Jewish History, Jewish Religion

The Weight of Three Thousand Years
Author: Israel Shahak
Publisher: Pluto Press
ISBN: 9780745308197
Category: History
Page: 127
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'Shahak subjects the whole history of Orthodoxy ... to a hilarious and scrupulous critique.' --Christopher Hitchens, The Nation

Judaism Within Modernity

Essays on Jewish History and Religion
Author: Michael A. Meyer
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
ISBN: 9780814328743
Category: Religion
Page: 411
View: 5379
Judaism within Modernity explores Jewish historiography and the problems of periodization in modern Jewish history, with a focus on Jews of Germany and the United States.

Jüdische Geschichte

Für Kinder erzählt
Author: Simon Dubnow
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 3647300179
Category: History
Page: 215
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Simon Dubnow (1860–1941) ist einer der wichtigsten Historiker der jüdischen Geschichte. Dass er sich auch an Kinder wandte, um ihnen ein nationales und säkulares jüdisches Selbstverständnis zu vermitteln, ist bis heute wenig geläufig. 1931 verfasste Dubnow seine »Jüdische Geschichte – für Kinder erzählt«, eine Gesamtgeschichte des jüdischen Volkes von den Anfängen an, mit der er sich erklärtermaßen nicht nur an Kinder, sondern auch an interessierte Erwachsene richtete. Das Buch gewährt Einblicke in die jüdische Geschichtsschreibung vor dem Holocaust sowie in Dubnows Geschichtsverständnis in Anlehnung an seine berühmte »Weltgeschichte des jüdischen Volkes«. Mit dieser Ausgabe ist die »Jüdische Geschichte – für Kinder erzählt« erstmals in deutscher Übersetzung erhältlich.

Gender and Jewish History

Author: Marion A. Kaplan,Deborah Dash Moore
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 025322263X
Category: History
Page: 416
View: 8070
"A Major Collection of Scholarship that Contains the most up-to-Date, Indeed Cutting-Edge Work on Gender and Jewish History by Several Generations of Top Scholars."---Atina Grossmann, the Cooper Union By Revealing the Importance of gender in interpreting the Jewish past, this collection of original essays highlights the profound influence that feminist scholarship has had on the study of Jewish history since the 1970s. Gender and Jewish History considers the impact of gender on Jewish religious practices and political behavior, educational accomplishments and communal structures, acculturation and choice of occupations. The book stimulates conversations on such topics as Jewish women's creativity and spirituality, violence against women, Jews' reactions to persecution in the Holocaust, and Judaism as lived religion and culture. Honoring Paula E. Hyman, one of the founders of Jewish gender studies, this volume shows gender to be an eye-opening entry into realms of Jewish history previously untouched by it.

Zwei Völker in deinem Leib

Gegenseitige Wahrnehmung von Juden und Christen in Spätantike und Mittelalter
Author: Israel Yuval
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 9783525569931
Category: Religion
Page: 304
View: 1613
English summary: This provocative book has been gaining acclaim and stirring controversy for its bold reinterpretation of the relationship between Judaism and Christianity, especially in medieval Europe: not a relationship of mother and daughter but rather of two sisters - both deriving from the religion of ancient Israel. German description: Die kuhne Deutung der judisch-christlichen Beziehung als einer geschwisterlichen hat weltweit Kontroversen ausgelost. Zahlreiche Quellen erweisen die polemische Auseinandersetzung zwischen Judentum und Christentum als formativ fur die Herausbildung der beiden Religionen. Yuval untersucht die Entstehung des Pessach-Festes sowie die quasi-rituelle Totung von judischen Kindern durch ihre Eltern bei den Judenverfolgungen 1096 und beobachtet, wie Christen das judische Verhalten wahrnahmen. Er schlieat mit dem Milleniumjahr 1240, als Juden den Anbruch der endzeitlichen Erlosung erwarteten. Diese Schlusselmomente zeigen, dass der christliche Einfluss auf das mittelalterliche Judentum weitaus groaer war, als bislang angenommen und dass die Zuruckweisung des Christentums bei der Herausbildung judischer Identitat eine zentrale Rolle spielte.

Prophets of the Past

Interpreters of Jewish History
Author: Michael Brenner
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9781400836611
Category: History
Page: 320
View: 7398
Prophets of the Past is the first book to examine in depth how modern Jewish historians have interpreted Jewish history. Michael Brenner reveals that perhaps no other national or religious group has used their shared history for so many different ideological and political purposes as the Jews. He deftly traces the master narratives of Jewish history from the beginnings of the scholarly study of Jews and Judaism in nineteenth-century Germany; to eastern European approaches by Simon Dubnow, the interwar school of Polish-Jewish historians, and the short-lived efforts of Soviet-Jewish historians; to the work of British and American scholars such as Cecil Roth and Salo Baron; and to Zionist and post-Zionist interpretations of Jewish history. He also unravels the distortions of Jewish history writing, including antisemitic Nazi research into the "Jewish question," the Soviet portrayal of Jewish history as class struggle, and Orthodox Jewish interpretations of history as divinely inspired. History proved to be a uniquely powerful weapon for modern Jewish scholars during a period when they had no nation or army to fight for their ideological and political objectives, whether the goal was Jewish emancipation, diasporic autonomy, or the creation of a Jewish state. As Brenner demonstrates in this illuminating and incisive book, these historians often found legitimacy for these struggles in the Jewish past.

The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion

Author: Maxine Grossman
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199730040
Category: Reference
Page: 934
View: 6534
"The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion has been the go-to resource for students, scholars, and researchers in Judaic Studies since its 1997 publication. Now, The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion, Second Edition focuses on recent and changing rituals in the Jewish community that have come to the fore since the 1997 publication of the first edition, including the growing trend of baby-naming ceremonies and the founding of gay/lesbian synagogues. Under the editorship of Adele Berlin, nearly 200 internationally renowned scholars have created a new edition that incorporates updated bibliographies, biographies of 20th-century individuals who have shaped the recent thought and history of Judaism, and an index with alternate spellings of Hebrew terms. Entries from the previous edition have been be revised, new entries commissioned, and cross-references added, all to increase ease of navigation research." -- Provided by publisher.

Geschichte des jüdischen Volkes im Zeitalter Jesu Christi

Author: Emil Schürer
Publisher: N.A
Category: Apocryphal books (Old Testament)
Page: N.A
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Jewish History

The Big Picture
Author: Gila Gevirtz,Jonathan D. Sarna,Jonathan B. Krasner
Publisher: Behrman House, Inc
ISBN: 9780874418385
Category: History
Page: 280
View: 3348

A Short History of the Jews

Author: Michael Brenner
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 069114351X
Category: History
Page: 421
View: 2210
Chronicles the Jewish experience from Biblical times to today, tracing what is at heart a drama of migration and change, yet one that is also deeply rooted in tradition.

American Judaism

A History
Author: Jonathan D. Sarna
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300109764
Category: Religion
Page: 490
View: 6525
The first comprehensive history of American Judaism in over fifty years, this book is both a celebration of 350 years of Jewish life in America and essential reading for anyone interested in American religion and life. Jonathan Sarna, a preeminent scholar of American Judaism, tells the story of individuals struggling to remain Jewish while also becoming American. He offers a dynamic and timely history of assimilation and revitalization, of faith lost and faith regained.Tracing American Judaism from its origins in the colonial era through the present day, Sarna explores the ways in which Judaism adapted in this new context.

The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Studies

Author: Martin Goodman,Jeremy Cohen,David Sorkin
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780199280322
Category: Religion
Page: 1037
View: 1010
The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Studies reflects the current state of scholarship in the field as analyzed by an international team of experts in the different and varied areas represented within contemporary Jewish Studies. Unlike recent attempts to encapsulate the current state of Jewish Studies, the Oxford Handbook is more than a mere compendium of agreed facts; rather, it is an exhaustive survey of current interests and directions in the field.

A Short History of the Jewish People

From Legendary Times to Modern Statehood
Author: Raymond P. Scheindlin
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780195139419
Category: History
Page: 274
View: 515
From the original legends of the Bible to the peace accords of today's newspapers, this engaging, one-volume history of the Jews will fascinate and inform. 30 illustrations.


History, Belief and Practice
Author: Dan Cohn-Sherbok
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415236614
Category: Religion
Page: 590
View: 7202
This all encompassing textbook is an unrivalled guide to the history, beliefs and practice of Judaism. Beginning with the ancient Near Eastern background, it covers early Israelite history, the emergence of classical rabbinic literature and the rise of medieval Judaism in Islamic and Christian lands. It also includes the early modern period and the development of Jewry in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Extracts from primary sources are used throughout to enliven the narrative and provide concrete examples of the rich variety of Jewish civilization.

A History of the Jewish People

Author: Abraham Malamat,Haim Hillel Ben-Sasson
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674397316
Category: History
Page: 1170
View: 2967
A comprehensive, detailed survey of Jewish politics, religion, economics, and society and of Jewish life and achievement, from the second millennium B.C. through the Diaspora, and in the state of Israel

Das Antike Judentum

Author: Max Weber
Publisher: FV Éditions
Category: Religion
Page: 340
View: 2463

A History of the Jewish Experience

Author: Leo Trepp
Publisher: Behrman House, Inc
ISBN: 9780874416725
Category: Religion
Page: 561
View: 5993

The Routledge Atlas of Jewish History

Author: Martin Gilbert
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415281508
Category: History
Page: 137
View: 2567
Tracing the world-wide migrations of the Jews from ancient Mesopotamia to modern Israel, this edition spans over four thousand years of history in 140 maps. It presents a picture of a fascinating people and the trials and tribulations which have haunted their story. The themes covered include: prejudice and violence, from the destruction of Jewish independence between 722 and 586 BC to the Chmielnicki Massacres 1648-1656 and the flight from German persecution in the 1930s; migrations and movements, from the entry into the Promised Land to the exodus from Ethiopia between 1974 and 1984; society and status, from the geography of the Jews of China between 1000 and 1932 to the situation of the New York Jewry in 1900 and the position of the Jews of Syria; trade and culture, from Jewish trade routes between 800 and 900 to the use of Hebrew printing presses between 1444 and 1860 and communal life in the ghettoes; politics, government and war, from the Court Jews of the fifteenth century to the founding, wars and progress of the modern State of Israel.

Führer der Unschlüssigen

Erstes Buch
Author: Maimonides
Publisher: Felix Meiner Verlag
ISBN: 3787333045
Category: Philosophy
Page: 394
View: 3394
Im Vordergrund dieses philosophisch-theologischen Werkes von Maimonides (1135-1204) steht die Frage nach dem Verhältnis von griechischer Philosophie und jüdischem Gesetz. Es gilt als das rationalistischste Buch der sogenannten jüdischen Aufklärung.

The structure of Jewish history, and other essays

Author: Heinrich Graetz
Publisher: N.A
Category: History
Page: 325
View: 3433