The Lonely King and Queen

And they weren't lonely any more ! The Lonely King and Queen ( English ) ISBN 978-81-8146-943-4.


Publisher: Tulika Books

ISBN: 8181469437

Category: Adoption

Page: 28

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"Written like a bedtime story and illustrated with gentle humour, this book leads the reader to discover what 'family' really means without mystifying the fact of adoption. More, it reaffirms the right of every child to be loved and to have a home."--Page 4 of cover
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The One Armed Queen

The queen's white horse seemed to take exception to the tone of the girl's voice and shied from it as if from a serpent on the ... THE BALLAD: THE TWO KINGS There were two kings upon the throne, Lonely, oh lonely, the queen rides down.

Author: Jane Yolen

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504034531

Category: Fiction

Page: 342

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Internal jealousy, obstinacy, and treachery threaten the royal house of a great queen and the future of her matriarchal land in the concluding volume of the acclaimed Great Alta high fantasy series Decades have passed since White Jenna fulfilled the ancient prophecy, becoming queen of the Dales after defeating the king of Garun and driving the cruel occupiers back to their homeland. Since then, a fragile peace has been maintained through an exchange of royal hostages. Jenna’s eldest son, Jemson, travels across the ocean to live with the enemy while the queen, in the way of the Dales, prepares her adopted daughter, Scillia, to eventually rule. A frail, one-armed child discovered abandoned on the battlefield, Scillia is thirteen now. She is confused and conflicted, resentful of her mother’s teachings and the pressures of ascendance. But even more troubling is her brother’s resentment. Jemson was corrupted in his thinking by his time among the patriarchal Garunians and is now determined to rule. The dangerous storms brewing in the royal house of Queen Jenna and the dying King Carum could have devastating consequences for all the people of the Dales: A powerful enemy over the waters is watching for any sign of weakness and instability, eager to reignite the terrible fires of the Gender Wars. Multiple award-winning fantasist Jane Yolen brings her acclaimed saga to a breathtaking conclusion with The One-Armed Queen, ingeniously blending story, myth, poetry, and song to create a truly unforgettable culture and fantasy world.
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The Mammoth Book of British Kings and Queens

The problem stemmed from his lonely childhood. Although he was the fourteenth of Edward's nineteen children, few ofhis brethren survived infancy and henever knewthem. Ofhis elder sisters, three were married before Edward was six, ...

Author: Mike Ashley

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472101136

Category: History

Page: 840

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This book includes more than 1000 monarchs who have at some time ruled all or part of Britain. This includes the host of tribal and Saxon rulers prior to 1066 as well as famous monarchs such as Richard III, Elizabeth I and Charles II and all the rulers of Scotland and Wales. The book gives full details of the lives of the rulers as well as their wives, consorts, pretenders, usurpers and regents and is a geographical guide to where all Britain's monarchs lived, ruled and died including their palaces, estates and resting places.
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Happily Inner After

From the vantage point of the villager out working in the fields, it looks as if the king and queen appear all alone up there in their faraway castle. The more you become sovereign kings and queens, the more it appears to be separating ...

Author: Deidre Madsen

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504336543

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 244

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Getting the love you want, and keeping the love you have, are two entirely different things. For many of us, being able to first and foremost attract Mr. Right into our lives can be insurmountable. Once attracted, often the next daunting hurdle is keeping love alive and well, without sabotaging our happiness. Happily Inner After is a complete system of easy-to-do exploratory exercises using lucid imagination and internal archetypes. Your wildest dreams of having a fulfilling love life can now come true. Deidre Madsen can help you find and keep the love of your life. Like a song from the Jane Austen-inspired, Hindi Cinema Bollywood film, Bride and Prejudice, Anu Maliks romantic lyrics suggest: Show Me the Way; Take Me to Love!
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The Franklin Scare

With the influx of servicemen, secretaries, lonely kings and queens, apartments were impossible to find. And Oliver was a sailor with two homes. His landlady scowled at him. “Your missus is upstairs," she said.

Author: Jerome Charyn

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595159208

Category: Fiction

Page: 340

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A fast paced thriller about the White House during World War II, when the President and the whole country were at risk.
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Focus on Bidding

Here you are sitting under the strong hand so lonely kings and queens are unlikely to be pulling their weight . A further point here is that , if you do push your opponents up by competing , they might decide to bid an antipercentage ...

Author: Danny Roth

Publisher: Master Point Press

ISBN: 1894154061

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 170

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"This is not a book about systems, nor is it a book about conventions. It is a book about bidding, and the places in the auction where so many bridge players go wrong. When should you pull partner's penalty double? When should you [you] run from an opponent's double? If you have a good hand partner preempts, when (and how) should you bid on? When is it right to open 1NT with a five-card major? If you want to learn how to make more good bidding decisions, this book is for you."--Back cover.
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Idylls of the king To the queen vol III The princess Maud Enoch Arden In memoriam vol IV Queen Mary Harold The lover s tale Ballads and other poems Sonnets Translations etc Vol V Tiresias and other poems The promise of May Demeter and other poems vol VI Becket The cup The falcon The foresters Balin and Balan The death of Oenone and other poems Complete indexes

What happiness to reign a lonely king , Vext - 0 ye stars that shudder over me , O earth that soundest hollow under me , Vext with waste dreams ? for saving I be join'd To her that is the fairest under heaven , I seem as nothing in the ...

Author: Alfred Tennyson Baron Tennyson


ISBN: IOWA:31858006848091



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The King and Queen of Comez n

Don't you remember the days that you went away and left me, I was so lonely prayed for you only, my love. Why should I keep loving you, when I know that you're not true? And why should I call your name when you're to blame for makin' me ...

Author: Denise Chávez

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806147161

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Comezón: It’s more than an itch. It’s a long-standing desire that will never be fulfilled. And, in this novel by award-winning author Denise Chávez, it is also a border town in New Mexico whose denizens’ longings are as powerful as they are, all too often, impossible. But in the feverish dance of life that seizes Comezón during its two annual fiestas, all things seem possible. As the townspeople revel in the freedom of the fiestas, their stories unfold in all manner of mystery, drama, and comic charm. In the middle of it all is Arnulfo P. Olivárez, master of ceremonies and befuddled patriarch of a less-than-tractable family. At the moment, he is calculating his chances of becoming mayor, as well as pondering the fate of his beautiful disabled daughter, Juliana. Arnulfo’s daughters (“the half and the whole,” he deems them) are the Fiesta Queen, Lucinda, a lovely, lost and wild girl, and Juliana, her half sister, wheelchair-bound but with soaring dreams of love for the local priest, El Padre Manolito. Their mother, the saintly Doña Emilia, attends to all her children, including Arnulfo, with grace. Lucinda’s unsuitable suitor, Ruley Terrazas, a tall, bumpy-skinned boy, is not to be trusted, nor is his father, Cuco “Matamosca” Terrazas, the local chief of police. And Rey Suárez, owner of the Mil Recuerdos Lounge, is haunted by his former incarnation as an immigration officer, an expert in spotting fake IDs. Between New Mexico and México, between Cinco de Mayo and the 16th of September, between the dreams and the realities of Comezón’s characters, something has to give. Each character is attempting to find love in this feverish fiesta called Life. And in the deft hands of Denise Chávez this tragicomic novel gives unerringly: pleasure, surprise, and the satisfaction of a tale well told.
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Where The Lonely Spend Their Days

Some move straight, others diagonally, the king one block at a time, the queen any direction. She realizes chess is but a game and therefore not pertinent to real life, but in truth, Queen Odeen was the least powerful, most vulnerable, ...

Author: F. J. Bradley


ISBN: 9780557451029



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The Queen Of Four Kingdoms

No,Isee myrole as making myself as useful as possible and serving the king and queen in any way they require.' her more time Yolande likes honest answer, and after spending some alone with her, she is convinced that her only interest is ...

Author: HRH Princess Michael of Kent

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472108470

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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At the age of nineteen, Yolande of Aragon is sent away from her family, her friends, and everything she knows, to marry the young Duke of Anjou, King Charles VI's first cousin. Their marriage has been arranged to form an alliance between the previously warring kingdoms of Aragon and Anjou, and is politically fraught in a time of great danger and unrest. Yet the union between Yolande and Louis becomes not only a great love story, but also sets in motion events which will change the course of history. As Louis spends more and more time and money fighting in Italy for his claim to the Kingdom of Naples, Yolande is left alone with their six children to govern their lands. But through her charm, fierce intelligence and the clever use of her spies, she becomes the saviour of not just her kingdoms but also of France. Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent unveils this seldom told story, enriched by her own insider's perspective of royal life. The Queen of Four Kingdoms is the epic true story of a rich and riveting period of French and English history, all witnessed by the captivating and complex heroine Yolande.
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