Spiritual Keys to the Holy Bible and the gift of God

This precious “gift” is given by the Lord God to assist those who obey Him [see Acts 5:32]. Key: #5 Jesus Christ, the Word of God and Savior of all mankind, once said “Every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but blasphemy against ...

Author: Shepherd C. Davis

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781412042543


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This book is a "wake-up" call and a guide for Christians who are physically alive, but spiritually dead! Those who are Christian in name only! They do not attend regular worship services. They seldom communicate with God through prayer. They do not read the word of God or understand it. They do not live righteously because their lives are ruled by the sinful nature. They do not have the 'gift' of God, but expect to receive eternal life after death. However, many won't! Unless they repent, and receive the 'gift' of God, they will die in hell with the anti-Christ's and non-believers. This book is about the plan of God to reconcile humanity to himself through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. His sacrifice enabled the coming of the Holy Spirit. Both are essential for spiritual growth in this life; and later eternal life in the kingdom of God. Without Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit there is no spiritual growth or eternal life for anyone. In the 1st century A.D., a fraction of 1% of the world (the saints) received the 'gift' of God and eternal life, as prophesied [see Daniel 12:1-3]. The other 99.99999999% perished in hell! Today, nearly 33% of the world has received the "gift" of God. They are growing spiritually in 'this life' and will become spirit beings like the angels at the resurrection [see Luke 20:34-36]. The other 67% of the world (the anti-Christ's), however, will perish in hell. This, and much more, is revealed in the 'secrets' of the kingdom of God. Finally, this book provides biblical proof of the "second coming" of Christ and where he is on earth - today!
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The Bipolar Guide to the Gift

The extremes talk to me and renew my gift. ... Certain minor musical keys have the ability to immediately connect to us in an emotional way. ... China has different musical keys to affect people than the western world.

Author: Arlen Rundvall

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781426911064

Category: Self-Help

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When you are diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, you could use a coach and all the advantages that you can find. Bipolar is a serious illness that requires an integrated approach to solving the enigma. This is an informal guide that pulls no punches and talks about everything from sexual promiscuity to manic spending to delusions of grandeur. Over twenty years, I have learned to lessen its power over my existence. It can become less of an illness and, over time, more of an opportunity. We need to look at bipolar in new ways to get different results. Having a reassuring friend who’s been there makes the difference. I teach many basic, easy to learn approaches. A recent test reader, who was in the mire of illness, described the book as a bridge out: she returns to The Bipolar Guide to review the principles that helped her to live. I strive in this book to take alternative approaches to work through the negative illness traits to plug into the gift side. I have been through the highs and the lows of manic-depression and have embraced the advantages, and continue to live an enhanced life. I promote responsibility in this book—there are no excuses, just potential. You can harness bipolar to serve you: it is a tough break-in of the wild horse, but it is possible. We need to look at bipolar in new ways. People need friendly assurance and prodding to surmount the challenges of bipolar. This is a bold responsible approach to living successfully with Bipolar Disorder. Two decades of tough manic-depression lessons are passed to you. This informal guide will be your friend and coach to assist you in finding your own way: we need to learn new approaches to attain different results in our lives.
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The Sistine Chapel a Study in Celestial Cartography

prepared to receive the Christ: prepared to receive the Gift of the Keys. This fresco 'The Gift of the Keys' is symbolic of all that was talked about concerning the symbolism of the Sistine Chapel. The initiate should take careful ...

Author: William John Meegan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479749508

Category: Mathematics

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GODS MISSIVE TO THE SOUL THE SISTINE CHAPEL: A Study in Celestial Cartography is a highly mystical and contemplative inquiry into The Mysteries and Esoteric Teachings of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Churchs only onus in the world is to re-articulate the sacred scriptures esoterically into as many artistic venues as possible. Through a comprehensive comparative analysis of the symbolic and esoteric patterns codified to the Judeao Christian Scriptures, the landscape of Jerusalem, Chartres Cathedral (stone and glass), Dante Alighieris La Divina Commedia (pen and ink), the Sistine Chapel (mosaics, paint and wet plaster) and Saint Peters Basilica (marble) the reader can determine for him or herself the efficacy of the esoteric science, which hails from the dawn of the time/space continuum as a direct missive from God. The author discovered a relatively simple and yet extremely sophisticated mathematical and grammatical system of thought in ancient literature: the integration of the Seven Liberal Arts. Antiquity developed this esoteric science inherent in the soul/psyche to codify the Word of God esoterically into the worlds sacred literature. Each letter of the worlds sacred literature is symbolized and alphanumerically structured, which makes the interpretation of each word far more important than the sum of its letters. The Holy Writ: i.e. the worlds religious literature is an encyclopedic library of knowledge relating wholly to the soul/psyche. There is no purpose for esotericisms existence other than for God to have a one-on-one relationship with the soul/psyche. Why is the soul/psyche seemingly in the world? How did the soul/psyche come to its present state of existence? What can the soul/psyche do to extricate itself from its plight when the dynamic forces of the world become too oppressive for it to bear?
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Insiders Guide to Florida Keys Key West

PIgeon key FounDAtIon gIFt sHoP MM 47 Oceanside, Pigeon Key Visitor Center (305) 743-5999 pigeonkey.net Look for the old railway car, still sitting on the tracks of Flagler's railroad at MM 47 Oceanside. Hidden unassumingly inside is ...

Author: Juliet Gray

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780762790982

Category: Travel

Page: 368

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For more than twenty years, the Insiders' Guide series has remained the essential source for in-depth travel and relocation information. Written by locals and true insiders, each guide is packed with useful tips on places to stay, restaurants, events, attractions, fun thnigs to do with the kids, nightlife, recreation, shopping, local history, and much more--as well as a comprehensive appendix called "Living Here" that offers information on real estate, education, health care, and more.
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The Gift likewise reinterprets the “ clink of spurs ” : the author is strolling away in his riding boots ( Pegasus is saddled for ... “ The theme of the keys in The Gift is extensively discussed in Johnson , Worlds in Regression , pp .

Author: Leona Toker

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 0801422116

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 243

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Analyzes Nabokov's ten novels, describes recurrent themes and features, and discusses his use of structure
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Building Bridges Between Spirit filled Christians and Latter day Saints Mormons

When the focus of the gift of the priesthood is turned from the gift back to the Giver (Heavenly Father), SFC will be able to better understand their LDS friends. Furthermore, LDS feel that the priesthood and its keys provide a stronger ...

Author: Rob Datsko

Publisher: eBookIt.com

ISBN: 9781456606695

Category: Religion

Page: 402

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The Evidence of Scripture Against the Claims of the Roman Church

There is an apparent reference to a passage of Isaiah : “ The key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder ; so he shall open , and none shall shut ; and he shall shut , and none ... What is implied in the gift of the keys .

Author: Sanderson Robins


ISBN: BL:A0018895907


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The Law Times Reports

... the gift chased for the defendant A. B. Keys and her by delivery was sufficiently established , and the sister , were in like manner placed by his direcfact of their being found in the testator's safe tions to their joint account .



ISBN: IOWA:31858016869939

Category: Law reports, digests, etc


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