Population Studies Key Issues and Contemporary Trends in Ghana

The continuing reliance on questions and answers of migration developed years
ago for a particular setting at a ... (1). There is the need to broaden the
geographical and historical bounds of the migration enterprise; (2). There is the
need for ...

Author: Badasu, Delali Margaret

Publisher: Sub-Saharan Publishers

ISBN: 9789988647742

Category: Social Science

Page: 290

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The scope of Population Studies as a discipline has expanded beyond its traditional focus on the three components of population and their dynamics - fertility, mortality and migration. It encompasses broader themes, including reproductive health and rights, gender and other social and cultural dimensions of population dynamics, human development and health and climate change. Population is central to development and its integration into the development planning of every country is critical. This volume of the University of Ghana Readers by the Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS) provides multi-disciplinary perspectives on the multi-faceted nature of population studies today. The volume is an essential resource on contemporary issues on population studies and offers a unique opportunity for students of population studies and others who are interested in the study of human populations to enhance their understanding of the ramifications of population dynamics on development. It also has rich material on demographic research methods and provides tools for building the research capacity of academics and technocrats who are interested in population-driven interventions, advocacy and policy.
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EU Labour Migration since Enlargement

4.2 Survey Results Previous occupation A key issue is what migrants did before
they emigrated. Answers show that nearly 90 per cent of respondents had jobs
before they left, and that these were of all kinds and at all levels. ... Among
migrants who had been employed before leaving Latvia, 1 9 percent were
working in trade, 1 6 per cent in construction, 13.8 per cent in manufacturing, 9.8
per cent in ...

Author: Dr Béla Galgóczi

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409499060

Category: Political Science

Page: 336

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One of the most important consequences of EU enlargement in May 2004 was to extend the principle of the free movement of labour to the citizens of the central and eastern European new member states. In this book a team of labour economists and migration experts sheds light on the dimensions, characteristics and impacts of cross-border labour migration in selected sending (Hungary, Latvia and Poland) and receiving (Austria, Germany, Sweden and the UK) countries. Separate contributions detail the policy responses by governments, employers and trade unions in these countries to the challenges posed by both inward and outward migration. By setting out and analyzing the facts for seven countries, which vary greatly in their geographical situation, policies, and outcomes, the book contributes to the debate on this crucial issue in the ongoing process of European integration.
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Handbook of Research on the Global Impact of Media on Migration Issues

It is, therefore, recommended that governments in Africa should seek ways of
tackling corruption and other key issues that make ... Historicising the Nigerian
diaspora: Nigerian migrants and homeland relations. ... Journal of Computer-
Mediated Communication, 19(373-378). Answers Africa. (2019). Top 10 Nigerian
Newspapers (Most ... Athens Journal of Mass Media and Communications, 1(4),

Author: Okorie, Nelson

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799802129

Category: Social Science

Page: 392

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In today’s culture, media outlets have as much influence on the general public as ever. Migration is an issue that has sparked commentary throughout the globe, leading to many dissimilar viewpoints. These news systems have the ability to convey mass messages regarding these disputes, which could lead to a wide range of socio-cultural implications depending on the intent and nature of these reports. The Handbook of Research on the Global Impact of Media on Migration Issues provides emerging research exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of media structures and implications of media institutions tackling migration issues and related problems. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as human trafficking, global peace, and modern slavery, this book is ideally designed for reporters, journalists, policymakers, government officials, communication specialists, industry professionals, students, and scholars seeking current research on the modern development of migration.
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Migration global processes caught in national answers

in such interactions, areas of special interest were probed, and the key issue of
the individual decision-making ... These interactions typically took between 1 1/2
and 2 1/2 hours to complete and a highly detailed data set was produced.

Author: Mehmet Okyayuz

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783944690087

Category: Political Science

Page: 232

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The volume brings together contributions that reflect on issues about migration in terms of the countries of immigration: ways of “reception“. It is underlined in all contributions that effective humanitarian legislation can only be implemented together with a deep understanding of the problems faced by refugees/asylum seekers and the social relations that determine their position in society. Mehmet Okyayuz, grown up in Gemany, studied political science, philosophy and sociology in Paris, Berlin and Heidelberg. MA from Heidelberg and Doctorate in Marburg. Since 1995 he is teaching at ODTU in Ankara, focusing on political theory, history of labour movement, policy analysis and migration. Peter Herrmann, Dr. phil (Bremen, Germany), Studies in Sociology (Bielefeld, Germany), Economics (Hamburg, Germany), Political Science (Leipzig, Germany) and Social Policy and Philosophy (Bremen, Germany), is currently academic director at the European Observatory on Social Quality (EOSQ at EURISPES), Rome, Italy, adjunct professor at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Department of Social Sciences (Kuopio, Finland) and associate honorary professor at Corvinus University (Budapest, Hungary). Claire Dorrity comes from a background in Nursing and Social Care. She completed her Bachelor of Social Science degree at University College Cork (UCC) in 2001. She is currently working as a lecturer in School of Applied Social Studies, UCC where she is also undertaking her PhD. Claire is also the Nursing Studies Co-ordinator in the School of Applied Social Studies and also contributes to teaching on the BSW programme.
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Diversity Ethnicity Migration and Work

We do not claim to be dispassionate in our approach to the public issues of
diversity, equality and migration; rather we seek ... concern since directly or
indirectly, our findings have resonance for key stakeholders at different levels of
societies. ... in England by 10% over the next five years.1 It was recommended
that the government should close 137,000 clinical and ... UNISON ridiculed the
proposals as 'same old formulaic answers and much-repeated mantra of job cuts
as the answer ...

Author: G. Healy

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230321472

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 363

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Providing a comprehensive picture of diversity, ethnicity, and migration in the health sector this book analyses the key themes of career and career structures, social processes, segregation, racism and sexism at international, national and local levels.
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Migration Diasporas and Legal Systems in Europe

The key issue for me as a comparative legal scholar , given that I have one leg in
the South and one leg in the North , has become that we are heading towards
reintroduction of personal law systems in Europe and North America as a result
of South - North migration , one way or the ... over such questions , now
particularly with regard to marriage laws , 43 and it is evident that we have no
easy answers .

Author: Prakash Shah

Publisher: Routledge Cavendish

ISBN: STANFORD:36105123545597

Category: Law

Page: 405

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At a time when issues concerning migration and the formation of diasporic communities have come to be critical for all European legal systems, this volume reflects, discusses and analyzes the questions raised by diasporas who have established themselves in Europe over more than fifty years of immigration and the challenges faced by legal systems in the light of continued migration. Contributors from a broad range of backgrounds address prominent issues ranging from legal pluralism among minorities, pressures on EU accession states, irregular migration, state control of family reunification and formation in light of human rights laws, challenges for citizenship and nationality laws and the implementation of visa rules and juxtaposed control zones. Besides the EU as a supranational legal order, the book contains discussion of conditions in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, Greece, Turkey and Lithuania. This volume accompanies The Challenge of Asylum to Legal Systems and is the second book to emerge from the W.G Hart Legal Workshop held in 2004 at London's Institute for Advanced Legal Studies.
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Migration Ethnicity Race and Health in Multicultural Societies

In answering these questions, consider the purposes for which the data might be
used. ... 3.4.1 Political decisions As in the present, so in the past, politics has
been greatly concerned with immigration, and hence a question about ... Firstly,
there is an important issue of size of the immigrant population, and within a
country also its distribution. ... Migration status, race (especially colour has been
of key importance) Ethnicity becomes important in Discrimination, for or against,
has been ...

Author: Raj S. Bhopal

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191644801

Category: Medical

Page: 408

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The globalization of trade and increasing international travel and migration poses huge challenges for health practitioners and policy makers who have to meet legal and policy obligations to provide health care of equal quality and effectiveness for all. Migration, Ethnicity, Race, and Health in Multicultural Societies provides an accessible introduction to the complex issues of race, ethnicity and minority populations. The book explains the process of migration and the uses and misuses of the key concepts of race and ethnicity, illustrating their strengths and weaknesses in epidemiology, policy making, health service planning, research, health care and health promotion. Including many examples from around the world to demonstrate the theory in a practical way, and written in a clear and straightforward style with all terminology explained, this is an ideal book for all students and professionals in the field of migration, ethnicity and race in the health care context. "Bhopal's important and comprehensive Ethnicity, Race, and Health in Multicultural Societies challenges us to achieve better health for ethnic minority populations... provides critical and thought-provoking insights into public health research and clinical practice with multi-ethnic populations." - The Lancet "Professor Bhopal has produced an invaluable addition to the growing mountain of resources on ethnicity and health...One of the greatest merits of this text is that it is written by someone who has been involved in high-quality research on ethnicity and health in many contexts and for many years. The author therefore is able to draw upon first-hand experience or research with which he has been associated, as well as providing examples from other key players in the field." - Diversity in Health and Social Care
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GED Test For Dummies

The other answer choices seem scientific but have nothing to do with the
question. Always read the question carefully to make ... Migration is one such
issue. The key word here is every at the beginning of the first sentence. D. the
Nile Perch.

Author: Murray Shukyn

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118678169

Category: Study Aids

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Score higher on the GED with this book + online practice If you're preparing for this all-important exam, GED Test For Dummies with Online Practice gets you up and running on everything you can expect on test day, from overviews of the test sections to invaluable reviews and test-taking strategies for all the subjects covered—and everything in between. In the book, you'll find hands-on, digestible information for navigating your way through the Language Arts/Reading and Writing Tests, Social Studies Test, Mathematics Test, and Science Test. Whether you're looking to perfect your grammar and punctuation skills, get familiar with the types of fiction and nonfiction passages you'll encounter, take the fear out of math and science, put the social in your studies, or answer multiple-choice questions with confidence, this unintimidating guide makes it easy to score higher and pass this vital exam. The accompanying online experience helps you further your skills by providing practice questions with answers and full explanations This new edition has been fully updated to reflect the latest version of the GED Includes 2 full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations and walkthroughs. Offers clear overviews of all the topics covered on the GED Includes special considerations if English is your second language It's all at your fingertips! Prepare for the test, improve your chances of success, and increase your earning power and job prospects with the help of GED Test For Dummies with Online Practice
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Community Cohesion and Migration

We also have a pretty tight timetable , so we will try and keep our questions brief ,
and we would like the answers brief ... country we have had migration which is
essentially post - colonial , which comes in rather discrete waves , like the one of
... and at the heart of the discussion I think that you are having is the issue of
change and the significance to communities . ... leaving are migrants but they are
trained professional people predominantly , and we are losing a group of key
people to ...

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Communities and Local Government Committee

Publisher: The Stationery Office

ISBN: 0215521838

Category: Community development

Page: 167

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Nature Inspired Cooperative Strategies for Optimization NICSO 2013

Escaping Local Optima via Parallelization and Migration Vincenzo Cutello,
Angelo G. De Michele, and Mario Pavone Department of Mathematics and ... In
doing so, we used complex trap functions, and we provide experimental answers
to some crucial implementation decision problems. ... One feature that plays a
key role on this issue is the diversity of individuals introduced into the population.

Author: German Terrazas

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319016924

Category: Computers

Page: 355

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Biological and other natural processes have always been a source of inspiration for computer science and information technology. Many emerging problem solving techniques integrate advanced evolution and cooperation strategies, encompassing a range of spatio-temporal scales for visionary conceptualization of evolutionary computation. This book is a collection of research works presented in the VI International Workshop on Nature Inspired Cooperative Strategies for Optimization (NICSO) held in Canterbury, UK. Previous editions of NICSO were held in Granada, Spain (2006 & 2010), Acireale, Italy (2007), Tenerife, Spain (2008), and Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2011). NICSO 2013 and this book provides a place where state-of-the-art research, latest ideas and emerging areas of nature inspired cooperative strategies for problem solving are vigorously discussed and exchanged among the scientific community. The breadth and variety of articles in this book report on nature inspired methods and applications such as Swarm Intelligence, Hyper-heuristics, Evolutionary Algorithms, Cellular Automata, Artificial Bee Colony, Dynamic Optimization, Support Vector Machines, Multi-Agent Systems, Ant Clustering, Evolutionary Design Optimisation, Game Theory and other several Cooperation Models.
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