The destruction of the French village of Oradour and the massacre of its population in June 1944 by the SS Das Reich Division ranks as one of the most notorious atrocities of the Second World War.

Author: Philip Beck

Publisher: Pen & Sword

ISBN: 184415100X

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The destruction of the French village of Oradour and the massacre of its population in June 1944 by the SS Das Reich Division ranks as one of the most notorious atrocities of the Second World War. The scars that were left will never fully heal and there are those that would argue that they should remain as a lesson to future generations. The ruins of the village have been preserved as a memorial to the victims and a new museum has recently been opened by President Chirac. Philip Beck, an Englishman long resident in the area, is very probably the greatest living authority on this appalling event. He has now updated and substantially revised his earlier book and the result makes compelling yet shocking reading. Main Selling Points: * Oradour represents the worst excesses of Nazi cruelty and barbarity. * Large markets both in France and elsewhere. * June 2004 is the 60th Anniversary. * Philip Beck is the foremost authority. * New material and photographs. Author Details Philip Beck now retired lives in France. He his the author of several WW2 books
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S O E in France

For his death the Germans extracted a price all the more extraordinary for being
levied on the wrong village . Some SS turned up next morning at the village of
Oradour - sur - Glane , which also lies roughly west of Limoges but is fifteen miles

Author: Michael Richard Daniel Foot


ISBN: UOM:39015002969197

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Silent Village

Today, Oradour is remembered as a ‘martyred village’ and its ruins preserved, but the stories of its inhabitants lie buried under the rubble of the intervening decades.

Author: Robert Pike

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780750997607

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'Based on eye-witness accounts, Robert Pike’s moving book vividly depicts the lives of the villagers who were caught up in the tragedy of Oradour-sur-Glane and brings their experiences to our attention for the first time' Hanna Diamond, author of Fleeing Hitler On 10 June 1944, four days after Allied forces landed in Normandy, the picturesque village of Oradour-sur-Glane in the rural heart of France was destroyed by an armoured SS Panzer division. Six hundred and forty-three men, women and children were murdered in the nation’s worst wartime atrocity. Today, Oradour is remembered as a ‘martyred village’ and its ruins preserved, but the stories of its inhabitants lie buried under the rubble of the intervening decades. Silent Village gathers the powerful testimonies of survivors in the first account of Oradour as it was both before the tragedy and in its aftermath. Why this peaceful community was chosen for extermination has remained a mystery. Putting aside contemporary hearsay, Nazi rhetoric and revisionist theories, Robert Pike returns to the archival evidence to narrate the tragedy as it truly happened – and give voice to the anguish of those left behind.
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Rural France

All died , modern rebuilt village of Oradour , 14 miles north save one woman who
climbed out of a window dewest of Limoges , is an ordinary kind of place . But ,
just spite having five bullets in her body . She hid , and beside it , the charred ...

Author: John Ardagh

Publisher: Salem House Pub

ISBN: PSU:000011382751

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Discusses the local history, cultures, foods, wines, scenery, and social life of the country regions of France
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The Rough Guide to France

Author: David Abram


ISBN: 1843534134

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Explores the sights and attractions of the country, offers advice on where to stay and eat, and comments on French history, politics, environment, and culture.
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AROUND LIMOGES / 627 Oradour - sur - Glane Twenty - five kilometres
northwest of Limoges and a few kilometres north of the N141 road to Angoulême
... were burnt to death . The modern village of Oradour has been constructed
beside the old , with a 1950s concrete church trying to be impressive but
struggling with the ...

Author: Kate Baillie


ISBN: 1858284155

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From cosmopolitan Paris to the sunny Cote d'Azur, from historical Normandy to the rocky Pyrenes, this new edition updates the best of towns, attractions, and landscapes of every region. 100 maps. of color photos.
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Oradour sur Glane

"village Martyr" in the Landscape of Memory, 1944-1991 Sarah Bennett Farmer.
On the morning of 11 June , all that remained of Oradour was a smoldering mass
of burnt farms , shops and houses22 . 642 people had died . 23 The losses ...

Author: Sarah Bennett Farmer


ISBN: UCAL:C3370604

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The massacre at Oradour has been a symbol of Nazi barbarism and French innocence. But it has also engendered bitter quarreling among the French public.
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A Quiet Courage

It was in the department of the Haute Creuse , territory of a réseau called Fireman
, that the massacre of Oradour took place . During one attack on the Germans as
they passed the village of Oradour , a German officer was killed , and when ...

Author: Liane Jones

Publisher: Bantam Dell Publishing Group

ISBN: IND:30000004086678

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The Barnes Review

Years after the drama a German officer of the [ post - war German ) Bundeswehr
who had gone to Oradour in 1963 ... In 1990 a survivor declared to Mr .
Reynouard that everyone in the village knew why the SS had come into the
village ... All these facts prove that the official version of the Oradour drama — the
actual causes and the circumstances under which its men , women and children
met their death ...



ISBN: IND:30000111523191

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Catholic Bulletin of Foreign News

Only one woman , severely wounded , escaped by simuFRANCE Oradour - sur -
Glane lating death . The village was completely On July 17th Journal de Genève
gave an destroyed by fires and all the men shut in the hitherto unpublished ...



ISBN: UCAL:$B748960



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Martyred Village

Jeanette Montazeaud, interview by Sarah Farmer at Oradoursur-Glane, 17
September 1988. On 10 June 1944, she and her mother went to Limoges for the
day. Her father, the notary public for Oradour, died in the massacre. She was in
the ...

Author: Sarah Bennett Farmer

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520224834

Category: History

Page: 317

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A full-scale study of the destruction of Oradour and its remembrance over the half century since the war. Farmer investigates the prominence of the massacre in French understanding of the national experience under German domination.
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Leap Into Darkness

At the railway stations , trains still carried Jews to the death camps . Three days ...
The next day , news drifted back to Madame Bergeot's house : Those who had
taken the train to Oradour were killed as part of a massacre of the entire village .

Author: Leo Bretholz

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: PSU:000044406134

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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A harrowing memoir of life on the run in Nazi-occupied Europe chronicles the adventures of a Jewish boy who escaped from German imprisonment seven times in seven years, including leaping from a train bound for Auschwitz. Reprint.
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Wanted Nazi Criminals at Large

The German officers dutifully toured the martyred village — and then carried off
several chickens that were still ... was found with this entry : “ 14 June 1944 : A
telephone call from Oradour tells me the following : 600 persons were killed . All
the ...

Author: Alan Levy


ISBN: OSU:32435079412227

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Historical Dictionary of World War II France

Author: Bertram M. Gordon

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: STANFORD:36105020185984

Category: History

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Includes over 400 entries from the 1938 Munich Crisis to the trial of former Vichy official Maurice Papon.
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The New Yorker

mitens for your feet " right - wing " or " fascist ” Christians and seven children , in
the village is to darken readers ' understanding . It buildings , set the ... his uncle
mation about the enemy's deployments were all killed by Montenegrins . " My and
... The C.I.A. admitted to the the village of Oradour - sur - Glane as House ...

Author: Harold Wallace Ross


ISBN: NWU:35556017307257

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Had you done other , had you with cunning ' mercy Cheated the fire of that one
living morsel , You might have died . ... IV As you approach che village from
Limoges A curt sign confronts you : Souriens - toi ! ... Let us remember Oradour .



ISBN: UCAL:$B748305

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Massacre at Oradour

There had to be some other explanation : this was the seventh mystery of
Oradour . ... in the thigh as he lay on the ground ; his friend Aliotti was hit in both
legs and died in the fire , unable to move ; the gendarme Duqueroy was also hit
in both legs . ... Laudy barn immediately set about putting it to the torch and ,
perhaps because it was away from the main street , the NCOs in the village
noticed too late .

Author: Robin Mackness

Publisher: Random House Incorporated

ISBN: STANFORD:36105040961125

Category: History

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Investigates the brutal 1944 massacre of an entire French village during World War II at the hands of SS soldiers and reveals the shocking monetary "rewards" brought about by the slaughter
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Tyranny on Trial

She saved her life by simulating death and she was later cared for in a hospital at
Limoges . At about ... They told passengers going to Oradour to get off , and ,
having machine - gunned them , threw their bodies into the flames . At the end of
... away by force by German sentinels who were guarding the exits of the village .

Author: Whitney R. Harris

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: UOM:39015050160848

Category: History

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With new part seven, Justice after Nuremberg, containing updated chapter on Principles and precedent, and new chapter on the International Criminal Court.
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Native Stranger

In retaliation the German army lined up every man, woman, and child in the town
and put them all to death. ... The fear that seized Oradour seized every African
village where men stalked in the night, burned homes, and lined up the young
and ...

Author: Eddy L. Harris

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0679742328

Category: Travel

Page: 315

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Recounting his journey into the heart of Africa, an African American describes his encounters with beggars and bureaucrats, his visit to Soweto, a night in a Liberian jail cell, and more. Reprint.
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