John Lydgate s Fall of Princes

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Author: Assistant Head and Head of English Nigel Mortimer

Publisher: Clarendon Press

ISBN: 0199275017

Category: Literary Criticism

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John Lydgate

Chapter 21 Lydgate's Fall of Princes * The theme of the transitoriness of this earthly life was not only Lydgate's favourite topic but also that of the age in which he lived . The theme of melancholy , so aptly suited to the spirit of ...

Author: Walter Franz Schirmer

Publisher: Univ of California Press



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The Poetry of John Lydgate

The Declamacion is itself a translation, probably through Mielot's French text, of Buonaccorso de Montemagno's Controversia de Nobilitate, written about two years before Lydgate began the Fall of Princes. 22 John of Salisbury, ...

Author: Alain Renoir

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429558009

Category: Literary Criticism

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Originally published in 1967, The Poetry of John Lydgate presents a broad discussion of John Lydgate’s secular poetry. It reassesses much of the poetry through critical examination and suggests that Lydgate was not necessarily the master that the medieval ages proclaimed him to be, nor the plain poet that he is often seen as in modern analysis. Instead, the book suggest that he was a competent poetic craftsman that presents substantial literary form in his poetry. The analysis in the book looks at Lydgate as atypical of the Middle Ages, instead exhibiting traits currently linked to the Renaissance. The book provides a unique perspective on John Lydgate as a poet and will be of interest to medievalist and literary historians alike.
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Imagined Romes

See Edwards, “Influence of Lydgate's Fall”; and Pearsall, John Lydgate (1371–1449), 69–72. 2. Unless otherwise noted, all references to the Fall of Princes are from Bergen's four-volume edition, hereafter cited parenthetically in the ...

Author: C. David Benson

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 9780271083957

Category: Literary Criticism

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This volume explores the conflicting representations of ancient Rome—one of the most important European cities in the medieval imagination—in late Middle English poetry. Once the capital of a great pagan empire whose ruined monuments still inspired awe in the Middle Ages, Rome, the seat of the pope, became a site of Christian pilgrimage owing to the fame of its early martyrs, whose relics sanctified the city and whose help was sought by pilgrims to their shrines. C. David Benson analyzes the variety of ways that Rome and its citizens, both pre-Christian and Christian, are presented in a range of Middle English poems, from lesser-known, anonymous works to the poetry of Gower, Chaucer, Langland, and Lydgate. Benson discusses how these poets conceive of ancient Rome and its citizens—especially the women of Rome—as well as why this matters to their works. An insightful and innovative study, Imagined Romes addresses a crucial lacuna in the scholarship of Rome in the medieval imaginary and provides fresh perspectives on the work of four of the most prominent Middle English poets.
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Economic Ethics in Late Medieval England 1300 1500

Lydgate's basis was Laurence de Premierfait's Des Cas des Nobles Hommes et Femmes, a second and extended version which he ... 7Jennifer Summit, ”'Stable in study': Lydgate's Fall of Princes and Duke Humphrey's Library”, in John Lydgate: ...

Author: Jennifer Hole

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319388601

Category: Business & Economics

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Drawing on an array of archival evidence from court records to the poems of Chaucer, this work explores how medieval thinkers understood economic activity, how their ideas were transmitted and the extent to which they were accepted. Moving beyond the impersonal operations of an economy to its ethical dimension, Hole’s socio-cultural study considers not only the ideas and beliefs of theologians and philosophers, but how these influenced assumptions and preoccupations about material concerns in late medieval English society. Beginning with late medieval English writings on economic ethics and its origins, the author illuminates a society which, although strictly hierarchical and unequal, nevertheless fostered expectations that all its members should avoid greed and excess consumption. Throughout, Hole aims to show that economic ethics had a broader application than trade and usury in late medieval England.
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Lydgate s Fall of Princes

John Lydgate Henry Bergen. and IX . , where the borders are misplaced at V. 2313 and IX . 505 ) . In the border at the beginning of Book I. , “ are the arms of John Tiptoft , Earl of Worcester ( d . 1470 ) , or of his first wife ( m ...

Author: John Lydgate


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