Doom Prophecy

“We'll wait for Gadgets to get back with Carmen.” Blancanales paused and stared at Lyons for a moment, his brow furrowed. “Good idea,” he said a moment later. Even the Puerto Rican Able Team commando had felt the prophetic flash of ...

Author: Don Pendleton

Publisher: Gold Eagle

ISBN: 9781460373071

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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STONY MAN The men and women of the covert defense team Stony Man were handpicked because they believe in a cause, driven by a passion that sends them into daily battle against impossible odds. The computer wizardry of the agency's cybernetics team enables the two action units to strike multiple blows for justice against the world's predators. But now, even the cloak of secrecy around Stony Man isn't enough protection from the notorious cybercriminal KA55ANDRA…. DOOM PROPHECY She claims to be prophetess of a new age, but her agenda of destruction is aimed directly and very personally at one powerful man inside one of America's highest offi ces. Her reign of terror is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of lawmen, soldiers and intelligence operatives and shows no sign of stopping. Her destructive genius is fueled by white-hot vengeance, and she's not above spreading mass murder across the globe to achieve it. For Stony Man, it's a showdown of blood and justice that's as personal as it gets.
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Field Guide to the Wild World of Religion

The programs on the network primarily promote HyperCharismatic and Word Faith teachings along with prophetic speculations. ... Here is a sample from a 2000 Prophecy Flash letter to the editor: “Thank you for the ...

Author: Pamela Dewey


ISBN: 9781456607227

Category: Religion

Page: 304

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The American religious scene in 1955 was a very tame and predictable world. It matched the tame, predictable world of women's clothing, where most women going out shopping wore a dress with coordinating gloves, hat, and shoes. And it matched the tame, predictable world of children's toys, where almost every young girl yearned for a baby doll that said Ma-Ma, and almost every boy needed a coonskin cap. Choices of fashions, toys, preachers, and churches were limited and domesticated. Fifty years later, the tame, predictable world of 1950s fashions and toys is long gone. Women go shopping in everything from sweatshirts and jeans to tube tops and short shorts. And both boys and girls want the latest Sponge Bob Square Pants video game. The same kind of transformation has gone on in the world of religion. It is no longer tame and predictable either. Welcome to the Wild World of Religion of the 21st Century. Explore its habitats, identify some of the inhabitants, and learn about their characteristics and customs in this Field Guide.
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The manner in which they do so provides an additional explanation for why they must communicate them in an oblique manner: Sometimes truth flashes out to us so that we think that it is day, and then matter and habitin their various ...

Author: Howard Kreisel

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401008204

Category: Philosophy

Page: 671

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More than any other topic, prophecy represents the point at which the Divine meets the human, the Absolute meets the relative. How can a human being attain the Word of God? In what manner does God, when conceived as eternal and transcendent, address corporeal, transitory creatures? What happens to God's divine Truth when it is beheld by minds limited in their power to apprehend, and influenced by the intellectual currents of their time and place? How were these issues viewed by the great Jewish philosophers of the past, who took the divine communication and all it entails seriously, while at the same time desired to understand it as much as humanly possible in the course of dealing with a myriad of other issues that occupied their attention? This book offers an in-depth study of prophecy in the thought of seven of the leading medieval Jewish philosophers: R. Saadiah Gaon, R. Judah Halevi, Maimonides, Gersonides, R. Hasdai Crescas, R. Joseph Albo and Baruch Spinoza. It attempts to capture the `original voice' of these thinkers by looking at the intellectual milieus in which they developed their philosophies, and by carefully analyzing their views in their textual contexts. It also deals with the relation between the earlier approaches and the later ones. Overall, this book presents a significant model for narrating the history of an idea.
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The Quarterly journal of prophecy

What glories flash from it ! how soft , how beautiful , how grand ! It radiates forth Christ in His infinite person , wondrous offices , perfect character , unsearchable sorrows , allsufficient atonement , grand victories , and undying ...



ISBN: OXFORD:555005222



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Showdown at Big Sandy

Your article, however, failed to mention that this subject is not really new; I have been teaching and writing about this matter since 1992. We ran another article on it in Prophecy Flash last year and ...

Author: Greg Doudna


ISBN: 9780978983802

Category: Universities and colleges

Page: 540

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The Wisdom of Maimonides

We are like those who, though beholding frequent flashes of lightning, still find themselves amid the thickest darkness of the night. ... Some perceive the prophetic flash at long intervals; this is the degree of most prophets.

Author: Edward Hoffman

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 0834825686

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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Here is an accessible introduction to the life and wisdom of the famous twelfth-century philosopher-physician Moses Maimonides, whose prolific writings on medical and religious issues, commentaries on Jewish texts, and writings on Jewish ethics and law profoundly influenced Judaism. The Wisdom of Maimonides includes a biography; a section of selected teachings drawn from Maimonides' major works The Guide for the Perplexed and the Mishneh Torah, as well as his other writings; and tales about Maimonides' colorful life as a court physician and rabbinic leader.
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Prophecy s Trail

Flashes blinked harshly on the eastern horizon. Slowing down, I watched in amazement while the noise of the monster guns rolled in seconds after they fired. Uriah wasn't in the salon. On a hunch, I ran up to the bridge where I found him ...

Author: Jeff Holland

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781635752267

Category: Fiction

Page: 248

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It was 1917, and the world was in the most destructive war it had ever experienced. Many believed that it was a sign that the end-times were upon them. Indeed, prophetic events were happening, but not as the world thought. Fifteen-year-old Philo Sadler didn't know a thing about prophecy. For him, religion was just a vague memory of happier days. That was about to change.
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Prophetic Inspiration After the Prophets

But sometimes truth flashes out to us so that we think it is day , and then matter and habit in their various forms conceal it so that we find ourselves again in an obscure night , almost as we were at first .

Author: Abraham Joshua Heschel

Publisher: KTAV Publishing House, Inc.

ISBN: 0881253464

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 157

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Israelite prophets is well known, his studies of prophetic inspiration among Jewish scholars of the Middle Ages is not, in part because it exists in article form and in part because these articles were written in Hebrew. The standard Jewish view is that prophecy ended with the ancient prophets, somewhere early in the Second Temple era. Heschel demonstrated that this view is not altogether accurate. Belief in the possibility of continued prophetic inspiration, and in its.
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They were playing while the sheep grazed when suddenly they saw a brilliant flash of light. Confused and frightened by what appeared to be lightning from a cloudless sky, they had begun gathering the sheep and starting for home when a ...

Author: Sylvia Browne

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781405515856

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

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In this new book, international bestselling author Sylvia Browne turns her psychic wisdom to the puzzling, often contradictory predictions proposed by major historical and contemporary figures, ranging from biblical prophets and Nostradamus to George Washington and NASA scientists. In Prophecy, Sylvia Browne shares comforting insights on headliner topics such as: The race for a cancer cure; Nuclear war; The possibility of colonising other planets; Peace in the Middle East; The asteroid rumoured to be heading our way; And dozens of other concerns about the future. Examining the most notorious prophetic voices throughout the ages, Sylvia Browne offers a clear and fascinating vision of the world as it will be in five, ten, twenty, one hundred, and five hundred years. Prophecy provides the answers we all yearn for in uncertain times.
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The Definitive Guide to the Prophetic

(See 2 Corinthians 2:11.) The moment we sense something isn't right is when we should realize that God is speaking by His Spirit to give us needed wisdom and discernment. This sense may come like a prophetic flash or a caution light.

Author: Joni Ames

Publisher: Whitaker House

ISBN: 9781641231510

Category: Religion

Page: 240

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"An outstanding presentation of proper use of prophetic ministry..." --Bill Hamon "Every believer will do well to read and heed this strategic book." --Jack Taylor "A solid prophetic voice in the church today." --Roberts Liardon Restoring Prophetic Ministry to Its Rightful Place in God's Church "Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, let us prophesy in proportion to our faith." (Romans 12:6) Joni Ames provides a Bible-based, clear, concise, and practical explanation of the operation and use of personal prophetic ministry in the church today. Her goal is twofold: first, to act as a teacher and mentor to help people with prophetic gifts understand and mature into those gifts; and second, to help pastors and church leaders understand, acknowledge, discern, and train the prophetic community within their body of believers. Joni also debunks some myths and falsehoods about prophetic ministry, while bringing a greater level of maturity and confidence to those seeking to develop their revelatory gifts.
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It s Not Your Fault

You will see prophecy flash right before your eyes. If you don't believe in the Bible, then understand this technology poses a threat to your civil liberties and constitutional rights. Once financial institutions and government ...

Author: Miles Tyrone Leader Jr.

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 9781478735762

Category: Education

Page: 144

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Are you living paycheck to paycheck, struggling financially or just flat broke? Well, you need to know, it’s not your fault. Learn why it’s not your fault, and the secret strategies you can use to change your situation. Most of society has been groomed to follow the path of going to school, getting a secure job and going into debt. Nowhere in that equation are you taught how to invest, build a business and properly secure your financial future. By the time most of us figure out our mistakes, we are either too broke, too old or too deep in debt to really care. But, no matter how broke, old or deep in debt you are, you can begin building your wealth today with the right education. “By design, it is meant for you to be an economic slave. It is not meant for you to have knowledge about the very system that places you into debt and keeps you financially oppressed, nor are you supposed to know the hidden forces that keep you broke as the financial elite get wealthier.” – Miles Tyrone Leader Jr., Author of It’s Not Your Fault!.
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Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy

[12] It is empowered delivery of a divine insight that comes in a flash (or as a “now—word”)[13] to bring spiritual insight for that moment. The early Church realized there was a clear difference. Prophecy to them was “the communication ...

Author: Ernest B. Gentile

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781441215277

Category: Religion

Page: 432

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A thorough yet practical study that shows how the biblical gift of prophecy can build up today's churches and individual Christians.
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Beyond The Mystic

Images of the physical location of the Prophecy would quickly flash through her mind. This extraordinary calling wasn't enough to guild her all the way. Kate's failing to find the prophecy subsequently became a mental strain on her, ...

Author: John Baird Jr.

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781683486503

Category: Fiction


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Journey into the story of a devastating war between two species of men, and the individuals who rise up against the hatred of their enemy and press on to find a peaceful resolution. Following the Salem Witch Hunt, comes a three-hundred-year war between the bloodline of the first of the witch hunters and the witches/warlocks. The hunters believe that the witches want to destroy all of humanity, and they’re right, but not for their own pleasure, but for survival. The witches and warlock call themselves mystics, and they only fight back because of the horrors of men force them to. Mystics have a spiritually enlightening ability that enables them to become on with creationism. Because of the hatred within the mystic’s hearts, they aren’t able to open themselves up to the enlightenment, all except for one that is. The one known to the mystics as the Prodigy experiences an existential sensation that shows him humanity’s hope, love, and willingness to be better. He then leaves the home of the mystics to pursue what may lie in the great beyond. In Salem Massachusetts, the Prodigy finds Kate, a young witch hunter in training who starts to question her true purpose. Together, they journey to discover a peaceful way to end the war of mystics and men.
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Prophecy s Ruin

The air around it thickened, there was an indistinct flash of white, and the meat disappeared. Losara continued to munch on the remaining piece. 'Not even a full bite for Grimra,' came the voice. It floated, sometimes high in the arch, ...

Author: Sam Bowring


ISBN: 9781459612044


Page: 596

View: 296

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Prophecy's Ruin tells the story of two boys as they grow. Bel becomes a charismatic though troubled warrior, Losara an enigmatic and thoughtful mage. Both are powerful young men, yet incomplete. As they struggle to discover their destinies, inevitably each has to ask the ultimate question: will he, one day have to face himself?
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Romantic Women Writers Revolution and Prophecy

Although she is powerless and the illocutionary force of her prophetic words have been blunted by Apollo's curse, ... and trembling beside me; 4'Mark, Gaspar, if the next flash of lightning rend not that oak my father will be alive?

Author: Orianne Smith

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107328549

Category: Literary Criticism


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Convinced that the end of the world was at hand, many Romantic women writers assumed the role of the female prophet to sound the alarm before the final curtain fell. Orianne Smith argues that their prophecies were performative acts in which the prophet believed herself to be authorized by God to bring about social or religious transformation through her words. Utilizing a wealth of archival material across a wide range of historical documents, including sermons, prophecies, letters and diaries, Orianne Smith explores the work of prominent women writers - from Hester Piozzi to Ann Radcliffe, from Helen Maria Williams to Anna Barbauld and Mary Shelley - through the lens of their prophetic influence. As this book demonstrates, Romantic women writers not only thought in millenarian terms, but they did so in a way that significantly alters our current critical view of the relations between gender, genre, and literary authority in this period.
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DMT and the Soul of Prophecy

PROPHECY Ezekiel finds himself high above earth, but not in deep space: A wind lifted me up between the earth and the ... While DMT volunteers rarely used the word “fire” to describe what they saw, images in the DMT state do flash, ...

Author: Rick Strassman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781620551684

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 352

View: 353

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Naturally occurring DMT may produce prophecy-like states of consciousness and thus represent a bridge between biology and religious experience • Reveals the striking similarities between the visions of the Hebrew prophets and the DMT state described by Strassman’s research volunteers • Explains how prophetic and psychedelic states may share biological mechanisms • Presents a new top-down “theoneurological” model of spiritual experience After completing his groundbreaking research chronicled in DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Rick Strassman was left with one fundamental question: What does it mean that DMT, a simple chemical naturally found in all of our bodies, instantaneously opens us to an interactive spirit world that feels more real than our own world? When his decades of clinical psychiatric research and Buddhist practice were unable to provide answers to this question, Strassman began searching for a more resonant spiritual model. He found that the visions of the Hebrew prophets--such as Ezekiel, Moses, Adam, and Daniel--were strikingly similar to those of the volunteers in his DMT studies. Carefully examining the concept of prophecy in the Hebrew Bible, he characterizes a “prophetic state of consciousness” and explains how it may share biological and metaphysical mechanisms with the DMT effect. Examining medieval commentaries on the Hebrew Bible, Strassman reveals how Jewish metaphysics provides a top-down model for both the prophetic and DMT states, a model he calls “theoneurology.” Theoneurology bridges biology and spirituality by proposing that the Divine communicates with us using the brain, and DMT--whether naturally produced or ingested--is a critical factor in such visionary experience. This model provides a counterpoint to “neurotheology,” which proposes that altered brain function simply generates the impression of a Divine-human encounter. Theoneurology addresses issues critical to the full flowering of the psychedelic drug experience. Perhaps even more important, it points the way to a renewal of classical prophetic consciousness, the soul of Hebrew Bible prophecy, as well as unexpected directions for the evolution of contemporary spiritual practice.
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The Prophecy of the Four Sevens in the Bible

Lightning is concealed in a cloud, waiting for an opportunity to flash forth. Christ also will be clothed with a cloud in the air for a time and then will suddenly appear like a flash to the earth. Hence, the lightning will be a sign of ...

Author: Witness Lee

Publisher: Living Stream Ministry

ISBN: 9780870835483


Page: 96

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Imaginative Prophecy in the B text of Piers Plowman

What Avicenna represents as happening in a flash is re - presented in the first vision in the very slow motion of scholastic discourse from 8 , 1.68 , to 12 , 1.297 . 7. In between the sudden appearance and disappearance , the prophet ...

Author: Ernest N. Kaulbach

Publisher: DS Brewer

ISBN: 0859913570

Category: Poetry

Page: 158

View: 262

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Exploration of the Arabic psychological theory underlying Piers Plowmanand the interpretive insights this offers.
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Dreams the 60Th Part of Prophecy

With that, dreamer, you will experience a very distinct moment of divine guidance, a “flash” of inspiration. An idea will pop into your head, apparently out of nowhere. It is an idea waiting to be developed. The prophetic wisdom ...

Author: Deborah M. Miller

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982210441

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 934

View: 830

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These are images and words in the night. “In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, while slumbering on their beds, when he opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction” (Job 33:15–16 NKJV). Until you get to the place where you have extracted certain behaviors from your system, one needs God to have something to put in your face. Many times, God has to go outside of our spiritual capacity and connect us to something psychologically or scare us with some kind of threat in order to keep us until we can walk as he wants us to walk. He uses consequences and deterrents that catch us quickly. They catch you on the way so you don’t get too deep into something that is going to take half of your mind to get out of it. “You don’t want to go to the edge of your mind to change your mind in order to do a different behavior” (Noel Jones). Within the context of this reference, those catalysts, consequences, and deterrents are your dreams.
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