One Nation Under Drones

"This book describes how Predators, Reapers, Scan Eagles, and dozens of other pilotless aircraft have been used to fight the Global War on Terrorism.

Author: John E. Jackson


ISBN: 1682472388

Category: History

Page: 256

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One Nation Under Drones is an interesting and informative review of how robotic and unmanned systems are impacting every aspect of American life, from how we fight our wars; to how we play; to how we grow our food. Edited by Professor John Jackson, who holds the E.A. Sperry Chair of Unmanned and Robotic Systems at the United States Naval War College, this highly readable book features chapters from a dozen experts, researchers, and operators of the sophisticated systems that have become ubiquitous across the nation and around the world. Press reports have focused primarily on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, officially designated as UAVs, but more often referred to as "drones". This book takes you behind the scenes and describes how Predators, Reapers, Scan Eagles and dozens of other pilotless aircraft have been used to fight the Global War on Terrorism. Although these systems seemed to emerge fully-developed into the skies above America's distant battlefields following the attacks of 9-11-2001, readers will discover how they actually trace their lineage to the First World War, when the "automatic airplane/aerial torpedo", designed and built by the Sperry Gyroscope Company, made its first flight just over a century ago. Unmanned aircraft were used by various combatants in World War II, and took many forms: from converted manned bombers to inter-continental attacks on the American homeland by rice-paper balloons. Technology developed in the latter decades of the 20th century enabled crews stationed thousands of miles away to attack targets on remote battlefields. Such long-range and remote-controlled weapons have been extensively used, but are controversial from both legal and ethical stand-points. Chapters written by international law specialists and drone pilots with advanced education in ethics address these issues from both sides of the argument. The book also details how robotic systems are being used on land, in and below the seas, and in civilian applications such as driverless cars. Three dozen photographs display drones as small as an insect up to those as large as a 737 airliner. "One Nation Under Drones" covers such a wide array of topics that it will be of interest to everyone from the casual reader seeking to know more about these systems, to national security professionals, both in and out of uniform, who will be making decisions about their procurement and use in decades to come. This work will become the definitive volume on the subject, providing the facts and avoiding the hype about systems that have moved off the pages of science fiction and into the environment all around us.
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... US is rapidly changing from “One nation under God,” as stated in the US
Pledge of Allegiance, to One nation under drones. Congress passed legislation
for what the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) predicted approximately 30,000
drones in ...

Author: Tamara Thompson

Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9780737776751

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 208

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Readers will explore the issues surrounding drones, including why drones are controversial, how drone technology has outpaced regulation, whether or not domestic law enforcement agencies should be allowed to use drones, and if commercial drone use should be allowed.
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The Drone Age

John E. Jackson (ed), One Nation Under Drones: Legality, Morality and Utility of
Unmanned Combat Systems (Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2018), p. 2.
Production numbers from Kakaes, “From Orville Wright to September 11,” p. 362

Author: Michael J. Boyle

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190635879

Category: Political Science

Page: 336

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In The Drone Age, Michael J. Boyle addresses some of the biggest questions surrounding the impact of drones on our world today and the risks that we might face tomorrow. Will drones produce a safer world because they reduce risk to pilots, or will the prospect of clean, remote warfare lead governments to engage in more conflicts? Will drones begin to replace humans on the battlefield? Will they empower soldiers and peacekeepers to act more precisely and humanely in crisis zones? How will terrorist organizations turn this technology back on the governments that fight them? And how are drones enhancing surveillance capabilities, both at war and at home? As advanced drones come into the hands of new actors-foreign governments, local law enforcement, terrorist organizations, humanitarian organizations, and even UN peacekeepers-it is even more important to understand what kind of world they might produce. The Drone Age explores how the unique features of drone technology are altering the decision-making processes of governments and non-state actors alike by transforming their risk calculations and expanding their capacities both on and off the battlefield. By changing what these actors are willing and ready to do, drones are quietly transforming the dynamics of wars, humanitarian crises, and peacekeeping missions while generating new risks to security and privacy. An essential guide to a potentially disruptive force in modern world politics, The Drone Age shows how the innovative use of drone technology will become central to the ways that governments and non-state actors compete for power and influence in the future.
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Under the Drones

at the front page of any major Western newspaper nowadays, one is likely to see
a story about Afghanistan or Pakistan. ... observers, as the ultimate vantage point
for what occurs along the boundary between these two modern nation-states.

Author: Shahzad Bashir

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674064768

Category: History

Page: 336

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In the West, media coverage of Afghanistan and Pakistan is framed by military and political concerns, resulting in a simplistic picture of ageless barbarity, terrorist safe havens, and peoples in need of either punishment or salvation. Under the Drones looks beyond this limiting view to investigate real people on the ground, and to analyze the political, social, and economic forces that shape their lives. Understanding the complexity of life along the 1,600-mile border between Afghanistan and Pakistan can help America and its European allies realign their priorities in the region to address genuine problems, rather than fabricated ones. This volume explodes Western misunderstandings by revealing a land that abounds with human agency, perpetual innovation, and vibrant complexity. Through the work of historians and social scientists, the thirteen essays here explore the real and imagined presence of the Taliban; the animated sociopolitical identities expressed through traditions like Pakistani truck decoration; Sufism's ambivalent position as an alternative to militancy; the long and contradictory history of Afghan media; and the simultaneous brutality and potential that heroin brings to women in the area. Moving past shifting conceptions of security, the authors expose the West's prevailing perspective on the region as strategic, targeted, and alarmingly dehumanizing. Under the Drones is an essential antidote to contemporary media coverage and military concerns.
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The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture

Out of three or four hundred coloFIG.2 nies one may find one drone layer , each
spring . ... Microscopic examithe act is performed properly she will be nation has
shown an entire absence held so that the thumb is under her and the forefinger is

Author: Amos Ives Root


ISBN: MINN:31951000033697F

Category: Bee culture

Page: 703

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The Changing Face of Empire

Special Ops, Drones, Spies, Proxy Fighters, Secret Bases, and Cyberwarfare
Nick Turse ... mentioned the same base on the tiny Indian Ocean archipelago, as
well as one in the African nation of Djibouti, another under construction in
Ethiopia, ...

Author: Nick Turse

Publisher: Haymarket Books

ISBN: 9781608463114

Category: Political Science

Page: 107

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Following the failures of the Iraq and Afghan wars, as well as “military lite” methods and counterinsurgency, the Pentagon is pioneering a new brand of global warfare predicated on special ops, drones, spy games, civilian soldiers, and cyberwarfare. It may sound like a safer, saner war-fighting. In reality, it will prove anything but, as Turse's pathbreaking reportage makes clear.
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The Life and Campaign of Garibaldi in the Two Sicilies

Besides the desire to unite the nation under one sovereign , which , thanks to the
propaganda , is thoroughly ... they cannot understand why there should be a sort
of inner nation o 210 MORRANO . of drones , revolving round an unctuous.

Author: Charles Stuart Forbes


ISBN: IBSR:BS000844245

Category: Italy

Page: 357

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International Law and Drone Strikes in Pakistan

The strike – one of more than 300 Obama has launched at Pakistan – is infamous
: more than 50 people were killed, including ... Available online
pk/international/13-May-2013/will-pakistan-finally-stand-- up-against-illegal-us-
drone-attacks (accessed 23 May 2014)). ... Other powers given to the PA under
the FCR under specific circumstances are: peremptory imprisonment, expulsion
of ...

Author: Sikander Ahmed Shah

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134074341

Category: Law

Page: 247

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While conventional warfare has an established body of legal precedence, the legality of drone strikes by the United States in Pakistan and elsewhere remains ambiguous. This book explores the legal and political issues surrounding the use of drones in Pakistan. Drawing from international treaty law, customary international law, and statistical data on the impact of the strikes, Sikander Ahmed Shah asks whether drone strikes by the United States in Pakistan are in compliance with international humanitarian law. The book questions how international law views the giving of consent between States for military action, and explores what this means for the interaction between sovereignty and consent. The book goes on to look at the socio-political realities of drone strikes in Pakistan, scrutinizing the impact of drone strikes on both Pakistani politics and US-Pakistan relationships. Topics include the Pakistan army-government relationship, the evolution of international institutions as a result of drone strikes, and the geopolitical dynamics affecting the region. As a detailed and critical examination of the legal and political challenges presented by drone strikes, this book will be essential to scholars and students of the law of armed conflict, security studies, political science and international relations.
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Pauline Hanson

and Party platform of One Nation is directed not against political correctness , but
economic correctness , the ... to a kind of unarticulated futurism ( as John Howard
implied in 1996 when in Japan ; at least under Keating we drones had a vision ...

Author: Bligh Grant

Publisher: University Press of New England

ISBN: UOM:39015040165774

Category: Australia

Page: 166

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This informed, yet highly accessible book places the politics of Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party in a national and international context. Containing discussions of the major areas in which Hanson has stirred policy contention, including political correctness, Indigenous reconciliation, immigration, and Australia's engagement with the Asian region, and framed by a discussion of the nature of populist politics and Australian national identity, the book serves as a valuable contribution to these debates. What emerges clearly from the analysis is that the issues raised by Hanson involve deep claims about the future shape of Australian society, to which Australia's political leadership must respond.
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The Thistle and the Drone

The modern nation-state, at least in its Western variety, assumes a healthy
working democracy, efficient and honest ... Muslim populations on the periphery
became attached to or annexed by one or another modern state that gave them
few, ...

Author: Akbar Ahmed

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 9780815723790

Category: Political Science

Page: 424

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In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, the United States declared war on terrorism. More than ten years later, the results are decidedly mixed. Here world-renowned author, diplomat, and scholar Akbar Ahmed reveals an important yet largely ignored result of this war: in many nations it has exacerbated the already broken relationship between central governments and the largely rural Muslim tribal societies on the peripheries of both Muslim and non-Muslim nations. The center and the periphery are engaged in a mutually destructive civil war across the globe, a conflict that has been intensified by the war on terror. Conflicts between governments and tribal societies predate the war on terror in many regions, from South Asia to the Middle East to North Africa, pitting those in the centers of power against those who live in the outlying provinces. Akbar Ahmed's unique study demonstrates that this conflict between the center and the periphery has entered a new and dangerous stage with U.S. involvement after 9/11 and the deployment of drones, in the hunt for al Qaeda, threatening the very existence of many tribal societies. American firepower and its vast anti-terror network have turned the war on terror into a global war on tribal Islam. And too often the victims are innocent children at school, women in their homes, workers simply trying to earn a living, and worshipers in their mosques. Battered by military attacks or drone strikes one day and suicide bombers the next, the tribes bemoan, "Every day is like 9/11 for us." In The Thistle and the Drone, the third volume in Ahmed's groundbreaking trilogy examining relations between America and the Muslim world, the author draws on forty case studies representing the global span of Islam to demonstrate how the U.S. has become involved directly or indirectly in each of these societies. The study provides the social and historical context necessary to understand how both central governments and tribal societies have become embroiled in America's war. Beginning with Waziristan and expanding to societies in Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and elsewhere, Ahmed offers a fresh approach to the conflicts studied and presents an unprecedented paradigm for understanding and winning the war on terror. The Thistle and the Drone was the 2013 Foreword Reviews Gold winner for Political Science.
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The Congressional Globe

Believing, as I do, that justice cannot be maintained, tranquillity preserved, or the
blessings of liberty secured under the Constitution to ... of slaves, or drones, or a
million of subjects of ignorant and besotted castes, but a million, practically, of
free, vigorous, enlightened, ... some career of improvement or aggrandizement;
that political activity which, carrying one nation forward after another, or many
along ...

Author: United States. Congress


ISBN: UOM:39015082469936

Category: Law


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The Congressional globe0

Believing, as I do, that justice cannot be maintained, tranquillity preserved, or the
blessings of liberty secured under ... of slaves, or drones, or a million of subjects
of ignorant and besotted castes, but a million, practically, of free, vigorous, ... on
some career of improvement or aggrandizement; that political activity which,
carrying one nation forward after another, or many along together, constitutes
what we .



ISBN: BSB:BSB11180336



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Unmanned Aviation

... Defense Forces (IDF) have one of the thicker logbooks of any nation with
operational UAV experience, averaging over ... Israeli UAVs are also among the
most widely exported drones in the world, having been sold to over 20 countries.

Author: Laurence R. Newcome

Publisher: AIAA

ISBN: 1563476444

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 172

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Newcome traces the family tree of unmanned aircraft all the way back to their roots as aerial torpedoes, which were the equivalent of todays cruise missiles. He discusses the work of leading aerospace pioneers whose efforts in the area of unmanned aviation have largely been ignored by history.
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The Complex

As the United States continues its mad dash into a post–Cold War, one-nation
arms race, the answer can't be fears of a missile gap ... On UNICEF's 2002 list of
teens in industrialized countries falling below ... An unmanned aerial vehicle (
UAV) program to “examine the feasibility of a UAV that may be deployed from the
sea ...

Author: Nick Turse

Publisher: Metropolitan Books

ISBN: 9781429941631

Category: Political Science

Page: 304

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A mind-boggling investigation of the allpervasive, constantly morphing presence of the Pentagon in daily life—a real-world Matrix come alive Here is the new, hip, high-tech military-industrial complex—an omnipresent, hidden-in-plain-sight system of systems that penetrates all our lives. From iPods to Starbucks to Oakley sunglasses, historian Nick Turse explores the Pentagon's little-noticed contacts (and contracts) with the products and companies that now form the fabric of America. Turse investigates the remarkable range of military incursions into the civilian world: the Pentagon's collaborations with Hollywood filmmakers; its outlandish schemes to weaponize the wild kingdom; its joint ventures with the World Wrestling Federation and NASCAR. He shows the inventive ways the military, desperate for new recruits, now targets children and young adults, tapping into the "culture of cool" by making "friends" on MySpace. A striking vision of this brave new world of remote-controlled rats and super-soldiers who need no sleep, The Complex will change our understanding of the militarization of America. We are a long way from Eisenhower's military-industrial complex: this is the essential book for understanding its twenty-first-century progeny.
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Sting of the Drone

The drones crashed far more often than the public was aware. The Predators ... It
can only be given to those of us in the UAV units andtoour nation'snew cyber
warriors. It recognizes what we ... And not one has ever flown in combat. You fly

Author: Richard A. Clarke

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781466848276

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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In Washington, D.C., the Kill Committee gathers in the White House's Situation Room to pick the next targets for the United States drone program. At an airbase just outside Las Vegas, a team of pilots, military personnel, and intelligence officers follow through on the committee's orders, finding the men who have been deemed a threat to national security and sentenced to death. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, in the mountains where the drones hunt their prey, someone has decided to fight back. And not just against the unmanned planes that circle their skies, but against the Americans at home who control them. In Sting of the Drone, bestselling author Richard A. Clarke draws on his decades-long experience at the very highest levels of national security to craft a thrilling novel that has the feel of nonfiction, taking us behind closed doors to meet the men and women who protect America--and those who seek to do us harm.
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Al Qaeda s Global Crisis

New America Foundation, “Analysis,” accessed July 12, 2013, http://natsec. ... Robertson reports that previously
radicalized boys in one Swat boys schools have not even heard of Bin Laden (
Nic Robertson, ... The significance of this lies in the fact that Swat is not within the
borders of FATA, but borders Kashmir. ... gain additional control over Swat reflect
its growing influence along the AfghanPakistan border and vis-à-vis the nation of

Author: V. G. Julie Rajan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317645375

Category: Political Science

Page: 354

View: 493

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This book focuses on the crises facing Al Qaeda and how the mass killing of Muslims is challenging its credibility as a leader among Islamist jihadist organizations. The book argues that these crises are directly related to Al Qaeda’s affiliation with the extreme violence employed against Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the decade since 9/11. Al Qaeda’s public and private responses to this violence differ greatly. While in public Al Qaeda has justified those attacks declaring that, for the establishment of a state of ‘true believers’, they are a necessary evil, in private Al Qaeda has been advising its local affiliates to refrain from killing Muslims. To better understand the crises facing Al Qaeda, the book explores the development of Central Al Qaeda’s complex relationship with radical (mis)appropriations and manifestations of takfir, which allows one Muslim to declare another an unbeliever, and its unique relationship with each of its affiliates in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The author then goes on to consider how the prominence of takfir is contributing to the deteriorating security in those countries and how this is affecting Al Qaeda’s credibility as an Islamist terror organization. The book concludes by considering the long-term viability of Al Qaeda and how its demise could allow the rise of the even more radical, violent Islamic State and the implications this has for the future security of the Middle East, North Africa and Central/South Asia. This book will be of much interest to students of political violence and terrorism, Islamism, global security and IR.
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The Drone Wars of the 21st Century

The nation's use of unmanned aerial vehicles, in lieu of more con- ventional
military capabilities, has been increasing ... or an Associated Force,” we immedi-
ately introduce one of the most contentious issues associated with drone attacks.

Author: Kristen Boon


ISBN: 9780199351046

Category: Drone aircraft

Page: 387

View: 313

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Terrorism: Commentary on Security Documents is a series that provides primary source documents and expert commentary on various topics relating to the worldwide effort to combat terrorism. Among the documents collected are transcripts of Congressional testimony, reports by such federal government bodies as the Congressional Research Service (CRS) and the Government Accountability Office (GAO), United Nations Security Council resolutions, reports and investigations by the United Nations Secretary-General and other dedicated UN bodies, and case law from the U.S. and around the globe covering issues related to terrorism. Most volumes focus on a single theme, and inside each volume the documents usually appear within topic-based categories. The series also includes a subject index and other indices that guide the user through this complex area of the law. Volume 133, The Drone Wars of the 21st Century: Costs and Benefits, examines the complex issues raised by the use of unmannedaerial vehicles, or drones, in lieu of more conventional military capabilities. Professor Douglas C. Lovelace, Jr., who provides the introductory commentary for this volume, has selected ten documents that provide invaluable insights into the various aspects of this topic. These documents examine such issues as the legality, constitutionality, and ethics of the current use of drones by the United States, including the targeting and killing of U.S. citizens abroad. The long-term efficacy of U.S. reliance on drone usage as a counterterrorism tactic is also considered, as are the challenges involved for the United States in limiting the proliferation of drone technology through export controls and diplomatic efforts.
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The Dispensable Nation

To make that crystal clear one senior official told Pakistan's ambassador, “We will
never apologize; it will never happen. Get over it.” Still, to cool tempers America
had to suspend drone strikes for a good two months. The unfortunate bottom line

Author: Vali Nasr

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 9780385536486

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

View: 962

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In a brilliant and revealing book destined to drive debate about the future of American power, Vali Nasr questions America’s dangerous choice to engage less and matter less in the world. Vali Nasr, author of the groundbreaking The Shia Revival, worked closely with Hillary Clinton at the State Department on Afghan and Pakistani affairs. In The Dispensable Nation, he takes us behind the scenes to show how Secretary Clinton and her ally, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, were thwarted in their efforts to guide an ambitious policy in South Asia and the Middle East. Instead, four years of presidential leadership and billions of dollars of U.S. spending failed to advance democracy and development, producing mainly rage at the United States for its perceived indifference to the fate of the region. After taking office in 2009, the Obama administration had an opportunity to fundamentally reshape American foreign policy, Nasr argues, but its fear of political backlash and the specter of terrorism drove it to pursue the same questionable strategies as its predecessor. Meanwhile, the true economic threats to U.S. power, China and Russia, were quietly expanding their influence in places where America has long held sway. Nasr makes a compelling case that behind specific flawed decisions lurked a desire by the White House to pivot away from the complex problems of the Muslim world. Drawing on his unrivaled expertise in Middle East affairs and firsthand experience in diplomacy, Nasr demonstrates why turning our backs is dangerous and, what’s more, sells short American power. The United States has secured stability, promoted prosperity, and built democracy in region after region since the end of the Second World War, he reminds us, and The Dispensable Nation offers a striking vision of what it can achieve when it reclaims its bold leadership in the world.
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Military Robots and Drones A Reference Handbook

Currently, the US. military fields more robotic and drone platforms than the rest of
the world combined, and devotes a ... European trend, inlcuding geography,
population demographics, political factors, and historical behaviors within the
region. ... It also triggered many social changes, including the rise of the powerful
modern nation-state, an absolute necessity for ... One need only examine the
Spanish conquest of Central and South America to appreciate the value of
gunpowder and ...

Author: Paul J. Springer

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781598847338

Category: History

Page: 297

View: 791

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This book provides an insightful introduction to the most important field of military innovation for the 21st century—robotic and drone weaponry. • A chronology of important events in robotic technology • A detailed bibliography on the latest sources related to this innovative technology
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Z Magazine

... technologies now in use were developed for local police to handle the anti -
war and civil rights protests of the 1960s ” ( " One Nation Under ... There were
remote - controlled drones that can " drop smoke and pepper spray for crowd
control .



ISBN: UCSC:32106012647068

Category: United States


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