The Adventures of Dinky

DINKY MEETS HIS TRUE LOVE inky was having a lazy day at home in the forest instead of an adventure day. He. D. thought he would have a nice, restful day as he was always out helping someone or travelling. He was sitting in his nest when ...

Author: Tina Grenney

Publisher: ShieldCrest

ISBN: 9781910176931

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 86

View: 165

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In the Forest of Peace, lives a sparrow called Dinky. Because he can fly, he can help so many people. Read about some of his adventures. The book contains other short stories from the vivid imagination of the author.
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The Adventures of Cammy the Red Dot Gecko

... look differenT when she finished growing up. WhaT an advenTure ThaT liTTle bird was abouT To have! Maybe someday ThaT liTTle bird mighT have her own sTories and advenTures To Tell! CHAPTER 14 ()ne Lazy Day IT was anoTher glorious day.

Author: Christy Jordan-Morrow

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781466964587


Page: 48

View: 910

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Life is full of many great adventures! This book tells the story of Cammy, the Red-Dot gecko, as viewed through the eyes of a child. Cammy meets many new friends and has many life-learning adventures while growing up. Some are filled with humor and some not so good, but somehow, Cammy ends her day with, "Now, that was a great day!"
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Enid Blyton Adventure Treasury

It was a lovely lazy day they had, and they thoroughly enjoyed it after all the alarms and adventures of the last week or two. Jack began to teach Paul to swim, but he was not very good at learning, though he tried hard enough!

Author: Enid Blyton

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444920369

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 384

View: 859

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A must for Blyton fans, the Adventure Treasury is a collection of her most exciting writing. Join the Famous Five, the Secret Seven, the Adventurous Four, the Five Find-Outers and many more of Enid Blyton's heroes as they solve mysteries, explore new places and foil criminals! Compiled by well known critic, writer and broadcaster, Mary Cadogan, and Blyton archivist, Norman Wright, this treasury contains extracts and short stories from across the range of adventure stories and poems written by Blyton, including classic stories from the Enid Blyton Magazine and Sunny Stories. Illustrated with black and white line and coloured-up original illustrations, as well as a colour plate section, this is a large format, quality book for the gift market - perfect for Blyton fans everywhere!
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BEAU SABREUR Complete Adventures of Major De Beaujolais

Day followed lazy day and night followed active night, as weeks became a month and we steadily marched south-east; but no caravan gladdened my eyes, nor sight of any human being, away from the few oases, save once a lonely Targui scout, ...

Author: P. C. Wren

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788075830432

Category: Fiction

Page: 230

View: 872

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Beau Sabreur focuses on the adventures of Major Henri De Beaujolais, an officer in the French Foreign legion, known as the "Beau Sabreur", title given to him by his uncle, General de Beaujolais. When Henri and his legionary friends, Raoul de Redon and Dufour do not return in time to leave Algiers they end up in jail. The general sends Henry into the desert to learn the local customs with a mission to conclude the signing of a crucial peace treaty, during which he meets Mary Vanbrugh, an American journalist. A traitor, Becque attacks them… The novel provides a detailed and fairly authentic description of life in the pre-1914 Foreign Legion, which has led to suggestions that P. C. Wren himself served with the legion. Percival Christopher Wren (1875 - 1941) was an English writer, mostly of adventure fiction. He is remembered best for Beau Geste, a much-filmed book of 1924, involving the French Foreign Legion in North Africa. This was one of 33 novels and short story collections that he wrote, mostly dealing with colonial soldiering in Africa. While his fictional accounts of life in the pre-1914 Foreign Legion are highly romanticized, his details of Legion uniforms, training, equipment and barrack room layout are generally accurate, which has led to unproven suggestions that Wren himself served with the legion.
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Adventure Guide to Provence and the C te D Azur

The walks are circular during the course of the vacation, so you can stay behind for a lazy day or two at the beach if you prefer. If you are traveling from the UK with a dog under the Pet Passport Scheme, the company can also organize ...

Author: Ferne Arfin

Publisher: Hunter Publishing, Inc

ISBN: 9781588435514

Category: Travel

Page: 405

View: 927

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Here is the most detailed and informative guide to this fascinating region, from the Cte dAzur and its seaside towns of St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice and Antibes, to the mountainous regions of Vaucluse, the Lubron and Mont Ventoux. See the papal palaces and cathedrals massed inside Avignons intact 14th-century walls. Or visit Nmes, with its Amphitheater, built by the Romans, still the venue for festivals and spectacles. Experience the Camargue, paradise for birdwatchers the only place outside of Africa where pink flamingos nest by the tens of thousands. The wild Camargue horses here are lege.
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The Adventures of Dofesaba Ii 2019 2020 from Port Leucate to Lagos in Portugal

Again another lovely day's sail without drama. Pulled in, went to the bar, nice lazy day. Cleaned the log, bought a new starter battery, usual stuff. Valencia marina itself is enormous, but really.

Author: Peter J Bell

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781665583503

Category: Travel

Page: 144

View: 745

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This book is actually two books. Our adventures in 2019, where we came down the East coast of Spain, (The Punic Coast) followed by the next book based on our adventures the following year in 2020, which was as we all know was “The Covid year”. I decided to join them together after I found out that the 2020 book was a little light on content. While there were some exciting adventures, and “things” did happen, we only had eight weeks in which for them to happen, as opposed to the nearly sixteen weeks from the previous year. I did not feel that you the reader was getting a very good deal, and I did not want to spend effort padding the book out which a decent editor would have spotted and removed. So I didn’t. This is actually the second book of our adventures, there are several more to come, but to catch the spirit of Covid I thought that it would be wise to get this into the marketplace before everyone gets Vaccinated and forgets how disruptive to life and normalcy the virus was. Also, currently there is a lot in the media about the Orcas around Tarifa, as you will see we were slightly involved in that, if only as bystanders. The East coast of Spain is not as well visited as the Algarve by yacht based folk and I feel they are missing a lot. If this book inspires anyone to try the luck up that coast, well then job done.
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A Conspiracy to Murder 1865 The Symbiont Time Travel Adventures Series Book 6

Young Adult Time Travel Adventure T.L.B. Wood ... It seemed a good way to spend a lazy day, since my yard work was caught up, and perhaps even doze a little before Peter and Elani—who promised to bring Chinese takeout—arrived later that ...

Author: T.L.B. Wood

Publisher: ePublishing Works!

ISBN: 9781644570296

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 294

View: 819

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Petra and Kipp discover the truth about the Lincoln assassination while investigating the government's hanging of Mary Surratt in the time-travel adventure, A Conspiracy to Murder, by T.L.B. Wood A flash of muzzle fire...a shot rings out...a president is dead...the fate of a nation is changed. Assisted by a shadowy group of conspirators—ultimately executed by the government—John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln. Among the conspirators was Mary Surratt, who went to the hangman's scaffold along with three men. But was Mary Surratt truly guilty, or did she possess a secret? Petra, accompanied by her furry partner, Kipp, join forces with Peter and Elani to travel back in time to a war-torn nation to determine the truth. Their ability, due to their appearances as humans accompanied by their canine companions, allows them to go where others fear to tread. But when they get too close, they risk becoming suspects of the conspirators as well as the government. With authorities closing in, the quartet risks death and altering the future timeline as they struggle to escape with their lives and the truth intact. "I love the relationship between Petra and Kipp." ~ VM, verified reviewer THE SYMBIONT TIME TRAVEL ADVENTURES, The Symbiont Tombstone, 1881 Whitechapel, 1888 The Great Locomotive Chase, 1862 Titanic, 1912 A Conspiracy to Murder, 1865 Robin Hood, 1192
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The Adventures of Drag Harlan Beau Rand Square Deal Sanderson The Great Heroes of Wild West

Lazy day,” offered Rogers as he dropped on the bench beside Harlan; “not a heap doin'.” He did not look at Harlan, but leaned forward, took up a cinch buckle that had been lying in the sand at his feet, and turned it idly over and over ...

Author: Charles Alden Seltzer

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788027224418

Category: Fiction

Page: 562

View: 169

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"Beau" Rand – Amos Seddon has been angry at Beaudry Rand for a long time, and he has passed that hatred on his daughter Eleanor, but when she meets the fellow of the certain name, he turns out to be quite the opposite of what she has been told. "Drag" Harlan is a tough vigilante cowboy with a bad reputation. While riding through the desert, among the rocks he finds a dying man named Morgan who tells him the story of hidden gold on his ranch, because of which he was shot by a gang of outlaws. Morgan makes Harlan promise to protect his daughter Square Deal Sanderson is an old time cowboy, a man of honor and a rough son of the West. Incidentally he stumbles upon two villains robbing and murdering a young cowboy. From the letters he carried, Sanderson learns that murdered man's sister is left alone at the distant Double A ranch and he steers his horse that way. Charles Alden Seltzer (1875-1942) was a prolific American author of western novels. He wrote his westerns from the experience of living on his uncle's ranch in New Mexico. Seltzer's best works include The Two-Gun Man, The Boss of the Lazy Y, Drag Harlan and West. Many of his novels were turned into Hollywood movies.
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Adventures in Chicken

The asparagus crisps up slightly at the tips while the interior softens, and the chicken develops a deep golden skin while staying rich and succulent, making the perfect lazy day meal. • serves 2 Melt the butter in a small frying pan ...

Author: Eva Kosmas Flores

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780544558212

Category: Cooking

Page: 288

View: 841

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The popular food blogger covers everything from essential skills to innovative recipes that “will satisfy the cravings of chicken lovers” (Library Journal). Chicken is the most popular meat in the world and can be easily adapted to almost any cuisine, from rustic Italian dishes to Asian-inspired curries. Still, it can be challenging to think of new ways to cook the same old wings or chicken thighs. Enter Eva Kosmas Flores, creator of the acclaimed blog Adventures in Cooking, with 150 recipes that transform chicken into something bold, new and delectable. This is a book for avid home cooks who want to push their cooking to the next level with the best versions of classics like Chicken Marsala with Balsamic Caramelized Onions and Pork Belly or innovative temptations such as Korean Barbecue Drumsticks with Ginger-Pear Sauce. There are sections on chicken cooking techniques, how to make perfect stock, and more, making this an indispensable guide for poultry lovers everywhere.
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