Premonitions The Life Of Diana Romano

These are called premonitions and it's a spiritual gift that we all could have if we were in tune with the spirit. ... The entire book of Revelations is a vision or premonition . . . uh Uncle Tony, Revelation is the scariest thing I've ...

Author: Anna Lambert

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781456899158

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For years I have carried the guilt of my grandfathers death. If I had told Momma, Daddy, Nana or even Papa himself about the shadow that I was seeing around him or the bad that I felt coming from him that night when I touched him. Then maybe Papa would have lived. When I first began to have the Premonitions of Matt’s death and when I realized that it was the same as what I saw and felt with Papa that night it scared me more than anything has since Papa left. The weekend that this all began I really thought it was my punishment for letting Papa die I thought that I was in some kind of Purgatory. Now Purgatory or even Hell would seem like a picnic in a park. With all Matt and I have been through in these months trying to stay together, Matt is the love of my life, my soul mate, my angelic prince; he’s my breathe, my oxygen and my every heartbeat, but I sit here waiting to become a fifteen year old widow, though our parents have never acknowledged our marriage. If I don’t fight my fears of Daddy’s reaction and do what the voices have told me and the dreams have shown me then Matt will die violently and painfully. If Matt dies it is my fault just as it was with Papa.
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The Science of Premonitions

George W. Vanderbilt II, of the famous Vanderbilt family, also cancelled because of a premonition experienced by Mrs. Vanderbilt's mother. The ship's second engineer, Colin MacDonald, had a premonition that disaster lay ahead and opted ...

Author: Larry Dossey

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101404577

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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"Larry Dossey is one of America's most important thinkers. When he talks, I listen."—Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love In his New York Times bestseller Healing Words, Dr. Dossey investigated why patients surrounded by prayer healed faster and more completely than patients who were not. Now, in The Science of Premonitions, Dossey uses cutting-edge science to make a convincing case that premonitions are real, common, and helpful. Then Dossey explores research on mindfulness and meditation to show readers how they can cultivate and take advantage of premonitions. Packed with compelling case studies and thought-provoking findings, this is a book for the skeptical mind and the believer's heart, and will be greeted warmly by, as Deepak Chopra said, "anyone who is interested in knowing about the deeper meaning of our existence." (Deepak Chopra, M.D.)
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Premonitions in Daily Life

Waking Premonitions May Be More Common Than Dreams Most of the research about premonitions in daily life has focused on realistic dreams. Nearly every one of the best-verified premonition anecdotes appeared in a realistic dream.

Author: Jeanne Van Bronkhorst

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738735221

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Go inside your premonitions and find personal meaning from daily intuitive experiences Despite the common idea that premonitions involve dark visions and warnings of future disasters, the truth is they often give us glimpses of the small and personal details of daily life. This in-depth, three-part guide shows how to identify your premonitions, demystifies the assumptions and fears about them, and thoroughly demonstrates how to respond with common sense and without challenging your beliefs. Discover the answers to your most important concerns: What do premonitions say about me? How do I respond? How do I make sense of premonitions when my culture doesn’t believe in them? Premonitions in Daily Life is the only book that investigates the deeper meanings behind premonitions and helps you integrate them into everyday life. Learn how to trust your premonitions, how to influence the very nature of your future premonitions, and how to find a community where you can openly share your experiences. Praise: “Premonitions in Daily Life is a superb look at a very common experience—the sense of knowing a future event . . . Van Bronkhorst takes the mystery and confusion out of premonitions with this fascinating, reader-friendly book.” —Larry Dossey, M.D., author of The Power of Premonitions “[Van Bronkhorst] has compiled an in-depth series of guidelines for how to identify premonitions, how to normalize them, and how to integrate them in a sensible and useful way into your life.” —Sally Rhine Feather Ph.D., author of The Gift
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The Power of Premonitions

240 criticisms of premonition research, 39–40 crowd intuition, 57–58 cultivating premonitions and belief, 134–36 cautions about premonitions, 169–72 and changing history, 157–62, 162–65 drug use, 98 Duke Parapsychology Laboratory, ...

Author: Larry Dossey

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781848506091

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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The doctor – and bestselling author – who first demonstrated the healing effects of prayer now offers an unprecedented look at the science of premonitions. The Power of Premonitions takes readers through documented cases of premonitions, including a remarkable instance when an entire Nebraska community skipped church the very day it exploded; an examination of recent scientific study of 'presentiment'; a discussion of what it all means to daily life; and practical field-tested techniques for inviting premonitions. In this compelling new book Dossey uses cutting-edge science to prove the value of what has long been considered spiritual mumbo-jumbo. This is a book for the sceptical mind, but it's also for the believer's heart – because its author possesses the rare gift of having both.
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Premonitions of September 11th

Suggestions What exactly have we learned from the premonitions describing terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001? That psychic phenomena is a reality? That we can no longer afford to be skeptical? That, occasionally, humans have the ...

Author: John Marquardt

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

ISBN: 9781581126150

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Premonitions of September 11th is a look at the event from a metaphysical point of view. Several people had "seen" or had premonitions about the event in one form or another some time before it actually occurred. Presented are nearly two dozen premonitions from common everyday people, sandwiched amongst several different philosophies on the nature of premonitions, and metaphysical events in general. It is time to acknowledge the reality of psychic phenomena!
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Premonitions of the Titanic Disaster

Even linking premonitions with (possibly vague) sense of foreboding, as some explicitly do, is plausible, since although we do occasionally talk of premonitions when we are anticipating something pleasant, in the huge majority of ...

Author: Terry Keefe

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781800462342

Category: Transportation

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Passengers cancelling their tickets for Titanic’s maiden voyage out of apprehension; a famous social reformer who died on Titanic, warned in 1911 that he would be in danger from water in April 1912; inhabitants of the remote islands of Fiji aware of the sinking before reports of the collision reached the Pacific; a dying girl who, on 14 April 1912, ‘sees’ a big ship sinking in the water and mysteriously knows the name of the violinist in Titanic’s orchestra. These are just a few of the numerous claims to psychic foreknowledge of the ship's sinking. Within days of the widely-publicised disaster of 1912, stories began circulating of extraordinary omens and individuals who supposedly had supernatural premonitions of the disaster. Furthermore, four fictional works – one dating as far back as twenty-six years – came to be seen as anticipating the disaster. Between 1960 and 2006, five major commentators published extended analyses of the alleged premonitions, none of which is now easily accessible to an English readership. This book examines them all in detail. The whole treatment of the matter opens up fascinating questions concerning the paranormal, but also raises and leaves unresolved crucial issues specific to premonitions and how they can be legitimately examined. Readers are left to make their own judgement on Titanic premonitions.
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Dreams And Premonitions

The strongest cases should remove any doubt that premonitions do, in fact, occur. To discount them as being untrue is not only preposterous, but it would also be totally unscientific. The formation of the British Premonitions Bureau ...

Author: Vikas Khatri

Publisher: Pustak Mahal

ISBN: 9788122309423


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Some dreams and premonitions are prophetic. They came true in the life of many eminent world personalities like Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, Mark Twain, H.G.Wells and John Lennon foretelling death, calamities and disasters with pin-point accuracy. Thus, to discount them as being coincidental is not only preposterous, but also defying divinity. The present book turns the spotlight on a wide range of dreams and extra-sensory perceptions covering wars, crimes, discoveries and murders.
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Dreams and Premonitions

Of course if there should come to him some warning premonition he will use his common sense in determining what , if anything ... is accurate until the event has occurred , it is obvious that he can only 112 DREAMS AND PREMONITIONS.

Author: Louis William Rogers


ISBN: CHI:086520305


Page: 121

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This volume examines dreams with a view to their precognitive and mystic€qualities. The author, L.W. Rogers was associated with€the labor movement, specifically with the railways, in the late 19th century. He later became interested in mysticism and was a long-time president of€the Theosophical Society in America, which published this book.
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Premonitions of the Palladion Project

Preface..................................................................................1 Prologue ...............................................................................3 First Premonition ...

Author: Scott Haraburda


ISBN: 9781435711150

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Some successful project managers use wrong project tools, while some unsuccessful managers use "state-of-the-art" project tools. In other words, how could project managers execute successful projects using the wrong project tools; and likewise, how could project managers execute unsuccessful projects using the best project tools? This contradicts the project management experts advertising that their tool would revolutionize the project business by making one successful in running a project. Nevertheless, project tools are important. The general thesis is that using just the best project management tools while forgetting everything else about running the project would doom the project to failure. This book contains information about what works and what does not work when managing a project, which can be used to assist anyone in managing a more successful project. This book provides a project management framework illustrating twenty-four project management rules.
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If this was a premonition , it was her first . Then again , what if it wasn't ? A new panic rushed up from her stomach and clutched her throat as Ali thought of Sam . She hadn't spoken to him in almost a week .

Author: Morgan Hayes

Publisher: Harlequin Treasury-Harlequin Superromance 90s

ISBN: 0373706324

Category: Fiction

Page: 299

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Premonitions by Morgan Hayes released on Dec 23, 1994 is available now for purchase.
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