Mastering Melody Writing

Highlighting personal stories, easy-to-understand method explanations, classic and modern song examples, "Put It into Practice" exercises, and a free companion website, Mills and O'Hanlon's Mastering Melody Writing is the perfect ...

Author: Clay Mills

Publisher: Bookbaby

ISBN: 1098364333

Category: Music

Page: 128

View: 408

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Multi-hit songwriter Clay Mills breaks down the mystery of melody writing to give your songs an edge with the PRA method. Learn how to write inspiring songs without waiting for inspiration. Highlighting personal stories, easy-to-understand method explanations, classic and modern song examples, "Put It into Practice" exercises, and a free companion website, Mills and O'Hanlon's Mastering Melody Writing is the perfect songwriting handbook, whether you are just getting started on your journey or looking to sharpen your skills. Mastering Melody Writing will help you: Write memorable melodies in any genre using pattern, repetition, and arc. Write songs that artists want to sing and audiences will remember. Write lyrics that are more musical. Eliminate getting stuck and complete songs faster. Feel confident in any writing or co-writing situation. Turn good melodies into great melodies.
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Mastering Music Fundamentals

At this point, you may be wondering about two questions: (1) Is music referred to as being in the key of, for example, G pure minor, G harmonic, or G melodic minor? and (2) How will I know which form of the minor to use when writing ...

Author: Michael Kinney

Publisher: Waveland Press

ISBN: 9781478646297

Category: Music

Page: 355

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Mastering Music Fundamentals is a prescriptive, hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of music theory that presents the subject in a user-friendly format so that students immediately are comfortable with the material. The organization and presentation of chapter topics revolve around essential principles explained and reinforced with numerous problems for students to solve. The book does not simply present basic theory; rather, it guides students using a visual step-by-step process that anticipates and answers their questions. Highlights of the Second Edition include an improved and streamlined approach to pedagogy, homework assignments, worksheets with answers at the end of each chapter, and an innovative hybrid methodology that addresses both traditional and programmatic learning styles.
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A Manual of Sixteenth century Contrapuntal Style

4 Beginning Melody Writing Preliminary Observations The writing of counterpoint has been greatly influenced by the famous ... which provided a systematic approach to mastering the difficulties in one level before moving to the next .

Author: Charlotte Smith

Publisher: University of Delaware Press

ISBN: 0874133270

Category: Music

Page: 142

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This volume explores the expressive power of sixteenth-century vocal polyphony, giving special emphasis to the development of aural familiarity with the style. Every element of sixteenth-century counterpoint is defined, described, and liberally illustrated, included for analysis and singing are complete compositions and movements by Palestrina, Lasso, Victoria, Byrd, Morales, and Joaquin.
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The Craft of Contemporary Commercial Music

... 446; routing 328 mastering 378–82, 446; mastering suites 381,447 matched microphones 339–40, 447 McIntyre, ... 167, 447 melodic shape 92–3 melodic steps, examples 15, 16 melodic writing 235; jazz 243–4; pop/rock music 245–7 melody ...

Author: Greg McCandless

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317396864

Category: Music

Page: 476

View: 695

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In the contemporary world, the role of the commercial composer has grown to include a wide range of new responsibilities. Modern composers not only write music, but also often need to perform, record, and market their own works. The Craft of Contemporary Commercial Music prepares today’s music students for their careers by teaching them to compose their own music, produce it professionally, and sell it successfully. The textbook integrates three areas of concentration—music theory and composition, audio engineering, and music business—allowing students to understand and practice how to successfully navigate each stage of a score’s life cycle from concept to contract. Students will learn how to: Translate musical ideas into scores utilizing music theory and composition techniques Transform scores into professional audio through the production stages of tracking, sequencing, editing, mixing, mastering, and bouncing Market works to prospective clients The textbook assumes no prior knowledge of music theory or audio topics, and its modular organization allows instructors to use the book flexibly. Exercises at the end of each chapter provide practice with key skills, and a companion website supports the book with video walkthroughs, streaming audio, a glossary, and printable exercise pages. Combining a grounding in music notation and theory concepts with a foundation in essential technologies, The Craft of Contemporary Commercial Music offers an innovative approach that addresses the needs of students preparing for music careers.
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The Art and Craft of Writing

The difficulty of mastering them is that they are devoid of absolute existence. Rhythm, melody, vocabulary, and composition do not live independent lives of their own; they are interconnected like chess pieces.

Author: Maxim Gorky

Publisher: The Minerva Group, Inc.

ISBN: 9780898750409

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 300

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Renowned Soviet writers, Maxim Gorky, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Alexei Tolstoy and Konstantin Fedin reveal their unique experiences in their career. They provide a sound knowledge in all forms of the art of writing, how to write prose, the short stories, novels, verses and more. You can learn also how Soviet writers suffered when a decree declared their writing the property of the Republic, and the hardships they encountered during the Revolution and in Hitler's time to get their stories in print. This challenged them to pursue with a vengeance to get their stories printed regardless of the availability of supplies.Above all, these writers had stories to tell, they wanted the public to be aware. In this way a writer finds inspiration, the right words, the earnest desire and the motivation to undergo this chosen field that leaves to the rest of the world long after they are gone, with knowledge, a past and a heritage.Thus, writing is finding yourself, your methods, your individuality and your creativeness. Style is the most important. If a writer does not have style he cannot write. Rhythm, melody, vocabulary, and composition are interconnected like chess pieces. Above all, writing should not be an obsession but the only way in which you can create your work.
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Building Better Dictation Skills

You have tested many approaches to tackling a melodic dictation and strategically determining where it belongs on the ... Reading and writing are also quite related, but mastering reading does not assume the ability to write well also.

Author: Nathan O. Buonviri

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781475813937

Category: Education

Page: 156

View: 155

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Melodic dictation plays an important role in music theory classes, but instruction is often based on tradition rather than research. Dictation teachers and students do not just need more exercises and drills; they need to see deeper into the materials, consider how we connect to them, and practice wisely. Building Better Dictation Skills offers teachers and students the “why” and “how” of melodic dictation, through research-based exercises aimed at developing proactive musical listening. During dictation, students must actively involve themselves in the unfolding of an unfamiliar melody—using all of their musical skills in a concerted effort—to get into the composer’s mind and understand what is played. The author’s published research, on which this book is based, provides a level of insight unlikely to be discovered simply through drilling more melodies. Building Better Dictation Skills provides music educators and students with a concise, specific, and affordable resource that focuses on what they really need: dictation strategies aimed at learning beyond the “right answer.”
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Jazz Composition and Arranging in the Digital Age

We conclude this chapter with a look at some principles of melodic motion and voice leading as they relate to jazz harmony and chord ... We strongly recommend that if you are seriously interested in mastering the art of jazz arranging, ...

Author: Richard Sussman

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195380996

Category: Music

Page: 505

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Jazz Composition and Arranging In the Digital Age is a comprehensive and practical instructional book and reference guide on the art and craft of jazz composition and arranging for small and large ensembles. In this book, veteran composers and arrangers Richard Sussman and Michael Abene combine their extensive years of experience as musicians and instructors to demonstrate how advances in music technology and software may be integrated with traditional compositional concepts to form a new and more efficient paradigm for the creative process. This book builds on material and issues treated in traditional jazz composition and arranging courses, including all the fundamental musical techniques and information associated with jazz arranging and composition instruction. In addition, each chapter of the book also contains specific examples demonstrating the effective utilization of music software as applied to the realization of these techniques. Software is employed both as both a learning tool in the form of examples and exercises, and as a practical tool illustrating how many modern day composer/arrangers are utilizing these techniques successfully in the real world. The book also offers several chapters devoted exclusively to the creative use of music technology and software. The extensive companion website provides listening examples for each chapter as well as enhanced software tips, expanded and additional music examples, and appendices of , basic principles and an expanded recommended listening list for further study.
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The Pianist s Craft

Mastering the Works of Great Composers Richard P. Anderson ... Melody and Polyphony Shostakovich's captivating melodies are filled with wide leaps, octave displacement, syncopated rhythms, modulations, modal writing, and extended ...

Author: Richard P. Anderson

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810882058

Category: Music

Page: 291

View: 176

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In The Pianist's Craft, Richard Anderson collects from his fellow pianist-scholars 18 articles on the teaching, preparation, and performance of works by the greatest composers in the standard piano repertoire. The contributors—all recognized nationally and internationally for their contributions as performing artists, teachers, recording artists, and clinicians—write thoughtfully about the composers whose work they have studied and played for years, examining questions of phrasing, tempo, articulation, dynamics, rhythm, color, gesture, lyricism, instrumentation, and genre. The Pianist's Craft is intended for teachers and students of the intermediate and advanced levels of piano, instructors and performers at the university level, and those who love piano and piano music generally.
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The Irving Berlin Reader

But I know the danger of writing melodies that are too original. I prefer to concentrate on the construction end of a song in order to order to produce my original effects. The introduction of syncopation and metre chopping, ...

Author: Benjamin Sears

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195383744

Category: Music

Page: 219

View: 920

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The Irving Berlin Reader offers fascinating glimpses the life and work of this most famous of American songwriters. Berlin is presented here in full through writings from his earliest years to the present, including Berlin's own thoughts on songwriting. Many of the articles are otherwise difficult or impossible to find, and all are expertly contextualized by Ben Sears's introductions.
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Making a Living in Your Local Music Market

... Marcy , 190 Master P. , 156 mastering recordings , 102–3 mastering studios , 12 Matassa , Cossimo , 155 Mattea ... John , 14 , 125 , 169 Melody Maker , 175 melody writing , techniques of , 120 Memphis music market , 3 , 156–57 ...

Author: Dick Weissman

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 0634099248

Category: Music

Page: 207

View: 513

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You can survive happily as a musician in your local music market. This book shows you how to expand and develop your skills as a musician and a composer right in your own backyard. Making a Living in Your Local Music Market explores topics relevant to musicians of every level: Why should a band have an agreement? How can you determine whether a personal manager is right for you? Are contests worth entering? What trade papers are the most useful? Why copyright your songs? Also covers: * Developing and packaging your artistic skills in the marketplace * Dealing with contractors, unions, club owners, agents, etc. * Producing your own recordings * Planning your future in music * Music and the Internet * Artist-operated record companies * The advantages and disadvantages of independent and major record labels * Grant opportunities for musicians and how to access them * College music business programs * Seminars and trade shows * Detailed coverage of regional music markets, including Austin, Atlanta, Denver, Miami, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon.
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