F-82 Twin Mustang Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions

Author: United States Air Force,USAF

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1935327224


Page: 74

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The F-82 ¿Twin Mustang¿ was conceived during WWII as a long-range fighter escort. Like the P-51, it was designed by North American's brilliant engineer, Edgar Schmued. The F-82 utilized two extended P-51 fuselages, mounted to a newly- designed center wing and tail. The plane incorporated new propeller assemblies and a unique, four-wheel landing gear. In short, while the plane would be cosmetically similar to the Mustang, in reality it was an entirely new beast. The F-82 wasn¿t ready before WWII ended, but the program escaped cancellation, and planes entered operational service in 1948. The F-82 became the last piston- powered fighter ordered by the USAF. It flew as an escort for SAC B-29s, and with distinction as a night fighter in Korea. It was retired in 1953. Originally printed by the USAF and North American, this pilot¿s handbook provides a glimpse inside the cockpit of this warbird. Originally classified ¿Restricted¿, the manual was de-classified and is here reprinted in book form.
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Pilot Manual for the P-51 Mustang Pursuit Airplane

Author: Army Air Forces

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781522724865


Page: 106

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Pilot manual for the P-51 Mustang pursuit airplane. History of the P-51 P-51 P-51D; P-51K; Controls; Control Surfaces; Cockpit; The Engine; Supercharger; Carburetor; War Emergency Power; Throttle Quadrant; Propeller; Landing Gear; Brakes; Hydraulic System; Electrical System; Fuel System; Oil System; Coolant System; The Canopy; Cockpit Instruments Vacuum System Instruments; Pitot Static System Instruments; Engine Instruments; Miscellaneous Instruments; Radio Equipment; Radar Equipment; AN/APS-13; Radio Navigation; Homing; Radio Emergency Procedures; Oxygen System. Armament .50 Cal machine guns; 500 pound bombs; 5-in rockets; Gun Camera; Gunsight; K-14; K-14A; Chemical Tanks; Armor; Signaling Equipment; Flare Gun; Recognition Lights. Miscellaneous Equipment Tie-down Kit; Data Case; Map Case; Drop Message Bag; Pilot's Relief Tube. Flying the P-51 External Check; Check Before Starting; Starting Procedure; Stopping the Engine; Taxiing; Pre-takeoff Check; Takeoff; Landing; Common Errors in Landings; Crosswind Landings; Gusty Landings; Wet Landings; Muddy Field Landings; Go-around Procedure. Flight Characteristics Full Fuselage Tank; Reversibility; With Extra Wing Tanks; Low Level Flight; High-altitude Characteristics; High Speed Diving; Dive Recovery Procedure; Compressibility; Uncontrolled Dive; Compressibility Recovery Procedure; Gliding; Stalls; Spins; Acrobatics. Emergency Procedures Forced Landings on Takeoff; Forced Landing Over Doubtful Terrain; Belly Landing Procedure; Forced Landing Over an Airfield; Forced Landing at Night; Engine Overheating; Runaway Propellers; Brake Failure; Hydraulic System Failure; Electrical System Failure; Tire Failure; Fire; Ditching; Bailout Procedure. Instrument Flying Tips of Instrument Flying; Night Flying. Flight Operation Charts Take-off, Climb and Landing Chart; Flight Operation Instruction Charts
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Douglas A-26 Invader Bomber Pilot's Flight Manual

Author: Periscope Film.com

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1411691156


Page: 145

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One of the only aircraft to fly and fight in three wars ' World War II, Korea and Vietnam ' the Douglas A-26 Invader earned a reputation for its durability under fire. First flown in 1942, the Invader (known after 1948 as the B-26) featured a single pilot, with a navigator / bombardier sitting in the co-pilot's position. Many B-26's served as transport and fire-fighting aircraft after their combat service. This reproduction of an original A-26 Pilot's Flight Manual gives a rare glimpse into the cockpit of this warbird.
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Mustang Designer

Edgar Schmued and the P-51

Author: Ray Wagner

Publisher: Smithsonian Institution

ISBN: 1588344282

Category: History

Page: 256

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Mustang Designer tells the story of American wartime fighter development, including engines and armaments, as part of a nationwide program of aircraft builders and fliers, focusing on Edgar Schmued, the designer of the Mustang. The P-51 Mustang is widely regarded as the best propeller-driven fighter that ever flew. What many might not realize is that the plane's developer was a German migrant. This book tells of how Schmued created a weapon that would ultimately prove lethal to the aspirations of those who had seized control over his native land.

Little Friends

The Fighter Pilot Experience in World War II England

Author: Philip Kaplan,Andy Saunders

Publisher: Random House Incorporated


Category: Political Science

Page: 256

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Story of U.S., British, and other Allied fighter pilots escorting heavy bombers over Europe during World War II.