The Movie Star and the Mobster

Movie Star and the Mobster pieces together the details behind the volatile romance between Lana Turner and Johnny Stompanato and the circumstances surrounding his death in April 1958.

Author: John William Law


ISBN: 098924752X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 380

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It was a rainy evening on April 4, 1958. Inside the master bedroom of a rented home at 730 North Bedford Drive a couple argued violently while a young 14-year-old listened in fear at the door. Fearing for her mother's safety and armed with a knife, as the door opened she rushed in, stabbing her mother's boyfriend, Johnny Stompanato, to death. It was Good Friday. Movie Star & the Mobster goes behind the dark and stormy relationship of movie goddess Lana Turner and Johnny Stompanato, would-be bodyguard and go-to guy for Los Angeles mob king Micky Cohen. Taken from court transcripts, police reports, and autopsy findings, Movie Star and the Mobster at long last pieces together the details behind the volatile romance between Lana and Johnny and the circumstances of that fateful evening. From the night of the killing to the frantic attempts to save Johnny's life, the trip to the police station, the inquest and media circus, the story goes beyond the tragedy to explain how Lana Turner's life and career recovered from the tragedy, but would forever be linked to the scandal. With rare photographs and new details on the chronology of events one of Hollywood's most fascinating and enduring scandals is uncovered.
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The National Society of Film Critics on the Movie Star

It is this “ cuteness ” that allows Cagney , unlike , say , Bogart , to be at home in
musicals as in gangster films , and to be ... for instance , in an early comedy ,
such as Lady Killer ( in which a plot about a mobster who becomes a movie star
toys ...

Author: National Society of Film Critics

Publisher: Penguin Group

ISBN: 0140059474

Category: Motion picture actors and actresses

Page: 402

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Mobsters Moguls Movie Stars and More

This classic collection of true stories as told through the eyes of a full-time musician is sure to take you back in time with delight from 1957 to the present.

Author: Roger Rossi


ISBN: 0997153067



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What do Rodney Dangerfield, JFK Jr., Tony Bennett, Evel Knievel, Jerry Lewis, Liberace, and Shelly Winters have in common? Answer: An encounter with piano player and bandleader, Roger Rossi! Take a tour down memory lane with an unabashed fan as well as a master musician.
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The Countess and the Mob

The Untold Story of Marajen Stevick Chinigo and Mafia Lord Johnny Rosselli
Maureen Hughes. Nightclubs,. Movie. Stars,. and. Mobsters. Early in 1936, Helen
and Marajen chose sunny California for a breather from the newspaper business

Author: Maureen Hughes

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450207492

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 136

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Maureen Hughes was first introduced to Countess Marajen Chinigo in the 1980s in a hospital room in Champaign, Illinois. Assigned to provide personal security to the Countess, Hughes knew few details about the woman she was protecting. Little did she know that Countess Chinigo was a woman connected to some of the most notorious and famousor infamouspeople of the twentieth century. Hughes did not see the Countess again until a few years later at a local art museum. Intrigued by the impeccably dressed woman who strolled through the crowd like a queen, Hughes vowed to find out all she could about the mysterious Countess. As Hughes shares the fascinating story she uncovered after conducting three years of research and in-depth conversations with friends of the Countess, she unveils a time period where mobsters, presidents, celebrities, and countesses all mingled among dark, captivating secrets. Hughes reveals details about the famous figures the Countess hobnobbed with like Frank Sinatra, Joan Crawford, and Lucky Luciano, her marriage to Johnny Rosselli, and her eventual entanglements with the Mafia. The Countess and the Mob paints a compelling portrait of the kaleidoscopic shapes and colors that made up the extraordinary and unforgettable life of Countess Marajen Stevick Chinigo.
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Cult Movie Stars

He ' s best remembered for his fancy - dancing , romancing , gun - toting title
character in The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond , Budd Boetticher ' s stylized B
gangster film ; he later had a bit as Diamond in Portrait of a Mobster . Danton
played ...

Author: Danny Peary


ISBN: UOM:39015059135627

Category: Cult films

Page: 608

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Harlem's Hero and Heroin among the “ Godfathers ” and MOVIES neck speed ,
and she jumps from one topic to another . ... AMERICAN Lucas's success - grisly
images of dead she can turn herself into a movie star ( her Gangster " announces



ISBN: NWU:35556037910437

Category: Current events


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1997 Videohound s Guide to Three and Four Star Movies

alternative to Americanized mobster melodrama , marked by taut direction ,
meaty characters , and coolly understated ... VHS *** 1/2 La Signora di Tutti An
early Italian biography of Gaby Doriot , a movie star whose professional success
is ...

Author: Videohound Editors

Publisher: Broadway

ISBN: 055306715X

Category: Motion pictures

Page: 640

View: 990

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The creators of VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever present another winner--the ultimate guide to more than 3,000 of the best movies of all time. Extensive indexes of stars, directors, and over 325 wildly original categories, from Adolescence and Airborne Disasters to Wedding Bells and Wrong Side of the Tracks make it easy to hone in the perfect movie for any mood or occasion. Line drawings.
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Hollywood and the Mob

Raft admitted that when he was younger he would much rather have become a
gangster than an actor. `When I became a movie star and was asked about tough
guys I knew, I said: ``I think they're the greatest guys in the world'',' Raft told his ...

Author: Tim Adler

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781408827864

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 288

View: 622

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From its earliest days, the Mafia has sought to make a fast buck from the American film industry. Stories of intimidation, threats and violence mingle with those of glamour and excess. In this stunning story of infamy and ballsy enterprise, Tim Adler tells the secret history of Al Capone, Sam Giancana and John Gotti's attempts to infiltrate the studio lots. However, although they have controlled the moguls and the money, the Mob learned how to be cool from classic films like The Godfather and characters like Tony Soprano, leaving them forever intertwined in both fact and fiction.
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Mob Girl

Naturally , she could not risk a pantyline , so she dispensed with underwear .
Over time her taste in clothing became even more flamboyant as she emulated
the photos of showgirls and movie stars . Once she saw the starlet Marilyn
Monroe in ...

Author: Teresa Carpenter


ISBN: UVA:X002111413

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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Details the life of a woman who thrived on risk, stopped dating mobsters in order to become one herself, and, after her arrest, became a key FBI operative in an investigation of the Colombo family
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The Penguin Canadian Dictionary

Author: Thomas M. Paikeday

Publisher: Markham, Ont. : Penguin Books Canada ; Mississauga, Ont. : Copp Clark Pitman

ISBN: STANFORD:36105026088992

Category: Reference

Page: 852

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The movie - star - handsome thug came up with the best scam idea of his life : he
decided that the time was right for Las Vegas ( and the Chicago mob ) to revisit
the hotel - casino notion pioneered by Tony Cornero in 1931 . With the Chicago ...

Author: Gus Russo

Publisher: Bloomsbury Pub Plc USA

ISBN: UVA:X030144518

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 623

View: 543

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A provocative account of a criminal underworld's secret takeover of American politics, business, and entertainment reveals how a cadre of powerful men, led by Chicago attorney Sidney "The Fixer" Korshak, who was the key figure behind some of the shadiest deals of the twentieth century, has infiltrated every aspect of American society.
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An Illustrated Glossary of Film Terms

EXTRA : A screen performer usually hired by the day to play a minor part , often
in a crowd or mob scene . The extra does not speak ( or ... FAN : ( 1 ) A fervent
admirer of a movie star , usually but not always young . The mob that disrupted ...

Author: Harry M. Geduld

Publisher: New York ; Montreal : Holt, Rinehart and Winston

ISBN: UOM:39015031704359

Category: Cinematography

Page: 179

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The Mafia in Havana

Another director of Monte Carlo de La Habana was the movie actor Donald O '
Connor . O ' Connor was one of the youngest movie producers in Hollywood and
had been a star since the age of 21 , when he began working with Bing Crosby .

Author: Enrique Cirules

Publisher: Ocean Press (AU)

ISBN: STANFORD:36105114325744

Category: History

Page: 177

View: 548

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A Caribbean mob story and picture of the Mafia's Caribbean empire when Havana was the playground of the rich and infamous. Author Enrique Cirules presents a glamorous and seedy picture of the world of Sinatra and the showgirls, mambo and marijuana, "Lucky" Luciano and Meyer Lansky. The Mafia in Havana is an extensive investigation into the Cuban underworld, uncovering the close ties between the Mafia, U.S. business and intelligence agencies, and their often brutal reign over Cuban politics.
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Mafia Movies

6 Many of these tensions are played out through the mechanisms at work in
reality TV's celebrity culture, what Chris Rojek has termed reality 'celetoids,' in
that they come cheaper than film star endorsements and can seamlessly
integrate ...

Author: Dana Renga

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781487520137

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 464

View: 871

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The mafia has always fascinated filmmakers and television producers. Al Capone, Salvatore Giuliano, Lucky Luciano, Ciro Di Marzio, Roberto Saviano, Don Vito and Michael Corleone, and Tony Soprano are some of the historical and fictional figures that contribute to the myth of the Italian and Italian-American mafias perpetuated onscreen. This collection looks at mafia movies and television over time and across cultures, from the early classics to the Godfather trilogy and contemporary Italian films and television series. The only comprehensive collection of its type, Mafia Movies treats over fifty films and TV shows created since 1906, while introducing Italian and Italian-American mafia history and culture. The second edition includes new original essays on essential films and TV shows that have emerged since the publication of the first edition, such as Boardwalk Empire and Mob Wives, as well as a new roundtable section on Italy's "other" mafias in film and television, written as a collaborative essay by more than ten scholars. The edition also introduces a new section called "Double Takes" that elaborates on some of the most popular mafia films and TV shows (e.g. The Godfather and The Sopranos) organized around themes such as adaptation, gender and politics, urban spaces, and performance and stardom.
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My Last Movie Star

I wrote about mobsters , serial killers , and plastic surgeons ; graduated to profiles
of tennis stars and fashion designers . When he took over Flame a few years ago
, Ed somehow convinced me to apply my lifelong ardor for movies — and a ...

Author: Martha Sherrill

Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks

ISBN: 0375759492

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 257

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The sudden disappearance of Hollywood movie star Allegra Coleman following an accident spawns a cultlike fascination and obsession with her life, as Clementine, Allegra's last-known contact, suddenly finds herself in the spotlight, a new minted celebrity thanks to her association with the missing star. Reprint. 12,500 first printing.
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American Cinema American Culture

Henry ' s identity is rooted in this membership in the Mafia ; the major phases of
its evolution can be gauged in terms of his ... the 1950s and 1960s when
mobsters “ were treated like movie stars with muscles " and “ had it all just for the
asking .

Author: John Belton

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities, Social Sciences & World Languages

ISBN: UOM:39015029078964

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 374

View: 786

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Developed to accompany the Annenberg-funded telecourse American Cinema, and written under the aegis of The New York Center for Visual History, this text offers a fascinating look at the interplay between the movie industry and mass culture in America. Ideal for film appreciation and film and culture courses found in Cinema Studies, English, History, American Studies, or other departments, American Cinema/American Culture first examines the industry, its narrative conventions, and its cinematographic style. Following this introduction, students are exposed to the sweep of film history in the U.S. using five genres as the bases for discussion and focusing on the point at which each had the greatest affect on the industry, film aesthetics, and American culture. Finally, the book concludes with a look at Hollywood post World War II, giving separate chapter coverage to the effects of the Cold War, television, the counterculture of the Sixties, directors from the film school generation, and the trends of the Eighties and Nineties.
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New York

It ' s phis federal court for conspiracy to trans fered his first role in a studio movie :
just so odd to see . ... But two Over the years , Reems remained in limThough
Reems had no Mafia ties , he was weeks before filming began , he was ited
contact with Lovelace . ... be - ticular delight when someone asked if he cause he
' s not what you ' d expect , ” she says . had any advice for the porn stars of today .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105121715143

Category: New York (N.Y.)


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Inherit the Mob

“Not appear in a moviestar in a TV docudrama,” said Flanagan. 'The Glory That
Was Hester Street' is the working title, although that could change. Like I said, it'll
be a documentary, about your life and times.” “For this you need young actors,” ...

Author: Ze'ev Chafets

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780307799722

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 646

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“[A] hilarious, warm look at one of organized crime’s oft-neglected ethnic groups.”—The New York Times Book Review William Gordon’s dear Uncle Max is dead. Dear, crooked, murderous, notorious Mafioso kingpin Uncle Max. But Pulitzer-winning foreign correspondent Gordon always knew Uncle Max to be generous. Now, even in death, Uncle Max comes through, for he leaves Gordon millions—in the form of a Mafia territory. The only catch is that Gordon, the cultured journalist, might have to fight to retain his piece of the mob. On the other hand, who wouldn’t fight for half a billion dollars? But can an educated Jewish reporter who regularly rubs shoulders with world leaders really succeed as a semi-don? Maybe—if he’s greedy enough, and not afraid to get his hands dirty or bloody. . . . Praise for Inherit the Mob “I can’t think of two professions that more richly deserve each other than journalism and organized crime. Zev Chafets does an honor to them both.”—Carl Hiaasen, author of Native Tongue “If you think there’s nothing funny about organized crime, pick up a copy of Inherit the Mob. Zev Chafets makes his fictional debut in this sidesplitting spoof of Mafia family matters, manners, and misadventures. . . . Chafets has perfect pitch for dialogue and an eye for vivid, unforgettable characters.”—The Cleveland Plain Dealer “Lively entertainment.”—Chicago Tribune “A full-fledged romp bursting with energy, good humor, and plot curlicues aplenty.”—The Detroit News
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