: Heather Reid

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9780742570627

Category: Philosophy

Page: 256

View: 330

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This comprehensive text examines the history, significance, and philosophical dimensions of sport. Introduction to the Philosophy of Sport is organized to reflect the traditional division of philosophy into metaphysical, ethical, and sociopolitical issues, while incorporating specific concerns of today’s athletic world, such as cheating, doping, and Title IX, where they are applicable. This approach provides students with a basic understanding of the philosophy of sport as a whole and better equips them to investigate specific issues. Introduction to the Philosophy of Sport is not only an outline of the discipline and a summary of much of its pioneering work, but also an invitation for students to join the conversation by connecting it to their own athletic experience.
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Handbook on the Economics of Women in Sports

introdUction. Gender equality in intercollegiate athletics has been the subject of
numerous articles in the popular press and the economics literature. in this
chapter, we examine what is arguably the most-studied topic in women's sports:
title iX.

Author: Michael Leeds

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781849809399

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 456

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'In the Handbook on the Economics of Women in Sports, Leeds and Leeds put together an impressive list of heavy hitters in the sociology and economics literature on sports to produce a tour de force volume. The entire spectrum of international perspectives is covered, from US, Korean, and Australian sports to world competition at the highest level of the Olympics and international championships. Whether your interest is attendance at women's events, performance and rewards in women's pro sports, gender issues in US college sports, or international performance and how women compete, this handbook is a must read for any serious fan, and for all serious scholars interested in the impacts of being female on sports performance and competitiveness.' Rodney Fort, University of Michigan, US 'Leeds and Leeds have filled a gaping hole in sports economics with this revealing collection of essays. The economics of women in sports has been too long neglected. By covering everything from women as sports spectators, to women as participants in individual and team sports at the collegiate and professional levels, to women's sports internationally, Title IX, and women's differential response to incentives, this volume not only demonstrates that there is much fertile ground to be studied, but also that the subject matter is both interesting and important.' Andrew Zimbalist, Smith College, US Women's sports have received much less attention from economists than from other social scientists. This Handbook fills that gap with a comprehensive economic analysis of women's sports. It also analyzes how the behavior and treatment of female athletes reflect broad economic forces. Contributors to this volume use current theoretical models and econometric tools to examine the legal, social, and economic forces that affect the experiences of female athletes. They address such traditional topics as discrimination against female athletes and coaches and the effect of athletic events on the economies of host countries. They also apply theory and estimation to new settings, such as how women respond to tournaments in skiing and figure skating or how the growing dominance of Korean women on the LPGA tour is a form of immigration. This groundbreaking book is a valuable resource for professors, students, and researchers in sports economics, sports management, and women's studies.
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Kent State University Athletics

INTRODUCTION. Kent State University (KSU), ... KSU has enjoyed a storied
athletic history that remains widely unknown, despite the fact ... In that same year,
the school established its first intercollegiate athletic team— men's

Author: Cara Gilgenbach

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781439619070

Category: Travel

Page: 128

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Established in 1910 by the State of Ohio as a teachers’ training college, Kent State Normal School rapidly evolved into a major research university during the first half of the 20th century. Kent State University Athletics chronicles the highlights of sports history during the institution’s first 100 years. As athletics evolved from its close relation to physical education training and intramural play to varsity intercollegiate programs competing at the Division I level, a number of outstanding athletes, teams, and coaches arose, including several Olympic competitors and future professional athletes.
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Guide to Title IX Intercollegiate Athletics

CONTENTS Page Introduction . . . . . . . . . 1 Chapter 1 Overview of Title IX
Intercollegiate Athletics Requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. Athletic ...

Author: William David Kramer


ISBN: STANFORD:36105062997627

Category: College sports

Page: 54

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