More One Liners, Jokes and Gags

Author: Grant Tucker
Publisher: Biteback Publishing
ISBN: 184954672X
Category: Humor
Page: 336
View: 7542
After making us laugh out loud with 5,000 Great One-Liners, Grant Tucker goes one better with this uproarious sequel! More One-Liners is another hilarious volume of the finest quips, zingers, puns and wisecracks known to humanity. From twists on the classics to modern greats, from A-grade antics to X-rated gags, from jokes you could tell your mother to jokes about yo momma, there's something short, sweet and wickedly clever for everyone in this definitive volume.

Gagged and Bound

A book of puns, one-liners and dad jokes
Author: Nick Jones
Publisher: Full Media Ltd
ISBN: 0993079431
Category: Humor
Page: 135
View: 2581
Gagged and Bound is a riotous, rapid-fire collection of over 500 original gags written by pun-loving jokesmith Nick Jones. With a mixture of witty one-liners, playful puns and dubious dad jokes, coupled with some great visual gags illustrated by Tiffany Sheely, Gagged and Bound will leave you grinning like a maniac – so probably best not to read it while travelling on public transport. "It’s what it says on the tin: a succession of one-liners, puns and dad jokes going at your laughing muscles in a joyously pell-mell, headlong way. It’s irresistible." - The Bookbag "I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a joke book that’s varied and full of easy one-liners." - Reader’s Favorite "This is a very funny book" - Red City Review Jokes include: When I’m in the kitchen with my wife and I ask her for the sieve, she always throws it at me. She’s pass-sieve aggressive. What happens when herbs get into debt? They receive a visit from the bay leaf. Every dog has its day. It’s called International Dog Day. I’ve written a self-help book for people trying to lose weight but it hasn’t been very successful. It’s called Help Yourself.

Milton Berle's Private Joke File

Over 10,000 of His Best Gags, Anecdotes, and One-Liners
Author: Milton Berle
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
ISBN: 0517587165
Category: Humor
Page: 672
View: 6180
Gathers jokes on a variety of subjects, including aardvarks, agents, bagels, computers, divorce, evangelists, food, jobs, reincarnation, and zoos

A Dyslexic Walks Into a Bra

A compendium of the best jokes, gags and one-liners
Author: Nick Harris
Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books
ISBN: 1843177889
Category: Humor
Page: 544
View: 1342
It's the classic gags that keep people laughing time after time, and Nick Harris has collected together a bumper batch of the best jokes that are guaranteed to have anyone rolling in the aisles. With jokes ranging from the classic subjects (man walks into a bar, an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman, marriage and divorce and more) to laugh-a-minute one-liners and the downright surreal, there is a wealth of hilarious subject matter to keep readers entertained. This is the perfect stocking filler for anyone that loves a good old laugh.

The Jokiest Joking Joke Book Ever Written . . . No Joke!

2,001 Brand-New Side-Splitters That Will Keep You Laughing Out Loud
Author: Kathi Wagner
Publisher: Castle Point Books
ISBN: 1250160863
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 368
View: 4024
The Jokiest Joking Joke Book Ever Written . . . No Joke! is the biggest, funniest, laugh-out-loudest joke book on the planet! Crack open this book to have everyone you know in stitches. Be ready for anything with jokes, puns, and riddles from a range of categories: celebrities, gadgets, video games, the classroom, zombies, and a bunch more! Complete with tons of awesome illustrations! - 2,001 unbeatable modern jokes - 400 showstopping illustrations - Have your friends rolling on the ground in no time! - Knock-knock jokes, puns, riddles, one-liners, and more! The hilarious one-liners, wisecracks, and gags will keep the shenanigans going for you, your friends, and anyone with a funny bone. With more than 2,000 kid-friendly side-splitters--from knock-knock jokes, to riddles and puns, to some of the silliest gut-busters ever--this book is more than a gigantic collection of wisecracks, it's a must-have for any jokester!

More Aussie Gags

Author: John Blackman
Publisher: Momentum
ISBN: 1743340184
Category: Humor
Page: 170
View: 6960
This guy walks into a bar ... No no! Have you heard the one about ... Oh, how did it go? There was this blonde who ... Hmm. Do you ever wish you could remember all the gags and one-liners you've heard over the years and become the envy of all your friends and colleagues? Well, wish no more. Hot on the heels of the hugely successful Aussie Gags, John Blackman presents another hilarious collection of the funniest jokes and one-liners Australia has to offer. No stone is left unturned – whether it be lawyers, religion, blondes, mothers-in-law or Viagra, Blackman has a gag for every occasion.

More of the Best of Milton Berle's Private Joke File

10,000 Of the World's Funniest Gags, Anecdotes, and One -Liners
Author: Milton Berle,Milt Rosen
Publisher: Book Sales
ISBN: 9780785807193
Category: Humor
Page: 553
View: 6140
Gathers 10,000 of the world's funniest gags, anecdotes, and one liners, in a diverse, alphabetically arranged collection that tramples everything from business and honeymoons to lawyers and salespeople.

The Most Ginormous Joke Book in the Universe!

More Laughs for Everyone! More Jokes for Every Occasion! More Jokes for Every Situation! More, More, More!
Author: The Laugh Factory
Publisher: Applesauce Press
ISBN: 1604332654
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 528
View: 354
The biggest joke book on the market gets a ginormous companion! Just in case the massive collection of jokes featured in the bestselling The Biggest Joke Book Ever, No Kidding wasn’t enough, this hugely humorous companion includes more than five thousand additional goofy gags, clever comebacks, and treacherous tongue twisters along with riddles, one-liners, puns, and more. Up to date and brimming with hilarity, the contents of this indispensible comedy resource will have readers laughing nonstop.

Performing Live Comedy

Author: Chris Ritchie
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408147246
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 240
View: 4611
Comedy is a global multibillion dollar industry and it is also one of the easiest ones to get into. Performing Live Comedy is for anyone who has ever thought about getting up onstage and being funny or for those who have already started. It offers a breakdown of the process of live comedy and provides a basic toolbox for the student and aspirant comedian, covering all aspects of live comedy such as stand-up, music, double acts, ventriloquists and magicians. Gender, sexuality, ethnicity and disability are also covered in this book as well as ethical considerations on what we should or should not joke about. The book breaks down the entire process of live comedy from writing a simple one-liner to creating a complete act, from organising an open spot at the local comedy club to getting into the Edinburgh Festival and running your own venue. Performing Live Comedy is full of advice and original interviews with comedians and writers currently involved in the comedy industry such as Rob Grant (Red Dwarf), Shazia Merza, Henning Wehn, Ed Aczel, Paul Zerdin and Lucy Greaves.

Gagged and Bound 3

Yet More Puns, One-Liners and Dad Jokes
Author: Consultant Otorhinolaryngologist Nick Jones
Publisher: Full Media Limited
ISBN: 9780993079467
Page: N.A
View: 9566
Master joke writer Nick Jones is back with his third collection of chucklesome puns, witty one-liners and groanworthy dad jokes. Illustrated once again by American cartoonist Tiffany Sheely.

Friars Club Encyclopedia of Jokes

Revised and Updated! Over 2,000 One-Liners, Straight Lines, Stories, Gags, Roasts, Ribs, and Put-Downs
Author: Friars Club
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1603762051
Category: Humor
Page: 512
View: 6125
A side-splitting collection of 2000 jokes from the best-known comedians and members of the infamous Friar's Club including Ellen Degeneres, Chris Rock, George Carlin, Jerry Seinfeld, Wanda Sykes, Jon Stewart, Johnny Carson, Phyllis Diller, and dozens more. Need a laugh? How about 2000 of them? Hundreds of the world's best comedians provide jokes for every occasion and situation --lightbulb jokes, "he's so dumb..." jokes, mother-in-law jokes, dirty jokes, really dirty jokes, and more! Organized alphabetically by topic, the collection is perfect for browsing, searching for ice-breakers and pick-up lines, spicing up toasts, or adding a dose of humor to public speeches. Includes an introduction by comedian Drew Carey!

A Seal Walks Into a Club

A Side-Splitting Compilation of the Best Jokes, Gags and One-Liners
Author: Nick Harris
Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books
ISBN: 9781843178743
Category: Humor
Page: 415
View: 8544
Nick Harris has collected together some of the greatest jokes, gags and one-liners, which will have you laughing your socks off all day. If you're in need of a pick-me-up after a hard day at work, or if you want to arm yourself with a few jokes with which to wow your friends, then look no further than this bountiful compilation of funnies.

Radio Comedy: Gag-writing

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Comedy
Page: N.A
View: 5168

Mitch Murray's One-liners for Business Speeches

Author: Mitch Murray
Publisher: Foulsham & Company Limited
ISBN: 9780572022686
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 224
View: 9648
You've got to make a speech. Or is it a sales presentation? The circumstances don't matter. You are going to have to stand up, say your piece and be measured in public. And you'll be expected to be amusing too! Calm yourself! Help is at hand. Well in your hand actually! This book will turn your speech into a personal triumph.

The Fantastically Funny Joke Book

Author: Lisa Regan
Publisher: Arcturus Publishing
ISBN: 1838579524
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: N.A
View: 5492
Jam-packed with great gags, rib-tickling puns and hilarious one-liners, this fantastically funny joke book is guaranteed to have children everywhere in stitches. Perfect for practical jokers aged 7+.

The Writer's Market

Author: Aron M. Mathieu
Publisher: Writer's Digest Books
Category: Periodicals
Page: 1112
View: 1361

Jokes for Kids

Author: Sally Lindley,Joe Fullman
Publisher: Arcturus Publishing
ISBN: 1839404469
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: N.A
View: 8319
This side-spitting joke joke book is packed to bursting with silly fun, and guaranteed to have you rolling on the floor! It contains more than 700 eye-wateringly funny gags including classic jokes, wacky one-liners, silly shaggy dog stories, and a whole library of ridiculous book titles! Ideal for children aged 6+.

Pretty Good Joke Book

Author: Prairie Home Companion
Publisher: Penguin USA
ISBN: 9781565118041
Category: American wit and humor
Page: 272
View: 3574
This revised paperback edition--with over 200 more jokes--includes all the standbys, one-liners, puns, knock-knock jokes, and insults from the final joke show that aired in April 2000.