Practical Common Lisp

Author: Peter Seibel
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1430200170
Category: Computers
Page: 501
View: 5539
* Treats LISP as a language for commercial applications, not a language for academic AI concerns. This could be considered to be a secondary text for the Lisp course that most schools teach . This would appeal to students who sat through a LISP course in college without quite getting it – so a "nostalgia" approach, as in "wow-lisp can be practical..." * Discusses the Lisp programming model and environment. Contains an introduction to the language and gives a thorough overview of all of Common Lisp’s main features. * Designed for experienced programmers no matter what languages they may be coming from and written for a modern audience—programmers who are familiar with languages like Java, Python, and Perl. * Includes several examples of working code that actually does something useful like Web programming and database access.

Coders at Work

bedeutende Programmierer und ihre Erfolgsgeschichten
Author: Peter Seibel
Publisher: Hüthig Jehle Rehm
ISBN: 9783826691034
Page: 551
View: 494

Funktionale Programmierung und Metaprogrammierung

Interaktiv in Common Lisp
Author: Patrick M. Krusenotto
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3658137444
Category: Computers
Page: 383
View: 9455
Dieses Buch vermittelt die einzigartige Idee hinter der Programmiersprache Lisp. Aus der Verbindung von interaktiver und funktionaler Programmierung entsteht eine Arbeitsstrategie in der Software-Entwicklung, mit der ein Programmierer schneller als mit konventionellen Verfahren einen korrekten, verständlichen und leicht anpassbaren Code entwickeln kann. Durch die Anwendung algebraischer Methoden auf die wandelbare Sprache Common Lisp lernt der Leser, bekannte Probleme der Anwendungsprogrammierung neu zu denken und dadurch zu präzisen und bündigen Lösungen zu kommen. Der Autor veranschaulicht an mehreren Beispielen aus der Praxis die Nutzung der Programmiersprache und motiviert den Leser, sich selbst mit Common Lisp zu befassen.

Common Lisp Recipes

A Problem-Solution Approach
Author: Edmund Weitz
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1484211766
Category: Computers
Page: 744
View: 5162
Find solutions to problems and answers to questions you are likely to encounter when writing real-world applications in Common Lisp. This book covers areas as diverse as web programming, databases, graphical user interfaces, integration with other programming languages, multi-threading, and mobile devices as well as debugging techniques and optimization, to name just a few. Written by an author who has used Common Lisp in many successful commercial projects over more than a decade, Common Lisp Recipes is also the first Common Lisp book to tackle such advanced topics as environment access, logical pathnames, Gray streams, delivery of executables, pretty printing, setf expansions, or changing the syntax of Common Lisp. The book is organized around specific problems or questions each followed by ready-to-use example solutions and clear explanations of the concepts involved, plus pointers to alternatives and more information. Each recipe can be read independently of the others and thus the book will earn a special place on your bookshelf as a reference work you always want to have within reach. Common Lisp Recipes is aimed at programmers who are already familiar with Common Lisp to a certain extent but do not yet have the experience you typically only get from years of hacking in a specific computer language. It is written in a style that mixes hands-on no-frills pragmatism with precise information and prudent mentorship. If you feel attracted to Common Lisp's mix of breathtaking features and down-to-earth utilitarianism, you'll also like this book.

Kognitive Psychologie

Problemlösen, Komplexität und Gedächtnis
Author: David A. Tobinski
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3662539489
Category: Psychology
Page: 125
View: 5359
Dieses Lehrbuch widmet sich mit Leidenschaft einem modernen Kernthema der kognitiven Psychologie bzw. der Kognitionswissenschaften: Dem Problemlösen. Denn Problemlösen ist für die kognitive Psychologie einer der Schlüssel zum Verständnis von Lernen und Wissen überhaupt und der daraus resultierenden Interaktion des Individuums mit seiner Umwelt. Der Autor folgt bei seiner Zusammenstellung dem Paradigma der Informationsverarbeitung und entsprechend bildet neben den Themen Komplexität und Problemlösen auch das Thema Gedächtnis einen Schwerpunkt dieses Buches.

Formal and Practical Aspects of Domain-Specific Languages: Recent Developments

Recent Developments
Author: Mernik, Marjan
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1466620935
Category: Computers
Page: 677
View: 8168
"This book presents current research on all aspects of domain-specific language for scholars and practitioners in the software engineering fields, providing new results and answers to open problems in DSL research"--

A Practical Introduction to Fuzzy Logic using LISP

Author: Luis Argüelles Mendez
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319231863
Category: Computers
Page: 370
View: 999
This book makes use of the LISP programming language to provide readers with the necessary background to understand and use fuzzy logic to solve simple to medium-complexity real-world problems. It introduces the basics of LISP required to use a Fuzzy LISP programming toolbox, which was specifically implemented by the author to “teach” the theory behind fuzzy logic and at the same time equip readers to use their newly-acquired knowledge to build fuzzy models of increasing complexity. The book fills an important gap in the literature, providing readers with a practice-oriented reference guide to fuzzy logic that offers more complexity than popular books yet is more accessible than other mathematical treatises on the topic. As such, students in first-year university courses with a basic tertiary mathematical background and no previous experience with programming should be able to easily follow the content. The book is intended for students and professionals in the fields of computer science and engineering, as well as disciplines including astronomy, biology, medicine and earth sciences. Software developers may also benefit from this book, which is intended as both an introductory textbook and self-study reference guide to fuzzy logic and its applications. The complete set of functions that make up the Fuzzy LISP programming toolbox can be downloaded from a companion book’s website.

Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming

Case Studies in Common Lisp
Author: Peter Norvig
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN: 0080571158
Category: Computers
Page: 946
View: 1227
Paradigms of AI Programming is the first text to teach advanced Common Lisp techniques in the context of building major AI systems. By reconstructing authentic, complex AI programs using state-of-the-art Common Lisp, the book teaches students and professionals how to build and debug robust practical programs, while demonstrating superior programming style and important AI concepts. The author strongly emphasizes the practical performance issues involved in writing real working programs of significant size. Chapters on troubleshooting and efficiency are included, along with a discussion of the fundamentals of object-oriented programming and a description of the main CLOS functions. This volume is an excellent text for a course on AI programming, a useful supplement for general AI courses and an indispensable reference for the professional programmer.

Coders at Work

Reflections on the Craft of Programming
Author: Peter Seibel
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1430219491
Category: Computers
Page: 632
View: 6976
Peter Seibel interviews 15 of the most interesting computer programmers alive today in Coders at Work, offering a companion volume to Apress’s highly acclaimed best-seller Founders at Work by Jessica Livingston. As the words “at work” suggest, Peter Seibel focuses on how his interviewees tackle the day-to-day work of programming, while revealing much more, like how they became great programmers, how they recognize programming talent in others, and what kinds of problems they find most interesting. Hundreds of people have suggested names of programmers to interview on the Coders at Work web site: The complete list was 284 names. Having digested everyone’s feedback, we selected 15 folks who’ve been kind enough to agree to be interviewed: Frances Allen: Pioneer in optimizing compilers, first woman to win the Turing Award (2006) and first female IBM fellow Joe Armstrong: Inventor of Erlang Joshua Bloch: Author of the Java collections framework, now at Google Bernie Cosell: One of the main software guys behind the original ARPANET IMPs and a master debugger Douglas Crockford: JSON founder, JavaScript architect at Yahoo! L. Peter Deutsch: Author of Ghostscript, implementer of Smalltalk-80 at Xerox PARC and Lisp 1.5 on PDP-1 Brendan Eich: Inventor of JavaScript, CTO of the Mozilla Corporation Brad Fitzpatrick: Writer of LiveJournal, OpenID, memcached, and Perlbal Dan Ingalls: Smalltalk implementor and designer Simon Peyton Jones: Coinventor of Haskell and lead designer of Glasgow Haskell Compiler Donald Knuth: Author of The Art of Computer Programming and creator of TeX Peter Norvig: Director of Research at Google and author of the standard text on AI Guy Steele: Coinventor of Scheme and part of the Common Lisp Gang of Five, currently working on Fortress Ken Thompson: Inventor of UNIX Jamie Zawinski: Author of XEmacs and early Netscape/Mozilla hacker

Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages

11th International Symposium, PADL 2009, Savannah, GA, USA, January 19-20, 2009, Proceedings
Author: Andy Gill,Terrance Swift
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540929940
Category: Computers
Page: 285
View: 1634
This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages, PADL 2009, held in Savannah, GA, USA, in January 2009, colocated with POPL 2009, the Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages. The 18 revised full papers presented together with 1 invited talk were carefully reviewed and selected from 48 submissions. The volume features original work emphasizing novel applications and implementation techniques for all forms of declarative concepts, including functions, relations, logic, and constraints. The papers address all current aspects of declarative programming; they are organized in topical sections on user interfaces and environments, networks and data, multi-threading and parallelism, databases and large data sets, tabling and optimization, as well as language extensions and implementation.

Pragmatisches Denken und Lernen

Refactor Your Wetware!
Author: Andrew Hunt
Publisher: Hanser Verlag
ISBN: 9783446416437
Category: Pragmatisches Denken - Lernen
Page: 254
View: 4628
Andy Hunt führt Sie in diesem E-Book durch Lern- und Verhaltenstheorie und durch Erkenntnisse der kognitiven und Neurowissenschaften. Sie werden überraschende Aspekte darüber kennen lernen, wie Ihr Gehirn arbeitet und wie Sie Vorteile daraus ziehen können, indem Sie Ihre eigenen Denk- und Lernfähigkeiten stärken. Sie werden sehen, wie Sie Ihre Wetware refaktorieren können - also Ihr Gehirn umgestalten und neu verdrahten -, damit Sie Ihre Arbeit effektiver und kreativer angehen können. Software entsteht in unseren Köpfen, nicht in einem Editor, einer IDE oder einem Design-Tool. Deshalb wird es Zeit, pragmatischer an das Denken und Lernen heranzugehen. Egal ob Sie Programmierer, Manager, Wissensarbeiter, Technikfreak oder analytischer Denker sind oder ob Sie einfach nur Ihr Gehirn tunen möchten, dieses E-Book wird Ihnen dabei helfen.

Pengenalan Pengaturcaraan LISP

Author: Zalmiyah Zakaria
Publisher: Penerbit UTM
ISBN: 9789835203947
Category: LISP (Computer program language)
Page: 173
View: 5682


Prinzipien, Techniken und Werkzeuge
Author: Alfred V. Aho
Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH
ISBN: 9783827370976
Category: Compiler
Page: 1253
View: 9238

Principles of Biomedical Informatics

Author: Ira Kalet
Publisher: Academic Press
Category: Science
Page: 475
View: 4637
This volume provides a foundation for understanding the fundamentals of biomedical informatics, which deals with the storage, retrieval and use of biomedical data for biological problem solving and medical decision making. It covers the three main biomedical domains of basic biology, clinical medicine and public health.

Practical Computing on the Cell Broadband Engine

Author: Sandeep Koranne
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1441903089
Category: Computers
Page: 485
View: 739
Practical Programming in the Cell Broadband Engine offers a unique programming guide for the Cell Broadband Engine, demonstrating a large number of real-life programs to identify and solve problems in engineering, logic design, VLSI CAD, number-theory, graph-theory, computational geometry, image processing, and other subjects. Key features include: Numerous diagrams, mnemonics, tables, charts, code samples for making program development on the CBE as accessible as possible Comprehensive reading list for introductory material to the subject matter A website providing all source codes and sample-data for examples presented in this text.

Common LISP Modules

Artificial Intelligence in the Era of Neural Networks and Chaos Theory
Author: Mark Watson
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461231868
Category: Computers
Page: 207
View: 3652
While creativity plays an important role in the advancement of computer science, great ideas are built on a foundation of practical experience and knowledge. This book presents programming techniques which will be useful in both AI projects and more conventional software engineering endeavors. My primary goal is to enter tain, to introduce new technologies and to provide reusable software modules for the computer programmer who enjoys using programs as models for solutions to hard and interesting problems. If this book succeeds in entertaining, then it will certainly also educate. I selected the example application areas covered here for their difficulty and have provided both program examples for specific applications and (I hope) the method ology and spirit required to master problems for which there is no obvious solution. I developed the example programs on a Macintosh TM using the Macintosh Common LISP TM development system capturing screen images while the example programs were executing. To ensure portability to all Common LISP environments, I have provided a portable graphics library in Chapter 2. All programs in this book are copyrighted by Mark Watson. They can be freely used in any free or commercial software systems if the following notice appears in the fine print of the program's documentation: "This program contains software written by Mark Watson." No royalties are required. The program miniatures contained in this book may not be distributed by posting in source code form on public information networks, or in printed form without my written permission.


Author: Tom Christiansen,Nathan Torkington
Publisher: O'Reilly Germany
ISBN: 9783897213661
Category: Perl (Computer program language)
Page: 990
View: 3787

Dr. Dobb's Journal

Software Tools for the Professional Programmer
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Microcomputers
Page: N.A
View: 6308


Entwicklung und Integration nach dem Architekturstil des Web
Author: Stefan Tilkov,Martin Eigenbrodt,Silvia Schreier,Oliver Wolf
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783864901201
Page: 310
View: 2896