Mediated Eros

This book makes a unique contribution to the field of media studies by analyzing the perpetuation of sexual scripts through news articles, films, TV shows, lifestyle magazines, advertisements, and other forms of popular mediated culture.

Author: Miglena Sternadori

Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften

ISBN: 143312923X

Category: Art

Page: 279

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This book makes a unique contribution to the field of media studies by analyzing the perpetuation of sexual scripts through news articles, films, TV shows, lifestyle magazines, advertisements, and other forms of popular mediated culture. Focusing on cultural differences between North America and Europe, the book catalogues and contextualizes common sexual scripts by looking at the ways in which people have or do not have sex, eroticize each other's bodies, penetrate each other's bodies, and give meaning to all these activities. Other such analyses have explored whether, when, and why people decide to have sex, and so on. This book instead focuses on how the sexual interaction itself is culturally scripted to occur - what sequence of events takes place after a couple have decided to have sex. While the first half of the book catalogues sexual scripts in a general way, based on geography and sexual orientation, the second half is framed around sexual discourses associated with some degree of shame and social stigmatization. The book ends by addressing the hegemonic perpetuation of mediated sexual scripts across cultures and the role of sexuality in fourth-wave feminism. "Mediated Eros" is suitable as the primary or secondary text in seminars on media, culture, and sexuality, and would also be of interest to journalists and freelance writers whose work explores the sociocultural construction of sex and the sexual self.
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Reagents for Silicon Mediated Organic Synthesis

The eight-volume Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis (EROS),
authored and edited by experts in the field, and published in 1995, had the goal
of providing an authoritative multivolume reference work describing the
properties ...

Author: Philip L. Fuchs

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118636138

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 816

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Over the last three decades the importance of organosiliconchemistry has greatly increased because it has opened a number ofnew synthetic strategies. Silicon reagents are usually low-cost,versatile and allow a wide range of reactions. This is the firstHandbook to compile essential Silicon containing reagents and makesuse of the leading reagent database e-EROS. Another hotvolume in the series Handbooks of Reagents for OrganicSynthesis, this is a must-have resource for all syntheticchemists working in drug development and medicinal chemistry. For the selection the Editor focussed on three key syntheticapproaches with the greatest impact: 1. Use of silicon as a 'temporary tether' by unifying a reactivepair of functional groups and taking advantage of theirtemplate-biased intramolecular cyclization. 2. The specific use of the silane functionality as a heterot-butyl group, often colloquially referred to as the use ofsilicon as a 'fat proton'. 3. The use of the Brook rearrangement as an 'anion relaystratagem'. A new feature in this Handbook is the reagent finder, analphabetically organized lookup table arranged by organicfunctionality and specific structure of the silicon atom to whichit is bound.
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It may seem at first that when Marcuse speaks about the boundaries that Eros
may be able to erect for itself, they cannot be the kind discussed by Hegel. After
all, it would appear to ... The immediate needs to be mediated. Eros must be
limited; ...

Author: Mitchell Aboulafia

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804770194

Category: Philosophy

Page: 202

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Transcendence offers an original theory of self and society that reconciles philosophical and political commitments to self-determination, cultural pluralism, and cosmopolitanism.
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Socrates and Jesus

For Socrates, coming from the Greek pantheistic tradition, the ideal was
immanent in the material world, intermittently approachable through reason, and
mediated by Eros: love defined as the connective attraction that binds everything
from the ...

Author: Michael E. Hattersley

Publisher: Algora Publishing

ISBN: 9780875867304

Category: Philosophy

Page: 200

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Thus the book offers a comprehensive but concise theory of Western history, grounded in scholarly examination of the West's greatest intellects but written in a lively narrative style accessible to a broad range of educated readers. Many books have been written comparing Socrates and Jesus, but virtually all of these have either stressed their similarities, used them in service of theological arguments or both. This book uniquely sticks to the historical evidence, emphasizes the creative conflict between the teachings of Socrates and Jesus, and maintains that their dialogue was the dynamic that drove the historical development of Western civilization.
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Jerusalem Resiliating Jerusalem and Athens

It is also to be noted that Plato makes sure that there is a deployment of “
eksaiphnes” towards the ending of the dialogue sub-titled Concerning the Good. [
223b] Phaedrus. The love-affair of Love (EROS) mediated by Speeches. EROS is
not, of ...

Author: Hullin

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781491745670

Category: Religion

Page: 856

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Jewish Studies Athens. BUT BE CAREFUL THAT I DONT SOMEHOW DECEIVE YOU UNINTENTIONALLY (!!! ???) BY PROFFERRING AN ILLEGITIMATE ACCOUNTING OF THE CHILD/TOKOU. [Republic 507a] ************************************************************************************* Jerusalem. A Note from the Tanna Kamma: The laws regarding the release from vows hover in the air (having no Scriptural support). The laws of Shabbat; of the Festival Offerings; and acts of trespass; are like mountains suspended by a hair; for there are but scant Scriptural foundation for them but there are numerous halakhot for them. Civil cases; Temple services; the regulations concerning purity and contamination; and the forbidden sexual relations; all of these have true and firm Scriptural support. AND IT IS THESE {the ones with true and firm Scriptural support) WHICH ARE THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE TORAH [The last Paragraph of Chapter One of the Hagigah Mishna; found at 10a-i of the Art Scroll rendition (with some modifications). The passage is orchestrated by the Tanna Kamma.]
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The Poetics of Eros in Ancient Greece

Mediating between indifferentiation and differentiation, Eros was no longer quite
the midterm between duality and multiplicity. In his singleness, he could be
absorbed by Zeus, who thereby recreated in himself the unity of the earliest times

Author: Claude Calame

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691043418

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 213

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The Poetics of Eros in Ancient Greece offers the first comprehensive inquiry into the deity of sexual love, a power that permeated daily Greek life. Avoiding Foucault's philosophical paradigm of dominance/submission, Claude Calame uses an anthropological and linguistic approach to re-create indigenous categories of erotic love. He maintains that Eros, the joyful companion of Aphrodite, was a divine figure around which poets constructed a physiology of desire that functioned in specific ways within a network of social relations. Calame begins by showing how poetry and iconography gave a rich variety of expression to the concept of Eros, then delivers a history of the deity's roles within social and political institutions, and concludes with a discussion of an Eros-centered metaphysics. Calame's treatment of archaic and classical Greek institutions reveals Eros at work in initiation rites and celebrations, educational practices, the Dionysiac theater of tragedy and comedy, and in real and imagined spatial settings. For men, Eros functioned particularly in the symposium and the gymnasium, places where men and boys interacted and where future citizens were educated. The household was the setting where girls, brides, and adult wives learned their erotic roles--as such it provides the context for understanding female rites of passage and the problematics of sexuality in conjugal relations. Through analyses of both Greek language and practices, Calame offers a fresh, subtle reading of relations between individuals as well as a quick-paced and fascinating overview of Eros in Greek society at large.
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No HispanicsorLatinos mediated theirfaceoff. I realized how much I missed the
wider diversityof Southern California,how much Latinoshad been part of the
landscape that made that state feellike home. I wasgoingto stay forjustfour
months, and ...

Author: Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317971986

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

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Eros: A Journey of Multiple Loves is a poignant memoir that explores the evolution of erotic love through the international and transcultural journeys of an extraordinary woman. This captivating book chronicles the life of polyamorous advocate and postmodern nomad Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio, whose skillful prose takes readers along the bold twists and turns of her life, and her irreverent critiques of society, education, and sexuality. In Eros, Anderlini-D'Onofrio describes her formative years in the politically charged Italy of the 1960s and 1970 as well as her development as an independent woman and single mother in America. From her educational beginnings to her love of nudity and freedom from bodily inhibitions, the author reveals her innermost thoughts and shares the wisdom life has blessed her with. She candidly narrates both her journey over the treacherous path from graduate student to educator in California, and from a straight and monogamous young adulthood to an alternative and fulfilling lifestyle. An extraordinary read for those who want to expand their horizons, Eros is an engaging and honest testimony of a passage into unconventional realms of growth, self-discovery, the erotic, and the many possibilities for love. Follow the emergence of this exceptional woman who's made a career of defying convention for the sake of integrity--a woman well worth getting to know!
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Eros Defiled

Mediated by the Spirit through a helping brother or sister, a grasp, a dawning
awareness, of that forgiveness sets a man free to be holy. But we must be careful
while talking about sin not to fall into the trap of feeling that the physical aspect of

Author: John White

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830875085

Category: Religion


View: 275

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Something happened to love--eros, physical love--when mankind fell. The beauty was marred. The joy was tinged with sadness. Eros was defiled. Today the results of the Fall are evident in premartial sex, extramartial sex, masturbation, homosexuality, and various forms of twisted sex. John White speaks with understanding and compassion about each of these sexual sins. He concludes with a telling chapter of how local churches can be communities for dealing with sexual sin in a context of love and forgiveness.
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Eros and Self Emptying

As early as the 1940s, Ernst Moritz Manasse claimed to detect such a deep
parallelism between the two thinkers on the importance of self-consciousness in
the life of faith that some kind of mediated influence must be posited.1 A few
years ...

Author: Lee C. Barrett

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802868053

Category: Religion

Page: 414

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A thought-provoking comparative take on two seminal thinkers in Christian history In this book -- the first volume in the Kierkegaard as a Christian Thinker series -- Lee Barrett offers a novel comparative interpretation of early church father Augustine and nineteenth-century philosopher-theologian Soren Kierkegaard. Though these two intellectual giants have been paired by historians of Western culture, the exact nature of their similarities and differences has never before been probed in detail. Barrett demonstrates that on many essential theological levels Augustine and Kierkegaard were more convergent than divergent. Most significantly, their parallels point to a distinctive understanding of the Christian life as a passion for self-giving love. Approaching Kierkegaard through the lens of Augustine, Barrett argues, enables the theme of desire for fulfillment in God to be seen as much more central to Kierkegaard's thought than previously imagined.
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Handbook of Research on Computer Mediated Communication

Edgar's work has been developed on the subject of computer mediated
communication (CMC), and he has published a book entitled Cybersex: The last
frontier of Eros? An ethnographic study, published (in Spanish) by the University
of ...

Author: Kelsey, Sigrid

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781599048642

Category: Education

Page: 1130

View: 260

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Technology has changed communication drastically in recent years, facilitating the speed and ease of communicating, and also redefining and shaping linguistics, etiquette, and social communication norms. The Handbook of Research on Computer Mediated Communication provides academics and practitioners with an authoritative collection of research on the implications and social effects computers have had on communication. With 69 chapters of innovative research contributed by over 90 of the world's leading experts in computer mediated communication, the Handbook of Research on Computer Mediated Communication is a must-have addition to every library collection.
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Faith Hope Love

We might, for example, wonder whether the separation of eros from agape might
not lead, almost of necessity, to that other aberration of love: namely, the ... While
we reflect, it is important to keep in mind the naturally mediate character of eros.

Author: Josef Pieper

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 9780898706239

Category: Religion

Page: 299

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This volume, three separate books in one edition, is a collection of Josef Pieper's famous treatises on the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love. Pieper is perhaps the most popular Thomist philosopher of the twentieth century.
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Are Eros and Agape fundamentally different kinds of love

... how can they be mediated in the encounter between the Divine and the human
? On one side of the extreme, a fundamental separation between them is
postulated, with Agape attributed to God only and Eros relegated to the human

Author: Céline Sun

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 9783668845787

Category: Religion

Page: 12

View: 360

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Seminar paper from the year 2018 in the subject Theology - Systematic Theology, grade: 1,7, University of Cambridge (Faculty of Divinity), course: Paper: Doctrine of God - Love and Desire, language: English, abstract: Are Eros and Agape fundamentally different kinds of love? Throughout the history of Christianity, theologians have struggled with the relation between these two forms of love. This relation has been interpreted very differently with regard to questions such as: Is there a conceptual primacy of one over the other or should they be regarded as equally standing next to each other? How is the prevalence of the two forces to be balanced? And most importantly – given the indisputable differences between the two, how can they be mediated in the encounter between the Divine and the human? On one side of the extreme, a fundamental separation between them is postulated, with Agape attributed to God only and Eros relegated to the human sphere. Such a separation was popularized by the Swedish theologian Anders Nygren. He strongly rejects the Neo-Platonic influence on Christianity which puts at its centre the human striving towards the Divine through Eros in hopes of designing a purified, superior Christian doctrine. Texts by Richard of St. Victor and Catherine of Siena who stand within the Neoplatonic and Mystic traditions of Christianity argue that it is the balanced incorporation of the idea of Eros (as opposed to its full rejection) which enables an understanding of a reciprocal loving relationship by making room for human activity in building it. This understanding is shown to be reasonable within the context of modern theology by laying the foundations for a conceptual re-interpretation of the doctrine of creation and incarnation which enables a fundamental realignment of the relation between Eros and Agape.
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Facets of Eros

F.J. S. II These essays are “evidences of Eros” in the sense that, as elucidations
of the interplay of knowing and loving, they ... analysis of what is revealed within
consciousness as constituted leads back, through mediate intentionalities, to the

Author: F.J. Smith

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401023870

Category: Philosophy

Page: 177

View: 420

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In an age which is supposedly experiencing a sexual revolution, a volume of thoughtful essays on eros is not only not out of place but perhaps is a positive contribution to the understanding of contempor ary man. It was the conviction of the editors that the scientific view of sexuality, as promoted in such valuable studies as those conducted by Masters and Johnson, needed considerable supplement and per spective. The perspective is here furnished by writers from both Europe and America, authors from various fields, such as philosophy, psychology, and even musicology, all of whom are united, in that their approach to the problem of eros is phenomenologically oriented. At first it might well seem strange that musicology would have much to say about eros. It is true, musicology has been the "science" of music, at least in intent. Yet in a larger view of the discipline, philo sophical and aesthetic problems are also important to it, and this particularly if we agree with Enzo Paci, that our very culture depends on eros. Surely musical culture, as pointed out by Kierkegaard, is the embodiment of what western civilization has known as sensuality; and Mozart's Don Giovanni is its incarnation. On the surface it is easier for us to grasp the work of the philosopher in this area; and, of course, one expects the psychologist to deal with sexuality more explicitly than anyone else.
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The Mediated Muse

In both 50 and 51 , Catullus has clearly absorbed the brutal metaphors the
Greeks used to describe the onset of eros – but he fashions these well - worn
figures into the foundation of two supremely “ Catullan ” poems . In lamenting his

Author: Elizabeth Marie Young


ISBN: UCAL:C3489722


Page: 548

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The Emerging Lesbian

... at the same time, bolstering female homosocial bonding and achieving
mediated eros.29 It is as though a wish for genital consummation were
expressed by Feng's attempt to arrange marriage between a man of her choice
and Shiyiniang.

Author: Tze-Lan D. Sang

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226734803

Category: Social Science

Page: 380

View: 234

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In early twentieth-century China, age-old traditions of homosocial and homoerotic relationships between women suddenly became an issue of widespread public concern. Discussed formerly in terms of friendship and sisterhood, these relationships came to be associated with feminism, on the one hand, and psychobiological perversion, on the other—a radical shift whose origins have long been unclear. In this first ever book-length study of Chinese lesbians, Tze-lan D. Sang convincingly ties the debate over female same-sex love in China to the emergence of Chinese modernity. As women's participation in social, economic, and political affairs grew, Sang argues, so too did the societal significance of their romantic and sexual relations. Focusing especially on literature by or about women-preferring women, Sang traces the history of female same-sex relations in China from the late imperial period (1600-1911) through the Republican era (1912-1949). She ends by examining the reemergence of public debate on lesbians in China after Mao and in Taiwan after martial law, including the important roles played by globalization and identity politics.
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The Unknown Eros

Love makes the life to be A fount perpetual of virginity ; For , lo , the Elect Of
generous Love , how named soe ' er , affect Nothing but God , Or mediate or
direct , Nothing but God , The Husband of the Heavens : And who Him love , in
potence ...

Author: Coventry Patmore


ISBN: IND:32000001214917


Page: 129

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Eros and Eris

Cusanus's reconstructed theory of the Incarnation grants Christ's humanity a new,
mediating function, namely, to assume the believer into the hypostatic union
which Christ's humanity possesses with the second Person of the Trinity. Just as

Author: P. van Tongeren

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401714648

Category: Philosophy

Page: 322

View: 790

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The articles in this book display the originality and creativity of Eros and Eris, and their important role in the history of our culture, particularly in the history of philosophy and its role in today's systematic philosophy. Although these contributions to a hermeneutical phenomenology in this compilation are organized in a linear-chronological order (treating Homer, Hesiod, Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Bonaventure, Thomas Aquinas, Cusanus, Kant, Hegel, Schelling, Nietzsche, Husserl, Heidegger and Levinas), they all carry out their own hermeneutical movement in the history of philosphy on the basis of a commitment with out life, here and now, and a thematic, professional interest. Among the contributors are: R. Bernasconi, J. Colette, J.F. Courtine, L. Dupré, Kl. Düsing, J. Greisch, J. Kockelmans, P.-J. Labarrière and G. Jarczyk, E. Levinas, Al. Lingis, J.-L. Marion, O. Pöggeler, W. Richardson, P. Ricoeur, J. Sallis, M. Theunissen and S. IJsseling.
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The unknown Eros Amelia etc

Love makes the life to be A fount perpetual of virginity ; For , lo , the Elect Of
generous Love , how named soe ' er , affect Nothing but God , Or mediate or
direct , Nothing but God , The Husband of the Heavens : And who Him love , in
potence ...

Author: Coventry Kersey Dighton Patmore





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Plato and the other Companions of Sokrates etc

He describes posion ib . Eros as not a God , but an inter Eros recognised , both in
Phædrus mediate Dæmon between Gods and Symposion , as affording the and
men , constantly aspiring to initiatory stimulus to philodivinity , but not attaining it ...

Author: George GROTE


ISBN: BL:A0025068798



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Plato and the Other Companions of Sokrates by George Grote

The name culties of man - Comparison and Eros is confined to one special
combination of particular sensacase of this large ... Eros as not a God , but an
inter Eros recognised , both in Phædrus mediate Dæmon between Gods and
Symposion ...



ISBN: IBNF:CF005707663


Page: 602

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