Market Sense and Nonsense

In this book, you'll discover why: Expert opinion is NOT more reliable than the proverbial dart-throwing chimp The markets are NOT efficient Low volatility does NOT necessarily imply low risk, and high volatility does NOT necessarily imply ...

Author: Jack D. Schwager

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118523162

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 368

View: 778

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Bestselling author, Jack Schwager, challenges the assumptionsat the core of investment theory and practice and exposes commoninvestor mistakes, missteps, myths, and misreads When it comes to investment models and theories of how marketswork, convenience usually trumps reality. The simple fact is thatmany revered investment theories and market models are flatlywrong—that is, if we insist that they work in the real world.Unfounded assumptions, erroneous theories, unrealistic models,cognitive biases, emotional foibles, and unsubstantiated beliefsall combine to lead investors astray—professionals as well asnovices. In this engaging new book, Jack Schwager, bestsellingauthor of Market Wizards and The New Market Wizards,takes aim at the most perniciously pervasive academic precepts,money management canards, market myths and investor errors. Like somany ducks in a shooting gallery, Schwager picks them off, one at atime, revealing the truth about many of the fallacious assumptions,theories, and beliefs at the core of investment theory andpractice. A compilation of the most insidious, fundamental investmenterrors the author has observed over his long and distinguishedcareer in the markets Brings to light the fallacies underlying many widely heldacademic precepts, professional money management methodologies, andinvestment behaviors A sobering dose of real-world insight for investmentprofessionals and a highly readable source of information andguidance for general readers interested in investment, trading, andfinance Spans both traditional and alternative investment classes,covering both basic and advanced topics As in his best-selling Market Wizard series, Schwagermanages the trick of covering material that is pertinent toprofessionals, yet writing in a style that is clear and accessibleto the layman
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The New Market Wizards

Praise for THE NEW MARKET WIZARDS "Jack Schwager simply writes the best books about trading I've ever read.

Author: Jack D. Schwager

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118538784

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 616

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Praise for THE NEW MARKET WIZARDS "Jack Schwager simply writes the best books about trading I've ever read. These interviews always give me a lot to think about. If you like learning about traders and trading, you'll find that reading this book is time well spent." -Richard Dennis, President, The Dennis Trading Group, Inc. "Jack Schwager's deep knowledge of the markets and his extensive network of personal contacts throughout the industry have set him apart as the definitive market chronicler of our age." -Ed Seykota "Very interesting indeed!" -John Train, author of The Money Masters "Successful trading demands longtime experience because it requires firsthand knowledge. If there is a shortcut to this requirement, however, it is in reading about the experiences of others. Jack Schwager's book provides that shortcut. If you find yourself sweating upon occasion as you read, then you're as close to the trading experience as you can get without actually doing it yourself." -Robert R. Prechter, Jr., editor, The Elliott Wave Theorist THE NEW MARKET WIZARDS Some traders distinguish themselves from the herd. These supertraders make millions of dollars-sometimes in hours-and consistently outperform their peers. As he did in his acclaimed national bestseller, Market Wizards, Jack Schwager interviews a host of these supertraders, spectacular winners whose success occurs across a spectrum of financial markets. These traders use different methods, but they all share an edge. How do they do it? What separates them from the others? What can they teach the average trader or investor? In The New Market Wizards, these wildly successful traders relate the financial strategies that have rocketed them to success, as well as the embarrassing losses that have proven them all too human. Meet the Wizards of Wall Street: * Stan Druckenmiller, who, as manager of the Soros Quantum Fund, realized an average annual return of more than 38 percent on assets ranging between $2.0 and $3.5 billion * William Eckhardt, a mathematician who, in collaboration with trader Richard Dennis, selected and trained the now-legendary circle known as the Turtles * Bill Lipschutz, a former architect who, for eight years, was Salomon Brothers' largest and most successful currency trader * Blair Hull, a one-time blackjack player who began an options trading company with Asking the questions that readers with an interest in the financial markets would love to pose to the financial superstars, and filled with candid appraisals, The New Market Wizards takes its place as a classic.
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The Little Book of Market Wizards

In The Little Book of Market Wizards, Jack Schwager seeks to distill what he considers the essential lessons he learned in conducting nearly four dozen interviews with some of the world's best traders.

Author: Jack D. Schwager

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118858691

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

View: 193

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An accessible look at the art of investing and how to adopt the practices of top professionals What differentiates the highly successful market practitioners—the Market Wizards—from ordinary traders? What traits do they share? What lessons can the average trader learn from those who achieved superior returns for decades while still maintaining strict risk control? Jack Schwager has spent the past 25 years interviewing the market legends in search of the answers—a quest chronicled in four prior Market Wizards volumes totaling nearly 2,000 pages. In The Little Book of Market Wizards, Jack Schwager seeks to distill what he considers the essential lessons he learned in conducting nearly four dozen interviews with some of the world's best traders. The book delves into the mindset and processes of highly successful traders, providing insights that all traders should find helpful in improving their trading skills and results. Each chapter focuses on a specific theme essential to market success Describes how all market participants can benefit by incorporating the related traits, behaviors, and philosophies of the Market Wizards in their own trading Filled with compelling anecdotes that bring the trading messages to life, and direct quotes from the market greats that resonate with the wisdom born of experience and skill Stepping clearly outside the narrow confines of most investment books, The Little Book of Market Wizards focuses on the value of understanding one's self within the context of successful investing.
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Sense and Nonsense in the Office

Rule 1: Management is one of the most difficult jobs going, and is harder now than ever because the challenges are greater.

Author: Lucy Kellaway

Publisher: Financial Times Management

ISBN: 0273645099

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 236

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Rule 1: Management is one of the most difficult jobs going, and is harder now than ever because the challenges are greater. Rule 2: Most people are bad at managing, some are very bad. Hardly anyone can do it well. Rule 3: Good managers need to be both hard and soft, decent and ruthless, good at the big picture and at the small detail. Rule 4: In view of the above, the market for management consultants, trainers, gurus, business schools and business books is expanding, apparently without limit. Rule 5: While most of the management help industry is of dubious value, managers do need the experience and advice of wise outsiders. But to follow that advice blindly - as many companies do - is, of course, idiotic. Rule 6: Any new management technique that comes with a catchphrase is suspect. It almost certainly will not suit the company in question, and even if it does, the management will probably fail to apply it properly. Rule 7: It is hard to teach a middle-aged dog new tricks. People who are rotten communicators do not become better by virtue of having been on a course, or having read a book. Improving and changing is a long, painful slog. Rule 8: People like security. They like to be told what to do. Empowerment and flat structures are over-rated. Rule 9: All work is tedious for much of the time. If everyone accepts this, then so much the better.
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A Complete Guide to the Futures Market

... 408–409 T-Note futures response to monthly U.S. employment report, 404–407
Market Sense and Nonsense: How the Markets ReallyWork, 319 Market statistics,
balance table and, 373–374 Market wizard lessons, 575–587 Market Wizards ...

Author: Jack D. Schwager

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118859599

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 720

View: 196

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For Amazon customers: The new version of the book, printed on higher quality paper, is now available to purchase. The essential futures market reference guide A Complete Guide to the Futures Market is the comprehensive resource for futures traders and analysts. Spanning everything from technical analysis, trading systems, and fundamental analysis to options, spreads, and practical trading principles, A Complete Guide is required reading for any trader or investor who wants to successfully navigate the futures market. Clear, concise, and to the point, this fully revised and updated second edition provides a solid foundation in futures market basics, details key analysis and forecasting techniques, explores advanced trading concepts, and illustrates the practical application of these ideas with hundreds of market examples. A Complete Guide to the Futures Market: Details different trading and analytical approaches, including chart analysis, technical indicators and trading systems, regression analysis, and fundamental market models. Separates misleading market myths from reality. Gives step-by-step instruction for developing and testing original trading ideas and systems. Illustrates a wide range of option strategies, and explains the trading implications of each. Details a wealth of practical trading guidelines and market insights from a recognized trading authority. Trading futures without a firm grasp of this market’s realities and nuances is a recipe for losing money. A Complete Guide to the Futures Market offers serious traders and investors the tools to keep themselves on the right side of the ledger.
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Unknown Market Wizards

Despite their anonymity, these traders have achieved performance records that rival, if not surpass, the best professional managers. Some of the stories include: - A trader who turned an initial account of $2,500 into $50 million.

Author: Jack D Schwager


ISBN: 0857198696



View: 958

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The Market Wizards are back! Unknown Market Wizards continues in the three-decade tradition of the hugely popular Market Wizards series, interviewing exceptionally successful traders to learn how they achieved their extraordinary performance results. The twist in Unknown Market Wizards is that the featured traders are individuals trading their own accounts. They are unknown to the investment world. Despite their anonymity, these traders have achieved performance records that rival, if not surpass, the best professional managers. Some of the stories include: - A trader who turned an initial account of $2,500 into $50 million. - A trader who achieved an average annual return of 337% over a 13-year period. - A trader who made tens of millions using a unique approach that employed neither fundamental nor technical analysis. - A former advertising executive who used classical chart analysis to achieve a 58% average annual return over a 27-year trading span. - A promising junior tennis player in the UK who abandoned his quest for a professional sporting career for trading and generated a nine-year track record with an average annual return just under 300%. World-renowned author and trading expert Jack D. Schwager is our guide. His trademark knowledgeable and sensitive interview style encourages the Wizards to reveal the fascinating details of their training, experience, tactics, strategies, and their best and worst trades. There are dashes of humour and revelations about the human side of trading throughout. The result is a engrossing new collection of trading wisdom, brimming with insights that can help all traders improve their outcomes.
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Sense and Nonsense in Australian History

nearly all the good land in Australia's fertile crescent – the strip of land miles wide
along the eastern and south-eastern coast of the continent – was occupied by
pastoralists who grew wool for the British market and supplied meat to the ...

Author: John Hirst

Publisher: Black Inc.

ISBN: 9781921825408

Category: History

Page: 325

View: 920

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Sense and Nonsense in Australian History represents a lifetime's original reflection by Australia's most innovative and penetrating historian. Included here are classic essays on the pioneer legend, Australian egalitarianism and colonial culture. There are celebrated critiques of The Tyranny of Distance, multiculturalism and nationalistic history, as well as a substantial essay on Aboriginal dispossession and the history wars. In Sense and Nonsense in Australian History, John Hirst overturns familiar conceptions and deepens our sense of Australia's development from convict society to distinctive democracy. "one of the nation's most independent and original historians" - Geoffrey Blainey "John Hirst is the gadfly of Australian history, stinging and provocative" - Stuart Macintyre "essential reading for those who want to ponder, let alone write and teach about, Australian history" - Robert Murray, The Weekend Australian John Hirst is a widely respected historian and social commentator.
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The Sense and Nonsense of Consumer Product Testing

... perception is neither new, nor should be surprising to marketers, though the
modes and methods of documenting this are constantly changing given new
advances in scientific methods, hitherto unexplored by traditional market

Author: Priya Raghubir

Publisher: Now Publishers Inc

ISBN: 9781601982629

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 51

View: 249

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The Sense and Nonsense of Consumer Product Testing reviews the classic issue of product taste testing based on recent advancements made in psychology, neuroscience, and marketing, on how sensory cues affect product judgments. The authors: examine the implications that the five different sensory modalities (the olfactory, auditory, tactile, gustatory and visual systems) interact with each other, rather than exert independent influences, to define a customer's experience; propose that since consumers are unaware of the influence of a range of stimuli on their judgments and experience, they cannot explicate them, creating methodological challenges for managers to collect valid and reliable consumer insights regarding the consumers' experience; propose that the methodological paradigm of taste testing can be used to examine the effect of strategic and tactical marketing mix decisions. The goal of this monograph is to use the taste-test as a paradigm to understand how consumers make a range of sensory decisions combining intrinsic product information with the information available in the environment -- specifically the research testing context. The Sense and Nonsense of Consumer Product Testing yields reliable insights for managers that would be elusive using standard survey techniques, and adds to the nascent, but growing, literature in marketing on how sensory product experience is multi-modal.
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Through the Grapevine

TOGETHER Don Payne tried to put it another way, with an analogy that everyone
at this glittering and gala assembly could understand. Tall, lanky, and sporting ...

Author: Jay Stuller

Publisher: Wynwood

ISBN: UCSC:32106009956969

Category: Cooking

Page: 351

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Story of the wine industry.
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Hard Facts Dangerous Half Truths and Total Nonsense

... survive,” even though for much of this period the company had an
overwhelming share of the microprocessor market. ... the company lacked a
sense of urgency even though competitors were not only selling cheaper small
copiers, Xerox's ...

Author: Jeffrey Pfeffer

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 9781422154588

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 276

View: 191

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The best organizations have the best talent. . . Financial incentives drive company performance. . . Firms must change or die. Popular axioms like these drive business decisions every day. Yet too much common management “wisdom” isn’t wise at all—but, instead, flawed knowledge based on “best practices” that are actually poor, incomplete, or outright obsolete. Worse, legions of managers use this dubious knowledge to make decisions that are hazardous to organizational health. Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert I. Sutton show how companies can bolster performance and trump the competition through evidence-based management, an approach to decision-making and action that is driven by hard facts rather than half-truths or hype. This book guides managers in using this approach to dismantle six widely held—but ultimately flawed—management beliefs in core areas including leadership, strategy, change, talent, financial incentives, and work-life balance. The authors show managers how to find and apply the best practices for their companies, rather than blindly copy what seems to have worked elsewhere. This practical and candid book challenges leaders to commit to evidence-based management as a way of organizational life—and shows how to finally turn this common sense into common practice.
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