Parrot Culture

Parrot Culture: Our 2500-Year-Long Fascination with the World's Most Talkative Bird traces the unusual history of parrots from their introduction in the Graeco-Roman world as items of oriental luxury, through the great age of New World ...

Author: Bruce Thomas Boehrer

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812201352

Category: History

Page: 224

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After completing his conquest of the Persian empire, Alexander the Great maneuvered his army across the Hindu Kush and into India. During his two years there, he traveled from dry frigid mountains to humid tropical lowlands and then back across one of the most punishing deserts on the planet. He fought a series of desperate battles against strange foes mounted on war-elephants, suffering wounds that nearly killed him. And when he eventually turned homeward, he brought with him specimens of a rare, magical species, a bird that could speak with a human voice. Introduced to Europe by Alexander, parrots were quickly embraced by Western culture as exotic and astonishing, full of marvelous powers, and close to the gods. Over the centuries they would become objects of veneration or figures of folly, creatures prized for their wit—or their place on the dinner table. Ultimately, they would become emblematic of the West's interaction with the world at large. Identifying a deeply rooted obsession with these beautiful and loquacious birds, Bruce Thomas Boehrer provides the first account of parrots and their impact on the Western world. Parrot Culture: Our 2500-Year-Long Fascination with the World's Most Talkative Bird traces the unusual history of parrots from their introduction in the Graeco-Roman world as items of oriental luxury, through the great age of New World exploration, to the contemporary ecological crisis of globalism. Boehrer identifies the poignant irony in the way parrots became ubiquitous as symbols and mascots, while suffering near extinction at the hands of those who desired them. Exploring their presence and meanings in the art, literature, and history of Western civilization, Parrot Culture also celebrates the beauty, intelligence, and personality of these birds, whose fate will say as much about us and the world we have created as it will about them.
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The Culture of the Copy

Every man carries on his left shoulder a monkey, and on his right a parrot.
Though Guillaume made no effort, his parrot repeated the speech of a privileged
class, his monkey imitated its gestures. —Jean Cocteau, Thomas the Impostor
Parrots ...

Author: Hillel Schwartz

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9781935408451

Category: Philosophy

Page: 480

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A novel attempt to make sense of our preoccupation with copies of all kinds -- from counterfeits to instant replay, from parrots to photocopies.
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The Culture of Animals in Antiquity

N.E. Scott, 'An Egyptian bird trap', The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin 35.8 (
1940), 163–4. ... PARROT The conspicuous brightly coloured parrots have
populated most of the world's warmer areas and the family Psittacoidea (the true

Author: Sian Lewis

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351782494

Category: History

Page: 768

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The Culture of Animals in Antiquity provides students and researchers with well-chosen and clearly presented ancient sources in translation, some well-known, others undoubtedly unfamiliar, but all central to a key area of study in ancient history: the part played by animals in the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean. It brings new ideas to bear on the wealth of evidence – literary, historical and archaeological – which we possess for the experiences and roles of animals in the ancient world. Offering a broad picture of ancient cultures in the Mediterranean as part of a wider ecosystem, the volume is on an ambitious scale. It covers a broad span of time, from the sacred animals of dynastic Egypt to the imagery of the lamb in early Christianity, and of region, from the fallow deer introduced and bred in Roman Britain to the Asiatic lioness and her cubs brought as a gift by the Elamites to the Great King of Persia. This sourcebook is essential for anyone wishing to understand the role of animals in the ancient world and support learning for one of the fastest growing disciplines in Classics.
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Sung Birds

As a secondary badge, the parrot thus represents the pleasant appearance and
charming manners of Wenceslas and ... Walters, “Parody and the Parrot";
Boehrer, Parrot Culture; and Patterson, “Court Politics and the Invention of
Literature,” all ...

Author: Elizabeth Eva Leach

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9781501727573

Category: Music

Page: 368

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Is birdsong music? The most frequent answer to this question in the Middle Ages was resoundingly "no." In Sung Birds, Elizabeth Eva Leach traces postmedieval uses of birdsong within Western musical culture. She first explains why such melodious sound was not music for medieval thinkers and then goes on to consider the ontology of music, the significance of comparisons between singers and birds, and the relationship between art and nature as enacted by the musical performance of late-medieval poetry. If birdsong was not music, how should we interpret the musical depiction of birdsong in human music-making? What does it tell us about the singers, their listeners, and the moral status of secular polyphony? Why was it the fourteenth century that saw the beginnings of this practice, continued to this day in the music of Messiaen and others? Leach explores medieval arguments about song, language, and rationality whose basic terms survive undiminished into the present. She considers not only lyrics that have their singers voice the songs or speech of birds but also those that represent other natural, nonmusical, sounds such as human cries or the barks of dogs. The dangerous sweetness of birdsong was invoked in discussions of musical ethics, which, because of the potential slippage between irrational beast and less rational woman in comparisons with rational human masculinity, depict women's singing as less than fully human. Leach's argument comes full circle with the advent of sound recording. This technological revolution-like its medieval equivalent, the invention of the music book-once again made the relationship between music and nature an acute preoccupation of Western culture.
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Records of the Proceedings and Printed Papers of the Parliament

Culture mixed with meat . Magpie . — Culture mixed with meat ( Subcutaneous
inoc . blood ) , * 4 days . Grey nun . — Culture mixed with seed . Diamond
sparrow and three others . Cockatoo parrot .-- Culture mixed with grain .
Cockatoo parrot ...

Author: Australia. Parliament


ISBN: UCAL:C2630375



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Theastonishing truth isthat noclear picture of parrot informs our chatter. Beyond
the barest gestalt of beak and claws, and a general avian character,theidea of
parrot circulates in our culture without any reference to birds livingin the wild.

Author: Paul Carter

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 9781861894953

Category: Pets

Page: 216

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One of the more nonconformist figures in the animal kingdom, the parrot is linked to humans by its ability to speak—a trait many have found unsettling, though this discomfort is offset by its gorgeous plumage, which makes it one of the most popular members of the avian family. Unlike previous studies that have treated parrots as simply a curious oddity, Paul Carter offers here in Parrot a thoughtful yet spirited consideration of the natural and cultural history of parrots, discussing parrot portraiture, the role and significance of parrots' mimicry in human culture, and parrot conservation, as well the parrot's role in literature, folklore and mythology, film, and television worldwide. Parrot takes three different approaches to the squawker: the first section, "Parrotics," examines the historical, cultural, and scientific classification of parrots; "Parroternalia," the second part, looks at the association of parrots with the different languages, ages, tastes, and dreams of society; and, finally, "Parrotology" investigates what the mimicry of parrots reveals about our own systems of communication. Humorously written and wide-ranging in scope, this volume takes readers beyond pirates and "Polly wants a cracker" to a new kind of animal history, one conscious of the critical and ironic mirror parrots hold up to human society.
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The Parrot in Art

Dressed in bright , contrasting hues of red , blue and white – like the parrots
themselves – the figures are reduced to simple ... Quoted in Bruce Thomas
Boehrer , Parrot Culture , Philadelphia , University of Pennsylvania Press , 2004 ,
p . 1 . 2 .

Author: Richard Verdi

Publisher: Scala Books

ISBN: 1857594762

Category: Art

Page: 111

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Since the Middle Ages the parrot has represented the Virgin birth of Christ, or acted as an eye-witness to the Fall of Man. It has also been celebrated as a domestic pet, featuring more prominently in Dutch scenes of ordinary life than in any other category of painting. In addition to making frequent appearances in still lifes and portraits, it sometimes impersonates or stands in for people, plays the role of a woman's surrogate lover, or mocks and comments on the follies of human behaviour. Richard Verdi presents works from all genres and periods, by artists including Durer, Steen, Tiepolo, Goya and Quentin Blake. He also encompasses the distinct but related field of natural history illustration with examples by Ferdinand Bauer, Edward Lear and Elizabeth Butterworth.
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Self Culture

THE SHEEP - EATING PARROT * THE kea , the large and beautiful mountain
parrot of New Zealand , proved so destructive to sheep that special measures
were taken to destroy it , there being a standing offer of one shilling per head for
its ...



ISBN: WISC:89094395894

Category: Self-culture


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An Intricate Oral Culture

the parrot has laid its eggs . Then he calculates the days and knows when the
young parrots will hatch . On this day he comes , puts a little twig into the hole , a
young parrot clings to it and he takes the parrot and puts it into his sack . There
was ...

Author: Georg Elwert

Publisher: Verlag Hans Schiler

ISBN: IND:30000000193718

Category: Benin

Page: 35

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The Role of the Parrot in Selected Texts from Ovid to Jean Rhys

98 - 118 Boehrer , Bruce , Parrot Culture : Our 2500 - Year - Long Fascination
with the World ' s Most Talkative Bird ( Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania
Press , 2004 ) Bushnell , Rebecca , “ Reading “ Winged Words ” – Homeric Bird ...

Author: Julia Courtney

Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press

ISBN: IND:30000109974141

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 227

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This book features the efforts of a group of academics from diverse disciplines that have been working together to highlight the presence of the parrot in selected texts across the centuries. Their common purpose is to demonstrate that fictional parrots invariably function as more than decoration, comedy or badges denoting the eccentricity of their human owners. These versatile and talented birds function as markers for subtle literary techniques. Using the parrot as an interpretative tool the focus is on a range of narrative strategies and metaphorical meanings employed by the authors in question and argue that these are embodied in the attributes of the speaking bird who figures significantly in each work.
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Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Culture

And Parrot himself laments on a similar note : Som sey they cannot my parables
expresse ; Som sey I rayle att ryott recheles ; ( lines 386 – 87 ) Although it
appears from the dating of the envoys that these were indeed written after the ...

Author: Paul Maurice Clogan


ISBN: STANFORD:36105025447983

Category: Civilization, Medieval

Page: 315

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Animal Bodies Human Minds Ape Dolphin and Parrot Language Skills

Ape, Dolphin, and Parrot Language Skills W.A. Hillix, Duane Rumbaugh ... R.
Fouts , Transmission of a human gestural language in a chimpanzee
motherinfant relationship , in : The ethological roots of culture , edited by , R. A.
Gardner , B. T. ...

Author: William Hillix

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0306477394

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 310

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Several books chronicle attempts, most of them during the last 40 years, to teach animals to communicate with people in a human-designed language. These books have typically treated only one or two species, or even one or a few research projects. We have provided a more encompassing view of this field. We also want to reinforce what other authors, for example Jane Goodall, Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, Penny Patterson, Birute Galdikas, and Roger and Deborah Fouts, so passionately convey about our responsibility for our closest animal kin. This book surveys what was known, or believed about animal language throughout history and prehistory, and summarizes current knowledge and the controversy around it. The authors identify and attempt to settle most of the problems in interpreting the animal behaviours that have been observed in studies of animal language ability.
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The Parrot Problem Solver

... and Dominance Height dominance is a fairly new concept that has been
introduced into the companion parrot culture . The idea is that if a parrot is
perched higher than the head of another individual ( bird or human ) , the parrot
perceives ...

Author: Barbara Heidenreich

Publisher: Tfh Publications Incorporated

ISBN: CORNELL:31924105519908

Category: Pets

Page: 192

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When not properly trained and socialized, parrots are prone to developing behavioral problems, including aggression and self-mutilation. Many parrot owners face these problems and need guidance on how to solve them. This book offers practical advice on how to understand, prevent, and correct aggressive beavhior in parrots.
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The Literary Review

ROGER VLITOS A Companion Fit for Pirates PARROT CULTURE : OUR 2 , 500 -
Bruce Thomas Boehrer ( University of Pennsylvania Press 256pp £19 .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105121656669

Category: Books


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Parrot Woman

She was the rarest bird ! She ran the greatest BBS that ever was on - line . ” “
What does that have to do with parrots ? ” The Beak looked at my coleslaw ...
These books give the rudiments of parrot culture . Not much on the care of
diseased ...

Author: Alice Bach

Publisher: Yearling

ISBN: 0440469872

Category: Children's stories

Page: 143

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When her girlfriend's father is arrested for smuggling valuable Brazilian parrots, Jess discovers that someone has concocted a complex scheme to frame him.
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Joie de Vivre in French Literature and Culture

On the history of this edition, see the excellent article by Adrian Armstrong, 'Is this
an Ex- Parrot? The Printed Afterlife of Jean Lemaire de Belges' Epîtres de l'amant
vert', Journal de la Renaissance, 5 (2007), 323-36; I thank Adrian Armstrong ...

Author: Susan Harrow

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042025790

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 319

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The apparent self-sufficiency of joie de vivre means that, despite the widespread use of the phrase since the late nineteenth century, the concept has rarely been explored critically.Joie de vivre does not readily surrender itself to examination, for it is in a sense too busy being what it is. However, as the essays in this collection reveal,joie de vivre can be as complex and variable a state as the more negative emotions or experiences that art and literature habitually evoke. This volume provides an urgently needed study of an intriguing and under-explored area of French literature and culture from the Middle Ages to the contemporary era. While the range and content of contributions embraces linguistics, literature, art, sport and politics, the starting point is, like that of the termjoie de vivre itself, in French language and culture.This volume will be of special interest to researchers across the full range of French studies, from literature and language to cultural studies. It will be of direct appeal to specialist readers, university libraries, graduate and undergraduate students, and general readers with a lively interest in French literature and culture of the medieval, early modern and broad modern periods. This book's fresh perspectives on the theme ofjoie de vivre and its relation to questions of privacy, contemplation, voyeurism, feasting and nationhood will also be of relevance to researchers in comparative and cognate disciplines.
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The Parrot and the Nightingale

Reflections on the "Encounter Between Two Cultures" Christine Lucia.
terminology is ... It refuses to fit in with " the demands of an average culture " ,
refuses to reduce the pleasure of the reader to a " known , coded emotion " ( 187
) .

Author: Christine Lucia


ISBN: UCAL:$B463748

Category: Acculturation

Page: 14

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Pokiri Parrot and the Needle nosed Ojha

Benaras , also known as Varanasi , has been the cultural and religious hub of
North India for thousands of years . The culture of Benaras is inextricably
connected to the river Ganga and is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva
and Parvati .

Author: Meenakshi Bharadwaj

Publisher: Katha

ISBN: 8189020846

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 36

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Juvenile fiction.
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Life and Culture of Poland as Reflected in Polish Literature

Beside him , on a golden tripod , is his tiara , and on the tiara a parrot with scarlet
collar . The Swiss who opens the door to admit Kordian shouts : THE Swiss :
Count Kordian , a Pole . THE POPE : I salute the descendant of the Sobieskis .

Author: Wacław Lednicki


ISBN: UOM:39015011024323

Category: Poland

Page: 328

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Paper Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies

Dossier - Centre Canadien D'études Sur la Culture Traditionnelle. and ah she
couldn't see a sign of anybody and she looked up at the parrot and while she was
looking up at the parrot the parrot said " I wish the old lady would die I wish the ...



ISBN: UCLA:L0083274399

Category: Canada


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