Becoming an Effective Teacher

Author: Paul Stephens,Tim Crawley
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 9780748719358
Category: Teachers
Page: 184
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Written for student and practising teachers, this book takes into full account the shift in initial training from colleges to schools.

Becoming an Effective Teacher

Author: Tony Fetherston
Publisher: Nelson Australia
ISBN: 9780170127363
Category: Education
Page: 362
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This publication comprehensively covers lesson planning, implementation and execution. While the author writes with an excellent contextual understanding about the role of a teacher (connecting, forming relationships, assisting learning and allowing student to pick up life-long learning skills) the key approach of the text involves recognising and encompassing diversity, in terms of teacher roles and inclusivity through effective planning of classroom activities. This title has been developed to assist pre-service teachers to understand the fundamentals of teaching and how to apply this understanding through the lesson. Each chapter describes the relevant theoretical bases and is tailored towards particular learning outcomes.

On Becoming an Effective Teacher

Person-centered teaching, psychology, philosophy, and dialogues with Carl R. Rogers and Harold Lyon
Author: Carl R Rogers,Harold C Lyon,Reinhard Tausch
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135005508
Category: Education
Page: 288
View: 2994
On Becoming an Effective Teacher describes exemplary practices like Teach For America, which highlight the power of person-centered teaching to bring about higher student achievement and emotional intelligence. Lyon situates the classic with the cutting-edge, integrating wisdom with research, anecdote with practical advice, to find truths that reveal paths toward effective teaching. Jeffrey Cornelius-White, Psy.D., LPC, Professor of Counseling, Missouri State University, USA, Author of Learner Centered Instruction: Building Relationships for Student Success This fascinating book reveals through current research and contemporary applications that Carl Rogers’ pioneering and radical approach to education is as relevant today as it was in the 1970s and ‘80s. Brian Thorne, University of East Anglia, UK Carl Rogers is one of the most influential psychologists of the twentieth century. His influence is similarly outstanding in the fields of education, counselling, psychotherapy, conflict resolution, and peace. On Becoming an Effective Teacher presents the final unpublished writings of Rogers and as such has, not only unique historical value, but also a vital message for today’s educational crises, and can be read as a prescription against violence in our schools. It documents the research results of four highly relevant, related but independent studies which comprise the biggest collection of data ever accumulated to test a person-centred theory in the field of education. This body of comprehensive research on effective teaching was accomplished over a twenty-year period in 42 U.S. States and in six other countries including the UK, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Israel, and Mexico and is highly relevant to the concerns of teachers, psychologists, students, and parents. The principal findings of the research in this book show that teachers and schools can significantly improve their effectiveness through programs focusing on facilitative interpersonal relationships. Teachers who either naturally have, or are trained to have empathy, genuineness (congruence), and who prize their students (positive regard) create an important level of trust in the classroom and exert significant positive effects on student outcomes including achievement scores, interpersonal functioning, self-concept, attendance, and violence. The dialogues between Rogers and Lyon offer a unique and timeless perspective on teaching, counselling and learning. The work of Reinhard Tausch on person-centered teaching for counselors, parents, athletics, and even textbook materials, and the empathic interactions of teachers and students, is among the most thorough and rigorous research ever accomplished on the significance and potential of a person-centered approach to teaching and learning. This pioneering textbook is highly relevant to educational psychologists and researchers, as well as those in undergraduate and graduate university courses in education, teacher training, counseling, psychology and educational psychology.

12 Characteristics of an Effective Teacher

Author: Robert J. Walker
ISBN: 1435715284
Category: Education
Page: 162
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This book discusses 12 Characteristics of Effective Teachers who were successful in getting their students to behave appropriately and to learn the subject matter. It presents heartwarming examples of teachers who saw teaching not as a job, but as a noble mission. This book shares classroom strategies of teachers who made a difference in the lives of their students and in turn-were what inspired those students, in their adult lives, to also become teachers. This book presents true stories written by Education majors as they recount their experiences of being taught (grades K-12) by an effective teacher. It shares actual classroom examples of teachers who manifested each of the 12 Characteristics of an Effective Teacher. By acquiring these 12 characteristics, you too can have a positive impact on the lives of the children you teach.

Becoming an Effective Classroom Manager

Author: Bob F. Steere
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780887066207
Category: Education
Page: 215
View: 2798
Over the years, classroom management remains one of the greatest educational concerns of teachers, administrators, and parents. This practical resource for developing and upgrading personal classroom management skills and systems addresses that concern and will prove to be an invaluable guide for preservice and practicing educators. Utilizing a balanced approach based on both scholarship and experience, Becoming an Effective Classroom Manager provides a discussion of models of management, a summary of effectiveness research and related management techniques, as well as coverage of routine and more complex managerial concerns and procedures. Steere's approach is multi-faceted, interweaving three areas of concern: prevention of disciplinary problems, dealing/coping with disciplinary problems, and development of techniques for insuring that problems do not recur. The book is filled with suggestions and techniques that have been successfully utilized in public school classrooms. The author argues that institutions of higher learning must produce teachers who are equally adept and confident in their teaching methods, management skills, and their subject matter. His work will help teachers become not only better managers, but more effective teachers as well.

Becoming an EC-6 Teacher in Texas

Author: Janice Nath,Myrna Cohen
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 0495601659
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 608
View: 9538
This is the only introduction to teaching text that is specifically built around the new Texas standards for teacher certification. It is also the only Texas-specific book that combines practice with a solid grounding in theory, going beyond available practice TExES books that provide only limited theoretical information. With Nath and Cohen’s text as their guide, students will pass the Texas certification test--and also learn a great deal about effective teaching techniques. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

About Becoming a Teacher

Author: William Ayers
Publisher: Teachers College Press
ISBN: 0807777889
Page: N.A
View: 9875
"The book provides practical steps on how to prepare for a life in teaching, curriculum-making, building relationships with students, and fostering an effective learning environment. Should I become a teacher? What commitments should I bring with me into the classroom? How should I develop my own unique teaching signature? These are three of the questions that shape and structure this accessible and helpful guide for people who are moving toward teaching. Grounding hands-on advice and concrete examples in a concept of teaching as both a practical art and an essentially ethical practice, this book can be put to immediate use even as it invites new and prospective teachers to consider the deepest dimensions of a life in teaching"--

On Becoming an Innovative University Teacher

Reflection in Action
Author: John Cowan
Publisher: Open University Press
ISBN: 9780335199938
Category: Education
Page: 173
View: 9787
"This is one of the most interesting texts I have read for many years ... It is authoritative and clearly written. It provides a rich set of examples of teaching, and a reflective discourse." Professor George Brown ..."succeeds in inspiring the reader by making the process of reflective learning interesting and thought provoking ... has a narrative drive which makes it a book too good to put down." Dr Mary Thorpe ..."a delightful and unusual reflective journey...the whole book is driven by a cycle of questions, examples, strategies and generalizations from the examples. In all, it is the clearest example of practise-what-you-preach that I have seen." Professor John Biggs This unusual, accessible and significant book begins each chapter by posing a question with which college and university teachers can be expected to identify; and then goes on to answer the question by presenting a series of examples; finally, each chapter closes with 'second thoughts', presenting a viewpoint somewhat distinct from that taken by John Cowan. This book will assist university teachers to plan and run innovative activities to enable their students to engage in effective reflective learning; it will help them adapt other teachers' work for use with their own students; and will give them a rationale for the place of reflective teaching and learning in higher education.

On Becoming An Innovative University Teacher: Reflection In Action

Reflection in Action
Author: Cowan, John
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
ISBN: 0335219926
Category: Education
Page: 228
View: 4662
"This innovative and readable book is not something to be cherry-picked for quick hints and tips. It is a work to be read and re-read and savoured for its humanity, sagacity, practicality and reflection upon the all-important relationships between teaching and learning and the teacher and the learner." British Journal of Educational Technology "...a delightful and unusual reflective journey...the whole book is driven by a cycle of questions, examples, strategies and generalizations from the examples. In all, it is the clearest example of practise-what-you-preach that I have seen." John Biggs, Honorary Professor of Psychology, University of Hong Kong “This is a unique book, written by a well-known figure in HE who has broad experience and a long track record as an exemplary and caring teacher…The book is unique because it is written in a very personal manner, with a sharing of the author’s varied experiences and great enthusiasm for the processes of teaching and communication.†Jenny Moon, Bournemouth Media Centre and Independent Consultant “[Cowan’s] innovative approach to the authorship of a well researched and practical book is worthy of particular mention…Practitioners that are keen to allow spaces for innovative approaches to professional development in learners will find this text readable and thought provoking.†Teaching in Higher Education On Becoming an Innovative University Teachershows readers how to plan and run innovative activities to engage their students in effective reflective learning. The book uses an unusual and accessible method: each chapter begins by posing a question with which university and college teachers can be expected to identify; then answers the question by presenting a series of examples, thereafter the writer frankly airs his own second thoughts on what he has offered. In the second edition of this popular book, Cowan maintains his relaxed and readable style, and the book features revised coverage to make it even more accessible and useful. The examples have been updated throughout and a new chapter looks at innovation and reflection in the context of contemporary higher education. This is key reading for all university teachers, whether new or experienced, who want to revitalise their teaching.

How to Thrive as a Teacher Leader

Author: John G. Gabriel
Publisher: ASCD
ISBN: 1416600310
Category: Education
Page: 220
View: 3946
Offers advice to teachers who chair departments, lead committees, manage teams, coordinate programs, or mentor other teachers on accomplishing the formal and informal tasks required at every grade level.

Effective Teacher

Author: Cedric Cullingford
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0304331805
Category: Education
Page: 205
View: 2467
This book uses research studies and the experiences of teachers to show how and why people can become effective teachers. The author asserts that it is always possible to learn to become a more effective teacher, and encourages the student teacher to develop their professional practice.

Foundations of American Education

Becoming Effective Teachers in Challenging Times
Author: James A. Johnson,Diann L. Musial,Gene E. Hall,Donna M. Gollnick
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 9780134894997
Category: Education
Page: 456
View: 2631
For courses in Foundations of Education and Introduction to Teaching. Focuses on becoming an effective teacher in challenging times. Education constantly changes-and teachers need to continue learning through professional development and educational research to improve their performance in tomorrow's classrooms. Foundations of American Education addresses the realities and challenges of teaching head on. With many new references and an emphasis on emerging trends that are impacting our schools, such as the Common Core Standards, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), and social and global networking, this text encourages students to embrace new methods of instruction. Concepts are explored through current discussions of theory and practice in such critical areas as advocacy, legislation, and the current social, political, and economic climate. Also available with the Enhanced Pearson eText The Enhanced Pearson eText provides a rich, interactive learning environment designed to improve student mastery of content with embedded videos, video-based exercises and self-check quizzes. Note: You are purchasing a standalone product; the Enhanced Pearson eText does not come packaged with this content. Students, if interested in purchasing this title with the Enhanced Pearson eText, ask your instructor to confirm the correct package ISBN and Course ID. Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information. If you would like to purchase both the physical text and the Enhanced Pearson eText, search for: 00134995163 / 9780134995168 Foundations of American Education: Becoming Effective Teachers in Challenging Times, Enhanced Pearson eText with Loose-Leaf Version - Access Card Package Package consists of: 0134894995 / 9780134894997 Foundations of American Education: Becoming Effective Teachers in Challenging Times 0134481135 / 9780134481135 Foundations of American Education: Becoming Effective Teachers in Challenging Times, Enhanced Pearson eText -- Access Card

The Complete Guide to Becoming an English Teacher

Author: Stephen Clarke,Paul Dickinson,Jo Westbrook
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9781446245521
Category: Education
Page: 400
View: 1744
Praise for the previous edition: 'This is a text that should accompany every student teacher of English and find its way on to the shelf of all practising teachers. This book excited me. It is written in a style that makes you want to try out activities and take up challenges. This book will encourage the student teacher to embrace the subject of English along with its associated values and debates' - ESCalate `If I was training to teach English today, this is the book I would want - an extraordinarily professional handbook of good practice ' - Geoff Barton, Times Educational Supplement, Teacher Magazine This essential companion for aspiring secondary English teachers has been extensively reworked to help students meet the very latest professional and academic standards, while also equipping them with the knowledge and skills they will need for the beginning of their teaching career. Focusing on the essentials needed to be a successful English teacher, the authors combine subject knowledge with ideas, examples and approaches for creating an effective, vibrant learning environment, and real examples of lesson plans and schemes of work. Each chapter clearly links practice to theoretical and critical perspectives on teaching, making this an ideal text for students working towards M-level credits or a Masters in Teaching and Learning. There are also brand new chapters which explore in greater depth specific areas of contention and challenging issues, including: - Diversities, including global perspectives on teaching English - The application and implications of using ICT - Multi-agency provision in personalising learning - Research methodologies - Transition from the training year and the first year as a teacher The latest requirements for Qualified Teacher Status are clearly signposted throughout, and activities at the end of each chapter help to reinforce knowledge and encourage reflection. Written by a team of highly respected authors, this new edition should be on every secondary English student's bookshelf.

Learning Teaching

Becoming an Inspirational Teacher
Author: Pete Boyd,Barry Hymer,Karen Lockney
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781909682450
Category: First year teachers
Page: 160
View: 2828
This essential and aspirational text is aimed at all beginning teachers, whatever their training route, age phase, and setting. The book explicitly adopts and builds on a new metaphor for teachers' professional learning as interplay between the body of public knowledge and the practical wisdom of teachers within a particular school setting. It also accepts that 'telling' someone how to teach is ineffective; one needs to 'become a teacher' because it involves identity and practice. Inquiry-based critically reflective learning with a clear focus on the learning of pupils is proposed as the core strategy by which one can build knowledge and skills to become an outstanding teacher. Core topics - including planning, inclusion, teaching, assessment, and professional development - are tackled in the book in an accessible and refreshing way, using key research informed evidence. The focus is relentlessly on 'learning' rather than performance, in order to support becoming an excellent professional teacher (rather than a 'competent technician') who makes a difference to learners, colleagues, schools, and policy. Consider the book as a temporary or additional mentor that challenges the reader with different ways of thinking about learning and that provides strategies to guide professional learning. *** ''It takes 10 years or more to begin to be a brain surgeon, but sometimes we get 1-3 years at most before we are allowed to work with children's brains as teachers. So we need inspirational teachers and this is the focus of this compact, powerful and insightful book. It is wonderfully designed around five of the most critical dilemmas in our classrooms: belief vs. ability; autonomy vs. compliance; abstract vs. concrete; feedback vs. praise; and collaboration vs. competition. The power of the book is that it illustrates the new move to focus on learning power - and such a focus permits every student to become smarter through effort and deep practice as they struggle with the high-challenge learning activities - in the presence of inspirational, impactful and passionate teachers. The perfect book for those who want to make most of their opportunity to enhance students' brain power.'' -- John Hattie, Director, Melbourne Education Research Institute *** Librarians: ebook available [Subject: Education]

An Introduction to Classroom Observation

Author: Edward Conrad Wragg
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415688493
Category: Education
Page: 153
View: 6293
How does classroom observation support your professional development? How can you observe as effectively as possible? Highly regarded as one of the most widely used and authoritative texts on this topic, An Introduction to Classroom Observation is an essential text for anyone serious about becoming a good teacher or researcher in education. Now part of the Routledge Education Classic Edition Series, E.C. Wragg's straightforward guide includes a combination of case studies, photographs and illustrations to show how various people study lessons for different purposes and in different contexts. It outlines a range of approaches in clear language and gives examples of successful methods that have been employed by teachers, student teachers, researchers and pupils. With a new preface from Professor Richard Pring, the classic edition of this indispensible text is for a new generation of education professionals serious about becoming good teachers and researchers.

How to Survive an Ofsted Inspection

Author: Sarah Findlater
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472911083
Category: Education
Page: 208
View: 2921
If the phrase NO NOTICE INSPECTION strikes fear into your heart, don't panic! In her new book, Sarah Findlater covers everything you need to know to survive an Ofsted inspection. This book is an invaluable guide for every NQT or new teacher who wants to ensure they are fully prepared for their first Ofsted inspection. The short term and long term strategies in this book will help ensure you will survive the process, get as much out of it as your possibly can and perform in an outstanding manner. The book is split into four phases, making this book relevant whether you want to set up systems well in advance, need quick-fix 'night before' advice or 'on the day' strategies, or help making the most of Ofsted feedback once the inspection is over. Hashtags throughout the book enable you to join the conversation and share best practice with colleagues around the UK and the world! All written from Sarah's first hand experience of supporting teachers through inspections in her school and in her accessible and friendly tone, How to Survive an Ofsted inspection is an invaluable guide for every school teacher preparing for Ofsted.

Resources for Assessment

Author: N.A
Publisher: ISTE (Interntl Soc Tech Educ
ISBN: 9781564842022
Category: Education
Page: 222
View: 560
How do education leaders demonstrate accountability? One proof is a clear, measurable assessment of teacher performance in meeting standards, and this book provides a perfect how-to. National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers: Resources for Assessment includes tools for gathering performance data, strategies for both formative and summative assessment, rubrics, guidelines, and a road map to NCATE accreditation of advanced programs for technology leaders and facilitators. This is a must-have book for teacher educators, college of education faculty, and K-12 school administrators and classroom teachers. Assessment rubrics for each of the NETS-T performance indicators Data-gathering tools and surveys for classroom observation Guidelines for selecting and creating teacher portfolio artifacts Also available: Transforming Classroom Practice: Professional Development Strategies in Educational Technology - ISBN 1564842460 Teachers as Technology Leaders: A Guide to ISTE Technology Facilitation and Technology Leadership Accreditation - ISBN 1564842266

Handbook for Qualities of Effective Teachers

Author: James H. Stronge,Pamela D. Tucker,Jennifer L. Hindman
Publisher: ASCD
ISBN: 1416601821
Category: Education
Page: 225
View: 791
This companion to Qualities of Effective Teachers provides strategies for examining the practice of teaching, helping teachers improve their skills, and establishing an environment that supports good teaching.

Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Teacher

Author: William Powell,Ochan Kusuma-Powell
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1626362017
Category: Education
Page: 216
View: 6702
Are you an emotionally intelligent teacher who engages your students in learning? Because teaching behaviors and personalities can affect student achievement, teachers who develop their emotional awareness and interpersonal skills are better able to manage their classrooms and promote student success. Based on Daniel Goleman’s five components of emotional intelligence, this guide shows how self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social awareness, and relationship management can help teachers increase their effectiveness in the classroom. The authors provide research, case studies, and essential tools that help teachers to: · Understand how their conscious and unconscious behaviors affect the learning environment · Refine their verbal and nonverbal communication skills · Manage their feelings and frustrations · Interpret student behaviors, developing insight into how students perceive their teaching styles · Hone their presentation skills Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Teacher includes practical activities and exercises that are perfect for enhancing your emotional intelligence independently or as part of a professional development opportunity.

Keys to Becoming an Effective Worship Leader

Author: Tom Kraeuter
Publisher: YWAM Publishing
ISBN: 9781883002060
Category: Religion
Page: 120
View: 4411
Practicing untried methods and ideas on your con-gregation or music team often proves discouraging. Trying unsuccessful ventures long term can be devastating. Tom Kraeuter needs and desires of those involved in the ministry of praise and worship.