Letter Writing as a Social Practice

Author: David Barton,Nigel Hall
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing
ISBN: 9781556192081
Category: Literary Collections
Page: 262
View: 1463
This book explores the social significance of letter writing. Letter writing is one of the most pervasive literate activities in human societies, crossing formal and informal contexts. Letters are a common text type, appearing in a wide variety of forms in most domains of life. More broadly, the importance of letter writing can be seen in that the phenomenon has been widespread historically, being one of earliest forms of writing, and a wide range of contemporary genres have their roots in letters. The writing of a letter is embedded in a particular social situation, and like all other types of literacy objects and events, the activity gains its meaning and significance from being situated in cultural beliefs, values, and practices. This book brings together anthropologists, historians, educators and other social scientists, providing a range of case studies that explore aspects of the socially situated nature of letter writing.

Conventional Correspondence

Epistolary Culture of the Dutch Elite, 1770-1850
Author: Willemijn Ruberg
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004209735
Category: History
Page: 281
View: 2665
Describing the epistolary practices of the Dutch elite in the period 1770-1850, this book shows how cultural ideals of sincerity, individuality and naturalness influenced the style and contents of letters and argues for the vital importance of correspondence to the performance of class, gender and familial identities.

Letter Writing in Greco-Roman Antiquity

Author: Stanley K. Stowers
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN: 9780664250157
Category: History
Page: 188
View: 942
Making use of letters--both formal and personal--that have been preserved through the ages, Stanley Stowers analyzes the cultural setting within which Christianity arose. The Library of Early Christianity is a series of eight outstanding books exploring the Jewish and Greco-Roman contexts in which the New Testament developed.

Letters, Postcards, Email

Technologies of Presence
Author: Esther Milne
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135177473
Page: 280
View: 4509
In this original study, Milne moves between close readings of letters, postcards and emails, and investigations of the material, technological infrastructures of these forms, to answer the question: How does presence function as an aesthetic and rhetorical strategy within networked communication practices?

Postal Culture

Writing and Reading Letters in Post-Unification Italy
Author: Gabriella Romani
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442667257
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 288
View: 4098
The nationalization of the postal service in Italy transformed post-unification letter writing as a cultural medium. Both a harbinger of progress and an expanded, more efficient means of circulating information, the national postal service served as a bridge between the private world of personal communication and the public arena of information exchange and production of public opinion. As a growing number of people read and wrote letters, they became part of a larger community that regarded the letter not only as an important channel in the process of information exchange, but also as a necessary instrument in the education and modernization of the nation. In Postal Culture, Gabriella Romani examines the role of the letter in Italian literature, cultural production, communication, and politics. She argues that the reading and writing of letters, along with epistolary fiction, epistolary manuals, and correspondence published in newspapers, fostered a sense of community and national identity and thus became a force for social change.

The Sea Captain's Wife: A True Story of Love, Race, and War in the Nineteenth Century

Author: Martha Hodes
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393078396
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 384
View: 539
A finalist for the Lincoln Prize, The Sea Captain's Wife "comes surprisingly, and movingly, alive" (Tina Jordan, Entertainment Weekly). Award-winning historian Martha Hodes brings us into the extraordinary world of Eunice Connolly. Born white and poor in New England, Eunice moved from countryside to factory city, worked in the mills, then followed her husband to the Deep South. When the Civil War came, Eunice's brothers joined the Union army while her husband fought and died for the Confederacy. Back in New England, a widow and the mother of two, Eunice barely got by as a washerwoman, struggling with crushing depression. Four years later, she fell in love with a black sea captain, married him, and moved to his home in the West Indies. Following every lead in a collection of 500 family letters, Hodes traced Eunice's footsteps and met descendants along the way. This story of misfortune and defiance takes up grand themes of American history—opportunity and racism, war and freedom—and illuminates the lives of ordinary people in the past. A Library Journal Best Book of the Year and a selection of the Book of the Month Club, Literary Guild, and Quality Paperback Book Club.

Handbook of Writing and Text Production

Author: Eva-Maria Jakobs,Daniel Perrin
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 311037238X
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 435
View: 332
Writing matters, and so does research into real-life writing. The shift from an industrial to an information society has increased the importance of writing and text production in education, in everyday life and in more and more professions in the fields of economics and politics, science and technology, culture and media. Through writing, we build up organizations and social networks, develop projects, inform colleagues and customers, and generate the basis for decisions. The quality of writing is decisive for social resonance and professional success. This ubiquitous real-life writing is what the present handbook is about. The de Gruyter Handbook of Writing and Text Production brings together and systematizes state-of-the-art research. The volume contains five sections, focussing on (I) the theory and methodology of writing and text production research, as well as on problem-oriented and problem-solving approaches related to (II) authors, (III) modes and media, (IV) genres, and (V) domains of writing and text production. Throughout the 21 chapters, exemplary research projects illustrate the theoretical perspectives from globally relevant research spaces and traditions. Both established and future scholars can benefit from the handbook’s fresh approach to writing in the context of multimodal, multi-semiotic text production.

The Life of Paper

Letters and a Poetics of Living Beyond Captivity
Author: Sharon Luk
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520296249
Category: Social Science
Page: 292
View: 7231
The Life of Paper offers a wholly original and inspiring analysis of how people facing systematic social dismantling have engaged letter correspondence to remake themselves—from bodily integrity to subjectivity and collective and spiritual being. Exploring the evolution of racism and confinement in California history, this ambitious investigation disrupts common understandings of the early detention of Chinese migrants (1880s–1920s), the internment of Japanese Americans (1930s–1940s), and the mass incarceration of African Americans (1960s–present) in its meditation on modern development and imprisonment as a way of life. Situating letters within global capitalist movements, racial logics, and overlapping modes of social control, Sharon Luk demonstrates how correspondence becomes a poetic act of reinvention and a way to live for those who are incarcerated.


A Framework for Teaching Across Differences
Author: Katherine Schultz
Publisher: Teachers College Press
ISBN: 9780807743775
Category: Education
Page: 197
View: 1591
How can new and experienced teachers rethink the ways of teaching and learn to embrace and learn from the diversity they encounter among their students? Rather than preparing teachers to follow prescriptions or blueprints, Katherine Schultz suggests that we show them how to attend to and respond to the students they teach. In this book, she offers a conceptual framework for "deep listening," illustrating how successful teachers listen for the particularities of individual students, listen for the rhythm and balance of the whole class, listen for the broader contexts of students' lives, and listen for silence and acts of silence. Listening in this manner brings together knowledge of individual students, an understanding of a student's place within the classroom, and mastery of subject matter and pedagogy. This volume features compelling case studies that reveal the classroom lives of teachers who are exemplary listeners.

Documents of Life Revisited

Narrative and Biographical Methodology for a 21st Century Critical Humanism
Author: Professor Liz Stanley
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1472401050
Category: Social Science
Page: 238
View: 8659
The cultural and narrative turn has had a considerable impact upon research in the social sciences as well as in the arts and humanities, with Ken Plummer's Documents of Life constituting a central text in the turn towards to narrative, biographical and qualitative methodologies, challenging and changing the nature of research in sociology and further afield. Bringing together the latest research on auto/biographical and narrative methods, Documents of Life Revisited offers a sympathetic yet critical engagement with Plummer's work, exploring a range of different kinds of life documents and delineating a critical humanist methodology for researching and writing about these. A rich examination of the methods and methodologies associated with contemporary research in the social sciences and humanities, this book will be of interest to those concerned with the use and importance of biographical and narrative sources and documents of life investigations. As such, it will appeal to sociologists, social anthropologists and geographers, as well as scholars of cultural studies and cultural history, literary studies and library, archive and cultural management, social policy and medical studies.

The Handbook of Historical Sociolinguistics

Author: Juan Manuel Hernández-Campoy,Juan Camilo Conde-Silvestre
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111825726X
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 704
View: 6541
Written by an international team of leading scholars, this groundbreaking reference work explores the nature of language change and diffusion, and paves the way for future research in this rapidly expanding interdisciplinary field. Features 35 newly-written essays from internationally acclaimed experts that reflect the growth and vitality of the burgeoning area of historical sociolinguistics Examines how sociolinguistic theoretical models, methods, findings, and expertise can be used to reconstruct a language's past in order to explain linguistic changes and developments Bridges the gap between the past and the present in linguistic studies Structured thematically into sections exploring: origins and theoretical assumptions; methods for the sociolinguistic study of the history of languages; linguistic and extra-linguistic variables; historical dialectology, language contact and diffusion; and attitudes to language


An Introduction to the Ecology of Written Language
Author: David Barton
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN: 1405111143
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 264
View: 4809
This introduction to the expanding field of literacy studies has been fully revised for the second edition. It explores recent developments and new research that has contributed to our understanding of literacy practices, reflecting on the interdisciplinary growth of the study of reading and writing over the past decade. An introductory textbook on the growing field of literacy studies, fully updated for the new edition Includes new sections detailing recent completed studies of literacy practices, and the use of new technologies Distinguishes between the competing definitions of literacy in contemporary society, and examines the language and learning theories which underpin new views of literacy Now features additional material on cross-cultural perspectives, US-based examples, and information detailing current educational policy.

Scribes and Illuminators

Author: Christopher De Hamel,British Museum
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802077073
Category: Art
Page: 72
View: 7744
Looks at the work of medieval paper, parchment, and ink makers, scribes, illuminators, binders, and booksellers

Address in Early English Correspondence

Its Forms and Socio-pragmatic Functions
Author: Minna Nevala
Publisher: N.A
Category: English language
Page: 303
View: 6336

ROMARD: Research on Medieval and Renaissance Drama, vol 50

Author: Dr. Mario Longtin
Publisher: First Circle Publishing
ISBN: 0991976002
Category: Drama
Page: 132
View: 1732
ROMARD is an academic journal devoted to the study and promotion of Medieval and Renaissance drama in Europe. Previously published under the title of Research Opportunities in Renaissance Drama (RORD), the journal has been in publication since 1956. ROMARD is published annually at the University of Western Ontario. Manuscripts are submitted to the Editor, Mario Longtin, via email at [email protected] For further details, please visit the ROMARD website at www.romard.org.

Letter Writing

Author: Terttu Nevalainen,Sanna-Kaisa Tanskanen
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing
ISBN: 9789027222312
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 159
View: 5134
The contributions in this book discuss letter-writing from 1400 to 1800, and the material studied ranges from the late medieval Paston Letters and the correspondence between Sweden and the German Hanse to Early Modern English family letters and correspondence in natural history between England and North America in the eighteenth century. By bringing a set of corpus linguistic, discourse analytic, pragmatic and sociolinguistic approaches to bear on historical letter-writing activity, the articles both extend and complement the traditional letter-writing research in the history of European languages, which approaches the topic from a largely rhetorical perspective. The articles in this book were first published as a Special Issue of the Journal of Historical Pragmatics 5:2 (2004), share a contextualised view of letters: whether approached from the perspective of language contact, social and discursive practices, intertextuality, audience design or linguistic politeness, letters are analysed as part of their specific familial, business or scientific network. Writing letters thus emerges as highly context-sensitive social interaction.

The Material Letter in Early Modern England

Manuscript Letters and the Culture and Practices of Letter-Writing, 1512-1635
Author: J. Daybell
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137006064
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 357
View: 2338
The first major socio-cultural study of manuscript letters and letter-writing practices in early modern England. Daybell examines a crucial period in the development of the English vernacular letter before Charles I's postal reforms in 1635, one that witnessed a significant extension of letter-writing skills throughout society.

The Oxford Handbook of the History of English

Author: Terttu Nevalainen,Elizabeth Closs Traugott
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199996385
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 984
View: 2011
The availability of large electronic corpora has caused major shifts in linguistic research, including the ability to analyze much more data than ever before, and to perform micro-analyses of linguistic structures across languages. This has historical linguists to rethink many standard assumptions about language history, and methods and approaches that are relevant to the study of it. The field is now interested in, and attracts, specialists whose fields range from statistical modeling to acoustic phonetics. These changes have even transformed linguists' perceptions of the very processes of language change, particularly in English, the most studied language in historical linguistics due to the size of available data and its status as a global language. The Oxford Handbook of the History of English takes stock of recent advances in the study of the history of English, broadening and deepening the understanding of the field. It seeks to suggest ways to rethink the relationship of English's past with its present, and make transparent the variety of conditions and processes that have been instrumental in shaping that history. Setting a new standard of cross-theoretical collaboration, it covers the field in an innovative way, providing diachronic accounts of major influences such as language contact, and typological processes that have shaped English and its varieties, as well as highlighting recent and ongoing developments of Englishes--celebrating the vitality of language change over the centuries and the many contexts and processes through which language change occurs.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Clinical Social Work Practice

Author: Arthur Freeman, EdD, ABPP
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780826104786
Category: Social Science
Page: 648
View: 8823
Edited by a leading social work authority and a master CBT clinician, this first-of-its-kind handbook provides the foundations and training that social workers need to master cognitive behavior therapy. From traditional techniques to new techniques such as mindfulness meditation and the use of DBT, the contributors ensure a thorough and up-to-date presentation of CBT. Covered are the most common disorders encountered when working with adults, children, families, and couples including: Anxiety disorders Depression Personality disorder Sexual and physical abuse Substance misuse Grief and bereavement Eating disorders Written by social workers for social workers, this new focus on the foundations and applications of cognitive behavior therapy will help individuals, families, and groups lead happier, fulfilled, and more productive lives.

Continua of Biliteracy

An Ecological Framework for Educational Policy, Research, and Practice in Multilingual Settings
Author: Prof. Nancy H. Hornberger
Publisher: Multilingual Matters
ISBN: 1847699561
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 400
View: 1621
Biliteracy - the use of two or more languages in and around writing- is an inescapable feature of lives and schools worldwide, yet one which most educational policy and practice continue blithely to ignore. The continua of biliteracy featured in the present volume offers a comprehensive yet flexible model to guide educators, researchers, and policy-makers in designing, carrying out, and evaluating educational programs for the development of bilingual and multilingual learners, each program adapted to its own specific context, media, and contents.