Minor Field Sports Including Hunting Dogs Ferreting Hawking Trapping Shooting Fishing and Other Miscellaneous Activities

Minor. Field. Sports. INTRODUCTORY IT is necessary in the first place to say something of the principles which must actuate the man or boy who, in the pursuit of his natural instinct to find recreation among the beasts and birds of the ...

Author: L. C. R. Cameron

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781473359949

Category: Pets

Page: 184

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A book for the true countryman of all ages. First published in the early 1900s, now reprinted in a fine-quality paperback edition for a new generation. It will stir many nostalgic memories for older readers and teach younger ones some new and unusual methods of taking various kinds of quarry. Its seven illustrated chapters cover 166 pages and include details and instructions on a fascinating variety of subjects, many of them now long vanished. It's a truly readable book from a more innocent age when the country was a freer place. We've reprinted this with genuine pleasure. It describes the sporting activities of a generation only just removed from ours but now separated forever by new legislation and a change in attitudes amongst out-of-touch urbanites. My father described it as 'almost a diary of my country childhood'. It is without doubt the most interesting book we've ever sold and I defy anyone with even a passing interest in the countryside or field sports to be able to flick through it without becoming absorbed. I : SPORTS DEPENDING ON DOGS: Badger-hunting; Stoat-hunting; Rat-hunting; Squirrel-hunting; Water-vole and Moorhen hunting; Wild-rabbit coursing; Hedgehog finding; Dog-racing; "Hunting the clean boot" II: SPORTS DEPENDING ON FERRETS: Ratting; Rabbiting III: SPORTS DEPENDENT ON BIRDS: Hawking small birds; Trapping and netting sparrows; Pigeon-racing; Tippler-flying; Hawking insects with jackdaws IV: SPORTS REQUIRING A GUN OR RIFLE: Rook and rabbit shooting; Sparrow and starling shooting; Wood-pigeon shooting; Shooting game with a bow and arrows V: SPORT WITH FISHES: Wiring jack and pike; Sniggling and spearing eels; Minnow and gudgeon fishing; Crayfish catching VI: MISCELLANEOUS SPORTS: Finding the eggs of certain birds; Viper-killing; Millipede-racing; Beetle-fighting VII: SOME MAJOR FIELD SPORTS: In the hunting field; Fox-hunting
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Spokane Combined Sewer Overflow Abatement Project

... Park Activities Street Access or Area Affected Severit Impac Northwest Spokane 5 Franklin Park Minor 10 Signifi ... Wellesley Signifi il Minor Community Field sports , Division tennis , picnicking Golf Golf Columbia Circle course ...



ISBN: NWU:35556031041791



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Minor Field Sports

Author: Ludovick Charles Rich Duncombe-Jewell Cameron


ISBN: OCLC:38514247

Category: Sports

Page: 166

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Baxter s the Foot and Ankle in Sport

The athlete starts with a conventional lacing system until just distal to the problem area. ... Many soccer players prefer this lacing pattern. ... Court sport shoes—-includes all shoes used for major and minor court sports. 3. Field ...

Author: David A. Porter

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323023580

Category: Medical

Page: 636

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An injury to the foot and ankle can be devastating to an athlete's performance. Get your patients back to their peak physical condition using authoritative guidance from the only reference book focusing solely on sports-related injuries of the foot and ankle! Authoritative guidance on athletic evaluation, sports syndromes, anatomic disorders, athletic shoes, orthoses and rehabilitation, and more, provides you with the know-how you need to overcome virtually any challenge you face. A chapter focusing on sports and dance equips you to better understand and manage the unique problems of these high-impact activities. Comprehensive coverage of rehabilitation of the foot and ankle helps you ease your patients' concerns regarding return to play. International contributors share their expertise and provide you with a global perspective on sports medicine. Case studies demonstrate how to approach specific clinical situations and injuries. Three new chapters on "Problematic Stress Fractures of the Foot and Ankle," "New Advances in the Treatment of the Foot and Ankle," and "The Principles of Rehabilitation for the Foot and Ankle," deliver more expert knowledge and practice solutions than ever before. Expanded chapters guide you through all aspects of treating sports-related injuries of the foot and ankle, from evaluation to rehabilitation.
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Sport and the English Middle Classes 1870 1914

During the 1890s controversy focused on a specific issue , the Royal Buckhounds , who hunted a stag carted to the field for the purpose , and their disbandment was a minor victory . Field sports ' defenders early applied a domino theory ...

Author: John Lowerson

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 0719046513

Category: Social Science

Page: 328

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This book examines the phenomena which explain the boom in sport among the middle classes in late Victorian England. The author focuses on the extent to which sport became an agent of the development of the middle classes and an instrument of their self-definition. The book does not set out to explain the making of the English middle classes; rather, it examines a significant part of that making.
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The chase and the Field sports

Nec minor interea obsistit : sublimus ut illa , Hæc humilis sic terga volans premit et latus urget : Neve gradum referat retro , et vestigia vertat , Seu Caprea aut Cervus sese tulit obvius illis , Rostro atque ungue minax vetat ...

Author: William Somervile


ISBN: OXFORD:591111950


Page: 110

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The Chase and the Field Sports In Verse

Nec minor interea obsistit : sublimus ut illa , Hæc humilis sic terga volans premit et latus urget : Neve gradum referat retro , et vestigia vertat , Seu Caprea aut Cervus sese tulit obvius illis , Rostro atque ungue minar vetat ...

Author: William SOMERVILLE (the Poet.)


ISBN: BL:A0017776523


Page: 98

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Charles and Josiah Or Friendly Conversations Between a Churchman and a Quaker

Those who live all their lives in a large city , are very differently placed from youths bred up in country habits , accustomed to horse ... I believe you do not condemn the minor field sports in the same degree that you do the major ?

Author: W. H. H.


ISBN: HARVARD:32044020485355

Category: Society of Friends

Page: 382

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Scottish Field Sports

bags of game is a delusion and a snare , and not essential to the enjoyment of sport , than the zest with which woodcock ... He is a larger bird than the woodcock of America ( S. Minor ) , but with which he is frequently confounded ...

Author: James Dalziel Dougall



Category: Fishing

Page: 262

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