Memory Eternal

1987a “Memory Eternal: Orthodox Christianity and the Tlingit Mortuary Complex.” In Native Cultures and Christianity in Northern North America, ed. Sergei Kan, 32–55. Arctic Anthropology 24:1–66. 1987b “Introduction.

Author: Sergei Kan

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: 9780295805344

Category: History

Page: 696

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In Memory Eternal, Sergei Kan combines anthropology and history, anecdote and theory to portray the encounter between the Tlingit Indians and the Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska in the late 1700s and to analyze the indigenous Orthodoxy that developed over the next 200 years. As a native speaker of Russian with eighteen years of fieldwork experience among the Tlingit, Kan is uniquely qualified to relate little-known material from the archives of the Russian church in Alaska to Tlingit oral history and his own observations. By weighing the one body of evidence against the other, he has reevaluated this history, arriving at a persuasive new concept of �converged agendas��the view that the Tlingit and the Russians tended to act in mutually beneficial ways but for entirely different reasons throughout the period of their contact with one another. The Russian-American Company began operations in southeastern Alaska in the 1790s. Against a description of Tlingit culture at the time of the Russians� arrival, Kan examines Russian Orthodox theology, ritual practice, and missionary methods, and the Tlingit response to them. An uneasy symbiosis characterized the early era of the Russian-American Company, when the trading relationship outweighed any spiritual or social rapprochement. A second, major focus of Kan�s study is the Tlingit experience with American colonial domination. He attributes a sudden revival of Tlingit interest in Orthodoxy in the 1880s as their attempt to maintain independence in the face of concerted efforts by the newcomers (and especially Presbyterian missionaries) to Americanize them. Memory Eternal shows the colonial encounter to be both a power struggle and a dialogue between different systems of meaning. It portrays Native Alaskans not as helpless victims but as historical agents who attempted to adjust to the changing reality of their social world without abandoning fundamental principles of their precolonial sociocultural order or their strong sense of self-respect.
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Trinity Saint George

The Priest intoned, “Give rest eternal, in blessed falling asleep, O Lord, to the soul of Your servant Nataliya who has departed this life, and make her memory to be eternal.” Slowly and solemnly the congregation answered, ...

Author: Sharon Toote

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781329563735

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A story of loyalty and love bridging the great wealth of the Romanovs, the society of The Duke and The Duchess of Windsor, voodoo and an island family. Trinity and Tasha are best friends from school. Tasha is an hermaphrodite and a world class gemologist who inherits a fortune from her Romanov ancestors. She dies of testicular cancer and leaves everything to the person who has always been the most loyal to her. This is the first book of a trilogy of what a family will do to protect each other.
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The Universalist Quarterly and General Review

It will be seen at once that it is a wide departure from the theory of Memory , its office and powers ... Here we have one witness testifying that future punishment must be eternal , because Memory is eternal ; while the other testifies ...



ISBN: IOWA:31858045091745

Category: Universalism


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Southern Presbyterian Review

There could be no memory without the past , and the past could not be eternal . If it be admitted that God's memory of the past is conditioned and limited by past events — that is , that there could not be memory until the event be past ...



ISBN: UTEXAS:059172118306423

Category: Presbyterianism

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Nietzsche s Ecce Homo

However, I have argued at length elsewhere that Simmel was mistaken and that both of his points should be rejected.44 In the first place, a memory of eternal recurrence does not bring any change as long as this memory is itself ...

Author: Nicholas Martin

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110246551

Category: Philosophy

Page: 457

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Friedrich Nietzsche’s intellectual autobiography Ecce Homo has always been a controversial book. Nietzsche prepared it for publication just before he became incurably insane in early 1889, but it was held back until after his death, and finally appeared only in 1908. For much of the first century of its reception, Ecce Homo met with a sceptical response and was viewed as merely a testament to its author’s incipient madness. This was hardly surprising, since he is deliberately outrageous with the ‘megalomaniacal’ self-advertisement of his chapter titles, and brazenly claims ‘I am not a man, I am dynamite’ as he attempts to explode one preconception after another in the Western philosophical tradition. In recent decades there has been increased interest in the work, especially in the English-speaking world, but the present volume is the first collection of essays in any language devoted to the work. Most of the essays are selected from the proceedings of an international conference held in London to mark the centenary of the first publication of Ecce Homo in 2008. They are supplemented by a number of specially commissioned essays. Contributors include established and emerging Nietzsche scholars from the UK and USA, Germany and France, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands.
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Imperial Legend

Memory eternal! Memory eternal! Memory eternal!” At two o'clock the sovereign was lowered into the earth. Within arm's length of the fresh tomb reposed the remains of Alexander's mentor, Catherine the Great. Grandmother and grandson ...

Author: Alexis S. Troubetzkoy

Publisher: Skyhorse + ORM

ISBN: 9781628720716

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 284

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“Fascinating . . . A book in which an important chapter of Russian history is richly revealed and one of its most important and elusive sons is humanized” (The Washington Times). One of Russia’s greatest emperors, beloved of his subjects for his many liberalizing works domestically and for his victory over the invincible Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander I presumably died in 1825, at the age of forty-eight. Ever since then, rumors have swirled that the young and vigorous Tsar, who carried within him a terrible secret, really faked his death to expiate an unpardonable sin, and spent the next forty years as a starets, one of those holy men who in the nineteenth century wandered through Russia doing good works. The starets, brilliant and uncommonly erudite, was one Feodor Kuzmich. The author, who has spent over twenty years researching the legend, makes a compelling case that the great Alexander I and the humble starets were one and the same. “Intriguing and well-researched.” —Library Journal “Definitely of interest to fans of Russian Imperial history and of royal mysteries.” —Historical Novel Society
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Memories of Mount Qilai

... and sequester it in the niche of memory and not think about it again, but in fact it seems I was unable to do so. ... high and friendly, all according with my cherished memories, eternal and Long Ago, When We Started unchanging, ...

Author: Yang Mu

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231538527

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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Hualien, on the Pacific coast of eastern Taiwan, and its mountains, especially Mount Qilai, were deeply inspirational for the young poet Yang Mu. A place of immense natural beauty and cultural heterogeneity, the city was also a site of extensive social, political, and cultural change in the twentieth century, from the Japanese occupation and the American bombings of World War II to the Chinese civil war, the White Terror, and the Cold War. Taken as a whole, these evocative and allusive autobiographical essays provide a personal response to history as Taiwan transitioned from a Japanese colony to the Republic of China. Yang Mu recounts his childhood experiences under the Japanese, life in the mountains in proximity to indigenous people as his family took refuge from the American bombings, his initial encounters and cultural conflicts with Nationalist soldiers recently arrived from mainland China, the subsequent activities of the Nationalist government to consolidate power, and the island's burgeoning new manufacturing society. Nevertheless, throughout those early years, Yang Mu remained anchored by a sense of place on Taiwan's eastern coast and amid its coastal mountains, over which stands Mount Qilai like a guardian spirit. This was the formative milieu of the young poet. Yang Mu seized on verse to develop a distinct persona and draw meaning from the currents of change reshuffling his world. These eloquent essays create an exciting, subjective realm meant to transcend the personal and historical limitations of the individual and the end of culture, "plundered and polluted by politics and industry long ago."
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Homer and the Tradition of Political Philosophy

However, in the fifth chapter of Book Two in the Discourses, Machiavelli briefly but powerfully calls into question whether there can be an eternal or even a lasting memory of anything. The chapter title itself affirms that the memories ...

Author: Peter J. Ahrensdorf

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781009302593

Category: Philosophy

Page: 335

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In this book, Peter Ahrensdorf explores an overlooked but crucial role that Homer played in the thought of Plato, Machiavelli, and Nietzsche concerning, notably, the relationship between politics, religion, and philosophy; and in their debates about human nature, morality, the proper education for human excellence, and the best way of life. By studying Homer in conjunction with these three political philosophers, Ahrensdorf demonstrates that Homer was himself a philosophical thinker and educator. He presents the full force of Plato's critique of Homer and the paramount significance of Plato's achievement in winning honor for philosophy. Ahrensdorf also makes possible an appreciation of the powerful concerns expressed by Machiavelli and Nietzsche regarding that achievement. By uncovering and bringing to life the rich philosophic conversation among these four foundational thinkers, Ahrensdorf shows that there are many ways of living a philosophic life. His book broadens and deepens our understanding of what a philosopher is.
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Arctic Archives

Ice, Memory and Entropy Susi K. Frank, Kjetil A. Jakobsen ... Evidently ice is less a metaphor for eternal memory than for delay: rather an equivalent to the electric condenser than to the archive. The time-critical counterpart of the ...

Author: Susi K. Frank

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 9783839446560

Category: Social Science

Page: 318

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This pioneering volume explores the Arctic as an important and highly endangered archive of knowledge about natural as well as human history of the anthropocene. Focusing on the Arctic as an archive means to investigate it not only as a place of human history and memory - of Arctic exploring, 'conquering' and colonizing -, but to take into account also the specific environmental conditions of the circumpolar region: ice and permafrost. These have allowed a huge natural archive to emerge, offering rich sources for natural scientists and historians alike. Examining the debate on the notion of ('natural') archive, the cultural semantics and historicity of the meaning of concepts like 'warm', 'cold', 'freezing' and 'melting' as well as various works of literature, art and science on Arctic topics, this volume brings together literary scholars, historians of knowledge and philosophy, art historians, media theorists and archivologists.
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A History of Philosophy

We might employ here the expression " Transcendental Memory . " Only a correct theory of time and its dimensions yields the distinction also of the three stages of memory , -eternal love , hopeful longing after the infinite , and living ...

Author: Johann Eduard Erdmann


ISBN: UCAL:B4980948

Category: Philosophy

Page: 744

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