The Movie Guide

The animal is first the loving plaything of small children in rural France , then a working beast of burden named by a sullen child . ... The donkey's life intersects with the lives of many of its other owners , as well .

Author: James Monaco

Publisher: Perigee Trade

ISBN: STANFORD:36105000440987

Category: Motion pictures

Page: 1099

View: 426

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From The Big Sleep to Babette's Feast, from Lawrence of Arabia to Drugstore Cowboy, The Movie Guide offers the inside word on 3,500 of the best motion pictures ever made. James Monaco is the president and founder of BASELINE, the world's leading supplier of information to the film and television industries. Among his previous books are The Encyclopedia of Film, American Film Now, and How to Read a Film.
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Maupassant s Fiction and the Darwinian View of Life

by fear and pity for the dog and her would - be lover Paul rushes down to the site to attempt a rescue . ... Then , later in the novel , Christiane feels sympathy for a donkey which has been worked to death and left in the road where it ...

Author: Laurence A. Gregorio

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 0820476374

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 200

View: 608

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The Naturalists wrote from a «scientific» point of view, and no science had more currency in society in the late nineteenth century than Darwin's theory of evolution. Until now, this motif in Guy de Maupassant has escaped critical attention. Maupassant's Fiction and the Darwinian View of Life examines evolutionary theory in the literature in a way accessible to students of literature and science alike. It first explains the theoretical basis and Maupassant's affinity for it, then studies one short story, «La Ficelle», in its entirety, proposing a new and interesting interpretation based on evidence read through a Darwinian lens.The remaining chapters organize a lively Darwinian reading of Maupassant according to topics such as natural selection, heredity, and materialism. The book shows that Darwinism and the economic variety of Social Darwinism figure significantly in Maupassant's fiction. It is a must for students and teachers of Naturalism and Darwinism across the liberal arts.
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The Tale of Captain Jack the Spanish Donkey

The beautiful colour illustrations help bring the story to life. The tale encourages the reader to develop a broader interest in animals, nature and the countryside.

Author: Angela Wood

Publisher: Nightingale Books

ISBN: 1838751017


Page: 56

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Captain Jack the Spanish donkey tells his story. Join Captain Jack and his BFF Major the cob on his adventures and learn how he ends up living on the edge of the New Forest. The beautiful colour illustrations help bring the story to life. The tale encourages the reader to develop a broader interest in animals, nature and the countryside. Easy to read, descriptive, gently informative, perfect for sharing at bedtime for adults and children. The story is written from Captain Jack's perspective and offers the readers some interesting insights into horse and donkey behaviour and psychology. Helping the reader connect with the characters thus working towards the ethos of a world where all animals, not just donkeys, are treated more considerately. A must for all animal lovers.
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Animal Crackers

The stars of this book are the animal lovers who so graciously and patiently told us their stories. They live in all corners of the country, from Donegal to Wexford, Kerry to Antrim, and most counties in between.

Author: Colm Keane

Publisher: Capel Island Press


Category: Pets


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Adorable dogs, spirited horses, mischievous donkeys and cats who barely tolerate us are just some of the colourful characters you will meet in Animal Crackers. You will also encounter bright bunnies, cunning foxes, wise old birds, a drake who believes he is human and a host of other furry friends some of whom are as mad as hatters. Many do extremely funny things, more reveal remarkable skills, others experience sad endings. Animal Crackers contains stories from all corners of Ireland. It is a must-read for all animal loves. This is a funny and moving book.
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Dark and Disturbing Stories from the Bible

Challenging Students to See Life from God's Pov Mary Grace Becker, Susan Martins Miller ... Cast Balaam: a famous sorcerer—not one of God's people Balak: king of Moab Donkey: Balaam's faithful service animal God's Angel movie trailer ...

Author: Mary Grace Becker

Publisher: Standard Publishing

ISBN: 9780784724002

Category: Religion

Page: 174

View: 822

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Dark and Disturbing Stories from the Bible draws middle schoolers into Bible events that will have them asking, “Is that really in the Bible?” The 13 sessions will arrest their attention and get them to dig into issues that have been around since Bible times—the same kinds of issues your students are facing: • the lure of popularity • arrogance • murder and violence • suicide • pain and suffering • and more! Use Dark and Disturbing Stories from the Bible to empower students to make God-honoring choices when they face PG-13 challenges! Director's Commentary—catch the key ideas of the lesson and the background of the Bible story Interactive DVD—show a clip that speaks your teens' language and gets them talking Preview—use a drama, role play, icebreaker game, or hands-on project to lead into lively discussion of a modern-day dilemma that echoes the Bible story Feature Presentation—have your students read and discuss Scripture using the "Outtakes" handout and your personalized group journal to examine the tough choices people made and the consequences they faced Critic's Corner—wrap up by reinforcing the POV (point of view) through deep discussion, a fun team-building activity, and prayer
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The Donkey Companion

North Pomfret, VT: Trafalgar Square Books, 2000. Kurland, Alexandra. The Click That Teaches: A ... Applied Animal Behaviour Science, no. 78 (2002): 263–90. ... A Guide to Live Weight Estimation and Body Condition Scoring of Donkeys.

Author: Sue Weaver

Publisher: Storey Publishing

ISBN: 9781612122007

Category: Pets

Page: 352

View: 195

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Strong, intelligent, dependable, friendly, and extremely versatile, donkeys are the perfect farm companion. Whether you use your animal to pull carts, till fields, or protect livestock, you’ll benefit from this practical and inspirational guide to working with and caring for your donkey. Providing expert advice on selecting the right breed for your needs, daily maintenance, training, and first aid, Sue Weaver also includes plenty of fun facts and charming donkey anecdotes. Raise a happy and healthy donkey!
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A Dog for Life

Here is a delightful , indispensable book for dog lovers . ... and 4 horses and a donkey live on a 25 - acre property in Thornhill , Ontario , N. Glenn Perrett has virtually Mulmur township northwest of Toronto . always had the pleasure ...

Author: N. Glenn Perrett

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 0888821344

Category: Pets

Page: 89

View: 661

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Whether you already have one or more dogs or are contemplating adding a pet to your family, this guide tells you every last detail about your would-be canine pet. Written from the personal point of view of a dedicated dog lover and charmingly enhanced with over 50 black and white photographs and numerous original line drawings, this guide is a joy to read.
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Corfu Donkey Rescue

New home for abandoned and old donkeys Waltraud Lederer. Preface. I have written this book with the intention to encourage all animal lovers to participate as a volunteer in this project. It is not as complicated as it may appear.

Author: Waltraud Lederer

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783735759603

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 72

View: 714

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This is the report on the experiences of a female volunteer encouraging the readers to work as volunteers. Often people think that applying for and organizing this kind of work is quite complicated. The author describes how easily all things can be handled and what experiences she has made. She has been deeply impressed and takes stock of two weeks of working in animal care and protection at Corfu Donkey Rescue. The profit earned by selling this book will go to Corfu Donkey Rescue.
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Smoke the Donkey

The foam contractors completed their work, and life at the fob moved on. John did a lot of walking around to make sure ... But a donkey? The young animal lovers asked around for the back story about Smoke. And they were smitten.

Author: Cate Folsom

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9781612348438

Category: History

Page: 300

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On a U.S. military base near Fallujah in war-torn Iraq, Col. John Folsom woke up one morning to the sound of a small, scruffy donkey tied up outside his quarters. He was charmed by this scrawny animal with a plaintive expression. Folsom and his fellow Marines took in the donkey, built him a corral and shelter, and escorted him on daily walks. One night, hanging out with the Marines as they relaxed after work, the donkey snatched someone’s lit cigarette and gobbled it up, to the laughter of all. Suddenly, the donkey had a name: Smoke. More than a conversation topic for troops connecting with families back home, Smoke served as mascot, ambassador, and battle buddy. Smoke the Donkey recounts the strong friendship between Colonel Folsom and this stray donkey and the massive challenges of reuniting Smoke with Folsom in the United States following Folsom’s retirement. After being given to a local sheik, Smoke wandered the desert before Folsom rallied an international team to take him on a convoluted journey to his new home. The team won a protracted bureaucratic battle to move Smoke from Iraq to Turkey, only to face a tougher fight getting him out of Turkey. Once in the States, Smoke became a beloved therapy animal for both children and veterans. Smoke’s story, while tinged with sadness, speaks to the enduring bond between a man and an animal, unbroken by war, distance, or red tape.
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Saving Animals from Ourselves

What the Animals Taught Me By Stephanie Marohn What the Animals Taught Me is a collection of stories about ... Life was sweet. ... And then, more farm animals started to appear: a miniature white horse, a donkey, sheep, chickens, ...

Author: Andrew Harvey

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781532074509

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 174

View: 162

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This book is based on a belief we both fiercely share: That we are not separate from the Divine, not separate from other humans, and are inextricably interconnected with the Earth community, with a responsibility to protect and to live in humble and grateful harmony with the whole of creation.
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