Mammoths Mastodons and Man

Describes how scientists pieced together information from fossil remains of mammoths and mastodons to trace the evolutionary processes of prehistoric man and animal.

Author: Robert Silverberg


ISBN: IND:32000002910331

Category: Mammoths

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Describes how scientists pieced together information from fossil remains of mammoths and mastodons to trace the evolutionary processes of prehistoric man and animal.
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Mammoth and Mastodon

Jennifer Zeiger. st Junior Century Library 21 Mammoth Mastodon and by Jennifer
Zeiger C H E R R Y L A K E P U B L I S H I N G s A N N A R B O R ,
M I C H I G A N Published in the United States of America by Cherry Lake.

Author: Jennifer Zeiger

Publisher: Cherry Lake

ISBN: 9781633624399

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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In this book, simple, age-appropriate text introduces readers to mammoths and mastodons, from what they looked like to how they lived. Large, exciting images fill the pages, while sidebars encourage students to ask questions and think critically about information presented in the text. Additional tools, including a glossary and index, help students build new vocabulary and locate information.
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Compilation report of mammoth and mastodons

Compared to living elephants and mammoths, American mastodons tended to
have straighter tusks and squatter, between 2 and 3 m in shoulder height, longer
bodies about 4.5 m. Generally females were smaller. The upper tusks (enlarged ...


Publisher: LeAnn Rathbone

ISBN: 9781607029632



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Osteology for the Archaeologist

This comparative analysis aids the fieldworker in identifying fossil proboscidean bones from early man sites.

Author: Stanley J. Olsen

Publisher: Peabody Museum Press

ISBN: 9780873651974

Category: Science

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This comparative analysis aids the fieldworker in identifying fossil proboscidean bones from early man sites. It also describes the skulls, mandibles, and posteranial skeletons of forty families of birds frequently found in archaeological excavations in the United States.
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Prehistoric Proboscideans

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.

Author: Source Wikipedia


ISBN: 1230631569

Category: Proboscidea (Mammals)

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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 48. Chapters: Deinotheriids, Gomphotheres, Mastodons, Prehistoric elephants, Mammoth, Deinotherium, Woolly mammoth, Dwarf elephant, American mastodon, West Runton Elephant, Deinotheriidae, Cuvieronius, Adams mammoth, Coats-Hines Site, Stegodon, Manis Mastodon Site, Straight-tusked Elephant, Moeritherium, Columbian Mammoth, Gomphotherium, Lyuba, Amebelodon, Island 35 Mastodon, Elephas celebensis, Steppe mammoth, Jarkov Mammoth, Cyprus Dwarf Elephant, Pygmy Mammoth, Hiscock Site, Anancus, Platybelodon, Elephas recki, Mammut raki, Mammuthus sungari, Imperial mammoth, Palaeoloxodon, Tetralophodon, Boaz mastodon, Stegomastodon, Mammutidae, Prodeinotherium, Mammuthus meridionalis, List of museums and colleges with mastodon fossils on display, Elephas falconeri, Chilgatherium, Barytherium, Eubelodon, Madelenian, Archaeobelodon, Sinomastodon, Rhynchotherium, Phiomia, Gnathabelodon, Palaeomastodon, Numidotherium, Stegodontidae, Zygolophodon, Anthracobunidae, Elephas mnaidriensis, Primelephas, Haplomastodon, Notiomastodon, Numidotheriidae, Pilgrimella, Eritreum, Phosphatherium, Indobune, Lammidhania, Daouitherium, Morrillia, Ishatherium, Anthracobune, Hsanotherium, Jozaria, Elephas namadicus, Elephas hysudricus, Nakusia, Serbelodon, Zygolophodon tapiroides, Mammuthus africanavus, Hemimastodon, Mammuthus subplanifrons, Stegodon florensis insularis, Paratetralophodon, Wenas Creek Mammoth, Stegolophodon, Stegotetrabelodon. Excerpt: The woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius), also called the tundra mammoth, is a species of mammoth. This animal is known from bones and frozen carcasses from northern North America and northern Eurasia with the best preserved carcasses in Siberia. They are perhaps the most well known species of mammoth. This mammoth species was first recorded in (possibly 150,000 years old) deposits of the second last glaciation...
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The Mystery of the Mammoth Bones

Describes the efforts of the artist, museum curator, and self-taught paleontologist, Charles Willson Peale, to excavate, study, and display the bones of a prehistoric creature that is later named "mastodon."

Author: James Giblin


ISBN: 0439176204

Category: Mastodons

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Describes the efforts of the artist, museum curator, and self-taught paleontologist, Charles Willson Peale, to excavate, study, and display the bones of a prehistoric creature that is later named "mastodon."
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Mastodon Mammoth and Man

If in the end geologists should fail to prove that man existed in the Miocene , still
there is enough evidence to show that he was not only coeval with , but outlived
such gigantic mammals as the Megatherium , Mammoth , Mastodon , Siberian ...

Author: John Patterson MacLean


ISBN: STANFORD:36105032194891

Category: Mammoths

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The Handy Science Answer Book

Although the words are sometimes used interchangeably, the mammoth and the
mastodon were two different animals. The mastodon seems to have appeared
first, while a side branch may have led to the mammoth. The mastodon lived in ...


Publisher: Visible Ink Press

ISBN: 9781578593637

Category: Science

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Presenting a fun and educational way to explore the wonders of the world of science, this newly updated edition poses and answers 2,200 questions, providing an abundance of original and interesting science facts. Children and adults will uncover some of the most interesting, unusual, and quirky science curiosities such as: Are cell phones dangerous to your health? Is the same strain of yeast used to make different types of beer? What is the cleanest fossil fuel? What is the largest invertebrate? Readers will find this informative and enjoyable resource is chock full of hundreds of intriguing science and technology topics, from the inner workings of the human body and outer space to math, computers, planes, trains, and automobiles.
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The Legacy of the Mastodon

“Every specimen as yet brought from the Bad Lands, proves to be of species that
became exterminated before the mammoth and mastodon lived,” Leidy wrote.
Almost all the new forms were large (if only because a large specimen was more

Author: Keith Stewart Thomson

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300151848

Category: Science

Page: 421

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The uncovering in the mid-1700s of fossilized mastodon bones and teeth at Big Bone Lick, Kentucky, signaled the beginning of a great American adventure. The West was opening up and unexplored lands beckoned. Unimagined paleontological treasures awaited discovery: strange horned mammals, birds with teeth, flying reptiles, gigantic fish, diminutive ancestors of horses and camels, and more than a hundred different kinds of dinosaurs. This exciting book tells the story of the grandest period of fossil discovery in American history, the years from 1750 to 1890. The volume begins with Thomas Jefferson, whose keen interest in the American mastodon led him to champion the study of fossil vertebrates. The book continues with vivid descriptions of the actual work of prospecting for fossils--a pick in one hand, a rifle in the other--and enthralling portraits of Joseph Leidy, Ferdinand Hayden, Edward Cope, and Othniel Marsh among other major figures in the development of the science of paleontology. Shedding new light on these scientists feuds and rivalries, on the connections between fossil studies in Europe and America, and on paleontologys contributions to Americas developing national identity, The Legacy of the Mastodon is itself a fabulous discovery for every reader to treasure.
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This Tender Place

Other scientists point to the fact that the woolly mammoth and mastodon needed
salt and were unable to find this essential nutrient in salt licks during a climate
shift that caused drought conditions. Hotter summers and colder winters meant
that ...

Author: Laurie Lawlor

Publisher: Terrace Books

ISBN: 0299214648

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 166

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After the deaths of her father and father-in-law, Laurie Lawlor discovers an unlikely place for healing and transformation in a wetland in southeastern Wisconsin—a landscape of abundant and sometimes inaccessible beauty that has often been ignored, misunderstood, and threatened by human destruction. In her personal wetland journey, she examines the sky, delves underwater, and peers between sedges in all seasons and all times of day. An engating and deeply intimate record, This Tender Place is, at its heart, a story of refuge and renewal refracted through the lens of life within wetlands-among the most productive, yet most endangered, ecosystems in the world.
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The Dream Hunters Epoch

The American Mastodon was a member of the elephant family, but only remotely
related to the mammoth. It was smaller than the Columbian Mammoth and had
comparatively shorter legs, a flatter head, and large multicusped teeth.

Author: Shirley G. East

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465396945

Category: Fiction

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THE PALEO INDIAN SERIES: CLOVIS THE DREAM HUNTERS EPOCH A frightened abandoned child struggles to survive the terrifying perils of the Pleistocene Llano Estacado to become a powerful woman, protected by Spirit Mammoth Mother; her only friend a huge Dire Wolf. Set against the panoramic backdrop of the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains and Llano Estacado of Wyoming, Colorado, Texas and New Mexico, the reader will thrill to meet the majestic Columbian Mammoth, shiver with fear at the attack of a fi erce Saber Toothed Tiger and come to love a very special Dire Wolf. She seeks and fi nds Th e People only to be threatened by an evil Dreamer who recognizes her as a threat and seeks her death. Th e Dream Hunters series will both captivate and educate the reader as they learn about the Clovis people, that early Paleo-Indian culture which has so intrigued and eluded the archaeologists for decades. Th e author has applied her fi rst hand experience as continued to back fl ap
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Footprints in Time

Elephant—like mammoth and mastodon and bear originated in the Old World
and migrated into North America. The horse and camel originated in the
Americas and traveled to Asia. Horse, Lammas and ground sloths migrated to
warmer ...

Author: Alan E. Carman

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781466907416

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 448

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This book traces the footprints of the Lenape-Delaware Indians across the continent and centers on a culture which occupied a four state region of the Northeast. The initial written documentation describing their way of life was supplied by eleven seventeenth century observers from four nationalities. In the next century, religious missionaries recorded their changing society as it faced the tide of immigration flooding into their homelands. Without their written information, this book could never have been completed.
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Mammoths Mastodonts and Elephants

8 Final words The Mammoth and Mastodon will ever be the most interesting of
the Pleistocene animals , partly because they are so different from any now found
in North America , partly because they have become extinct so recently that it is ...

Author: Gary Haynes

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521456916

Category: Nature

Page: 413

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This study uses the ecology and behaviour of modern elephants to create models for reconstructing the life and death of extinct mammoths and mastodons.
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he upper San Pedro Basin of southeastern Arizona contains at least four Clovis‐
mammoth associations, making it one of ... Minimal estimates place the number
of north American sites with strong evi‐dence for mammoth or mastodon hunting

Author: Ashley M. Smallwood

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 9781623492014

Category: Social Science

Page: 376

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New research and the discovery of multiple archaeological sites predating the established age of Clovis (13,000 years ago) provide evidence that the Americas were first colonized at least one thousand to two thousand years before Clovis. These revelations indicate to researchers that the peopling of the Americas was perhaps a more complex process than previously thought. The Clovis culture remains the benchmark for chronological, technological, and adaptive comparisons in research on peopling of the Americas. In Clovis: On the Edge of a New Understanding, volume editors Ashley Smallwood and Thomas Jennings bring together the work of many researchers actively studying the Clovis complex. The contributing authors presented earlier versions of these chapters at the Clovis: Current Perspectives on Chronology, Technology, and Adaptations symposium held at the 2011 Society for American Archaeology meetings in Sacramento, California. In seventeen chapters, the researchers provide their current perspectives of the Clovis archaeological record as they address the question: What is and what is not Clovis?
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Mammoths Sabertooths and Hominids

This is the first book about this group of Rooseveltians and their linkage to Lyndon Johnson's Great Society and the Vietnam War debacle. Michael Janeway grew up inside this world.

Author: Jordi Agust’

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231116411

Category: Science

Page: 328

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In the 1930s a band of smart and able young men, some still in their twenties, helped Franklin D. Roosevelt transform an American nation in crisis. They were the junior officers of the New Deal. Thomas G. Corcoran, Benjamin V. Cohen, William O. Douglas, Abe Fortas, and James Rowe helped FDR build the modern Democratic Party into a progressive coalition whose command over power and ideas during the next three decades seemed politically invincible. This is the first book about this group of Rooseveltians and their linkage to Lyndon Johnson's Great Society and the Vietnam War debacle. Michael Janeway grew up inside this world. His father, Eliot Janeway, business editor of Time and a star writer for Fortune and Life magazines, was part of this circle, strategizing and practicing politics as well as reporting on these men. Drawing on his intimate knowledge of events and previously unavailable private letters and other documents, Janeway crafts a riveting account of the exercise of power during the New Deal and its aftermath. He shows how these men were at the nexus of reform impulses at the electoral level with reform thinking in the social sciences and the law and explains how this potent fusion helped build the contemporary American state. Since that time efforts to reinvent government by "brains trust" have largely failed in the U.S. In the last quarter of the twentieth century American politics ceased to function as a blend of broad coalition building and reform agenda setting, rooted in a consensus of belief in the efficacy of modern government. Can a progressive coalition of ideas and power come together again? The Fall of the House of Roosevelt makes such a prospect both alluring and daunting.
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Annotated Bibliography of Quaternary Vertebrates of Northern North America

Fossils from Yukon include : woolly mammoth , American mastodon ( Mammut
americanum = Mastodon americanus ) , horse , steppe bison , western bison ,
helmeted muskox ( Bootherium bombifrons = Symbos tyrrelli ) , tundra muskox ...

Author: Donna Naughton

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 080204817X

Category: Science

Page: 539

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This book focuses on highlights (species mentioned, locality, geological age, stratigraphic positions, etc.) of nearly 1000 items published between 1821 and 2000, dealing with the remains of vertebrates that lived from about 2 million to 5000 years ago.
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Mammoth Cave and the Kentucky Cave Region

As Collins was exploting this new cave, he discoveted some bones close to the
cave enttance. The bones wete identified as that of a mastodon ot mammoth.
Mastodon Bones, found at Collin's Onyx Cave. « PHOTO BY TADE H.

Author: Bob Thompson

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 0738515140

Category: History

Page: 128

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Vintage photographs show the history of the caves that make up the Mammoth Cave area from 1866-1941.
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A Preliminary List of Fossil Mastodon and Mammoth Remains in Illinois and Iowa

... i Specimens of unknown age. Mammoth......................................................................
........... Elephas primigenius Elephant........................................... Mastodon..................
........................ Specimens from the ferretto zone, post-Kansan and pre-loessian.

Author: Netta C. Anderson


ISBN: STANFORD:36105129001298

Category: Mammoths

Page: 57

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Also included were some of the immense animals of legend: the giant beaver, at-
headed peccary, Scott's moose, woodland musk ox, mammoth, and mastodon.
The giant animals couldn't survive as the climate warmed, and all are now ...

Author: Janey Levy

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 9781448800438

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

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Presents the history, geography, government, economy, and people of Michigan, as well as general facts about the state.
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