My Best Race

“Running probably saved my life,” says Bart Yasso. “I was certainly going down the wrong path and not leading a good lifestyle, spending too much time with alcohol. At age twentytwo I needed some focus and running came along. I wanted.

Author: Chris Cooper

Publisher: Diversion Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 9781626810167

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 236

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Fifty runners—from the world’s elite to passionate amateurs—share the races they’ll never forget. “A fascinating and fresh look at competitive running” (Jon Sinclair, former USA Cross Country and 10K champion, RRCA Hall of Famer). Every runner that enters a race has a unique reason for competing: racing for the challenge, for the achievement, for the health benefits, or for more personal reasons. But whether they are twenty-mile-a-day elite marathoners or twenty-mile-a-week recreational runners, each of them can invariably point to a singular performance as “the best race I ever ran.” My Best Race is a collection of those singular performances. In this inspirational collection, fifty runners, from Olympians and World Champions, to courageous disabled athletes and middle-of-the-packers, share their personal accounts of what they consider the best race they ever ran—and why. Contributors include a top marathoner who sacrifices his place on the Olympic team to pace his friend to the final qualifying spot at the Olympic Trials; “The Central Park Jogger” who finishes a race she founded to benefit disabled athletes, fourteen years after being left for dead from a brutal attack that gripped the nation; an unheralded high school runner who beats a previously undefeated state champion—and who goes on to become a two-time Olympian; the woman they tried to physically remove from the male-only Boston Marathon in 1967; and forty-six other runners. “Such wonderful and inspiring stories by a diverse group of runners—bravo!” —Ryan Lamppa, Media Director of Running USA “What a fascinating concept! . . . A very unique and inspiring collection that gives great insight into the minds of runners.” —Keith Brantly, member of the 1996 US Olympic Marathon team
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Eat Drink And Be My Best Forget The Rest

Please let my brother have a good life he deserves. I do not want to sound like his caregiver is totally worthless because she has some good qualities. But her lifestyle is not very clean, and my brother did not like living that type of ...

Author: ,TANnika

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781644622094

Category: Fiction

Page: 246

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: Long Short Stories and Short Short Stories, are short stories the author has been writing since the '70's. Not steady, however as ideas and time hit the author he wrote them down.
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The Best of Everything After 50

The Experts' Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money, and More Barbara Hannah Grufferman ... Your good lifestyle habits will still reward you, even if it seems challenging and even if it takes a long time. Every little step you take toward ...

Author: Barbara Hannah Grufferman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780762440351

Category: Self-Help

Page: 320

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The Best of Everything after 50 provides top-dollar advice in an affordable format. When Barbara Grufferman turned fifty, she wanted to know how to be -- and stay -- a vibrant woman after the half-century mark. She went in search of a "What to Expect" book, but couldn't find one. So she consulted New York City's leading doctors, personal trainers, hair stylists, fashion gurus, and financial planners including: Diane Von Furstenberg on the right fashion choices Laura Geller and Carmindy on makeup tips Dr. Patricia Wexler on the best skin care regimen Frederic Fekkai on haircare Jane Bryant Quinn on financial concerns Julie Morgenstern on organizing your life Barbara adopted their programs and prescriptions, and got life-changing results -- and now she shares her experiences. With a handy format and "checklist" style, The Best of Everything after 50 makes high-priced advice accessible to any woman interested in getting answers to the issues that concern her most.
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Energy the secrets behind the healthy life

... kills a lot of yours nerve cells and affects your brain's ability to stay clear. Cheers again! As a result of my illness I decided to find the best lifestyle, which suited me, and now after 12 years I am in better shape ...

Author: Irina Bjørnø

Publisher: Belbooks

ISBN: 9788740487527

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 36

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This book is written to give you the answer to the most fundamental question in your life: How to build and maintain a high energy level all the life through. What is health? Absence of illness? Not really. From my own experience it is more the capacity of extra resources (energies) in the body systems. Good health – big capacity, which means tolerance and easy adaptation to changing external conditions, where bad health is low (sometimes zero) capacity for tolerance over changing external conditions. How to extend your capacity? The answer is in our book. Read it, think over it, and apply the parts which are appealing to you. Start with your nutrition – personal diet.
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Your Million Dollar Lifestyle

You were created according to a wonderful plan, created to make great contributions to your world, to put to use all that you are and all that you have in the pursuit of excellence. You were created to dream, to live an abundant life, ...

Author: Andrew Cocks


ISBN: 9781430315162

Category: Self-Help

Page: 160

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"You're About to Discover 'Secrets' Most People Will Never Know About How to Really Unleash Your Desires and Achieve Financial Success! Just Released... Your Million Dollar Lifestyle Reveals the 7 Universal Laws, Exactly How Your Mind Operates and Little-Known Life Success Secrets That Could Make You Rich -- Even If You're Starting from Scratch!" YES! Andrew and Terry, I Want To Discover How To Claim My FREE Gifts By Visiting or Calling 1-800-848-8107 Today!
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You Must Be My Best Friend Because I Hate you

There are also huge changes in lifestyle between your teens and early twenties. Friends are all-important as a teenager, but as you get older, more life pressures come into play. Work and relationships vie for your time, ...

Author: Emily Dubberley

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW

ISBN: 9781848394995

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 256

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A frank and funny look at the truth about friendship – this book will be your new best friend!
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Chlorella pyrenoidosa My best friend

In order to procure a better quality of life, it is important to treat the whole and total of our body. Eating the right foods and to seek an individualized lifestyle is an important combination. With lifestyle also includes planning ...

Author: Stig Arne LEVIN


ISBN: 9780244485443



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Lotus s Despair to Happiness

I continued raising my baby and trying to provide the best lifestyle I could for us both. It was tough, a struggle, and a lot of pushing towards having a better lifestyle for us. I was in complete survival mode and kept on fighting and ...

Author: Babette C. Wright

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452009469


Page: 112

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A true story of one transitioning from despair, loneliness and uncertainty in her life towards happiness, complete Peace and Prosperity. A never ending journey through the exceptional difficult times of one's life to being in complete balance and peace throughout every remaining year of her life. Babette has been through the toughest of struggles and hardships and managed to guide her own way throughout to see the divine light on the other side of her destined path.
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Preventing Chronic Disease Through Healthy Lifestyles

PREPARED STATEMENT OF SENATOR THAD COCHRAN Mr. Secretary , we appreciate your exemplary service as Secretary of Health and Human Services and your good efforts to prevent disease by encouraging Americans to adopt healthy lifestyles and ...

Author: United States


ISBN: UCAL:B5107216

Category: Chronic diseases

Page: 56

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Get to Good

or I have a dream for the scenario may change but you do not have to compromise. Thought leaders are visionaries; ... Get to Good Lifestyle Conditioning: Visualize and Imagine more throughout your week. Permission granted to become a ...

Author: Jacqueline Cornaby

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 1452541124

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 124

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“Magnify your potential; not your problems.” - Jacqueline All DESIRES you seek come from abundance, also known as alignment. How can you access your potential and create The Good Life? GET TO GOOD shows you how to access personal alignment using profound lifestyle conditioning for accelerated abundance. With this book as your guide, you will be able to get out of your own way, get off it and Get to Good. Once you know how to access your personal alignment, you will begin to experience more of the good life, as defined by you. Jacqueline invites you to Get to Good, allowing your potential to come out and play today. Why not take the shortcut to abundance and feel good now? What are you waiting for? Permission granted! Do you ever wonder why some days are better than others? Think having the good life is really coincidence, luck and favoritism? As the fortuneteller of your life, you get whatever you think about whether you want it or not. A belief or mantra is a conditioned thought; what have you been thinking lately? Does it serve you? If you continue to tell the story of what is then you cannot give your attention to what you want. Your current state of affairs does not have to be your consistent reality. Reality is nothing more than what is currently occupying your mind and captivating your attention. When you give attention to your desires and feel good now before the evidence of your desires show up, you end up taking the shortcut to the good life. The only reason you do not choose to Get to Good now is because you give more attention to your sophisticated excuses than your potential. With a little bit of practice and insight, you will find yourself choosing alignment for the pure sake of alignment. The intention behind Get to Good is personal alignment for accelerated abundance in every area of your life. Take a moment to imagine the possibilities of you being aligned in your spirit, health, finances, relationships, career and purpose in life. You are going to read it, hear it, say, think and see it abundantly so it becomes a mantra for life: Get to Good!
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